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Protection of a Sleeping Child Purpose: This magic protection spell is especially beneficial for the warding-off of bad dreams and night-terrors. You Will Need: 1 beeswax candle Quiet privacy where the child sleeps Procedure: Light the beeswax candle and stand at the foot of the child's bed, facing the head of the bed. Hold the candle with both hands; elbows bent slightly, arms not fully extended. Say: Let the working of this spell begin. I call upon the spirits of the sky. Hear me and listen to my plea. Gather and come close that all may hear. Watch over this sleeping child, the innocent, this bed and any that may it occupy. Guard against all terrors, real or imagined, that this way come and bring tranquility and peace in their stead. All that hear, take heed so be the will so be the deed. Extinguish the candle. Car Protection Charm (this can be changed to suit mode of travel) Tie up in red cloth: You Will Need: 2 parts rosemary 2 parts juniper 1 part mugwort 1 part comfrey 1 part caraway seeds 1 small quartz crystal Procedure: Empower the charm with the ability to keep your car from breaking down, having flat tires, parts falling off, parts blowing up, etc. Tuck it behind a hubcap or in the glove compartment. Ancestor Water Protection Spell You Will Need: 1 clean glass water Procedure: I use this spell at home and when traveling. Simply take a clean glass and fill it half full with water (spring water if you can get it). Hold the water in your hands, close your eyes, ask Spirit to cleanse, consecrate and bless the water. Ask your ancestors (you can list them by name or you can simply say 'Ancestors') to protect you and your home (or place you are currently at). Charge the water every day, following the same steps as above. A Reflective Spell for Beating the Bullies You Will Need: reflective surface Procedure: Much as I like to try and see the good in people as much as is possible, it is a sad fact that not everyone you know brings enhancement to your life. They may have reasons for their issues, ranging from low self esteem to personal ambition but this does not mean that you have to accept their destructive, bullying ways. You have a right to feel good about yourself. Iím aware that some people want to try curses when they feel bullied or upset. There are a couple of reasons why this is not a good idea. First, it will make you feel bad afterward - if you act like your enemy you become your enemy so try to always be true to yourself and resist the temptation to get nasty. Another is the Wiccan 3-fold law. This states that all energies projected will come back to you but 3 times as powerful so much nicer to make it an act of kindness. But you should defend yourself as you would defend a friend in a similar predicament. The best way to go about this is to send their negativity back to them rather than unleashing some of your own. For this spell, all youíll need is a reflective surface. It could be a mirror that you place on your desk, a shiny broach, you could use a the glass on a picture frame or a crystal such as hematite. Iíve even used the screen on my mobile phone before! It doesnít need to be pointed at the problem individual, itís more about making sure that the energies are bounced back so itís not a physical thing as such. Say: My aura is my sanctuary I bid you to retreat Iím shielded from your harmful ways My spirit will not be beat! You can repeat this once a day (to yourself so as not to draw their attention of course!) when they are nearby to build the protection. If you can get away with it, repeat it to yourself when they are talking to you, putting you down or generally trying to hurt you. The benefits are two-fold. Firstly, you get the protection of the spell, secondly you drown out their meaningless words. Spell To Protect Your Home During A Thunderstorm You Will Need: 1 white candle 1 yellow candle Procedure: Light one white candle and one yellow candle and place them in a place of importance in your home (your altar or dining room table). Walk through the house, room by room, chanting the following words until you have visited every room of your house. Say: Mistress of gentle rain, Master of the storm, Guard against ill and bane, Shield me (us) from harm. And while fire flies through the air And raindrops fiercly blast, Keep my loved ones in your care 'Til the storm has passed. Wind, wind guard my kin. Flame, flame do not maim. Rain, Rain quickly wane. Earth, Earth, guard my worth. The house is now protected til the storm passes. Travel Protection Spell You Will Need: 1 road map of the area that you are traveling to 1 green marker or pen white chalk 2 protection crystals 1 white ribbon Procedure: Travel protection spells are usually performed before undertaking a long trip or vacation. On the map, mark your destination first