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Air Spell 1
Bring Travel Spell
Blowing in the Wind Spell
Strength of the Wind
The Air Witch
Everyday Air
Call The Wind
Air Purification Spell
Air Meditation 
A Healing Wind Spell

Air Spell 1

So when would you want to cast air spells? The elemental realm of air rules over things of the mind, such as memory, intelligence, creativity and new ideas.  Whenever you want to do magick for travel, inspiration, clear thoughts, happiness or freedom, you should make sure you add some aspects of air to your spells. 

You Will Need:
altar items like bells, feathers, incense and ornamental fans
stones like clear quartz, amethyst, and fluorite
herbs and oils of lavender, mint, pine and meadowsweet

If you are creating your own spells for air, try to use these materials. 
Your spells should include actions like writing and speaking aloud, inhaling scents, and ringing bells or chimes.

Bring Travel Spell

Want to get out there and see the world? This is an easy spell to help bring more travel opportunities into your life. It's a great example of an air spell. You will need:

You Will Need:
1 small hand fan
1 dish of fresh mint
1 small light feather

The fan should be the kind you wave, not a battery-operated gizmo. And the feather should be small and light, not a big turkey feather. I hope that's all nice and clear now. Lean over the dish of mint, and breathe in the smell. Visualize yourself in different places, seeing different landscapes.

Toss the little feather in the air, and use the fan to blow it around the room. Try to keep it airborne as you see the winds of chance also moving you to new places in the near future. 

Let the feather land in the mint, then take a few more breaths of the minty aroma. Each morning take a deep breath of it again, and picture yourself seeing new sights.

Blowing in the Wind Spell

You Will Need:
blue material or ribbon
fence, tree branch or clothesline

Lovely breezes and windy days can be used to connect with the magical element of Air and this magick charm is one that anyone can easily do for themselves and their friends. On a breezy day, find a piece of blue material or ribbon and tie one end to a fence, a tree branch or a clothesline. Then, as you watch the ribbon fly and wave in the wind.

Say aloud:
Blow laughing winds from North and South, 
from fairy lands and East to West, 
I'll be happy as I say send me magic every day,

You can leave the ribbon there for as long as you like and add any others to it for a magickal message to family and friends.

Strength of the Wind

Waxing moon

An invocation of the Spirits of the Seven Winds in pleading for a strengthening of one's sexual powers.
Out of doors and in the open air, on an eve of the waxing moon, you will need stand in an uncluttered spot and extend your arms outward from your sides. Begin to turn slowly clockwise, eyes level, whilst taking care to not move from the spot on which you stand.

Continue to rotate clockwise with arms extended from your sides

Say Aloud:
Spirits of the Seven Winds
Keepers of the powers
Transporters of knowledge, wisdom and truth
Guardians of the earth, sea and sky
Hear this pleading of a wayward traveler
Grant me audience before thine eyes and ears
That thus this may be heard
And my needs be seen.
Those who fear thee—seek me
Those who thou dost loathe—abhor me
In thy path, I wish to walk
And with thy voice I desire to talk
Clothe my bones with the strength of thy strengths
Fortify my mind with thine solid foundation
Gathered from the expanse of the universe
And carried by thine able hands
That in thy wisdom and truth
And through the purity of your spirit
Sexual power and prowess may be imparted unto me.
Spirits of the Seven Winds hear my cry
And let this thus be so.

The Air Witch

The Air Witch is very creative,she has constant mental stimulation and expressions.  Every thought and sound transports itself through the air.Like the wind the air witch changes her mind and is always open for flexibility.  The Air Witch is inquisitive,bubbly and bright and can inspire others to reach higher, to try harder to achieve there goals.She is optimistic and energetic.  The Air Witch has a talent for necromancy and clairaudience.She also very trained in aromatherapy,meditation and pain management breaching techniques.  The Air Witch specializes magically in spirits, ghosts, invisible beings, travel,dreams, wishes,ouija,pendulums,storm and weather magick.  The Air Witch is mysterious and unpredictable,just like the wind.

