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This is where you learn to write spells.


The first stage by writing a charm is to seek the correspondences which are connected about your charm. Those let us include which gods or goddesses to be called, which colors and factories to be used, under which the planet the charm falls, and anything else which will reinforce the charm. This book is full with such an information. If your matter has many correspondences, to choose those which seem more signicatifs or powerful with you. A charm can be simple or complex, but it must be specific. You cannot carry out your result envisaged unless you clearly establish it in the charm.
If the charm has a factor of time, to include that as well:
This charm will lose its force
When the moon ran its course

The manner easiest to teach to you how to write a charm is for example. 
To study the correspondences in the section of love of this book. 
Then to consider that the latter the example spells.
To spell to introduce the love into your life.
Aphrodite is a suitable deity so that the men or the women call upon.

I inside it and it in me
Aphrodite of the sea
O Powerful Aphrodite,
To let the love find me!

Strongest spells uses things and actions as well as words, thus you could achieve the charm in this way:
To obtain the five pink balloons or oranges (in the shape of heart, if you like). To write your name on red paper slips with silver plated ink. To put one in each balloon before it is filled of helium. To do this Thursday. To attach the feathers of peacock to each balloon and to attach them to your furnace bridge during the night. To disperse grasses of the love on the furnace bridge. To burn five pink candles and pink, patchouli or any other suitable incense (far from the balloons!). By using the list of a dieu/de desses of the section of love, to call these deity which grant the type of love that you hope to find. To request. To take the balloons outside Friday and to separate them. To release one also narrowly, as possible at the place where you live. 

As you release each balloon statement...

I inside it and it in me
Aphrodite of the sea
O Powerful Aphrodite,
To let the love find me!

A similar charm could be created with a net, if you live close to the ocean or a powerful river. Symbolism there would be “me casted my net on water”, and Aphrodite could be called in her aspect of fish goddess. If you wish to attract in love rather than the love, to carry out the charm above a fruit bowl: figs to attract in love female, bananas to attract male, both if youíre hoping for an orgy. To load the basin of the charm, then to eat fruit. To then carry something of orange during several days.

Spell to find a husband:
The Egyptian goddess Hathor grants husbands to those which she likes. Gold and turquoise can be employed to call it, thus uses of this charm such a collar. To cast this charm at midnight, Friday, when the moon waxes or completely. To decorate the furnace bridge for a charm with love. To employ the pinks and the red of color. To include an image of Hathor, if you can obtain one. To place the chart of the emperor of a platform of tarot in the center of the furnace bridge, placed on the pentagram. To cast a circle. To balance the collar like a pendulum, in the two directions above the chart.

To send the emperor, good king of my life to me,
The man who will like me as a witch and marries.
He to never make the kind and cruel,
To let snuff me like jewel.
To give me a house and to give a hearth,
A sure space for the worship and the absence of want.
To send the emperor, good king of my life to me
The man who will like me as a witch and marries.
To repeat this seven times. 
To close the circle. 
To carry the collar until a husband appears. 
(The types could ouvrer a charm which calls the parents of ampèreheure, who bring wives to the single people.)

To spell to draw the attention of that which you wish:

By the four posts of my bed
I turn your head,
I turn your head.
By my spine and my thighs
I draw your eyes,
I draw your eyes.
With marjoram and a basin of adhesive
I incite you to think of me as I think of you.
I make you look at myself,
I make you look at myself
I make you magic by what you see.

To obtain the essential oil of marjoram. To take a large orange candle and to place it in a dish of adhesive on your furnace bridge. To cast a circle, to light the candle and to carry out the charm, charging oil of it. To keep the candle on the furnace bridge until the adhesive places completely. An image of the person, if you have one, could be placed in the adhesive. To carry oil as perfume until the charm functions. To make a surreptitious trail of it starting from this person with yourself. To do this on a chart if the person saw remote, and to put several oil falls on your threshold. To note that if the charm did not include the two last lines you could draw the attention of the person without attracting it or him with you.

Usual closing for a charm is, “thus grain that it is. ” I do not have any idea where this expression started. It could not be nothing but pseudo-arcana, thus I prefer to finish spells in this way:
I make with this Word
That goes ahead and occurs
This closing of demonstration, derived from the ancient Egyptian sources, can be changed to you in some way like:
I send this Word ahead
And to carry it out.

The rhymes have more power than the worms white because the rate/rhythm can be employed to make the magick.

Spells can be written in any language that you include/understand, antique or modern, provided that they are included/understood. Your communication with the universe is really psychic. Mystic-to resound of the words of nonsense will not function, unless you have an idea closes of what they with you mean.

It could be difficult that you obtained started in that if you are not accustomed with the creative writing, but there are things which you can make to get clear. To employ cumulate two employment and the white candles for the inspiration.

ISIS, Madam of spells (the Egyptian goddess)
Ogma, for words of bespelling (a Celtic god)
Kamrusepas, goddess of spells (the goddess of Hittite/Hurrian)
Thoth (an Egyptian god of the creativity, writing and magick)

It is not difficult to write a charm. To test, and see what occurs. Not to worry if your early spells is not too effective. You will become better with him with the practice.
Remember to harm none!!!!

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