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Basil & Cinnamon Love Talisman Getting Over Someone Cuban Love Spell Cord Love Spell
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To Ease a Broken Heart Passion on Your Doorstep Venus Spell To View Your Future Spouse
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Send A Message To Your Distant Lover Lucky in Love Spell Contact and Old Friend Spell Special Mixture of La Pompadour
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Basil & Cinnamon Love Talisman Timing: On a Friday during a waxing moon You Will Need: 1 large, flat plate 1 small picture of yourself ground cinnamon dried basil ceramic or glass bowl 1 pink houshold or taper candle 1 small piece of pink cotton cloth pink yarn or cord Procedure: Hold the candle between your hands & envision yourself as a loving, giving person. Fill yourself with feelings of love & sensuality. Infuse those feelings into the candle and then place it in its holder. Light the candle. Place the plate before the candle. Put the small picture of yourself in the middle of the plate. Pour a small circle of ground cinnamon on the plate around the picture. Say: Love surrounds me. Pour a larger circle of basil around the ring of cinnamon, Say: Love surrounds me. Now pour a third, larger circle of cinnamon around the basil and Say: Love surrounds me. Hold your hands, palms down, over the three herb circles and your picture for a few moments. Sense the energies that are rising from the herbs. Raise energy. Visualize again what you want the talisman to accomplish. Carefully pour the herbs and the picture into the bowl. Place your hands into the bowl and mix the herbs with your fingers, infusing them with your personal energy. Say: Spice and herb, Plant and tree: send someone to love only thee. Love we shall share,Equally As is my will & desire, So mote it be! Pour the spices and the picture into the center of the pink cloth. Gather up ends and tie them shut with the pink yarn. Place the love talisman beside the candle. Let sit there for at least 15 minutes or so as you concentrate on what you want it to accomplish for you then pinch out the candles flame. Burn the candle for at least 7 minutes at approximately the same time each day and carry the talisman with you to attract appropriate love. It is best to make another talisman or recharge this one about every 6 months or so. Getting Over Someone You Will Need: 1 red candle for strength 2 white candle for healing 1 piece of paper with the persons name written on it Procedure: Begin by placing white candles left and right from the red. Then light the red candle, left white, then right white candle. Say: I burn thy name so it shall be cast out of my memory (name of person) your name is as cold as ice to get over you would be nice. This spell works best at midnight during a full moon. Cuban Love Spell You Will Need: large yellow candle rose oil powdered maiden hair fern tempered glass Procedure: Write down the name of your passion on a large yellow candle five times with your own name written across it five times. Anoint the candle with rose oil and powdered maidenhair fern. Set the candle inside a tempered glass vessel that will not break when you light it. Say: Blessed be with powdered fern blessed be with oil of rose as the candle fire burns so the love sensations grows. Place a picture of your intended in the dish. Arrange 5 small fishhooks around the picture and dribble a little bit of honey over all. Dip your finger in the honey and taste it. Oshun will not accept your offering unless you do. Light the candle in the name of the Goddess. Say: By the power of the great Oshun Goddess of love, passion and beauty I cast this spell of love upon (his or her name) Let his love and passion burn only for me until I set him free from this spell So Mote It Be! Cord Love Spell You Will Need: 3 cords of equal length in pastel Colors. Procedure: Braid the cords together. Firmly tie a knot near one end of the braid thinking of your need for love. Tie another knot a little further down & keep tying knots, until you have tied seven knots. Wear or carry the cord with you until you find your love. Once you have found your love, burn the cord & throw the ashes into a moving body of water. Friendship Candle Spell You Will Need: 1 pink candle good luck/friendship oil 1 pink silk ribbon 1 white silk ribbon Procedure: Cast the Circle, Arrange altar, Invoke Goddess and God You will want to anoint the pink with Good Luck oil all the while thinking of the friends you want to make. Imagine yourself laughing with them, going out with them. Really see yourself with them. After your candle has been anointed, you may light it. At this point you may call out the things that are important to you in a friend: honesty, trust, open mindedness, humor, whatever. As you light the candle, see the flame as being the energy that burns between any two close friends. When this is completed, take your two pieces of silk ribbon and weave them together. Simply winding them around each other will do. While you do this, think of bringing that friend closer to you. This binding process is reminiscent of pagan handfasting rituals. You are binding that friend to you, making them loyal to you, a way any good friend should be. You do not want to bind a specific person to you, as that kind of magic is harmful since is harms the other person's free will. Only bind the idea of the perfect friend to you. Once you have done this, tie the ribbon to the base of your candle as best as you can. The candle's light is a beacon to bring friendship to you and another person. When this is done, you may wish to sit and meditate on the spell that you have just cast, sending your energies out to bring that perfect friend to you. When you feel that your spell has been completed, then it has. Let your candle burn all the way out and release your circle, thanking the goddess and the god. Black Passion Lust Spell You Will Need: rose petals Procedure: Say: The circle is cast, and we are now between the worlds, beyond the bounds of time, where night and day, birth and death, joy and sorrow, meet as one. It is in this place that we invoke the tantric powers of Hecate. Draw Hecate within yourself through a few moments of meditation. Say: And now, we are as one. So Mote It Be! Then raise energy. Put the candle in the circle's center. Light it together, visualizing your lust into the candle. Say the subject's name. Say: And now, the spell will be cast. I, _______, cast a spell of lust over _______. Let him/her have thoughts, wishes, and dreams of unbridled lust and passion for me, who is his/her Brother/Sister in the ocean of time. So Mote It Be. Light the candle. Say: And as we light this candle, it is done with no ill consequences to anyone, including ourselves. Dismiss, thanks, and close. Candle Spell for a Passionate Love Timing: Waxing moon You Will Need: 2 taper candles (one pink, one red) red thread jasmine oil Procedure: Gather the candles, red thread and jasmine oil. Anoint the candles with jasmine oil using your fingertips Light them while visualizing the flames of passion growing between yourself and new, but yet unknown, love. Link the candles together by making a figure eight between them with the thread. Say repeatedly: Flames of passion and seeds of romance grow; I open my heart to love. Now the one who seeks me shall come. Desire Sex Between You And Another You Will Need: candle Let the candle burn for 30 minutes. Stare at the candle. Say: Make [ Name Of Man ] want me like he has never wanted before, make him desire me, want me. make his heart mine for tonight, I dont care for tomorrow , I just care that he is here for tonight. After you chant this blow out the candle and pour wax of you arm Friendship Lunar-candle Spell Purpose: To inspire friendship with someone you want to be friends with. Timing: Between the new moon and the full moon You Will Need: dry dead leaf. 1 pink candle 3 daisies oil matches salt Procedure: Get the oil and rub some on your hands and feel the happiness, see yourself with the friend talking, laughing, hugging, smiling. Feel your heart jump with joy, smile. Rub the oil on the candle. Get the leaf. Say: I call upon the powers of Mars to banish any feelings or negative energies preventing myself and (intended) from being good friends. Set the leaf on fire. Once it's burning throw a little salt on it. Bury the ashes, and throw a little salt over the ground where it's at, not a lot you donít wanna harm the earth. (but do this after you finish the entire spell) Get the candle and daisies. Say: I call upon the powers of Venus and mercury to inspire friendship, love, and communication between myself and (intended). Light the candle and put the daisies to the right of the candle. Let the candle burn for 20 minutes, after that get rid of the daisies in a nice way. Put them in a body of water and watch them go as you see them go... Say: By the powers of the moon and Jupiter, may (intended) and I have a well grounded and abundant new beginning. By Earth, Air, Fire, Sea as I will so mote it be. Be sure to thank the planets. Fireside Lust You Will Need: paper and pen 1 candle Write your intended's name on the paper. Light the candle. Hold the paper above the candle with a corner touching while chanting the following. Say: Let thoughts of (intended's name) abound By this firelight, lust surround Their gentle smile and smold?ring gaze Make them alluring in all ways Make their spirit yearn for mine Hunger for me for all time Let their body crave just me By my words, so mote it be. Get Some Lovin' Action Timing: During the full moon, especially on a Friday (ruled by Venus/love) You Will Need: parchment quill mojo bag vervain rose petals Procedure: On the parchment with the quill inscribe the planetary symbol for VENUS, your initials and the infinity symbol (like the number 8 lying on it's side). Put this in the bag with the vervain and rose petals. Stand under the full moon and hold the charm bag in both hands close to your heart as you gaze at the moon Say: Love be mine Love be mine Love be mine For all time. Project all your desire for love into the bag and by the next full moon things will definitely be getting exciting! Five Fold Kiss Five Fold Kiss Female The High Priest kneels before the High Priestess and gives her the Five Fold Kiss; that is, he kisses her on both feet, both knees, womb, both breasts, and the lips, starting with the right of each pair. Procedure: He says, as he does this: Blessed be thy feet, that have brought thee in these ways. Blessed be thy knees, that shall kneel at the sacred altar. Blessed be thy womb, without which we would not be. Blessed be thy breasts, formed in beauty. Blessed be thy lips, that shall utter the Sacred Names. For the kiss on the lips, they embrace, length-to-length, with their feet touching each others. When he reaches the womb, she spreads her arms wide, and the same after the kiss on the lips. Five Fold Kiss Male The High Priestess kneels before the High Priest and gives him the Five Fold Kiss; that is, she kisses him on both feet, both knees, phallus, both breasts, and the lips, starting with the right of each pair. She says, as she does this: Blessed be thy feet, that have brought thee in these ways. Blessed be thy knees, that shall kneel at the sacred altar. Blessed be thy phallus, without which we would not be. Blessed be thy breasts, formed in strength. Blessed be thy lips, that shall utter the Sacred Names. For the kiss on the lips, they embrace, length-to-length, with their feet touching each others. When she reaches the phallus, he spreads his arms wide, and the same after the kiss on the lips. To Ease a Broken Heart Timing: a Friday morning or evening (the day sacred to Venus) Be sure to charge them all before you begin!! You Will Need: 1 strawberry tea bag 1 small wand or stick from a willow tree sea salt 2 pink candles 1 mirror 1 pink drawstring bag 1 quartz crystal 1 copper penny 1 bowl made of china or crystal that is special to you 1 teaspoon dried jasmine 1 teaspoon orris-root powder 1 tsp. strawberry leaves 1 teaspoon yarrow 10 plus drops apple-blossom oil or peach oil 10 plus drops strawberry oil Procedure: On a Friday morning or evening (the day sacred to Venus) take a bath in sea salt in the light of a pink candle. As you dry off and dress, sip the strawberry tea. Use a dab of strawberry oil as perfume or cologne. Apply