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Table of Magickal Correspondences for Tea Leaf Divination ~ by Katydid

To apply these symbols to a reading, you simply associate the 
tea leaf configuration with the meaning 
of the symbol and think of it in terms of real life. 
For example, if you look at the bottom of your cup and see a wolf, 
then this means you are a loyal person who will be successful with a lot of perseverance.

4 Leaf Cloverluck
Angelsguardians of hope and wonder
Celtic Knotlong life, eternity Peace Sign
Crossredemption, salvation
Heartlove, fondness
Kokopellifertility, joy, music
Star of Davidunion, heart, and love
Yin & Yangbalance, harmony
Alligatoraggression, survival, adaptability
Antteam player, worker
Armadilloactive, nocturnal, protection
Batguardian of the night, cleaner
Bearpower, adaptability
Bear Pawstrength, mobility
Beaverbuilder, gather
Bobcatfierce, loner intensity
Brontosaurus harmless giant
Buffalosacredness, life builder
Buffalo skullsacredness, reverence for life
Bullstrength, warning
Butterflymetamorphosis, carefree, transformer
Camelweary, enduring
Catindependence, grace, healing
Cougarleadership, courage
Cowpatience, stoicism
Coyoteprankster, insight, playful
Cranesolitude, independence
Deerlove, gentleness, kindness
Dogloyalty, protection
Dolphinkindness, play, bridge man to ocean
Dovelove, peace, gentleness
Dragonwisdom, nobility
Dragonflyflighty, carefree
Eagledivine spirit, connection to Creator
Elephantlong life, self-preservation
Elkstrength, agility, freedom
Foxcunning, provider, intelligence
Frogconnection with water element
Giraffewatchfulness, mobility
Goatstubborn, omnivorous
Gorillabrute strength, adaptability
Grizzly Bearhunter, nature's pharmacist
Hawkmessenger, stopper of time
Hippolinking water and earth, survival
Hopi Handlife, creative, healing
Horsestamina, mobility, strength
Hummingbirdmessenger, stopper of time
Kangaroofeisty, fun loving
Lionpower, strength, respect
Lizardconservation, agility
Loonsolitude, song, romance
Manateepeaceable, unassuming
Mastadonlumbering giant
Monkeyplayfulness, agility
Mooseheadstrong, unstoppable, longevity
Mousetimid, secretive, and sneaky
Orcafocus, power
Ostrichfickle, fast moving
Otterlaughter, curiosity, truth, patience
Owlwisdom, perseverance
Pandaplayful, kindness
Pegasusever watchful, grace
Penguinplayful, loving
Pheasantconfidence, attraction, perseverance
Pigintelligence, hunger
Polar Berfearlessness, power
Pterodactylwing finger
Quailsacred spiral, ceremonial, Holy
Rabbitalertness, resourceful
Raccoonbandit, shy, determination
Ramnew beginning, teacher, hoarder
Raptorspeedy thief
Raventrickster, mischievous
Rhinodurability, strength|
Road Runnerspeed, agility, cleverness
Salmoninstinct, persistence, determination
Scorpiondefense, self-protection
Seahorseconfidence, grace
Sharkhunter, survival
Skunkwary, conspicuous, and intense
Snakeshrewdness, transformation
Spidercreative, pattern of life
Squirreltrusting, innocence
Steer Skullsilent testimony
Stegasaursthe covered lizard
Swangrace, balance, festive
Thunderbirdcaller of rain
Turkeysmart, elusive
Turtleself-contained creative source
Unicornredemption, salvation
Water Buffalogreat strength, hard working
Whalewisdom, power, cleanser
Wolfloyalty, success, perseverance
Wolf Pawfreedom, success, guidance
Zebrafamily-oriented, alert
Zuni Beargood health
Egyptian-Style Tea Leaf Readings To learn how to foretell the future and get answers and gain insight into your most urgent questions, Egyptian-style tea leaf reading is one scrying method that is a simple means of tapping into your intuition and developing confidence and imagination. It's easy to start and requires no special tools; only a cup of tea made from loose tea leaves is needed. Of course, you must drink the tea, as it is the configuration of the leaves at the bottom of the cup that is the object of divination. When learning a new divination technique, I suggest getting a journal and writing down the time and date of your reading. This way, you can refer back to it after a period of time and re-evaluate your interpretations. This is particulalry useful when the situation surrounding the divination has changed. In divination, your first gut reaction is the correct one. It is important to trust your intuition. Look at the leaves and go with your first instinct. Below is a list of symbols and their meanings. Spell To Charge Tea With Power Procedure: Over your cup of tea, move your hand in a clockwise direction 3 times Say: I am the tool you are the fire fill this cup with all I desire. Swirl the tea in the cup and drink it. Natural Herbal Relief Tea Recipes allergy relief : nettles,licorice, ephedra, echinacea, elderflower, skullcap, eyebright, marsh mallow,thyme & rose hips calming : linden, chamomile & motherwort comfy nighttime: chamomile,linden, lavender, passion flower, hops, valerian, sage & mugwort divination : lemon balm, yarrow, eyebright, mugwort, spearmint, damania, skullcap & star anise easy breather : licorice, euclayptus, basil, thyme & echinacea immune booster : echinacea, red clover, nettles, peppermint, mullein, yarrow & rose hips love : damiana, raspberry leaves, chamomile, jasmine, rose hips, cinnamon & rose petals meditation: chamomile, rose hips & elderflower migraine: chamomile, skullcap, peppermint & pennyroyal psychic healing: elderflower, nettle, burdock, mullein & rose hips stomach soother: chamomile, lemon nalm, lemon verbena, cramp bark, spearmint, angelica ,catnip & yarrow stress relief: vervain, linden, chamomile, rosemary, dandelion & jasmine throat ease: sage, rosemary, lemon rind, echinacea & juniper berry tranquility: elderflower, rose hips, chamomile, hops & valerian Women's Special Blend You Will Need: red raspberry leaf dandelion sarsaparilla cinnamon, rose hips peppermint Procedure: Grind all berries and large leaves etc.. with mortar & pedestal. Place inside a gauze or muslin bag and steep in boiling water for 10-12 minutes according to your strength preference. Sweeten with a bit of Clover Honey and enjoy! All of these recipes will also work under a hot running bath as well to help cleanse both mind and spirit. Just hang the filled bag under hot running water and enjoy the sweet aroma. You can use either of these techniques & the coinciding recipe prior to magickal workings as part of your preparation/grounding ritual as well. Just light lots of candles in the corresponding colors and savour the moment.(-_-) Sleepy Tea Spell This should be performed before bedtime. Also, this will not knock you out; it will help you drift into a peaceful sleep. If you would like a stronger sleep herb use catnip. You Will Need: 1 teacup 1 teapot honey cinnamon sticks 2 chamomile teabags or a large tea ball filled with catnip. 1 peppermint teabag. hot water Procedure: Boil water and place it in your teapot. Place in your herbal teas, your cinnamon sticks, and your honey. Add enough cinnamon sticks and honey to achieve desired flavor. Let the tea steep for a short time. When you are ready to drink your tea place it in your teacup. Slowly pour the tea into your cup. Say: May this magickal, herbal tea grant me a peaceful nights sleep. By the grace of the Gods, I imbue you with this power. As you say the chant visualize the tea be empowered by your words and doing exactly what you are saying. When you drink the tea believe that it is working. After you finish your tea you will begin to slowly drift off into a peaceful sleep. Remember to harm none!!!! Click for the Site Index