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Since 1-6-18 Last Update: 11-1-2018 Katydid's Site Index Bio: Name: Katy "Did" Lannan DOB: Dec. 3 1974 Location: McHenry, IL Marital Status: Single, Never Married Kids: Dana 23 and Arthur 11 Religion: Eclectic Pagan and Shaman Body: 5ft 8inches 130lbs Katydid's Site Index I want to make a few things perfectly clear. It is in good form that you look at someone's profile before you text someone for the first time. I am not looking to leave Illinois any time soon. I'm broke so don't ask me to send you anything. I am not going to uproot my life for anyone. You should be happy when you hear EMS equipment because someone is being helped. Cops aren't bad people. They just have a job do. They know the difference between being a peace officer and a police officer. My Cencom peeps are the best. Katydid's Site Index Rules: Keep it real, simple and fun. Namaste. No lying, cheating or stealing. Always be respectful and fair. Harm none. Fear not. Hear, see, speak no evil. What goes on here stays here. Play nice. Respect each other. Use good manners. Always be kind and fair. Never break a promise. Don't be afraid to get quiet. Power of 3 will set us free. Facebook Groups I run. Letters from Beyond Affirmations Poetry Corner Surf for Bitcoin These sites are auto surfing for Bitcoin. These are sites to make bitcoin that have been here a really long time and I have $0 money investments to get started. Enjoy and thank you for referring me. My Family Blood Line You guys have always supported me and loved me unconditionally. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I couldn't have done it without you. My real life friends You have touched me in more ways than I can count. Thank you for always having my back. No matter where I go you will always be with me. Thank you for everything. Katydid's Site Index My Facebook Friends Thank you for keeping me laughing. Thanks for all the hugs and beautiful poetry. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. You mean more to me than you can possibly imagine. Keep up the good work. Katydid's Site Index The Matrix... Is it real? First of the real question is what is real. Is it something you can touch, taste, smell, or see only? What about abstract thoughts like love. Let's say for arguement sake you believe the matrix exists. Then you believe that you have to have a purpose or you will be deleted. Then you have to figure out what your purpose is. Mine is to write and heal through reiki massage. I have a purpose so if the matrix does indeed exist I'm ready. If not I'm not out any. Katydid's Site Index Karma Karma is like water. If you throw a rock in to water it will ripple. If you throw good or bad karma in to the universe it will do something back to you 3x over. If you don't believe in karma you can try it out. Give a homeless person a dollar. Pretty soon you will notice something good is happening to you. That's karma. Try tossing good karma in your life. Even if karma doesn't exist at least you did something good. Katydid's Site Index Family Family means no one is ever forgotten or left behind no matter what. Blood is always thicker than water. If you don't have any blood relatives left you should adopt family which can fill the void. Social media helps make this situation easier to swallow. Social media is a great outlet for those who are house bound especially. I love my Facebook friends for the most part i some way. Katydid's Site Index Reincarnation Do you believe in reincarnation? I believe that most people are honest and means well. Otherwise they have to suffer until the end of existance. If you don't learn your lessons you are forced to walk the Earth until you learn your lessons. I want to be a large cat like a panther in my next life. What do you want to be in your next life? Katydid's Site Index Free Will Free will is given to all humans. You may ask why. When you do something right there is no better feeling. Katydid's Site Index God and Goddess I believe that Goddess made God because she didn't want to be lonely or a be a single parent figure. God and Goddess create things in their image. That is why I love then little things like the sound of laughter. I know I am blessed and have no worries. Thank you for all you do. Katydid's Site Index Grains of Sand Grains of sand have always been interesting and puzzling. They are used in hour glasses to tell time. The grains fall from time. Time is a construct of the human brain. In spirit world they measure your goodness not time. Katydid's Site Index This website is 20 years in the making. This is my heart and soul being put on the table to be gobbled up. I hope you enjoy this site as much as I have enjoyed putting it together. Other Areas: Up Next: Personal: Katydid's Affirmation Collection The Wings of Power Kingdom Bloodline Katydid's Affirmation Collection