makeup or groom yourself to look your best. Cast a circle with the willow wand around a table the the other ingredients. Light the second pink candle. Mix all oils and herbs in the bowl. While you stir look at yourself in the mirror. Say aloud: Oh, Great Mother Goddess, enclose me in your loving arms and nurture and bring forth the Goddess within me. Gaze deeply into the mirror after you have finished mixing the ingredients. Say aloud: I represent the Great Goddess, Mother of all things. I shine in the light of the Golden Wings of Isis. All that is great and loving only belongs to me. Put half the mixture in the pink bag and add the penny and crystal. Carry it with you always [or until you find another love. Leave the other half of the potion in the bowl, out in a room where you will smell the fragrance. Repeat this ritual every Friday if necessary. Passion on Your Doorstep The use of hot pepper in love spells is kind of a Voodoo tradition, but can be pretty successful in any kind of spellwork. You Will Need: 3 drops hot pepper sauce 3 cups of rain water Dried rosemary Black peppercorns Dried orris root pieces 3 drops Lavender oil Procedure: You don't need to be too precise with the herbs. Two or three pinches of each would be fine, just try to use the same amount for all the herbs. Stir everything together in a bowl, while you concentrate on drawing love and passion into your life. Using your fingers, sprinkle the mixture around your front doorstep. Don't just pour it all out in one spot. Wash your hands well afterwards, and wait for love to come knocking at your door. Yes, only two spells on this page. There are a couple more Wiccan love spells that I can suggest though. You can keep on reading for some examples of good white magic love spells or just more free love spells online. If you find your magick doesn't work the first time, don't give up. It can take practice to really master the art of witchcraft. Venus Spell Procedure: First time, wait for dark to fall. Then strip naked, turn off the lights and stand before a window. Hold your arms out Say: Venus. goddess of beauty Goddess of power Goddess of women Goddess of love I call upon thee Hear me Transform me in your image Like your beauty, mine shall be unsurpassed Venus, goddess of beauty Goddess of power Goddess of women Goddess of love Fill me with your radiance Transform me, Transform me Tranform me In your image This is my will. Bow, get dressed, go outside and place a flower in a special place as a gift to say thank you to Venus. In the following days, everytime you think of your body being out of shape... Say: Venus goddess of beauty Goddess of power Goddess of women Goddess of love Transform me in your image This is my will To View Your Future Spouse You Will Need: table covered in black cloth clear goblet of water white candle frankincense, jasmine or sandalwood Procedure: In a room on a table covered with a black cloth place a clear goblet of water which is filled to itís brim. Next to the goblet ,on the left, burn a white candle. This should be the only light in the closed ,silent room. On the right, burn some appropriate incense such as Frankincense,Jasmine or Sandalwood. Close your eyes and relax by taking a few nice deep breaths as you invison the faces of possible spouses in front of you. Keep your eyes closed. Say 3 times: Scry,scry,scry for me Bring the face that I must see. Let me gaze on my future mate, To know which lover will be my fate. Clear your mind of everything so that you are ready to accept whatever you see. When ready ,open your eyes and gaze down into the water and glimpse the face of who will become your spouse. To Make A Lover More Attentive You Will Need: willow tree dying fire laurel leaves Procedure: Sit before a dying fire & gaze into it, clearing your mind of all but thoughts of your lover. Have a small basket of Laurel leaves between your knees. Keeping your gaze fixed on the fire ,dip your left hand into the basket, take out a handful of the leaves & toss them into the fire. As they burst into flame. Say: Laurel leaves that burn in the fire, draw unto me my hearts desire. Wait till the flames have died down ,then repeat the action. Do it a third time . It is said that within 24 hours your lover will come visit you. To Bring Out The Love Of Another (Courage Spell) Purpose: This does not interfere with a persons free will. It only gives them the courage to state what is on their mind. It is for when you feel that they are in love with you but do not have the courage to act on their feelings. If it turns out that they do not actually love you as you thought, no harm done as if that is the case,it will simply not work on them. Take a pink household candle or taper and divide into 7 equal sections by marking it with 6 rings of equal size. As you light the candle ,call out the name of that who you think loves you. Say: Gana be with me in all that I do. Gana please bring me a love that is true. Give him/her the strength to put into words his/her feelings ,and sing like the song of the birds. Think about that person for a few moments. Envision them coming to you and declaring their love for you then repeat the chant. Keep doing this until the candle has burned down to the first line then pinch the cande out and put it away until the next friday. On the last friday, keep chanting until the candle burns itself out. Self Love Spell Timing: This spell is best performed during a Waning Moon, on a Monday Morning at Sunrise. Loving yourself is the hardest work you will ever do. To increase both your capacity to receive and give love, it is essential to forgive and love yourself, and that includes your mind, your body and your spirit. You Will Need: 1 large mirror Talcum powder 1 large red paper heart 1 picture of yourself A private place which is warm A red candle Procedure: Cast a Circle. Light a red candle, which should be the only light source in the room. Standing naked before a mirror, allow your eyes to really see your body. Allow yourself to see the perfection of it shining through, no matter how imperfect you may usually consider it. If a thought comes into your mind like, I have large hips, or my breasts sag, do not ignore that voice but address the issue. Tell the socialized critic in yourself that your hips are large and strong, they epitomize the Goddess within you, and they deserve your love and respect for they carry the genes of your female ancestors, and those hips got them through famine, carried children, worked hard and were strong. Those breasts are the breasts that have fed children, delighted lovers; pleasured you and so on... Create your own physical mythology. What you are doing is looking beyond the stereotypes of femininity and beauty and creating a new body as you change your thinking about it. After closely studying and admiring your body, allow your hands to trail slowly over it. Feeling the skin, its curves, and the strong bones beneath. Take the talcum powder, and shake it into you hands, patting it over your entire body-do not forget the much maligned genitals. Stare at this new covering, see yourself as a statue of the Goddess, an eternal symbol of female power. Visualize that the powder is drawing out all the unkind thoughts, all the criticisms, all the physical shame, which have so far held you back in your quest for self acceptance and love by making you feel less than perfect. Dust yourself off, and visualize that along with the powder, all the old fears and doubts are being removed. Stand as tall as you can, arching your back, bending your legs and turning your face to the sky, and visualize the love of the Goddess pouring into you. Take the picture of yourself and place it over the red heart. Look at this. It symbolizes your new feelings for yourself. Say seven times: I love my body exactly as it is I love my mind exactly as it is I love my spirit exactly as it is I love myself exactly as I am Blessed Be the Goddess within me. After closing Circle, snuff out the candle and clean up. For the next seven days wear just a little rose essential oil under your left breast. When you breathe in its scent, be reminded of your solemn vow to love all facets of yourself. Be light and happy. Repeat your affirmation each and every day. They should be as much a part of your day as brushing your teeth. Spell To Help A Friend You Will Need: 1 Candle 1 bowl water Procedure: Put the candle in the bowl and pour the water in the bowl. Light the candle. Say: Little Angel come to me. Help me help my friend in need. Help (him or her) to find the answer to the question she holds in her mind. Little Angel come to me come and my friend in need. Little Angel help my friend find (his or her) answer. Free (him or her) misery that she pleads with me After you have said this, think of your friend and blow out the candle. Kitchen Witch Spell for Love Timing: Night of new moon You Will Need: a red apple Procedure: Take a red apple and prick it full of holes as you recite your intendedís name. On the night of the new moon, sleep with in under your pillow. In the morning, wash, peel and core the apple. You may slice it for an apple pie or mash it for apples cookies or cupcakes. Feed the baked goods to your intended and he will love you. Love Perfume You Will Need: : favorite cologne or perfume drops of milk musk oil a pinch of... ground coral spanish fly brown sugar 3 rose petals Procedure: Add to your favorite bottle of cologne or perfume a few drops of musk oil, a pinch of ground coral, cantharides ("Spanish fly"), brown sugar, cinnamon, and three rose petals. Shake well and then place the bottle in front of an image of your desired lover, or your chosen deity of love, for five days and nights. To attract a lover, rub some of the perfume on your forehead, breasts, and feet. May Love Spell Procedure: Think about what qualities you desire in a mate and write these words down in a column on a piece of paper. Next to the first column write another column containing what qualities you have to offer a prospective mate. Cast your Circle Sit inside the circle and light two red or pink candles setting them a couple of feet apart in front of you. Read out loud the first word on the list of your prospective mates qualities and move the candle on your right towards the candle on the left. Read out loud the first work on the list of your qualities and move the left candle towards the right. Continue reading back and forth from the columns while moving the candles toward each other with each word read until you have read the last word and the candles are touching each other. Blow out the candles and close the Circle. Peace With Friend Spell You Will Need: basil vanilla (1 tea spoon) paper (5x5 in.) white hemp wooden bowl match or (any) lighter incense x2 (any) Procedure: Light the incense on both sides of the wooden bowl. Take the piece of paper and right down the name of the person you want to protect your friendship and to leave it with harmony. Next take a palm full of basil and place it in the bowl. Then take the tea spoon of vanilla and poor it in the bowl. Now, roll up the paper and tie the hemp around it. Finally as you chant the chant below light the paper and toss it into the bowl. Say: By the power of three times three, I cast this now, Save our friendship, (Personís Name) and I, Put us at harmony, So as I will it. So mote it be. Reverse Love Spell Procedure: If you find youíve made a terrible mistake and you wish to reverse a love spell, scribe the name of your bewitched on a white candle. Anoint it with myrrh oil and light it when the moon is waning (getting smaller). Say: I burn this candle as a token of the spell that binds our love. Let this magyc now be broken by the power of the Goddess above. Allow the candle to burn out. When the wax has cooled, wrap it in white silk and throw it into the sea or a river. Spell to Bring Back an Unfaithful Lover Timing: Midsummer's Eve You Will Need: elfwart (elecampane) ambergris grated rind of an orange lover's lock of hair straw poppet 7 red strings Procedure: Take the root of elfwart (Elecampane). Powder the root and mix it with the grated rind of an orange and some ambergris (again see the first candle spell above). By the light of a red candle, write your loverís name on a piece of paper using red ink (another Typhonian spell) and burn it. Stir the ashes into the root mixture as you repeat his or her name 3 times. Place it in a small box along with a lock