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The Serenity Prayer (Pagan Style) First Incantation
Order Cigarette
Opening Realm Closing Realm
Time Slow Down Time
Invocation for a Full Moon The Full Moon
Cleanse the Earth Brilliant
The Sky Energies
Spirits of the Night Full Moon
Wicca Chant Completion
Magic Twinkle
Mystical Shadow The Lover's Card
Stars No Room
A Prayer To Banish Evil The 6 Senses
Yin Yang Lightning Storms
So Mote It Be
The Serenity Prayer (Pagan Style) Goddess, grant me the patience to accept the things I cannot change, the strength to change the things I can & and the power to kick anyone's butt that gets in my way. First Incantation Mother Goddess protect me and all my entities. Plant my roots in the soil below Make my senses grow. Fight off evil attacking me. This is my plea. So Mote it be. Order How does anyone know how I feel? My feelings are very real. Thereís a new order in town. Itís a new order I own. 28 spirits form this world. Itís being done to Her word. I am tired of the way it is in my life I just want to be someoneís wife If I Could Cigarette There's a cigarette burning and it's not mine You left it there with me and my wine You left without a goodbye Now I watch it burn as I sit and cry I'm sorry that I wasn't your perfect thing, The memory smolders and some sting I let you linger in my head rent free. I'm just me. Can't you see? I loved you for so long My heart had a song I will always love you I just found my clue. Opening Realm I enter this realm in perfect love and perfect trust. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Impress me with your wicked way as I sit and pray I call upon the power of 3. Ara, Char and Ellie. Closing Realm With this smoke I light I pray for fairy sight. Let the winds be mild and the deities riled. Time to suck it all in. Harm none and never sin. This is my last smoke for now. Don't worry or frown. We'll do this again. No worries my friend. Keep it simple boys and gals. You are my best pals. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust I leave in perfect trust. Time Winds of time bend to my will You will no longer sit still. Around the clock you will race as the hands of time pace. Slow Down Time Winds of time bend to my speed. Listen for a good deed. Creep and crawl around the face. Slow it down to Holy Grace. Invocation for a Full Moon 28 days since we've seen you last. This cycle has been a blast. I've learned so much that I recall. Taking time for thanks is above them all. Lords and Ladies of the moon so bright, guide us through the darkened night. Lords and Ladies of the midnight sky, the stars shine bright in the heavens light. Guide us through this full moon, please. Lord and Ladies, thank you and So mote it be! The Full Moon It hangs so peaceful way up there. Gives a warm glow to the night air. It's almost magical how it hangs. Gravity makes it do it's thing. Shoot for the moon don't worry if you miss. Reach for a star for a happy bliss. You can hear drums on a full moon night. They are banging in sync and sound right. Pagans celebrate the full moon in it's glory. That's our side of the story. We love the earth skd sky the same. We don't point when giving blame. We will light a fire and bang on a drum. To some that might sound dumb. It's not scripted or rehearsed at all. We are just answering Nature's call. Laugh at our drums if you must. Pagans have a stong circle of trust. Cleanse the Earth She needed a few more angels - to help pour out the rain - to cleanse the earth - to help heal the pain. She sent a rainbow from above. It was a promise of love. She promised better days. She gives that in many ways. Brilliant The full moon is brilliant tonight. It's brilliant every night. Tonight it's especially sweet. It's an eye treat. The clouds are streaking the glow. You would never know - if you don't step out and see - How brilliant a full moon can be. The Sky The sky was blue all day. Then it started turning colors from yellow to orange to gray. The night was full of stars. The Big Dipper was glowing bright. It was so quiet I didn't hear cars. The moon hung in the black sky. The sky was so beautiful - it made me cry. Energies Warm sand beneath your feet, The hot sun starts to set. Beautiful colors paint the sky. The beauty makes me cry. Find serenity within your soul. Find something that makes you whole. Lift your spirits like never before. This meditation will not be a chore. Your insides are as warm as the sand. Your spirits will give you a hand. It's not as hard as you might think. Let's have a drink. The moon glows bright over the ocean waves. A pretty path is paved. It lights up the dark sky. Only the night knows why. The full moon brings spirits unknown. It brings back feelings you've known. Energies enlighten me. Shadows enchant me. Listen to what the night has to say. All of this I pray. Let the sound of the waves entrap you. You will never be lonely or blue. Spirits of the Night Spirits of the night, I am no longer afraid. Let me see you for what you are. I want to experience it for myself. I want to feel you like nothing else. I have seen things beyond my fears. I have felt things beyond tears. Talk to me! My ears are open. Spirit Guides, Please walk me down the right path. Don't let me stray. Light the dark trail. I promise to prevail. Allow me to tap in to energies unknown. Allow me to feel what I've been missing. Allow me to see the real me. I am no longer afraid. Please unravel me. Allow me to see the aura of life. I promise less strife. Full Moon