with the green marker. Place one of the protection crystals over the marked spot. Try locating the origin, the area that you are going to be traveling from on the map as well and mark it again. Place the other protection crystal over there. Now starting from the point of origin, mark the route that you are going to travel in, up until your destination. Do this using the green marker as well. Then using the white chalk, lightly color the green line, forming a thin line over the green marking. The white chalk is a representation of the protection that would be provided. Say: Bless the trip that we are about to undertake. See the trip through safely until we reach our desired destination. Visualize that you are going to arrive safely at your destination. Have the map folded along with the crystals and have it tied with the white ribbon. Shang Protection Charm You Will Need: 1 personal object of moral value, basil blueberry cactus or aloe Procedure: Make sure, that the charm is an object of your property, and that you value it a lot. An object that has moral value to you, has immense power it just needs to be awakened. Give the object a name that you will never in your life forget. Make a tea out of these herbs: basil, blueberry, cactus or aloe. Now don't drink it. Cool it down, and bless the object with it, by sprinkling the tea on it. When you've sprinkled it, make a handsign, that represents your sign in the chineese zodiac. When the sign is formed, in your head think (Awake/Unlock) and direct the energy from the handsign into the object. Usually people get the tingles all over their body when they perform the unsealing of the charm. Keep the charm very close to yourself and never let it go. If the charm can't get wet, then make a powder out of the herbs and sprinkle that on the object. If you need to take the object off for some reason, then seal it with the same handsign and think lock/seal and direct the energy from the handsign to the charm. Salt Power Healing: You can shower with salt and clean your chakra with it. You can also take a bath with salt water for 15 minutes, you will be refresh. Protection: Wherever you go, bring some salt with you and if you think the place you're going is haunted sprinkle some salt around the area you're at. If you're sleeping in a hotel, you can mix the salt with a cup of water and put it near you. Energy: Whower or bathe with salt can recover your energy. You will feel more awake and refresh after you take a salt bath. Runic Protection Circle You Will Need: staff, wand or magical tool Procedure: Form around you on the ground a circle. This will be the basis of your protection spell. Next, inscribe the following runes in a clockwise direction around the circle: Algiz/Os, Sowilo/Sol, Mannaz/Man, Ingwaz/Ing, Othala/Othal, Eihwaz/Ehi, Uruz/Ur, Thurisaz/Thuris. Touch each in turn with your staff/wand/magical tool, and activate the runes with your power. The circle of protection will then be complete. Note: This spell will protect you from most minor magical beings and spells, though of course a powerful enough curse will break through. Still, as long as you remain within the circle it will act as a strong shield for you and everyone else in it. The spell lasts until you break or leave the circle. Rosemary Protection/Cleansing Spell Timing: Dawn You Will Need: 2 bunches of rosemary 1 red ribbon Procedure: Burn a sprig of Rosemary, sweeping the rooms widdershins to banish stagnant energy. Take a sturdy branch of rosemary and wrap the ribbon around it three times. with each wrap Say: The power of Rosemary protect me and thee. Hang the branch above your door. Protection Spell Using The Power Of The Sun Purpose: A simple protection spell using the Fire element. Stand in sunlight and focusing your mind on the sun. Say: The immortal fire will always shine. Fire of the sun I shall make you mine. Protection is now my desire. Make the flames now more brighter. Burn away my misery and fear. All evil shall vanish and disappear. Light and warmth shall protect me. One, two, three, so mote it be. To Protect an Object ~ by Scott Cunningham Procedure: With the first and middle fingers, trace a pentagram over the object to be protected. Visualize electric blue or purple flame streaming from your fingers to form the pentagram. As you trace... Say: With this pentagram I lay Protection here both night and day. And the one who should not touch Let his fingers burn and twitch I now invoke the law of three: This is my will, so mote it be! Protection from Fire Spell You Will Need: mistletoe blue drawstring bag cold, clear water light piece of wood Procedure: Place some mistletoe in a blue drawstring bag, douse it thoroughly with cold, clear water, & then immediately hang it in the "heart" of the house - where you & your family spend most of your time. Or Light a piece of wood & burn to