of your hair and of his or hers fashioned into a male and female straw poppet. (A poppet is like a little voodoo doll. Interestingly enough, Voodoo learned poppets from Celtic magic, not the other way around) While you make the figures... Say: Though separate you were, now you are one. The link of unison has begun. Tie seven red strings with seven tight knots around the box. Place the box under your bed for seven days and seven nights, then anonymously mail it to the unfaithful lover. This will cause him or her to return to you within seven days. Note: Watch out here. Be very careful. This is a very powerful spell. But If the intended destroys your popetts youíre toast. Go immediately to the High Magic section and get yourself a good ward off spell. While Iím in the mood for some strong stuff watch out for the next one too. Itís from the Santeria Witches. Spell to Dream of Your Future Lover Cut a sprig from an ash tree as you say: Ashen tree, ashen tree I pluck thee. This night my true love for me to see. Procedure: Put the sprig under your pillow when the moon is full and your future lover or mate will appear before you in a dream. Spell To Make A Man Desire Only You Timing: 1st night of the full moon I hesitate to include this next spell for fear of offending someone. So if youíre easily put off skip to the next one; this is not a good spell for you. Itís obviously only for women. This is a Creole spell. Itís very easy and pleasurable and very powerful. However, it requires a lock of hair or fingernail cuttings from your intended. The original spell specifies pubic hair but I donít see how youíre going to get that unless you are already intimate with the person. Essentially, any part of the person will do. Yes, this is Vodou. You Will Need: Get (the original spell says make) a red candle in the shape and size of his penis. Again, I donít know how youíre going to do that unless you already know the man. Perhaps the spell is meant to keep a man or make him come back but it doesnít say that. Procedure: Melt the wax you are to include the ďpart of himĒ you acquired. Say over the melted way: Ayizan, you I summon I honor your daughter (your name) waits on you now. Bless me in my need. After you feel the presence of Ayizan... Say: Erzuli, I call to you this night Erzuli, bless this fire bright Erzuli, within this wax imprison Erzuli, until his soul be risen Erzuli until it burn for (your name) Now add the lock of hair or whatever. Say 3 times: (manís full name) Erzuli hear me As you add the male ingredient sing the manís name stirring the wax. When the wax is cool enough to handle, solid but malleable, start to mold the wax into the desired shape. Say: Erzuli, I thank Ďee. Ayizan, I thank Ďee Stay if you will, go if you must but leave your daughter filled with lust. Once the candle has hardened use it in your personal gratification while fanaticizing of only him who you seek. Only do this the first night of the full moon that you make the candle and as the moon waxes. Always prepare yourself by bathing carefully and adding scent to the room (incense?). Itís not clear when but I think before you begin the summoning session you are to . . . taste your honey, or insult Erzuli. Spell to Make a Man Want to Marry You You Will Need: lily root lamp oil wick from a cotton wad the man's semen Procedure: Hollow out the root of a lily and fill it with lamp oil. Make a wick from a cotton wad soaked in the manís semen. Light the wick at nine oíclock every evening for one hour and the man will soon bow down to the witch who burns the lamp. To Make Love Secure Purpose: To Make him think of you. Note: Great Novice or Beginner Spell You Will Need: 1 mirror 1 picture of him/ or her 1 picture of you Belief in the power of Magic and the powers within yourself Take the mirror and on the side where you see your reflection place his/her picture facing the mirror, on the other side facing inward place your picture and tape both securely, on the back of your picture write these words and hold the mirror close to your heart. Say 3 times: With these magic words I plea Each time you see your reflection you will think of me This is my will, so mode it be.... Keep the mirror in your purse or pocket but carry it with you wherever you go. For 30 days you will see the results long before this but it could take up to 30 days. Just believe. And watch the results. I cast this spell my love had disappeared we had been apart for over a year, but we still saw one another and I wanted him back but one day he just shut it down I was devastated, so I just wanted to remind him I still was there it had been almost two months since I had seen him, 3 days after I cast this spell he was on my doorstep and for the next month i saw him everyday. I couldn't believe it WORKED To Keep Your Lover Faithful You Will Need: licorice herb handful of marigolds or rosemary cumin Procedure: Sprinkle licorice herb over your spouse or lovers footprints. Place a handful of marigolds or rosemary in, under or around the bed where your lover or spouse sleeps. Or add cumin to the food you both consume. Turn Friendship into Love You have felt love for your friend for some time now, though you didnít know what to do about it. They seem to not notice you are there and they seem to not even care that you love them more than a friend. But you can see in their eyes, sometimes, that they feel something more too. With this free spell you can awaken the love they have for you and you can turn an ordinary friendship into an extraordinary romance. The energy of love is already there, it just needs a push to get started. With love spells you will have the tools you need to change your relationship. By tapping into the energy of your love, you will find your friend immediately understands how you feel and will reciprocate your feelings. No longer will you wonder if they feel the same way you do, you will hear them tell you that they love you too and this can be the beginning of an even more beautiful friendship, a friendship which connects to another person on the soul level. Preparation for the Spell Prepare for the ritual. In order for the ritual to be effective, you must perform it by yourself. Take a shower, without soap, and wash or shower your face 7 times, by wiping from your chin to the back of your head. Dry off carefully and wear exclusively white clothing. Remove any jewelry. Hint: While performing the following steps, think intensely about your desired partner and concentrate on the wonderful future you can have together. Avoid any interruptions, such as telephone or the like. Concentrate entirely on the spell and avoid any negative thoughts. You Will Need: 3.5 ounces honey 3 fresh mint leaves 3 sugar cubes 4 teaspoons powdered henna 13 kernels of whole pepper 3 yellow rose petals 1 raw egg green ink a chicken feather a piece of yellow and black fabric wooden bowl or Ĺ cocoanut shell Procedure: Write your name and the name of your loved one on the shell of the raw egg with green ink. Take the wooden bowl or cocoanut shell and place the following ingredients in it while you concentrate on your friend. Mix: 3 Ĺ ounces honey the raw egg on which you have written 3 fresh mint leaves 3 sugar cubes 4 teaspoons powdered henna 13 whole pepper kernels 3 yellow rose petals Cover the bowl or cocoanut shell with the piece of cloth which contains the colors yellow and black. During dusk, go to a river or creek and throw the bowl or cocoanut shell into it. Say 3 times: I hereby offer you, Holy Queen of Rivers, what you asked of me. Now I ask you, Holy Queen of Rivers, to do the same for me. After saying the sentence 3 times, remain at the river and step in place, 7 steps. Think about your friend, and the love spell will begin to work. Break-Up Spell Preparation for the Spell You Will Need: 3 blue candles 3 drops clove oil 1 envelope Blue ink 3 pieces of paper Procedure: Prepare for the ritual. In order for the ritual to be effective, you must perform it by yourself. Take a shower, without soap, and wash or shower your face 7 times, by wiping from your chin to the back of your head. Dry off carefully and wear exclusively white clothing. Remove any jewelry. Light the candles. Write your loved oneís name and your name on one piece of paper. Write the name of your competition on the second piece of paper Write on the third piece of paper at least 3 positive wishes for your rival, also with blue ink, e.g. that they find their love and happiness, just not with your partner, that they will be happy with another man or woman, that they fall in love, just not with your partner. Send to them positive feelings and a pulling back from your loved one. Only write positive things, for when you try to find a person to you against their will and send negative vibrations to another, these will come back to you 3 times. Now you use the clove oil which you drop carefully on the paper, one drop for each piece of paper. Fold the papers and enclose them in the envelope. Keep this envelope under your pillow or under your mattress for 7 nights. On the 8th night, you burn the envelope in a big glass bowl and spread the ashes out in nature. Committment Love Spell Timing: Waxing moon You Will Need: 2 ounces non-flavored vodka 11 drops sandalwood 7 drops rose oil 7 drops oil of geranium 7 drop rose wood oil 1 small bottle or flacon 7 roses 1 white cotton cloth or handkerchief (must be perfectly clean) 1 white ribbon 1 shell 2 small wooden sticks (e.g. tooth picks) 1 red thread 1 white candle Procedure: Prepare for the ritual. In order for the ritual to be effective, you must perform it by yourself. Take a shower, without soap, and wash or shower your face 7 times, by wiping from your chin to the back of your head. Dry off carefully and wear exclusively white clothing. Remove any jewelry. First, prepare your special perfume. Fill a small bottle with... 2 ounces of non-flavored vodka, 11 drops of sandalwood oil, 7 drops of rose oil, 2 drops oil of geranium, and 2 drops of rose wood oil. Place this small bottle in a dark corner and let it sit for 15 days. During these 15 days, light a candle at night and concentrate on your desires in the relationship with your partner. 15 days later... Light the candle Take the white cloth and place it before you Pluck the rose petals off the 7 roses, place them on the white cloth and concentrate on your partner. Add 7 drops of the perfume (which you created 15 days earlier) Take the small bottle with the aromatic oil and drop it on the wooden sticks Tie the red thread around both wooden sticks. Place the shell on top. Tie the band around the white cloth to create a small sack. Your loved one should sleep on this small bag for 7 nights. Place the bag under the pillow, the mattress or under the bed. Before you go to sleep, rub one drop of the oil on your left chest, over your heart, for 7 nights. Use the perfume any time you feel like it. You should keep the small sack in your bedroom as a good luck charm. Caraway Love Spell This is a simple Love Spell using Caraway Seeds. While you are making a sweet treat or bread for the one you love.... Say 3 Times: Carry me away my love, Carry me away. Into the arms of love, my love, Into your arms Iíll stay. They will fall hopelessly in love. Amethyst Spell for Lovers You Will Need: 1 piece of amethyst 1 framed photo of you and your lover Get a piece of Amethyst, it can be any size as long as it catches your eye. Cleanse it with salt and water. While squeezing the Amethyst. Say: Near or far, I shall be in the good part of your memory, Remember me in your heart, that we shall never part, So mote it be Then place the Amethyst in front of the photograph and draw a circle of protection around the picture and the piece of Amethyst. Remember always to add that you wish the spell to happen in a good way. (With Harm to None) Tree Love Spell You Will Need: 2 small leaves 1 stick 1 match or a lighter green thread 7 pennies 1 needle to sew with Procedure: Burn the tip of the stick to you can use the coal to write with, on 1 leaf make an image of yourself. On the other make in image of the person you want to meet. With the green thread, sew the 2 images together face to face and knot the string tightly. Go to a tree that emits love; such as apple,hawthorn,maple,orange, or peach. Find a natural hole or crevice and lodge the leaves firmly into the crevice and as you do Say: Tree of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire, grant