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The Enchanted Kingdom (online friends only) Letters from Beyond Affirmations Poetry Corner Katydid's Coven Wings of Power Katydid's Bloodline Bio: Name: Katy Lannan DOB: Dec. 3 Full Blown Sagi Location: Round Lake Park, IL Marital Status: Taken, Never Married Kids: Dana 25 and Arthur 13 Religion: Eclectic Pagan/shaman Body: 5ft 8inches 145 lbs My Lists Favorite Music: Rock, Country, New Age and Techno Favorite Ethnic Food: Sushi or Mexican Favorite Comedians: George Carlin, Blue Collar Comedy guys, Adam Sandler, and Rodney Carrington Favorite artists: Linkin Park, Sarah McLachlan, Lindsey Sterling, Sheryl Crow and Beth Hart Favorite Movies: Harry Potter, Avatar, Gone in 60 seconds 2, Transporter series, Dogma, Cafe, Fast and Furious saga, Dead Poet's Society, Girl Interrupted, Groundhog's Day, Matrix saga and Mr. Holland's Opus Favorite TV Shows: That 70's Show, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Bewitched, Family Guy, Simpsons, American Dad, Daria, Touched by an Angel, and WWE Favorite Colors: Dark Purple, Silver and Turquois Favorite Sounds: Laughter, Train whistles, raindrops on rooftops and Thunder crashes Rules: Namaste... Means we are all one. Family means no one is left behind or forgotten. All for 1 and 1 for all. Power of 3 will set us free. Be the game changer. Dream big. Never lie. Never break a promise. Always be fair. Have fun but be careful. What goes on in th castle stays in the castle Be thankful. The Matrix... Is it real? First off the real question is what is real. Is it something you can touch, taste, smell, or see only? What about abstract thoughts like love. Let's say for arguement sake you believe the matrix exists. Then you believe that you have to have a purpose or you will be deleted. Then you have to figure out what your purpose is. Mine is to write and heal through massage. I have a purpose so if the matrix does indeed exist I'm ready. If not I'm not out any. Karma Karma is like water. If you throw a rock in to water it will ripple. If you throw good or bad karma in to the universe it will do something back to you 3x over. If you don't believe in karma you can try it out. Give a homeless person a dollar. Pretty soon you will notice something good is happening to you. That's karma. Try tossing good karma in your life. Even if karma doesn't exist at least you did something good. Family Family means no one is ever forgotten or left behind no matter what. Blood is always thicker than water. Social media helps make this situation easier to swallow. Social media is a great outlet for those who are house bound especially. Facebook Groups Letters from Beyond Affirmations Poetry Corner Katydid's Coven Wings of Power Katydid's Bloodline