ash. Wet the ashes, let them dry, & hang in a blue drawstring bag. Spell to Protect Your Vehicle You Will Need: spring water Procedure: Take Spring water and with your finger draw a pentacle on the following. All windows all doors all tires on the hood On the trunk on the roof Say: Great mother, Hecate I call ye forth Gracious Goddess Up above Protect herein all I love Keeps us save and free from harm If no be right, set off alarm Transport is safely from here to there] let no weather be no care my car turns right my car turns left keep if free from harm and theft Circle of protection gather round When danger comes hunting we can't be found. Sprinkle some sea salt/Rock Salt clockwise direction around the car and try to keep an unbroken line. Say: This spell is seal this spell is locked all negative energy is completely blocked. Angelic Charm of Protection Purpose: To break all enchantments and protect from injury Timing: Bride's new moon You Will Need: your cat rose water Procedure: To work this charm, you need only sit with your cat in your bedchamber under Bride's new Moon, watching the stars. Have a little phial of rose water at your elbow, made holy by a blessing. Speak to the great angel Sophiel: Say: Shining Angel Sophiel Work for me this goodly spell, All glamour and evil enchantments break And guard me when I sleep and wake; Bless my friendship with this cat. May our hearts ne'er closeness lack. Take the phial or rose-water and anoint your animal friend with three drops. The cat is likely to clean herself, which is a fortunate sign. Listen in your heart to the wisdom your friend will impart to you for you shall share many secrets, and she shall reveal unto you many things which you could learn from no other source. Earth Elemental Protection Spell Purpose: This is a spell which calls the Elemental Fairy of Earth for Protection. You Will Need: 1 green candle 1 rock salt 1 bowl of water 1 handkerchief Meditate for 20 minutes on your intent, then Cast your circle. Light Green Candle Say: I call the Dark Elemental Fairy of Earth, Her Beauty in every plant and flower, I ask you to enchant my Magick. Take your athame and take salt on the tip adding it to the Bowl of water. Stir the salt into the water with athame. Add rock to the bowl of water salt. Say: With this Mixture of Water and Salt, I ask you to cleanse the Natures Stone, for my Protection. Remove the Rock from the water, the dry with handkerchief, then place your hand over the rock. Say: I call the Earth Fairy to add her loving protections, So it may be unseen, so no ill will be here or come to thee. As The Goddess Wills it, So Mote it be. Bind your spell Say: In the name of Nyx and Erebus, I bind this Spell, So Mote it be Close your circle and thank all fairies for being here as well as Nyx and Erebus. Note: Carry this rock with you when you leave this house. Place under your pillow at night, or near you for protection Circle of Fire-Protection Have you ever been momentarily overwhelmed by a feeling of hopelessness? Heed the warning and look to your enemies. A strong possibility exists that you have been ill-wished, "overlooked" as the elders would say. Witches are commonly blamed for casting evil spells, but in truth very few indeed care to risk a Three-Fold Return. This conviction that a curse sent forth will return thrice to haunt you is a doctrine bred in the bone and one as old as the craft itself. Keep in mind that psychic attack is often the work of an amateur with latent power enlivened by envy or rage. Hate is a strong motivation and a sharp weapon. However, a malevolent thrust from the mind of a novice is over in a flash. An untrained will cannot sustain the proper degree of concentration needed to do real harm. Nonetheless, it is only wise to identify the perpetrator and protect yourself from further negativity. Procedure: Visit the ocean (or any free-flowing body of water) to fortify confidence with an ancient Irish Pagan prayer. Say: I bind to myself this day The swiftness of the wind, The power of the sea, The hardness of the rocks, The endurance of the earth. Sense the air of your home to purify the space and comfort the spirit under siege. Frankincense and myrrh are incenses notable for driving away the forces of evil intent. Of all the earth's herbal gifts, none affords more effective protection than rue, the "herb of grace". Hang a fresh bunch over your doorway and carry a dried sprig to shield against harm from the ill- wisher. One of the simplest means to defeat psychic attack is the Circle of Fire. In privacy and complete darkness, light a candle. Take a deep breath and stand as tall as you can. Face east and raise the candle high above your head for a moment. Bring the flame down to eye-level and hold it there while you turn slowly desoil three times. Concentrate your full attention on the blue of the flame as you