me the love that I desire Bury the 7 pennies at the base of the tree and it is done. Three Candles Spell You Will Need: 3 candles 1 plate sugar Procedure: With this spell, you must wish for a love wish, a business wish and an impossible wish. Place the three candles in the center of the plate and put sugar all around them. Now place the plate with the candles in the highest place you have home. You must now call upon you three guardian Saints: Saint Raphael, Saint Michael and St Gabriel. Ask for a wish of love, a wish of business and one impossible wish. On the third day, express your gratitude to the saints by posting this spell on a website or dedicating your thanks to the saints in a journal and see what happens on the fourth day. Maia Love Spell The Goddess Maia personifies your Aries sense of playfulness and sexy energy. Maia is the Goddess of fertility and fiery passion who was honored by the ancient Romans with fabulous all-night toga parties and flower-stomping festivals. She is the ideal Goddess to ensure that you always exude that special enchanting glow, whether you've been up dancing 'till dawn in your bare feet, or when you're simply relaxing at home with your chosen one. You Will Need: 1 red scarf or robe 1 orange candle Your favorite floral essential oil - rose, jasmine, lavender, etc. Invoke the sizzling love power of Maia by draping a red scarf or robe over your shoulders. Light an orange candle anointed with your favorite floral oil, then sit in a comfortable position nearby. Breathe deeply and concentrate on drawing loving energy towards you. Picture the goddess in your mind. Say repeatedly: Weave your spell of silken thread, Draped with the deepest velvet-red, Through cedar woods and ancient pine; Surround me with love and romance divine. Fairest Maia, Goddess of desire, Through indigo clouds of incense and fire, Let her earthly guide be candle glow, Into the temple may passion flow. Cranberry Garland Love Spell You Will Need: 2 red candles 1 bowl cranberries 7 feet of strong thread a sewing needle red wine plain wreath Procedure: First, light two red candles. Between them place a bowl of cranberries, about seven feet of strong thread, a sewing needle, and a few drops of sweet red wine in a small glass. Also have a plain pine wreath on hand. Anoint the thread with the wine Say: Wine, crimson red. Red as love, bless this thread. Thread the needle, knot one end and begin stringing the cranberries. As you add each berry, think of your love growing stronger. Add berries until you have about a foot of thread left, then securely knot the end several times. Decoratively wrap the garland around the wreath... Say: Like the wreath, always round, We are also bound. And like the magical evergreen Our enduring love has no end. Love Passed from the Goddess You Will Need: floor space salt 2 drops of red coloring rosemary Procedure: Draw a pentagram on the ground and circle with salt. Place the thing holding the water in the middle of pentagram while adding the 2 drops of red coloring and rosemary. Say: I call onto thy From Goddesses I plee, Bring my Lover Forever close to Me, For I Love only thy with pure passion and trust, I desire this Love Forever on end, So mote it be By three by three. To Know How Soon You Will be Married You Will Need: handful of rosemary, bay leaves thyme, sweet majoram 1 tsp salt twice quantity of barley flour milk of a red cow clean writing paper few drops of human pheromones Procedure: On any Friday take rosemary flowers, bay leaves, thyme and sweet marjoram, of each a handful. Dry them and grind them into a fine powder. Then take a teaspoon of each and mix them together. Then take twice the quantity of barley flower and make the whole into a cake with the milk of a red cow. This cake is not to be baked. Wrap it in clean writing paper and lay it under your head on any Friday night when you retire to bed. Sprinkle your pillow with a few drops of very pure human pheromones. If the person dreams of music they will shortly wed the one they desire. If the person dreams of fire then the love will be tainted and they will not marry the one they desire. If the person dreams of a church they will die single. For this to work the paper has to be completely blank. To Call Fourth Your Soul Mate You Will Need: fresh rose petals 1 stick of vanilla incense few drops of pheromones few drops of sandalwood essential oil 1 red candle 1 white candle The Set-up: On any Friday evening, preferably on a clear night when the moon is visible, put on some soothing music and dim the lights. Light your incense and let the scent fill the room. Take the rose petals and put them in a bowl. Sprinkle with a few drops of pheromones and set aside. Take the red candle and anoint it with a few drops of the sandalwood oil, taking care to brush it from the middle to the top and then from the middle to the bottom. This red candle will represent your being. Procedure & Visualization: As you light the red candle, take a moment and focus your attention on it. Inhale deeply for five counts and then gently exhale for five counts. Repeat this breathing exercise three times. With each exhalation, imagine more energy being pushed out towards the candle. Try to visualize your energy as a beam of light that is flowing out of your chest. Imagine the flame becoming bigger and brighter with every exhalation, as if it is being nourished by your power. An easy love spell with an ingredient of pheromones can be very powerful. When combined with acute focus and visualization, it can become a moving and sensual experience. Take your unlit white candle and start making slow, ever decreasing small circles around the red candle as if the red candle has a gravitational pull and is drawing the white candle toward it. Say 3 times: Hear my call, true love of mine I yearn for thee, Come to my side and make me whole I beckon thee. Stop the circular motion and hold the white candle with both hands in front of you. Touch the white candle to the red candle to light it. Set the white candle next to the red one and leave until both have burned down. To finish the spell, toss the rose petals into the bathtub and take a relaxing bath. An easy love spell with an ingredient of pheromones is a simple, effective, and powerful way to communicate spiritually with your intended lover, as well as with your inner desires. Key To The Heart It is considered very lucky to find a key. Any sort of key is lucky, but an antique one is especially so. As with the finding of something red, there are words to say at the time of finding it: Say: The key to your heart lies on the ground. The key to your heart has now been found. I lock up your love with the heart of my own, I'll guard it forever with the love I have shown. As you say these words, think of the one you love and of the two of you being together forever. Sleep with the key under your pillow for nine nights, carrying it with you during the day. It may then be put in a place of safety. Raspberry Leaf Love Spell Purpose: If you are impatient and anxious for the one you love to love you back, this is the spell you seek. Timing: This spell must be performed three nights in a row. Begin two nights before the full moon. On the third night you perform the spell, the moon should be full. The spell is far less potent if performed during any other time. This spell is also best executed outside under the light of the moon and barefoot (so that you are firmly connected to Mother Earth). You Will Need: raspberry leaf tea (loose leafs available at most health food stores) lavender oil 3 floating candles 1 bowl 2 lock of your hair 1 piece of your clothing Procedure: Begin by preparing the tea. Fill the bowl with water and add 3 drops of lavender oil. Place the candles in the bowl and light them. Cut off a lock of your hair, add it to the bowl and place the bowl on the ground. Take three sips of the raspberry tea. Place the tea on the ground next to the bowl. Walk around the bowl seven times. Repeating softly to yourself the name of the one you love. Take three more sips of tea. Walk around the bowl another seven times. Say repeatedly: I (your name) desire (your love's name) love. Blow out the candles. Cover the bowl with your piece of clothing. Finish the rest of the tea before you go to sleep. Repeat this ritual on the second and third night. On the third night, the night of the full moon, bury your lock of hair. Pour the water from the bowl onto the bare earth over it. Wear the piece of clothing while you finish the tea. Give the candles to a close friend for safekeeping. This is a powerful spell. Do not practice it lightly! Apple Seed Love Spell Timing: On a Friday, as Venus, the planet of love and romance, also rules this day. You Will Need: 1 piece of Rose Quartz Crystal 1 red rose 1 red Apple 1 green candle 1 pink candle 1 oil burner and rose essential oil Procedure: Pick a time when you know you will not be disturbed. While getting all the things you need together, Think of the love you would like to invite into your life. Light the oil burner and the red and green candles. Place the red rose in front of the burning candles. Hold the Rose Quartz in your hand and as you stare into the candle flame. Say: Archangel Angel I invoke thee on this Venus eve To grant me my wish I ask for love eternal and true May the flame of the candle The fragrance of the Rose Carry it afar And grant me my hearts desire So Mote It Be. Thank the Archangel Angel for helping you and leave the candles to burn out. Eat the apple and save the seeds. Place the rose, the apple seeds, and the rose quartz crystal on a window ledge where they will attract the magic of the moon. The following morning as soon as you wake up, plant the apple seeds in a pot with suitable growing medium. Look after your seeds in a caring way and as the seedlings begin to grow, love will come into your life. Keep the rose in a vase and when it wilts. Dry the petals and keep them in a special place along with your rose quartz as a keepsake of your love spell. Say: Lavender for love Then sprinkle it in the water. Do the same for the sage and hyssop: Sage for strength, hyssop for healing Add a few drops of the essential oil. With your power hand, athame', wand etc. Stir the water widdershins (counter clock-wise) to create a downward spiral drawing energy. As you stir the water recite: Say: Flowers and water keep sickness at bay; The downward spiral takes it away. Use your intuition to determine how long you should stir and chant... Once in the tub, relax and visualize all the negativity leaving your body through your pores. With each breath, you exhale it from your body. Continue this for as long as you wish, but it should be at least 30 minutes. As an added boost, use a white candle to draw in positive energy and to purify, and a black candle to absorb the negativity. It also creates a softer light that makes it easier to relax. You can also burn your favorite incense to help you relax. Cure For a Friend in Need You need: 1 red candle for strength 1 orange candle for confidence 1 white candle for healing ginger cinnamon Procedure: First Indian style on the floor then place the orange candle on the left near your leg. Then put the white candle in front. Then the red on the right near your leg. Then light them while saying Say: O god /o goddess please help [Name] for she will need confidence. (sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon on orange candle) For he/she will also need healing (then sprinkle cinnamon over white candle). Give him/her strength that is all thy needs. (sprinkle cinnamon over red candle) Healing is the most powerful (then also sprinkle ginger in white candle cause healing is need the most) (after sprinkling the ginger bring all the candles in front side by side with the white in the middle) This will help the for the times coming. May hardships part as do the flame. (then blow all of the candles out at one time) Breaking the Silence If a friend is giving you the silent treatment, try this charm to break the tension. You will want to use a wind chime, or better still make one from odd earrings, keys, brass bells and any other potentially musical objects you can find. Bless the chime by smudging it with sage smoke. While you speak this spell, jangle your chime energetically Say: Silence no more; We'll be as before. We'll laugh, talk, and sing; Good times this chime shall bring. SO MOTE IT BE. Keep repeating and ringing