Everyday Air
We breathe it in every day. It surrounds us, fills us, yet often we don’t even notice it: Air.
Of all the elements, Air is perhaps the most illusive. It can be the most difficult to describe, but can also be one of the most vibrant. Air brings us the light sensation of a cool breeze, the sudden rage of a storm, and the sweet smell of every scent we experience.
An Airy Aura:
Think of what Air actually is: a layer of gases surrounding our Earth. When we visualize Planet Earth, we usually focus on a solid object, the round Earthly globe. But in reality, our world rests in the center of a gaseous atmosphere 560 miles high. Rather than a mere solid alone, Planet Earth is a solid object surrounded by a glow of gas. Likewise, many of Earth’s creations are also solids within their own special gassy glow. Think of the way a fresh-baked apple pie fills your kitchen with its cinnamon-scent. The actual pie itself is only a few inches wide, but its Airy glow expands to fill the entire room! Perhaps it is the nature of solid things to be surrounded by a less-tangible outer cloak, an atmosphere of sorts. Knowing this helps us recognize things at their first blush, before they appear with full force. Just like we can smell the pie before actually touching it, we can sense many things around us by being aware of more than just their physical aspect.

People too have their own Airs about them. Our bodies have a natural scent that surrounds us like an aura. It changes uniquely from person to person, from day to day, even from mood to mood. As we expend more physical energy, our scent reflects that change and becomes even stronger. Don’t underestimate the power of scent. When you are close enough to share a whiff of someone, it is as personal a gift as giving a lock of hair or a drop of blood. Your scent is a part of you; it may be even more personal than a solid gift. For example, if someone gave you a coin or stone or “lucky charm” you may merely put it in your jacket pocket. But the gift of scent is breathed in, actually taken deep inside you.

Air is one of the ways you can bond with a special place. You may eat its fruit, drink its waters, but you can also take time to smell its roses and breathe in a part of that place! You’ve heard the expression “you are what you eat?” Well, you are also what you drink, see, hear, feel – and yes, breathe!
Magically, the element of Air is often associated with communication. How fitting! Look how things in nature communicate with each other, how animals sense one another or flowers share pollen. We often augment ourselves with perfumes and oils, enhancing our personal scent to create the desired “atmosphere.” Is this also a form of communication? Remember communicative Air the next time you hear someone whistle – an act performed how?

As a historical form of Airy communication, in the 17th century women used hand-held fans as a means to communicate romantic intent. According to the Harris Farmer’s Almanac, fans fluttered in a certain fashion signaled the desire to be kissed and romanced. Held another way, fans meant “back off – this woman is engaged to be married,” a similar gesture to the way someone today might wear a ring to ward off over-eager suitors.

Air wraps around the entire surface of the planet. It links all things together, tucked under the same sky like a big comfy blanket touching each and every one of us. This connection sounds like a very powerful medium for communication. On a more practical level, mass media like TV and radio travel through the Air to millions of people each day. Perhaps it is no accident we describe the act of broadcasting as putting something “on the Air.”

In the cycle of life and death, all things die (and eventually smell dead too). Ever wonder why? Perhaps death’s odor is an Airy signal within nature’s food chain, alerting some little hungry creature to come along and enjoy a meal! Whether sensing a predator, a food-source, or a mate, smell is often the key way one part of nature communicates with another.
Air Spirits:
We can find Air Spirits all around us, just like we’d find other elemental Spirits in rippling lakes, the woodsy Earth, or dancing candle flames. Know that Air Spirits are nearby; try to feel them as individuals. Pick one out and just listen to it – whether a howling nightwind or the gentle whirring fan within your PC, household appliance, or the tingle of windchimes.

