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Name: Katydid Silvermoon
DOB: 12-03-1974 (Sagittarius)
Location: McHenry, IL

I'm often asked why I do this site for free.  The answer is simple.  
I have fun doing it.  I hope that maybe someone out there can benifit.
If I help one person it was worth the trouble.  
My answer is simple... Because I  have fun doing it...  All I ask is be nice.

Karma is such an unpredictable thing.  Say you have a small flat stone for skipping.
You go to the water's edge. You watch the stone skip then watch the ripples until they fade.
The larger the stone, the bigger the splashes.  
Karma is kind of like that.  The more drama the bigger the splash.  
If you put crap in to your universe it WILL come back and haunt you in one way or another.
Then again if you are a good person and you put good things in the universe that will pay 
for itself sometime.  Besides its never too late to be nice.
The bigger the rock the bigger the splash! 
Besides it's never too late to be nice to one an other.

My Lists
Favorite Music: Rock, Country, New Age and Techno
Favorite Ethnic Food: Sushi or Mexican
Favorite Comedians: George Carlin, Blue Collar Comedy guys, Adam Sandler, and Rodney Carrington
Favorite artists: Linkin Park, Sarah McLachlan, Lindsey Starling, Sheryl Crow and Beth Hart
Favorite Movies: Harry Potter, Avatar, Gone in 60 seconds 2, Transporter series, Dogma, Cafe, Fast and Furious saga, Dead Poet's Society, 2012, Girl Interrupted, Groundhog's Day, Matrix saga and Mr. Holland's Opus
Favorite TV Shows: That 70's Show, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Bewitched, Family Guy, Simpsons, American Dad, Daria, House of Payne, King of Queens, Touched by an Angel, Friends, The Voice and Ellen
Favorite Colors: Dark Purple, Silver and Turquois
Favorite Sounds: Laughter, Train whistles, and Thunder crashes

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil
No killing of any kind.

Below are to guide you to other areas of my site.  
This website is 15 years in the making.  
This is my heart and soul being put on the table to be gobbled up.  
I hope you enjoy this site as much as I have enjoyed putting it together.  


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