until you can practically hear echo of your friend's voice. Wait 24 hours before you call him/her. Chances are, they will call you first. Blessed be! Friendship Spell to End an Argument You Will Need: 2 candles with the astrological color correspondences of both your signs. cinnamon. Procedure: Light both candles. Say: Candle shining in the night With your flame enchanted, By the powers of magic might May my wish be granted. Winds of friendship blow this way, from now until our final day. This spell that I send is now at an end. Let the magick I've laid, go forth and not fade! So mote it be! Sprinkle cinnamon over the candles, watching as it crackles. Blow out the candles in the direction of your friend's house, so the smoke wafts in his/her direction. Each morning the following week, have cinnamon toast for breakfast. If you can, sprinkle cinnamon on your cappuccino. If you like it, chew cinnamon gum. (Are you sensing a theme here?) If it's in the best interests of the universe, your friend will agree with you during the week. Friendship Candle Spell You Will Need: pink candles good luck or friendship oil pink silk ribbon white silk ribbon Procedure: Cast the Circle. Arrange altar. Invoke Goddess and God You will want to anoint the pink with Good Luck oil all the while thinking of the friends you want to make. Imagine yourself laughing with them, going out with them. Really see yourself with them. After your candle has been anointed, you may light it. At this point you may call out the things that are important to you in a friend: honesty, trust, open mindedness, humor, whatever. As you light the candle, see the flame as being the energy that burns between any two close friends. When this is completed, take your two pieces of silk ribbon and weave them together. Simply winding them around each other will do. While you do this, think of bringing that friend closer to you. This binding process is reminiscent of pagan handfasting rituals. You are binding that friend to you, making them loyal to you, a way any good friend should be. You do not want to bind a specific person to you, as that kind of magic is harmful since is harms the other person's free will. Only bind the idea of the perfect friend to you. Once you have done this, tie the ribbon to the base of your candle as best as you can. The candle's light is a beacon to bring friendship to you and another person. When this is done, you may wish to sit and meditate on the spell that you have just cast, sending your energies out to bring that perfect friend to you. When you feel that your spell has been completed, then it has. Let your candle burn all the way out and release your circle, thanking the Goddess and the God. Waxen Heart Love Spell Purpose: Find True Love: Love is one of the most powerful forces in the universe, so it is only fitting that advanced love spells are among the most potent spells that one can cast. The casterís energy must be focussed solely on the task at hand; therefore, a ritual bath before initiating the cast is recommended. Timing: The best time for casting a love spell is on a Friday, as that day is associated with the goddess of love, Venus. The ideal moon phase is the Waxing Moon, which occurs during the period when a New Moon transitions into a Full Moon. Spells cast under a Waxing Moon are usually reserved for bringing new things into your life or gaining something. The time of day is of no particular importance, but be sure that you are relaxed, yet alert and fully attuned to your magical deed. You Will Need: 2 white candles 2 pink or red tapered candles jasmine or vanilla incense a rose quartz crystal peppermint essential oil A small red pouch or knotted handkerchief Procedure: (You may also wish to drink a cup of mint tea afterwards) Melt the pink or red candles in a pot (or cauldron if you have one) stirring frequently. Once the candles have melted, remove from heat and let cool. When the wax has cooled but is still malleable, take it to your altar Begin to shape it into a small heart. While you are working the wax with your hands Reflect on all the qualities that you would like in a lover or companion. Let the thoughts flow from your head, down your arms and fingers and into the wax. Picture the words flowing out of your fingertips and being moulded into the heart. Once the heart is shaped, take a pin and carve the initial of your first name into the center of the heart Anoint the heart, the two white candles, and the quartz crystal with the peppermint oil. When anointing an object with oil, rub the oil in a downward motion as this signifies bringing the magic into you. Rub from the top of the object to the middle, then from the bottom to the middle. Never rub up and down as this defeats the purpose. Rub the excess oil on your third eye (middle of forehead) and breastbone. Once that is done, light the white candles and incense. Pass the crystal through the smoke of the incense three times. Repeat this action with the heart. Focus on the smoke tendrils curling around and enveloping the crystal and heart as you move them. Say: My love is pure and my heart is full, Venus, hear my plea, Bring my true love to my side, Wherever he may be. Hold the wax heart in one hand and the crystal in the other hand and close your eyes. Engage in quiet meditation and focus on your breathing. Imagine that you are surrounded by a fiery red haze, and with every inhalation. The haze fills your lungs and strengthens the love and power inside of you. Continue meditating as long as you deem adequate. After the candles and incense have burned down, place your homemade wax heart, the rose quartz crystal and some ash from the incense into the red pouch or knotted handkerchief. Place this homemade talisman someplace where you are able to see it daily, For Example: on your dresser or night table, on a window sill, or in your car. You may also choose to place it underneath your pillow each night so you may dream of your lover. Lucky Shamrock Love Spell You Will Need: Shamrock or Clover Paper Procedure: Take one Shamrock or if not in Ireland, one clover, the flower and stem will work as well. Take two hearts you have drawn onto paper, about 2-cm square in circumference. You don't need to be a Picasso, just draw two red hearts and then write your name on one heart and your love's name upon the other. Cut out the red hearts into two separate red paper hearts. Now place your lucky Shamrock between the two paper hearts, sticky tape them together and place them somewhere where they will be undisturbed and under something heavy to dry the Shamrock. The last process of your love spell is to now sit and visualize everything between you and your love being lucky and happy, do this for as long as you wish. Your lucky Shamrock love spell is now complete. Seduction Spell You Will Need: A red candle Piece of red or pink paper Red Ink pen or Doves Blood Ink Light the Red candle. On the paper write your full name. Under your name write the person's name you are attracted to, their birthday then your own. Draw a heart around the information then write the names and birthdays again directly on top of the heart. Do this 3 times. Don't worry if it looks like scribble. Fold the paper small and burn it in the flame of the candle. As it burns Say: Light the flame bright, the fire Red is the color of desire. Repeat 3 times. This must be done each night for 9 consecutive nights. Gypsy Charm To Strengthen Your Relationship Choose an apple without blemish and cut it in half. Write on a piece of paper your name and the name of your mate and trim the paper in such a way so that it fits within the two halves of the apple. Fasten the apple halves together with toothpicks. As you skewer the two halves together.. Say: Together weíre bound Me, in love with you, You, in love with me. May all our words and actions Be a reflection of our love. Blessed Be. Procedure: Sprinkle liberally with sugar (love energy) and bake at 350F until the two halves fuse together. This spell works best if both of you eat the magick apple. Water Love Spell Another tradition from America instructs the curious girl to take a lamp and go out on the night of Hallowe'en to a spring of water and peering in she should see the reflection of her future husband. Hazelnut Love Spell A girl might divine who her future husband was going to be by lining up hazelnuts in front of the fire, each of which represented one of the boys that was wooing her. Say: If you love me, pop and fly. If you hate me, burn and die. Love Apple Lights (You can tailor the apple spell for prosperity, protection or spiritual prayer or you can simply use the apple candles to decorate the table at your next Halloween Party) You Will Need: 1 fresh apple as large and as glossy as you can find An apple corer 1 white taper candle Procedure: At 15 minutes before midnight on Halloween Eve hold the apple in your hands and ask Spirit to bless the fruit. Hum to yourself thinking of bringing love into your life (but not a specific know the drill) Continue to hum until the apple gets warm in your hands. Insert the apple corer into the stem of the apple and take out the core. Make sure not to make the hole bigger that the circumference of the candle. Hold the candle in your hands and hum again, thinking of bringing love toward you until, like the apple, the candle gets warm in your hands. Put the candle in the apple. Say: Great Mother Goddess Sweet, divine Bring love to this heart of mine. Allow the candle to burn until it goes out but keep a watchful eye on it to make sure accidents don't happen. Flower Power Love Spell Timing: On the evening of the Full Moon, set up an area where you can leave the ceremonial items undisturbed, overnight (an altar). Procedure: Place your plant in the center. Contemplate this plant, admire it, and with love repeat this Earth prayer. Say: I am grounded and rooted firmly in the earth, like this plant. I draw nourishing energy from the Earth, the Sun, the Air, and Water, like this plant. The elements of life sustain me. Add the recommended amount of plant food to the spring water, and say this Water prayer. Say: Cool water, symbol of emotion, sometimes still, sometimes turbulent, but always moving. Like a great river, the deep ocean, the gentle stream, I will not grow stagnant, and I ask the powers that protect and guide me to bless and purify this offering. Place this water to the left of your plant. Inside the pot, with a permanent marker, write your name. Write: I am a living, growing being, just like this plant, always changing, always growing, reaching for my own fertile, emotional maturity. Reaching Heavenwards, I nourish and nurture this beautiful plant, the symbol of the love I have to give, and the love I deserve to receive. Everyday the love in my life grows a little bigger, a little greener, more lush, and soon it will blossom and bear fruit. I am grateful to Goddess and the Universe for the love I receive from this plant I care for, from the people in my life, both familiar and new, from animals and nature, and most importantly from myself. Make sure you get a pot big enough to write all this. Now, take the love votive candle, and anoint it with the love spell oil. Dab some of the love spell oil on the love spell incense, and on yourself, too. Place the candle on a small saucer or candle holder, and then put it inside the pot, and set it to the right of the plant. As you light the candle, say the Fire prayer. Say: Candle flame, element of fire, burn away the unhappiness I no longer need. Allow yourself to relax, and clear your mind. Imagine yourself to be like the candle- feel the line of energy running up through your center, like a wick, and feel the aura about your head like a flame. Then repeat the incantation you wrote in the pot. This is your personal incantation. Say it over til you feel satisfied, then light the incense with the candle. Say this Air prayer with a sense of joy. Say: My prayers, my hopes, my dreams are carried like smoke on the wind, to Heaven. The element of Air is everywhere, yet unseen, and like Goddess, it sustains, and connects, all life. My breath is my connection to all life and Goddess, and I remember to breathe life in deeply, as my constant, sustaining prayer. Spend the rest of your evening quietly, play gentle music, relax, and contemplate the meaning of the words you have said for the spell. Let the candle burn down all the way. PLEASE, make sure it is in a place