A family member of mine spends much of his leisure time boating, and has learned to sense sudden danger at sea with his sense of smell. As a storm blows in, he actually recognizes the scent of fresh water (rain) replace the usual scent of salty sea Air. I have witnessed this with my own eyes (and nose) seeing him pull up anchor in time to sail us to safety just minutes before a nasty squall hit! This may work well for sailors, but what about your own surroundings? If Air communicates, what aspects of your own surroundings might you want to learn? In what ways can you open yourself up to simply “breathing in” the messages you need to hear? Not sure how? Just follow your own nose!

The Air in your yard, your home town (and all across the world) is a unique mix of the scents, gases, and breath of all its inhabitants. All the tiny Airs around us – from the aroma of our incense to each breath we let out – all become part of the Air, like the way each drop joins to make up the entire sea. Air is a mix, a mosaic of many different things swirling together. Perhaps the lessons of Air apply to other mosaics – like diverse society, an ecosystem, or any other magical mix you might be a part of in your everyday life.
Air Magic:
Want to try some Airy magical fun for children, even us big ones? Get a supply of colored balloons. Pick a balloon colored to fit your wish. Take in a big-big breath of the magic that surrounds you, and breeeeeeeathe it into the balloon. Whoosh! When your balloon is full, take a magic marker (yes, we do call them magic, don’t we?) and write your wish upon the balloon. Or maybe draw and create a magical “balloon friend” with a specific job to do for you. Have fun with your new magical tool. Rub it on your hair or wooly sweater; stick it to the wall. Tap it with your finger back and forth, back and forth ad nauseum. Drag it around on a string like an imaginary pet on a leash. Be creative. Then with a sudden burst, break the balloon and release the energy stored up inside. (With balloons, the magic usually happens by being both creative and destructive. Pop!) A school teacher friend, someone wiser than I when it comes to kiddies, once taught me this type of balloon magic. Try it and see what results you might find for yourself. What lessons can you learn from a simple balloon? What else in nature might work the same way?

All out of balloons? Try just the simple act of breathing as a magical device. Inhale. Take in from your surroundings. Gather the energy around you. Take in as much as you can handle – your own body will let you take no more, and no less. As the seconds fly by, your body is absorbing millions of tiny oxygen atoms which the blood in your lungs will send to every cell in your body. Feel it change you; feel its magic become yours for just a moment in time. Then exhale… Release your magical breath out into the Air currents all around you. Send it forth with a sigh, and let the winds carry your wish wherever it needs to go. This can be a quiet meditative moment, or a loud joyous one filled with gasps of laughter and song. Remember Air magic next time you blow out your birthday candles and make a wish!

To understand the sheer power Air has compared to other elements, remember that we can survive weeks without solid food, days without water – but only a few minutes without Air. Paramedics do Air magic whenever they give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. They may breathe mere gases into a dying person’s lungs, but they charge that Air with their healing intent and will. Their intent says “C’mon – breathe. Live!” Air magic is used for the simplest, or the most vital of intents. Remember this. (If you smoke, what intent does that action have?)

Sharing breath doesn’t have to be the life-or-death act that paramedics experience. Try passing a single breath back and forth as a bonding experience with a loved one or magical partner. Work your way up to it, perhaps from a distance at first, then move closer until your lips meet. Exhale into your loved one’s lips as they inhale deeply. Then reverse. Back and forth, breathing can be one of the many intimate rhythms of life shared with those you love.

Whether we do so purposely or not, all things on Earth share breath. Through the windy currents and chemical reactions that happen around us every day, the same molecule of Air that was a sea breeze yesterday, might be a baby’s first breath today, or end up as car exhaust tomorrow.

Gases are less material than Earthy solids, so Air can be symbolic of that which does not exist on a material plane. Ideas, dreams, hopes, desires, fears, thoughts and wishes. These things are not flesh and bone, but they are certainly very real. Perhaps Air reminds us that something exists, even if you can’t see or feel it. In the Zodiac, the fixed sign of Air is Aquarius – and just think of this sign’s detachment from Earthly limitations! In the Tarot, Air is depicted as the Wand – quite a magical tool.
Air. Breathe it in.