rotate in place. Raising the candle high again, salute the east as you complete the final circle. This erects a barrier through which no evil thought can pass. A Spell Against Hurtful Words You Will Need: 1 Thick pen and paper Procedure: Write it in big letters on a piece of paper, with a big, thick pen. Lay it face down on the ground before you. Take a deep breath and turn it over, let the word assault you. Pay attention. Where do you feel that in your body? (A pain sensation, a hot pressure, nasty, an ACTUAL body feeling) Put your hands on that place, close your eyes Say aloud: Healing hands of mine, heal this. It is ONLY AN ENERGY. Soften and Flow! Breathe deeply until you can feel the feeling dissolve, drain away. Take another deep breath and open your eyes, look at the words again. Where do you feel this in your body? It sometimes can be still the same place, but now it's less painful. That means your healing is working, and just repeat it a few more times until you can look at the word and it means absolutely nothing, or even makes you laugh. That means their "spell" on you is broken and that whole thing is over now. Sometimes you can feel another pain in another part of your body, like a tightness in the throat or something like that. Should that be the case, place your hands right there and repeat the healing spell until that place, too, is healed. Either way, continue on until you do not feel any pain anymore when you see the word. Now, speak the word. If there's any pain left, use the healing spell. You're ready now to take this into the actual environment and wait for them to to bother you again. PAY ATTENTION if there's any pain left; heal that as soon as you get a chance, but while you're there, say loudly in your head, "Soften and flow!" to minimize the damage to your energy body. Fiery Wall Of Protection Spell Purpose: This spell will invoke the aid of Archangel Michael & his flaming sword. You Will Need: 4 blue candles 1 white candle 1 black candle angelica root dragon's blood incense 1 handful of graveyard dirt hot foot powder fiery wall of protection powder fiery wall of protection oil 1 saint michael medal 1 coffin nail 1 name paper Procedure: If possible, a personal item of the person that you need protection from. Cleanse the area of any negativity that might be hanging around. Burn Dragon's Blood and go around the room clock-wise, smoking the area. Place a pinch of Fiery Wall of Protection Powder in the four corners of the room. On your altar, or a safe, clean work area set your supplies. Put the graveyard dirt in a glass or Corning wear type bowl. Carve the word protection in the white candle, using the coffin nail. Dress this candle with Fiery Wall of Protection Oil. Place your Saint Michael medal next to this candle. Say: Protect me with your fiery sword", (or the name of the person you are working the spell for), as you dress the candle. Set this candle down and sprinkle a protective circle around it three times using first: Fiery Wall of Protection Powder second: Angelica root pieces, third: five finger grass. Light the candle. Take the four blue candles and carve the name of the Archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, & Uriel. One name of each archangel on each blue candle. Dress these candles with Fiery Wall of Protection Oil as you say each of their names. Say: Michael, Michael, burning bright, protect me now with all your might. Repeat this chant for each of the four archangels. (Or use whatever words seem most powerful to you). Place these four blue candles (one north, one south, one east, & one west) around the white candle. Place them on top of the circle of powder and herbs, and light all four of the blue candles. Take your paper and write the name of the person or thing that you seek protection from three times. Sprinkle some hot foot powder (just a pinch) on the paper. Fold the name paper up to as small as you can make it, always folding away from yourself as you do it. Take the black candle and carve "keep away" on one side. On the other side carve the persons name. Light this candle, and as it burns recite Psalm 91. Take the name paper and touch it to the flame on the black candle. Place it on top of the graveyard dirt and let it burn. When it has burned down to ashes, take the black candle and set it on top of the ashes. Let it burn all the way down, or for as long as you are able to safely let it burn before extinguishing it. Let the Blue and white candles burn down. Take the Saint Michael card or medal and some of the herbs and powder and place them in a blue cloth or mojo bag. Dress it with Fiery Wall of Protection Oil and carry it with you. Take the candle, ashes and graveyard dirt to a cemetery and bury them there or else take them to a crossroads. throw the mess into the middle of the crossroad your left shoulder, walk away, and don't