where nothing can catch on fire. In the morning, after you've had breakfast and feel awake, remove the candle from the pot, and plant your plant. As you are working, admire the beauty of the plant, smell its fragrance, feel and smell the soil, and say the Earth prayer. Say your incantation as you work. Say the Water prayer as you water the plant with the spring water. Find a nice, sunny place for your plant, and say the Air prayer. Then light some more incense, say the Fire prayer, and be done with the ritual. It is very important that you feel finished! As you sustain and grow your plant, so you will sustain and grow the spell. But it is VERY IMPORTANT that you do not obsess on it! Just know that it is happening, and allow yourself to relax. Make a habit of wearing a little of the Love spell oil as a perfume, and when you really need to relax, drink a cup of herb tea, and contemplate the prayers. Don't think about the prayers, or obsessively repeat them in your head, but contemplate, which means to meditate on the meaning behind the words. Use the prayers as positive affirmations. When your passion flower is mature enough, you can harvest a few leaves to make tea, and you may even get lucky, and your plant will bear edible fruit! If your plant dies, don't worry, or take it as a bad omen! It could be the plant has absorbed and removed a lot of negativity. Just repeat the ritual, and if you think a passion flower plant just isnt going to do well in your home, try a miniture rose, or maybe a hibiscus. The flowers of these plants can also be used to make tea! Know that you and your life will now begin to change, perhaps quickly, maybe slowly, but change it will! Be patient, the amount of emotional healing you require will determine how quickly the spell will work. Spells don't work overnight- it might be a week, a month, maybe even a year before you really notice a difference, so be patient with yourself. Use the journal to vent your feelings, good and bad, and use it to define the qualities of the person you hope to meet. Spell to Forget an Old Flame The old, nostalgic memories of past romances never seem to fade, though we do tend to forget the bad parts. When the influence of an old flame lingers, when the passion of a past and long-gone love refuses to die and keep interfering with the present, it is time to put it to rest. This spell will not eliminate the memories, but it will finally snuff the misplaced embers of a long-gone love. You Will Need: 9 black beans 1 piece of black paper At midnight, when the moon is almost black, get the paper and the beans and sit in silence. Fully remembering your old flame. Invoke your past passion, the feelings you still hold on to. Then, take up each bean in turn, say one line of the charm, and put the bean onto the paper. Do this until all nine beans are on the paper. Then fold up the paper. The following are the nine parts of the charm to say, one for each bean. Say: Soul of bliss, perfect kiss, gone... Face so fair, gone... Beautiful hair, gone... Arms so comfortable and strong, gone... Legs so long, gone... Heart of fire, gone... Loins of desire, gone... Thoughts so fine, gone... Aura divine, gone. Take the bean-filled paper to a graveyard and bury it at night. Say: Our love was true, But it did not last, Our love is gone, It is now past. Joy and peace to you and I. The flame is gone And now: good-bye. Lethe, lethe, lethe. Reconciliation Spell For friends who have had a misunderstanding, this will clear negativity. You Will Need: 1 Blue candle (for peace and healing) 1 Lavender (for peace and purification) Sugar 1 rose (healing, love) Lavender oil Procedure: Bless ingredients. Anoint the candle with the oil. Say: Spirit, grant us clear minds and steady hearts, a new road, and light burdens. As I will, so mote it be. Sprinkle the sugar in a circle around the candle. Say: May our words and thoughts be sweet once more. Sprinkle lavender in a circle outside the sugar, saying, May our souls know peace. Sprinkle rose petals in a circle outside the lavender, saying, May our hearts know love again. Note: This spell does not bring you and your friend together again, nor does it dictate your actions. It merely asks that each heart be healed. Onion Magick Use this many-layered food to peel away problems in life and to dispel anger. The onion is also a love food and is said to increase male virility. Red onions promote lust when added to dishes. White onions clear away obstacles when peeled to the core. Use purple onions for power and seduction. Yellow onions dispel anger between friends. Procedure: Carve the names of quarreling parties into a yellow onion and keep until it forms roots. At this time, the two friends or family members will begin to recall the positive roots of their relationship and let go of their anger toward each other. Do not get rid of the onion until apologies have been made and accepted. You may then offer the onion to the earth in thanks. Flowers For Love amaryllis bluebell carnation cornflower daffodil daisy (lasting love) forget-me-not honeysuckle hyacinths (rid your heart of love) iris, ivy (to bind love) lavender lilac orchid (mystery) pansy dreams of love peony rose tulip violet Single rose to bring a new love into your life Spellfinding Love/Romance Light a pink or red candle; rub a bit of cinnamon on your hands. My Love come to me, real and true Love with joy and the happiness I seek Let my Love be drawn to all the beauty in me Both our spirits entwine honest and free Warm as fire, Strong as the wind, Solid as the earth and cool as the sea Bring my true Love unto me By the Powers of Eros So mote it be! Seven Day Desire Spell You Will Need: 1 black seven day candle water 1 saucer paper Procedure: Fill your saucer slightly with some water. On a piece of paper write the things you most desire, (like love, money, a job). Fold that up and put it on the saucer (yes, in the water) Now put your seven day candle on top of the paper and light it. Each night before you go to sleep visualize your desires being obtained. On the seventh day, snuff out the candle and dispose of it by getting it away from your property. This spell can be customized by using different colored candles, pink or red for love, purple for spirituality, and so on. The black candle is used for "breaking through" those obstacles that are preventing you from your desires. Ingredients For Love Spells Since ancient times, the art of incense, the holy scent of the gods and witchcraft, has been used to propitiate the deities of every religion, to purify holy temples and to rouse the senses for seduction especially when casting love spells. These magical powders, herbs, spices, resins and precious scented woods have been carried to us from caravanserai's to caravanserai's, across deserts and the silk routes of the far east, the Frankincense trail and across the seven seas by ships laden with this voluptuous cargo, long before Aladdin first rubbed his magic lamp. The ingredients of these magical, aromatic formula are often costly and rare. Flowers and buds Clove Saffron Lavender Roots and rhizomes Orris Vetiver Couch Grass Spikenard Seeds and fruits Patchouli Sage Bay Labdanum Benzoin Coriander Nutmeg and other spices were always costly and rare Star anise Juniper Animal derivative compounds Operculum Musk Ambergris Indirect burning incense is not combustible on its own and needs flame to light it, because it has not been prepared for burning. Frankincense and myrrh are two (now common) incenses burnt this way. These are usually lit by placing them in a thurible, which is placed over burning charcoal or embers. I love to throw herbs, barks and flowers directly onto charcoal and burn them as incense in this way during a love spell casting. Direct burning is for easily combustible, pre-prepared incense. You can merely light the top of the incense with a flame from a lighter or match and the incense will slowly fill the air with fragrance, as it burns down without any aid. This type of incense is made from finely ground incense powder mixture and binder. This type of incense is sold as coil shapes, cones and sticks. The finer, the incense the quicker it will burn. In some countries you can buy incense clocks which show you the time by burning away the hours. It is also very useful at disguising the scent of tobacco smoke. When preparing my alter for magic rituals and love spell casting, as a witch I must provide an enchanting atmosphere, that will be inviting to the gods and spirits. I do this with perfumed incense, which I also use for ritual purification and for stimulating my mind by elevating thought to a higher sphere with the rich fragrance. Incense is also used to release a spell once it is cast, the smoke carrying it away into the ether, as incense, in Wicca traditions, represents the element of air, as the smoke wafts up through air. But many believe that incense represents all the elements because it is made through using fire, the plants, resins and barks come from the earth, and combustible incense is made using water. As it burns, incense releases the abundant energies of the herbs, plants and resins used to make it and these energies are also harnessed during love spell casting. Witches never use synthetic based incense, it is dead, and it contains none of the life forces of natural ingredients. So I always use natural incense, as it contains pure power, as the life forces themselves burn and are released into a fragrant haze. There are hundreds of types of incense used for special magic workings in witchcraft. They all have different uses for different types of spell or ritual, some with poetic and evocative names. Carnation a sweet floral incense, lit for healing. Cherry is burnt to evoke Venus as this scent will draw and or energise love. Dragon's Blood is lit to instill love, courage and strength, while adding potency to any spell work. Frankincense is burnt to purify and is associated with the power of the sun. It is linked to masculine energy. Myrrh is incense that goes back to time immemorial, for healing, purification and protection. Myrrh is associated with feminine energy. Pine is lit for strength and to cleanse away negative energy. Strawberry is burnt for friendship, love and luck. Vanilla is lit for arousing sensual appetites and stimulating the memory. Whether you wish to harness the fragrance of the gods to use in magic spell casting, to burn it in your home to arouse and seduce a lover or just enjoy it's delicious scent, burning incense may well light flames that find a living home, in your heart. Language of Flowers Love Spell (Love Flower Meaning) The language of flowers is thought of as the Victorian secret language of love. But this coded love language goes back to medieval times, when giving flowers could mean so much. We still remember that red roses mean ardent romantic love but do you know what giving someone a sprig of purple lilac means? This love spell uses the language of flowers and their symbolism to create a secret code that you can use to cast your love spell. You choose the flowers that are appropriate for the secret code you wish to concoct, choosing a combination of flowers or one alone. You Will Need: Purple Lilac: The beginning of love. Acacia: Secret Love Scarlet Lily: High spiritual love that aspires. Mallow: Overwhelmed with love. Red Poppy: True Love Box: Constancy Balsamine: Impatience Almond: Promise Agrimony: Thankfulness Abatina: Fickleness Mayflower: Welcome Lime Blossom: Uncommitted sex Blue Poppy: An enigma, the impossible made manifest Chestnut: Be just to me. Pink Carnation: A feminine love. Red Chrysanthemum: I love. Globe Amaranth: Undying love. Celadine: Joy to come. White Clover: I promise Coriander: Lust. Forget-me-not: True Love. Jonquil: Love me too. Procedure: Take your flowers, or flower and now you will use them to cast your love spell. Light a red candle, incise 'Venus' upon the wax, and then take half the bunch of flowers and pick off the petals and strew them safely into the flame as you chant. Say: by Venus power, My love's (insert their name) love is mine in this hour, By my secret flower love code, My lover's desire for me will bloom in felicity, As the flowers decree so he/she will love me, An it harm none, So mote it be. Allow your candle to burn down safely. Now with the remaining half of the blooms. Tie the flowers into a posy which you will give to the one you love. If you feel comfortable