Call The Wind

“Call The Wind”

Say this loud and clear takes a long time to cast and takes a lot of energy sometimes it fails not usually say the following words.

I call upon the element of air 
to call the winds to blow the air 
of the sky's of the gods and goddesses. 
So may it be.

It doesn't really mater if you do it inside or outside but if you want to know if it worked go outside if your inside look at the leaves. 

Air Purification Spell

You Will Need:
1 bell
1 candle (optional)

If you need to get a message through to someone, force an issue, garner some added intelligence, or wish a friend health and happiness, air energy can push your spell work to a speedy conclusion. Use the following incantation for area purification, the cleansing and blessing of supplies, or to invoke air energy into your magick circle.

Air flows pure.
Spirit unbound.
Inspiration from sky to ground!
Realize love with this sound.

Ring a bell 7 times.

For a bit of punch, carve the air signs of the Zodiac – Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius into the candle color of your choice and burn during the ritual or spell casting, always asking for assistance from the element of air. 

Air Meditation 

It is dawn. 
I find myself in a forest filled with Aspen trees. 
I raise my eyes and look for the sky, 
but the boughs looming overhead hide it from my view. 
As I look up, feel the cool breeze of spring brush my face, and hear the sound of the rustling leaves.
Blowing, laughing from the east, 
Eurus brings thoughts of renewal and life. 
I follow the wind further into the soft shadows of the forest, inhaling deeply the strong scent of the trees. 
I smell, too, the wafting hints of fragrant incense. 
I follow where my senses lead me and come to a small clearing circled by burning censers filled with sweet-smelling oils. 
Toward the east end of the circle is a staff. 
I walk over to the place and sit on the ground before it. 
I take the staff into my hands and close my eyes. 
First come swirling colors of white then yellow then fading darker into lavender. 
Then, out of the swirling fog of colors come dozens of small, lithe figures who swirl around as if carried on the wind itself. 
They dance around my head and body, swirling around as if caught in a dance to unheard music. 
Then, taking my attention from the spirits of the air, 
I look up to find further figures emerging from the mist. 
First comes a woman with the beauty of the dawn. 
As she steps forward, each of the four winds, in turn, hasten from around here and fly, 
one to each of the four corners of the earth. 
As she fades, there comes another whose form seems insubstantial, and seems to constitute both the image of a woman and a cow at the same time. 
I look closely the attempt to solidify one form, but I cannot. 
As this image fades, I am presented with the forms of two women who immediately remind me of the nighttime sky. 
One glows with the pale light of the full moon, and her eyes hold the fullness of hidden knowledge. 
The other, whom also seems to radiate cool starlight, seems to embody the possibilities of many lifetimes. 
In due course, these figures too fade and I am left with only the mist of the elemental world of air.
Suddenly, three male figures issue from the mist. 
They seem to be three aspects of one man, but each's attributes differ. 
The first glows with the light of the moon, seeming to be its protector. 
The second and third appear almost identical, except that one has a winged helmet and shoes. 
As I sit and study the sameness and difference of the three, they begin to fade, as does the fog. 
When the mist clears, I find myself sitting within the circle still clutching the staff in my hands. 
I place the staff once again on the ground and rise. 
I thank the element of air, and all it is associated with for sharing with me its wisdom, and leave the circle. 

A Healing Wind Spell

A windy day

Go outdoors to a secluded spot on a windy day. 
Hear the wind rushing through the trees, and see last year’s dead leaves being tossed about. 

Facing east, breathe deeply and spread your arms as if you can fly. 
Feel all of the emotional baggage you’ve been carrying with you being blown by the wind. 
Now ask the four winds for their special help. 

Face East.

Bring me positive change. 

Face South.

Bring me warmth and comfort. 

Face West

Bring me emotional balance. 

Face North. 

Let me understand the mysteries. 

Thank each of the directions. 
Now you can face the coming spring with a fresh attitude. 

Remember to harm none!!!!

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