look back. Take a cleansing protection bath using hyssop & eucalyptus afterwards. As you pour the water over you recite psalm 37, "Fret not thyself with evil doers". Protection While Walking Even in quiet towns, sometimes things go a bit awry, making a normal activity like walking more perilous than you might expect. Procedure: To cushion yourself from both accidents and mishaps of design. Choose a ring to wear whenever you go out for a walk. A metal ring of any design is ideal. Hold it closely in your hand when the Sun is highest in the sky, and petition the Sunís energy. Say: Light my path and guard my step, step, so that I am ever safely kept. Where I walk the Sun may shine, even in the darkest night. Say this several times as you charge the ring, and repeat the rhyme whenever you put the ring on. The ring will form a protective shield around you whenever you wear it; use this along with a good sense of caution and attention to your surroundings. Magick does not impart invincibility! Medusa's Reflection Spell Purpose: A spell using the reflective properties of water as means of protecting yourself. You Will Need: 1 bowl of water 1 quartz crystal Procedure: Place the bowl of water on the table. Place a cleansed piece of quartz crystal in the water bowl. Let the water become still. When it is still look into the water at the crystal. Say: Evil which hath come to me, Turn back from thy course, By the Power of Water and Law of Three Go back to thy source. Gaze into the water at the stone and visualize the power of water in the bowl going into the quartz crystal, empowering the crystal with the reflective powers of water. When all the power in the water is spent and the crystal is sufficiently empowered, take the crystal out and keep it on your person at all times. Repeat weekly or as you feel it is needed. Wolf Protection Spell Purpose: To protect you and yours with the spirit of a wolf. You Will Need: 2 green candles 1 white candle 1 picture of a wolf/wolves essential oil consecrated salt and water lunar drink (i.e. wine, milk, ale, etc) cakes The candles are used to focus your energy. Say: Candles three, green and white, Bring protection here this night. The Moon is full, the sky is clear, Misfortune and evil disappear. The mighty wolf shall ever reign, and be protected from harm and bane. Come hither! Come hither! Spirits of the Wolf, strong and great! Be guarded by this circle and throughout your life. A Spell For The Archangel Michael's Protection Purpose: This spell protects you from harm. Michael, the Archangel is invoked. Procedure: Close your eyes and imagine the Archangel, Michael is standing in front of you, holding his flaming, cobalt sword. Say: Michael to the right of me, (imagine he moves to your right) Michael to the left of me, (imagine that there are now two Michael's, one right of you and one left of you) Michael above me, (now, imagine another Michael above your head) Michael below me, (imagine another Michael just underneath you) Michael within me, (Now, imagine another Michael inside you) Michael, with your flaming sword of cobalt blue, please protect me today, as this spell I do. Moon Protection For Amulets Timing: Full moon You Will Need: 1 jewel 1 chalice spring water Procedure: Place a jewel, that you regularly carry on you, in a cup of spring water a day before the full Moon. The following day, on the evening of full Moon, stir the water three times with your finger in a clockwise motion. Take the cup in your hands and in a clockwise, stirring motion, move the cup in a clockwise, circular, stirring motion three times. Say aloud: Oh Light of the Moon, Wrap me Protect Me Keep me from harm. Raise the cup towards the sky and drink the water. Remove the jewel from the cup. You must carry it on your person to the next full moon in order to ensure your protection. Repeat this ritual every month to benefit from its influence. Armour Spell Purpose: Protection Procedure: This Spell is to use prior to any psychic work you do. It is a perfect spell to use before any occult or psychic work, when working within certain spiritual elements you can create a ring of protection around yourself, and after you have finished allow yourself to be still for a few minutes. Say: A sacred circle made for me With witches wands six times three Witches chant with lowered voices Witches chants do powers unleash Power within the universe Power does surround me safe Power in which I take my place Golden orb now held aloft Wizards two project their magic Angelís wings do now embrace I am safe within my power circle Safe with all my spirit guides They do ensure that all is well My hands are held by witch and wizard They place within enchanted spell Spell now mine a safety haven Spell now mine to control well It is to be a place of safety A place for me will always be My magic I do practice there A can