doing so, or let them 'find them,' they need not know they come from you. They are enchanted and will help to boost the power of your love spell which is now cast. Table Cloth Love Spell Wash your table cloth with love herbs and spices: cardamom, lavender, ginger and cinnamon. Place the table cloth on your dining table. Say: Herbs of love, passion and desires, Burn in my lover's heart as we dine. Ensure my lover only loves me, So mote it be. Rainbow Love Spell Rainbows are lucky as long as you don't point at them. When you see a rainbow you should make a wish, or cast a love spell. A double rainbow is extra lucky. Say: Rainbow, rainbow let our love grow. State you name and state your loved one's name are in love, Magick rainbow bless us with your powers from above, everyday and in every way. Spell to Make Someone Dream of You You Will Need: white cotton fabric bedding or cotton to use as a stuffing parchment paper lavender rosemary needle and thread Procedure: You will need to make a small dream pillow in order to have this spell carried out. For this you need to first cut two bits of cotton fabric and sew up three sides of the rectangle or square. If you choose your pillow to be circular, then you sew the whole thing around, leaving a little at the bottom in order to fill up the pillow. Then turn the cloth upside down and stuff the pillow with bedding or cotton. At the end of the filling remember to put in the rosemary and lavender as well. Using the needle and thread sew up the remaining of the pillow. Then write the name of the person whom you want to perform the spell on and also state exactly what you want them to dream of you. Then prepare an altar and cast a circle around the altar. Once this is done, place yourself at the center and hold the dream pillow in your hands, place the parchment on the pillow and say the following spell. Say: Blessed Mother, Holy Goddess Send (name of the person) a dream And awaken his/her mind Carry my voice far and galore To the place where even sleep lays ashore Send him/her this message loud and clear This is not just a prayer mere. The incantation can be changed in a way to match your preference. Key to Your Heart Spell This is a very easy love spell that will take you very little time to perform though it will be 2 weeks before the charm is finished. You Will Need: 3 candles (gold, silver and red) 2 red roses 1 horseshoe 1 key 1 red silk scarf Procedure: This is a spell for a Friday night (like most love spells). Light all three candles on your altar, and wrap the roses, horseshoe and key in the silk scarf. Pass the bundle through the heat of the candle flames, ideally without it all catching on fire. Put it in your underwear drawer for 2 weeks. Yes, your underwear drawer. After the 2 weeks are up, bury the roses outside and keep the horseshoe and key someplace safe near your bed. They will draw a new love to you within a month. Sweet Apple Enchantment Spell Don't all good black magic spells include a lock of hair? Well, that's because it's a powerful way to connect another person to your spell. You Will Need: 1 apple, preferably a red one Honey A few strands of your hair A few strands of your intended lover's hair Length of red ribbon or yarn Procedure: Slice the apple sideways across the middle, so you can see the star formed by the seeds. Spread honey on either half of the apple. Take the strands of hair, and twist or braid them together. Put the hairs between the two halves, and tie the apple back together with the ribbon. Tie it tightly. Bury the apple either outside, or in a large flower pot (outside is best). You'll find your desired lover start to show a strong interest in you almost immediately. Joining Together Photo Spell If you want your potential lover to be stuck on you, this is the best of the black magic love spells. The photos you use shouldn't have anyone else in them except for you and him/her. You Will Need: 1 photo of you 1 photo of the one you desire 1 red candle 1 pen or marker Procedure: On the back of the picture of him/her, write "I love you" and on the back of your photo, write "You love me". Light the candle and look at both photos, picturing the two of you together in real life. Drip candle wax on the front sides of both photos and quickly stick them together. Say: Together as one Under moon and sun Slip the pair of photos under your pillow, and sleep with them there until your loved one is yours. Return to Me Candle Spell Candles spells have some pretty powerful magick to them. Especially when you are looking for "reunite lovers spells". You Will Need: 1 pink, red or white candle Vanilla oil Red yarn or string Procedure: Use something sharp to inscribe your initials on the candle (approximately half way down), and then your loved one's initials over top yours. Not above, but actually write over the first letters. Then anoint the candle with vanilla oil. Tie the string around the candle with a bow so that the know lies over where the initials are carved. Light the candle and let it burn until it reaches where the carving is. Blow it out gently, and set it on your altar with the intention of finishing it when your loved one returns. Add a little oil to the initials each day until then. Candle Melding Love Spell As the wax in these candles slowly melds together, so will you and your loved one be slowly drawn back together. You Will Need: 2 red human figure candles Ginger oil Procedure: You can use regular red candles if you can't find any figure ones. Anoint both candles with oil and place them side-by-side in a candle holder or dish. Separate candle holders might not work because the candles must be touching. Light both candles, and think about your loved one as the wax begins to run together between the candles. You have to concentrate on your spell until the candles are joined by melted wax. Say: Candles burn and wax will run You and I again are one Repeat it several times until you feel you've made your point. You have to then let the candles continue to burn until they go out on their own. Tripple Knot Love Spell Knot spells usually don't have that many supplies and are fairly easy spells to perform. Your intent is bound up in the knots as you say the spell. You Will Need: 1 length of red ribbon at least 24 inches long patchouli oil Ylang ylang oil Procedure: Put one or two drops of each oil into your palms, and rub them together. Run your fingers along the length of the ribbon to anoint it with oil. You're going to tie 3 knots in the ribbon, so try to space them out evenly along the length. Say each line of the spell as you tie each of the three knots. Say: With knot of one, my love will come With knot of two, it shall be true With knot of three, so mote it be Loop the knotted ribbon around a bed post, bedside lamp or the doorknob to your bedroom. Don't tie it though, you don't want any extra knots in there Star of Love Timing: Watch the weather for a clear night. You'll need to be able to see the stars in order to perform this white magic love spell. You Will Need: 1 red candle several red or pink crystals, such as rose quartz, garnet or carnelian jasmine incense Procedure: Gather everything near an open window where you can see the sky. Light the candle and incense, and find the brightest star in the sky. Hold the crystals in your hands and picture the star's light filling them with energy. Say 3 times: Star of love, burn so bright Aid me in my spell tonight Unite my true love to me As I will it, so mote it be. Place the stones on your altar, near the candle. Let it burn until it goes out on its own. To Bring Back Lost Love You Will Need: 1 pink candle 1 green candle 1 yellow candle 1 light-blue candle 2 crimson candles Procedure: Place the... pink candle in the South green candle in the North yellow candle in the East light-blue candle in the West. Hold the two crimson candles in your hands and face the pink candle. Say: Almighty Goddess, powerful God, Listen to my prayer! Lords of fire, burn my yearning, times three if it is meant to be, bring my beloved (name of your beloved) back to me. Put the hairs between the two halves, and tie the apple back together with the ribbon. Tie it tightly. Bury the apple either outside, or in a large flower pot (outside is best). You'll find your desired lover start to show a strong interest in you almost immediately. Candle Melding Love Spell As the wax in these candles slowly melds together, so will you and your loved one be slowly drawn back together. You Will Need: 2 red human figure candles ginger oil You can use regular red candles if you can't find any figure ones. Procedure: Anoint both candles with oil and place them side-by-side in a candle holder or dish. Separate candle holders might not work because the candles must be touching. Light both candles, and think about your loved one as the wax begins to run together between the candles. You have to concentrate on your spell until the candles are joined by melted wax. Say: Candles burn and wax will run You and I again are one Repeat it several times until you feel you've made your point. You have to then let the candles continue to burn until they go out on their own. To Be With Your Lover Always You Will Need: 1 red candle 1 photo of the person, who you want as your mate Procedure: Light the red candle Hold the candle in front of the photograph of the person. Say: Let the truth crash down like a wave, Thus, my own heart I can save, Let (first and last name) now see what's inside, So together our hearts shall glide. Repeat the chant three times while you concentrate on the picture. Two Halves Love Spell An easy love spell that you can try as you are first learning about witchcraft. You Will Need: 1 red candle 1 white candle 1 piece of paper and pen Procedure: Light each candle on your altar, or table where they won't be disturbed. On the paper, write the qualities you are looking for in a partner. Be realistic and keep the list to no more than 6 things. Tear the paper in half, and burn one half in the red candle flame and the other half over the white candle. An ideal partner should soon come into your life. Romance Origami You don't actually have to fold the paper up into a swan or anything. A square is fine. You Will Need: 1 pinch of lavender 1 pinch of rosemary 1 piece of orris root 1 piece of stiff red paper Procedure: Lay out the paper, and put the herbs in the middle. Fold the paper over a few times to enclose the herbs and make a little "envelope". Seal it shut with a piece of tape or string (don't staple or glue). Carry the little love charm around with you to draw in some romance. Heart of Stone You Will Need: 4 white Candles A small sharp or jagged stone that fits in a pocket A compass Procedure: The stone should be small enough so that it may be easily carried on one's person and remain undetected. A sharp-edged jewel suits the purpose well and cleverly hides its intent. A ring with any natural, cut stone is perfect, as are any natural, cut stones with sharp edges. Any small rock that is jagged or sharp will work quite well, so long as it may be easily carried. A pearl or smooth stone will not work. Light the four candles at midnight, on the night of a full moon and place the candles to represent North, East, South and West. Use the compass to determine the locations of the candles. The stone or jewel should be placed in their center. When all the candles and the stone are in place. Say: Stone of the ground, Formed by the strength of Mother Earths mighty hand, Pass your power to my heart, That it may hold a firmer stand, Keep off that which tries pass, To hurt, to twist, to impart pain, Lay your boundary, solid, strong, That may not come through again. Extinguish the candles. The stone should be worn or carried any time you feel the need for added strength and security against an intrusion to your heart. Spell to Men a Broken Heart You Will Need: 2 pink candles 1 mirror 1 copper penny 1 box that is somewhat special to you. Procedure: Light up the 2 candles and make sure that they are 2 inches apart. In the space between the put the penny. In back of the penny and the candles put the special box. Say: O great mother goddess, enclose me in your loving arms. Bring forth the goddess within me. Take the mirror and gaze into it. Say: I represent the great goddess, mother of all things. I shine in the light of the golden wings of Isis. All that is great and loving only belongs to me. Realization of Love Spell You