Sign: Virgo
Dates: August 24 - September 22
Polarity: Negative
Opposite Sign: Pisces
Metal: Mercury
Traits: Creative explorers, intelligent, refined, analysis and perfectionist more reserved, fewer friends and introverted
Negative Traits: cold, lack confidence
Planet: Mercury
English Name: The Virgin
Element: Earth
Quality: Fixed
The Body: Intestinal Tract, Metabolism, Solar Plexus
Tarot: The Hermit
Energy: Feminine
Color: Reddish-yellow
Natural House: 6th
Phrase: "I Analyze"
Herbs: Cumin, dill, euphraise, marube, read valley, marjoram, caraway, eyebright, horehound, lily of the valley and savory
Flower: Aster; Gladiolus
Gems & Minerals: Agate, amazonite, amber, aquamarine, carnelian, citrine, chrysocolla, crystals in general, flint, jasper, marble, sapphire, topaz, turquoise, zircon
Luck & Success: Fall–pastel shades of blue, gold, peach, yellow, and amethyst; jade green, autumn hues
Bird of Power: Rooster, magpie, parrot
God(dess): Kwan Yin, Bel, Inanna, Diana, Ishtar
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