surround when the need be A safety circles just for me My hands are held by witch and wizard They place within enchanted spell Spell now mine a safety haven Spell now mine to control well A place now mine will always be A place throughout eternity I am within So it is to be Awaken all the power within A sacred circle made for me With witches wands six times three Witches chant with lowered voices Witches chants do powers unleash Power within the universe Power to surround me safe Power in which I take my place Awaken all the power without I am protected I am safe Surrounded by my ring of light Safe within my ring this night Basil Protection Spell You Will Need: 1 orange candle 1 carnation Basil Procedure: Place the carnation in water, and the basil in front of the candle. Breath deeply, and clear your mind. Begin to concentrate on the powers of protection in a powerful voice Say: I call in the guardians and the power of the masculine and feminine. I surround myself with the fire of protection. The earth's grace supports me. The winds bring me gentle shifts and the flow of water eases the energy of this time. I believe in this protection and I release my fears, so that I may connect to the pulse of life. I ask that this be done within the greater good. So be it, and so it is. Let the candle burn as long as you like. Throw the basil out on the full moon Aloura Spell Info about this spell: Aloura, is a God spell. This spell creates a White Smoky Energy wall around you for two seconds, enough to cast the oponents spell away. If you are a trained God Wizard or Witch, you could use the spell to repel it against the opponent or absorb it and extract a fully charged Bombarda Maxima Against the opponent. Procedure: Think of a white energy wall halfway around you. Think of Maria, mom of Jesus coming into your wand and put really many memories, good memories, into the wand, and then combine the memories and Maria. Shout Aloura out, and the white wall will appear. This spell is really similar to the ordinary Wizard spell: Defenca, but is much more defensive in quality, and more frightening against Evil. Protection From Anger An old, but effective, spell against unwarranted anger. You Will Need: 1 cork 1 bowl of water 7 beeswax candles match or lighter tongs 1 needle Procedure: Place the cork in the bowl of water. Place the seven candles in a circle and as you light each one... Say: Burn you now with the heat of anger Once all candles have been lighted, carefully hold the needle with the tongs. Slowly place the tip of the needle into each of the candle flames. Place the tip of the needle in each flame. Say: Draw the anger, pierce the flame, draw the anger, pierce the flame, draw the anger, pierce the flame. When you have repeated this process with each candle, drop the needle into the bowl of water with the cork. Quickly extinguish the candles. Take the needle and push it into the cork. Take the bowl of water and sprinkle it lightly around your bed. Then place the cork, with the needle in it, somewhere in the room in which you sleep. Say: Anger, I confine you! With this spell I imprison you by the cleansing spirit of the water and by the authority of that spirit plead the air does stop your flight. Protection Of An Animal You Will Need: An Oak leaf (from any variety of oak) An 8" x 8" piece of unbleached cotton or wool fabric A length of natural twine A small bowl of spring water A pinch of salt Vinegar (any kind) Lay the fabric on a flat surface. Place the particle from the animal in the center of the fabric. Lay the oak leaf on top of the particle. Sprinkle the salt over the leaf. Say: Spirit of the Earth, protect this creature and guard it from evil and harm. A particle from the animal (a nail clipping, a bit of fur, a hair, a feather) Pour a splash of vinegar into the bowl of spring water and stir it in well with your index finger only. Sprinkle some of the water over the particle, leaf and salt. Wrap the fabric over it all in a neat package and tie it securely with the string. Dip your fingers into the water. Sprinkle a small amount onto the head of the animal you wish to protect. Bury the wrapped package in a hidden, undisturbed place. Pour the rest of the water on the ground where you have buried the package. Protection From Evil Spells Cast Against You You Will Need: 2 oak twigs approximately 6" long, fresh or dry 1 12" length of natural twine 1 sprig of fresh Rue 1 bowl of spring water Procedure: Remove any leaves or shoots from the twigs. Place the twine in the bowl of water, wetting it completely and allowing it to soak for a few minutes. Rub the twigs with the sprig of fresh Rue. Place the sprig of Rue in the bowl of water with the twine. Hold one twig in each hand. Say Aloud: Right to left and left to right Bind these twigs and tie them tight Return each wicked, evil spell To its sender and teach them