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A Spell For Sunny Weather Gypsy Spell For A Windy Day Rain Spell 1
Latin Rain Spell Rain Spell 2 Stop Oncoming Rain Meteor Spell
Snow Spell 1 Snow Spells Storm Spell
A Spell For Sunny Weather You Will Need: 1 small container (one that will fit on a windowsill) mineral or spring water salt Procedure: Choose a small container (one that will fit on a windowsill) and pour some water in it. The water should be mineral or spring water. Add some salt and leave it on a windowsill. As you pour the salt in, imagine the mixture becoming the clouds in the sky. Visualize it evaporating and the clouds evaporating with it. Then leave it to evaporate in its place. Only remove when all of the water has gone. The sun should now be shining! Gypsy Spell For A Windy Day Procedure: To stir up the wind to dry washing on a line, stand with your back to the breeze and exhale facing the washing. To make it less windy, inhale and blow the wind back in the direction it is blowing from. Rain Spell 1 Do this outside staring at clouds above. Say: Ancient Gods and Goddesses, I invoke thee. Waters from the sky, Let it be. I command thee now, to thee all. Listen to my desire, Rain fall! This spell has power over the weather and works when it is needed. It makes it rain. (of course!) Latin Rain Spell Procedure: A very old rain spell that will conjure the rain in less that five minutes. Go outside and chant the following while outside and looking at the sky. Say: Elementum recolligo huic locus. Commodo mihi vestri vox. elementum unda ego dico vos. Permissum pluit. is est meus nos sic vadum is exsisto. Rain Spell 2 You Will Need: 1 bowl full of water Procedure: Simply Take a bowl full of water and if you have 2 people sit across from each other... if it is just you then just put it in front of you. Make sure you make your circle then chant over the bowl of water. Say: Water Nymphs strike the clouds so rain will fall freely to the ground. While doing that visualize clouds bursting open and water falling down over the area you wish for rain. Stop Oncoming Rain When then sky begins to darken, speak aloud with feeling the following words. Say: The gods of power, the gods of force, I ask you now, stop this plight, Stop the rain, do not need more, Be dropped it, never again. Meteor Spell Procedure: On the night of a meteor shower, go far from the city lights and find a comfortable and warm place to look up at the sky. As you watch, hum a tune which, to you, has a particularly magickal feel to it, and build up a firm picture in your mind of the things you truly and sincerely desire. Then, when you see a shooting star, send forth your wish for prosperity or success or any other thing on the star. Snow Spell 1 You Will Need: 1 black candle Procedure: Light the candle the night before the day you want the snow day. Say 3 times: Goddess Hecate, I call upon thee, make tomorrow a snow day, so mote it be. **NOTES: This spell must be used to catch up on work, or something important, not to laze around or it will either not work, or backfire. Must use new candle every time. Snow Spells Procedure: Bury a piece of paper in the snow with a wish for something you want to hold or freeze in place. This is a great spell for anyone wishing to maintain a title or honor. It will stop your competition from achieving success. If snow is not available, bury the paper in crushed ice and place in the freezer. Also, use snow to melt down a hard heart. Write the name of someone who is angry with you or cold hearted toward you and stick the paper in a bowl of fresh snow. (You can also use ice cubes.) Pour boiling water over the snow until it melts. Sprinkle this water around a picture of this person or across a path he is sure to tread. Storm Spell If you are hoping for exciting weather, this spell can help you conjure up a storm. You Will Need: 1 sprig of broom sea salt water 1 wooden spoon 1 red candle Procedure: Now, for this spell you need a piece of the broom plant, NOT an actual broom you sweep with. You may have to check herb suppliers, florists or plants shops to find it. There really isn't a substitute for broom in a weather spell. Light the red candle and pour water into the bowl while you... Say: Rain that brings a land's rebirth Time to weep upon the Earth. Use the spoon to stir up the water, then dip the piece of broom in. Say: Winds shall follow, you shall see Blowing wildly through the tree. Envision a storm growing in strength and power. Let a few drops of hot wax from the candle fall into the water. Say: Lightning quick, lightning long Make it last, make it strong. Add in the salt to seal the spell and stir again. Give it one last stir, and take it immediately outside and toss it all into the air (you can hold on to the bowl). Don't let the water settle down before you throw it. Now you can expect a storm to start brewing on the horizon within a few days. Remember to harm none!!!! Katydid's Site Index