I see it glowing below the trees. That thought brings me to my knees. It glows bright. Lightens up the night like nothing ever before. It captured me more. It's been 28 days since the last. I've admired them all in the past. I watched it through my window. I can't help but awe at the marvelous glow. It hangs like magic in the night sky. It makes me have wings for my dreams to fly. All the stars were out tonight. It makes for a glorious sight. Don't pass it by or you'll want to cry. The Harvest Moon is the simplest thing. So let's rejoice and let our hearts sing. Praise Goddess in all Her creations. Ask for peaceful nights and awesome meditation. Wicca Chant Indian flutes softly join. A bird sings in the tree. Bagpipes enter and combine. It's peaceful for thee. There's a babbling brook - over rocks and sand. I listen close. I fold my hands. A fireside crackling- children laughing - Wicca chants can be heard. Come with me. They're from witch's coven obscured. Blessed be! Completion Paganism and Magic = New world order Beliefs and elements = Total high! Yin yang and flame = Perfect in balance chakras Exercise and journaling = Completion Magic Bibbity bobbity boo. The color of sky is blue. Creative juices are flowing. That's how I keep on growing. Sometimes a wand does the trick. Sometimes it takes a finger prick. Sometimes a spell will do. How you do it is up to you. Be creative in some way. Have a Merry Meet sort of day. Twinkle Oh twinkle twinkle little star, I never wonder what you are. Up above the sky so bright, like a fairy in the summer's night. Mystical Shadow The mystical shadow of a small fairy make my dreams no so scary. A simple house is all they need to fulfill their good deed. Some flowers and candy are a nice touch. Make them feel safe and such.. Their tiny little wings will make birds sing. Make friend with them and they will stay by your side night and day. The Lover's Card Absolute peace and love. Sent straight from above. Thank Goddess for all thy heart for giving you a fresh start. Open your wings so you shall fly in the deep, dark sky. And When And When Goddess spoke It was so loud It moved the clouds. All the heavens awoke and let the sunshine in to write a poem. That warmed the souls of the Earth so they may find happiness. Stars 10 to be exact they'll stay on my back It's a constellation that goes with me even when my heart flees. When I die these 10 stars will fly! No Room We have no room for atheists - because we need enthusiasts. We have no room for Satanists. Show me angels and exorcists. The new world order is here today. Come what will - come what may. Eagles fly high all day. Please don't forget to pray. This is a balanced high oh me oh my. A Prayer To Banish Evil Please allow me the strength to help - get rid of the evil in this person's life. so they will have less strife. I know you can help heal them through me. It's an honor to be able to do this with you. Please stop them from being angry and blue. I realize I am a Shaman. It's a gift from heaven. I will count to seven. I pray to God. I pray to the Holy Ghost. I pray to Lady Goddess the most. Use me anyway you need. I know I can help heal. I know my powers are real. The moon shines bright on a starry night. It's a beautiful sight. There must be thought and design I think it's a sign of higher power in the sky So I ask Goddess why. I ask Her why we are here and if she will hold me dear. I have absolutely no fear because Goddess is near. The 6 Senses I can feel the earth move - underneath my feet. I can feel your skin - the warmth, the heat. I can feel the wind blowing - my hair all around. I can feel the sand - and the ground. I see the fairies in the air - they're flying from tree to tree. I can see the sun setting - I never want to flee. I see the white puffy clouds - slowly turning dark. I see my first star - it had made its mark. I can taste freedom's - sweetness on my lips. I can taste victory - no more whips. I can taste your skin - salty but nice. I can almost taste love - it's refreshing like ice. I hear children playing - on grounds nearby. It's so beautiful - I want to cry. I hear the train whistle - drawing close too. I always wonder - who is seeing who. My 3rd eye is open - I can clearly now. I don't know why but - I do know how. Yin Yang The moon is almost full. That's no bull. I can feel the energies pull. It's not cruel. The moon is getting there - way up in the air. My yin yang is - slowly is shining true. I'm never blue. My centers have balance. You can't tell just from a glance. You have to see my aura, for all the real hoorah. Lightning Storms Lightning storms are bright - from strong bolts of light. Then the thunder rolls in nice and loud. The sound comes from a cloud. Then in comes the rain. It helps you forget the pain. Here comes the rainbow. No more sorrow. Thor must be angry tonight with his bolts of bright light. So Mote It Be I want you to want me. So mote it be. I want to be free. So mote it be. I want to be filled with glee. So mote it be. I want you to hold my key. So mote it be. This is my plea. So mote it be. I want thee. So mote it be. Just agree. So mote it be. I want to be carefree. So mote it be. I want the highest degree. So mote it be. I want to foresee. So mote it be. I want to be yours Scot-free. So mote it be. This is my plea. So mote it be. Poetry Pages Katydid's Advice Poetry Katydid's Angels and Fairies Poetry Katydid's Diety Poetry Katydid's Elements Poetry Katydid's Misc. 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