well! Remove the twine from the bowl of water and tie the twigs together to form an X shape with them. Allow the whole to dry in the light of the sun and then keep it in the room where you sleep. A Spell Of Protection For One's Bedroom This is an old spell now primarily used for the protection of one's bedroom. It is believed that it was originally used for the one-room houses of the country folk-especially solitary witches. Procedure: Stand in the doorway of your bedroom facing the outside of your room. Light a single beeswax candle and hold it at arm's length. Focus on the flame. Say: Next, do the same at every window or door that allows access to your room proper. When done, extinguish the candle and hide it under your bed. Work this spell by the fire, Work it well, now flame dance higher. Weave this spell of words and heat, That evil's legions need retreat. A fiery wall be there for all, When bad intentions come to call. Protective Necklace You Will Need: small piece of bark yellow or gold yarn To make the amulet, go out at dawn and pluck a small piece of bark from the east side of a tree (where it gets the Morning light). Bind this with a piece of yellow or golden-toned yarn. Say: Gathered from where the sun awoke. The power of protection and strength I invoke! Wrap the bark in a natural white cloth (so it won't get damaged) and carry it with you often. Eihwaz Talisman Spell Purpose: Psychic protection against others dark magick. Timing: When the Moon is waxing. You Will Need: 1 black 6" candle 1 natural riverstone (flat) 1 tube of yellow oil (artist's) paint 1 fine artist's paintbrush Matches or lighter Procedure: Cast your circle. Light the black candle. Hold the riverstone firmly between your palms. Visualize the riverstone building a shield of bright light around you. When the shield is complete, cup the stone in your palms, look at it and... Say: By the power of light from dark I charge thee To use thy shield to defend me. Paint the runic symbol for Eihwaz upon the stone. (Eihwaz means yew tree and was one of the most revered trees of Viking times. The symbol stood/stands for general protection, magickal empowerment, and psychic protection.) Place the riverstone next to the candle. Allow the candle to burn down. Close the circle. Let the paint dry overnight. Once dry the stone should be carried with you. Magic Psychic Protection You Will Need: 1 black candle to absorb negativity blue candle to bring transcendence 1 cord 1 athame 1 cauldron to burn stuff in; 1 piece of quick-light charcoal frankincense myrrh sandalwood for purification Procedure: Casting circle: (using athame) Say: I cast this circle To protect me from negative energy and positive energy that would work against me I raise this circle To create a time that is not a time a place that is not a place in a world all its own I draw this circle to erect this temple Wherein I perform this rite, sacred unto myself Quarter calls: Hail spirits of the east Join me here for parting feast Hail spirits of the south Partake this ending food with fiery mouth Hail spirits of the west I end this here, let me be blessed Hail spirits of the north I need to bury energy in thy earth, so I call thee forth Tie cord around your waist. Make on knot for each person, item or incident you wish to free yourself from. Say: Plouton, god of good fortune, god of death I ask thy presence and thy boon You see these bonds around my waist that I shall be breaking soon Carry these energies back to Hades Give them a place in the land of the dead Each knot around this cord on my waist represents something somehow unresolved. By enacting this rite, I am naming myself free! I cut you from me (name names, name sins, etc.) I am free of you (place knot in burning cauldron) Repeat as necessary for each person. (cut off all of cord, with athame). Throw in cauldron. Over cauldron: Say: Plouton, as these connection burn Let their power forever wane Take what's left of them with you to the underworld I have had from them what I can learn The Five Pebbles You Will Need: 5 pebbles Procedure: Go to a moving brook or stream. While standing in the water and facing downstream, remove five small pebbles from the stream bed. As you do this, visualize your need for protection. As your hand closes over the pebbles, see them beaming out protective energies. Just as the pebbles are hard and have weathered for eons. They strengthen your protective shield. Now carry them at all times for protection. Place them in a small pouch or a fold of cloth, or incorporate them into some form of jewelry. Fig Hand Protection Spell You Will Need: fig hand charm red cord or silver chain Procedure: Attach a fig hand charm to a red cord or silver chain. Have the child wear this necklace during the day Hang it upon the wall above the sleeping child at night Remember to harm none!!!! Katydid's Site Index