Sign: Taurus
Dates: April 21 - May 21
Polarity: Negative
Opposite Sign: Scorpio
Metal: Copper
Good Traits: Good Traits: Patient, solid, practical, well-balanced, faithful, industrious, reliable, warmhearted and loving
Negative Traits: Negative Traits: Obstinate and get stuck in a rut easily
Planet: Planet: Venus
English Name: English Name: The Bull
Quality: Quality: Fixed
The Body: Physical Correlation: Neck, Nape, Shoulders, Throat
Tarot: Tarot Correspondent: The Hierophant
Element: Element: Earth
Color: Color: Green, ranging from the palest apple green to the dark olive of the earth forces.
Natural House: Natural House: Second
Phrase: Phrase: "I Have"
Herbs: Herbs: Pepper of Jamaica, basil, Cayenne pepper, garlic, ginger, mustard, onion, pepper, apple, apricot, blackberry, cherry, eather, hibiscus and raspberry
Flower: Flower: Rose
Gems & Minerals: Gems and Minerals: Agate, alabaster, aquamarine, chrysocolla, clay, emerald, jade, jasper, kunzite, lapis lazuli, magnetite, rose quartz, sapphire
Luck & Success: Colors for Luck and Success: Think of a garden in early summer–soft greens, rose-pinks, pale turquoise.
Bird of Power: Bird of Power: Dove, sparrow, swan
God(dess): God(dess): Hathor, Isis, Io, Venus, Selene
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