Will Need: 1 red candle 1 picture of (subject) 1 letter received from subject something to light candle Procedure: 1st set the letter on a flat surface. Place the picture face down in the center of paper. Use the unlit candle and draw a heart around the picture. Light the candle. Say: Once lovers now only friend, realize the truth of our love so that my heart might mend. Turn picture over and let candle burn out atop picture. Friendship Candle Spell You Will Need: pink candle good luck/friendship oil pink silk ribbon white silk ribbon Procedure: Cast the circle, arrange altar, invoke Goddess and God. You will want to anoint the pink with Good Luck oil all the while thinking of the friends you want to make. Imagine yourself laughing with them, going out with them. Really see yourself with them. After your candle has been anointed, you may light it. At this point you may call out the things that are important to you in a friend honesty, trust, open mindedness, humor, whatever. As you light the candle, see the flame as being the energy that burns between any two close friends. When this is completed, take your two pieces of silk ribbon and weave them together. Simply winding them around each other will do. While you do this, think of bringing that friend closer to you. This binding process is reminiscent of pagan handfasting rituals. You are binding that friend to you, making them loyal to you, a way any good friend should be. You do not want to bind a specific person to you, as that kind of magic is harmful since is harms the other person's free will. Only bind the idea of the perfect friend to you. Once you have done this, tie the ribbon to the base of your candle as best as you can. The candle's light is a beacon to bring friendship to you and another person. When this is done, you may wish to sit and meditate on the spell that you have just cast, sending your energies out to bring that perfect friend to you. When you feel that your spell has been completed, then it has. Let your candle burn all the way out and release your circle, thanking the Goddess and the God. Kiss Me Spell You Will Need: 1 red candle 1 white piece of paper 1 red colored lipstick or a glittery pink one. Procedure: Light the red candle (be careful). Draw a lip print on the white piece of paper. Hold the paper over the candle and think of the person you want to kiss you. Say: Kiss me when we meet, kiss me (lovers full name), greet me with your lips and say you missed me, but most of all kiss me. (remember to visualize you both kissing and falling in love) Send A Message To Your Distant Lover You Will Need: 1 white crystal quartz 1 picture of your lover Procedure: Take a photo of your lover and set the quartz over the photo. Concentrate your message into the quartz crystal and the picture. Feel your energy being sent to your lover - soon they'll get the message. Lucky in Love Spell Timing: Friday evening You Will Need: 1 pink candles 1 blue candle 1 gold candle 1 Horseshoe 1 Key (can be real or drawn) 2 red roses 1 Silk cloth (scarf will do) Procedure: On a Friday evening, prepare your altar, light the candles. Take all of the ingredients and place in the silk cloth and wrap. Place the scarf in your underwear drawer for 14 days. Take out, and it is a good sign that the roses still look fairly new! Put the petals in potpourri or bury it near your home. Keep the horseshoe and key as a good luck charm Contact and Old Friend Spell You Will Need: 1 white candle sandalwood oil and incense 1 photograph of person 1 glass or cup of water sea salt Procedure: Cast a circle in your usual manner. Light incense and anoint candle with sandalwood oil. Place the photo of the person you wish to have contact you on your altar. If you have no photo, write their name on a piece of paper. Take a small handful of salt in your right hand, and let it trickle into the cup of water. While the salt falls... Say: Contact me Concentrate on your friend getting in touch with you. Place the salt water on your altar and leave the candle to burn out. Your friend should make contact with you before the water evaporates from the cup. Special Mixture of La Pompadour La Pompadour was the deep love of King Louis XV, and her spirit can still be felt in the walls of Versailles. She organized festivities, suppers, and shows to entertain the King. But more than thatÖwhat were her little hidden secrets? You Will Need: 5 drops rose otto 7 drops jasmine 10 drops orange 10 drops mandarin 1 oz bottle Procedure: Prepare the following aromatic mixture in a 1-oz bottle. Pour the essential oils first and then add your massage oil. Massage the potion on the spine, the sacrum (lower back), abdomen, and heart. Anoint a few drops along the neck (almost behind the ears). Cutting Cords to Toxic Relationships: Bridge Exercise/Infinity Exercise Among healers the sharing of energy is referred to as cording. This cord represents life support tubing energetically connecting two individuals together. Babies are born with a cord attaching them to their mothers, this is natural. But there comes a time for a mother to Cut the Apron Strings allowing her child to go out into the world on its own. This is appropriate. If the mother fails to break the cord, the child will eventually attempt to do it. This too is appropriate. We aren't meant to be sucking up other people's energy. We also don't want to be allowing any psychic vampires sucking up ours. Indentifying Unhealthy Relationships: The world is full of unhealthy relationships. In these relationships, individuals cling to one another allowing cord attachments to occur between them. Seldom is the sharing done equally. Actually if the energy sharing was done equally it would be silly to have the cord in place at all. It is possible to be in a relationship without cording one another, in fact it is preferable. Couples that share one life source ordinarily create a relationship in which one individual becomes weaker, the other stronger. The weakened person feels collapsed because of giving away his/her life source. The stronger person feels great for a time, but his/her appetite may very well increase, craving more and more of the shared energy. Painful Breakups: There are different types of situations we face in life that are difficult. Ending relationships ranks pretty high up in the "tough stuff" category. It doesn't matter if you were the person who walked away or if someone else left you, a loss is felt either way. It is especially painful if a relationship ends without closure. Unfortunately, often times when people "breakup" what they don't realize is that they may very well still have cords attached. The intact cord keeps an open channel for continuous feeding on each others emotions and anxieties. Experiencing pain from an estranged relationship or troubled marriage? Try either the bridge visualization or infinity exercise to gently release the cord attachment to free yourself of continued feelings of sadness or separation. Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair Slam the Door on Psychic Vampires Cutting the Apron Strings Bridge Visualization. Procedure: Visualize a walking bridge in your mind. Imagine yourself standing on the far end of this bridge. Now imagine the person you are wanting to cut cords with is standing on the opposite end of the bridge. When you feel ready to energetically connect with the other person begin walking slowly to the middle of the bridge. Allow the other person to walk toward you, meeting you half way. Once you are in eye contact with one another you may begin communicating with an inner dialog. Tell the person what your feelings are. This is not a time to be angry or be holding onto grudges - you are releasing the ties. Tell the person that you are sorry for all of the things you said or did that hurt him/her. Tell him/her that you are forgiving him/her for all the hurtful things that were said or done in your relationship. Say your good-byes, wishing each other well in your separateness. Turn around and walk off the bridge. Note: It is okay if the other person remains on the bridge as they may not be as ready to be disconnected from you as you are and it may take some adjusting on his/her part to get used to being outside of your energy. Infinity Exercise: This exercise is done with another person. If the person you wish to break the emotional cords with is willing to participate this is extremely helpful. Otherwise choose someone who is willing to act as a surrogate of the person you wish to cut bonds with. Procedure: Two persons face each other while standing 6-8 feet apart from one another. Visualize the infinity sign (number 8 sideways) being traced again and again in a continuous cycle. Each crossing of the infinity sign between you symbolizes severing the cord that is keeping you emotional attached. This exercise can be done silently or with conversations of forgiveness and closure. You may like to visualize the encircling tracings in different colors as you deal with different feelings during this session. Red for releasing passions or feelings of anger, pink or green for calming heartaches, etc. Repeat this exercise until you feel satisfied that separation has occurred. Gypsy Witch Love Potion You Will Need: 1 teaspoon dried and crushed basil 1 teaspoon dried fennel 1 teaspoon dried vervain 3 pinches ground nutmeg 1/4 cup of red wine Procedure: Heat over flame till boiling for three minutes, remove from flame and cool. Strain through cheesecloth into cups. Add honey to sweeten. Then drink up with a loved one. Spellbound Love Potion You Will Need: filtered water 2 cups of red wine 1 tsp of Cumin 1 tsp Mint 1 tsp Peppermint Procedure: Mix herbs together in a pot, bring to the boil and simmer for 10 mins. Serve. Fire Of Lust Potion You Will Need: 1 ounce bourbon 1 ounce vodka 3 ounces slow gin orange juice 1 pinch allspice Procedure: Add the first three ingredients in order to a tall glass of ice. Fill the glass with orange juice and add a pinch of allspice. Say: Fire of lust and fire of passion Bring to me some satisfaction Lust unbridled I desire, Bring me now what I require. Share the drink with the person you desire. Luna Love Spell This spell must be worked under a full Moon. You Will Need: Red Rose petals Vanilla extract (about 1 tablespoon) 3 pinches of Nutmeg 1 pinch of Rosemary 2 cups of Fresh Water Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl. Say: With this offering I do ask That you aid me in this blessed task What was many times broken must now be strong Bring me a love that can't go wrong Heal my heart and heal his too Bring me a love that is so true As I mix these elements in this bowl Bring my love to me and make us whole Now throw the ingredients into the air towards the Moon. Sea Water Love Spell You Will Need: 1 jar 1 bay leaf sea water Procedure: Half fill your jar with sea water. Take this home with you. Write your love wish on your bay leaf. Add your wish in the jar, and leave your potion for seven days. On the seventh day, take your jar back to the sea and empty the contents into the ocean. The "spirits of the sea' will grant your love wish as soon as possible. Tarot Love Spell You Will Need: 1 sheet of paper. 1 pen or pencil. 1 pack of Tarot Cards. 1 red candle. Procedure: Select the Lovers Card VI from your Tarot pack, place it vertically face down in front of you. Shuffle the cards, and select one card and place it horizontally over the lovers card, face down also. Light your candle. On the sheet of paper write down your request - write down all you want to happen, as you do so, think hard about wish. When you have finished writing, fold your sheet of paper as many times as you need to make it about the same size as the tarot cards. Place your wishing paper on top of the two cards. Now shuffle the cards again, select your 3rd and final card without looking, place it face down horizontally over the first two cards and your wishing paper. Once you have completed this task, gaze at the Tarot cards and paper while you think about your desires, after a minute or two look into the candle flame and visualize the image of the cards and wishing paper in the flame - this then sends your request out into the Universe to manifest as soon as possible. Next, hide the three cards and wishing paper somewhere safe until your wish comes true, then you may return your cards to the pack and bury your wishing paper. Remember to harm none!!!! Katydid's Site Index