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Holiday Imbolc
A.K.A. Imbolg, Candlemas, Brigantia, Oimelc, Festival of Light, Brigidís Day, La Fheill, An Fheille Bride, Candelaria, Chinese New Year, Disting-tid, DisaBlot, Anagantios, Lupercalia/Lupercus, Groundhog Day, Valentines Day
Date 02-02
Symbols/Decor/Tools White flowers, marigolds, plum blossoms, daffodils, Brigid wheel, Brigidís cross, candles, grain/seed for blessing, red candle in a cauldron full of earth, doll, Brideís Bed; the Bride, broom, milk, birchwood, snowflakes, snow in a crystal container,evergreens, homemade besom of dried broom, orange candle annointed in oil (see above)can be used to sybolize the renewing energy of the Sunís rebirth.
Animals Firebird, dragon, groundhog, deer, burrowing animals, ewes, robin, sheep, lamb, other creatures waking from hibernation
Stones Amethyst, garnet, onyx, turquois
Incense/Oils Jasmine, rosemary, frankincense, cinnamon, neroli, musk, olive, sweet pea, basil, myrrh, and wisteria, apricot, carnation
Colors Brown, pink, red, orange, white, lavender, pale yellow, silver
Deities Virgin Goddess, Venus, Diana, Februa, Maiden, Child Goddess, Aradia, Athena, Inanna, Vesta, Gaia, Brigid, Selene(Greek), Branwen(Manx-Welsh), Young Sun Gods, Pan, Cupid/Eros(Greco-Roman), Dumuzi(Sumerian)
Meaning/Purpose First stirring of Mother Earth, lambing, growth of the Sun God, the middle of winter, honoring the Virgin Goddess, festival of the Maiden/Light
Customs Lighting candles, seeking omens of Spring, storytelling, cleaning house, bonfires, indoor planting, stone collecting, candle kept burning dusk till dawn; hearth re-lighting
Food/Drink Dairy, spicy foods, raisins, pumpkin, sesame & sunflower seeds, poppyseed bread/cake, honey cake, pancakes, waffles, herbal tea
Plants/Herbs/Flowers Angelica, basil, bay, benzoin, celandine, clover, heather, myrrh, all yellow flowers, willow
Element Earth
Threshold Midnight
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Holiday Ostara
A.K.A. Ostre, Oestre, Eostre, Rites of Spring, Eostraís Day, Lady Day, First Day of Spring, St. Patrickís Day, Alban Eiler, Bacchanalia, Mean Earraigh, Pasch, Caisg, Pess
Date March (20-22)
Symbols/Decor/Tools Eggs, rabbits, Daffodils, tulips, violet, iris, narcissus, any spring flowers, butterflies, cocoons
Animals Rabbits/Easter bunny, snakes, pegasus, unicorns, chicks, swallows, merpeople
Stones Amethyst, aquamarine, rose quartz, moonstone, bloodstone, red jasper
Incense/Oils African violet, jasmine, rose, strawberry, lotus, magnolia, ginger, sage lavender, narcissus, broom
Colors Light green, lemon yellow, pale pink, pastels, gold, grass green, robinís egg blue, lemon yellow
Deities All love, virgin, and fertility Goddesses; Anna Perenna, Aphrodite, Astarte, Athena, Cybele, Blodeuwedd, Eostre, Flidais, Gaia, Hera, Ishtar, Isis, Libera, Minerva, The Muses, Persephone, Renpet, Venus, Ostara, Kore, Maiden, Isis, Youthful Goddesses. Faerie Queen, Lady of the Lake, the Green Goddess, all love, song & dance, and fertility Gods; Adonis, Attis, Cernunnos, The Great Horned God, Liber, Mars, Mithras, Odin, Osiris, Thoth, Pan, the Green Man, Hare, Youthful Gods, Warrior Gods, Taliesin, Lord of the Greenwood, Dagda, Adonis
Meaning/Purpose The God comes of age, sexual union of the Lord & Lady, sprouting, greening, balance of light and dark, plant and animal fertility, sowing
Ritual/Magick Garden/plant blessings, seed blessing, spellcrafting, balance, growth, communication, invention, new growth, new projects
Customs Wearing green, new clothes, celtic bird festival, egg baskets coloring eggs, collecting birds eggs, bird watching, egg hunts, starting new projects, spring planting
Food/Drink Hard-boiled eggs, honey cakes, fresh seasonal fruits, milk punch, leafy green vegetables, dairy foods, apples, nuts, flower dishes, sprouts, fish, maple sugar candies, hot cross buns, sweet breads, milk, punch, egg drinks
Plants/Herbs/Flowers Acorn, celandine, cinquefoil, crocus, dogwood, Irish Moss, ginger, hyssop, linden, strawberry, gorse, honeysuckle, jasmine, jonquils, narcissus, olive, tansy, woodruff, Daffodil, Easter lily, iris, peony, rose, violets, all spring flowers
Element Air
Threshold Dawn
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Holiday Beltane
A.K.A. May Day, Bealtaine, Beltane, Bhealtainn, Bealtinne, Festival of Tana, Giamonios, Rudemass, and Walburga, Cetsamhain, Fairy Day ,Sacred Thorn Day, Rood Day, Roodmas, Old Beltane, Beltain, Baltane, Walpurgis Night, Floriala, Walpurgisnacht, Thrimilce, Bloumaand
Date Mar 1
Symbols/Decor/Tools Broom, May Pole, cauldron , maypole, strings of beads or flowers, ribbons, spring flowers, fires, fertility, growing things, ploughs, cauldrons of flowers, butterchurn, baskets, eggs
Animals Swallow, dove, swan, Cats, lynx, leopard
Stones Emerald, malachite, amber, orange carnelian, sapphire, rose quartz
Incense Frankincense, lilac, rose
Colors Green, soft pink, blue, yellow, red, brown
Deities Flower Goddesses, Divine Couples, Deities of the Hunt, Aphrodite, Artemis, Bast, Diana, Faunus, Flora, Maia, Pan, the Horned God, Venus, and all Gods and Goddesses who preside over fertility
Ritual/Magick Fertilize, nurture and boost existing goals, games, activities of pleasure, leaping bonfires, making garlands, May Pole dance, planting seeds, walking oneís property, feasting
Customs Fertilize, nurture and boost existing goals, games, activities of pleasure, leaping bonfires, making garlands, May Pole dance, planting seeds, walking oneís property, feasting
Food/Drink Dairy, bread, cereals, oatmeal cakes, cherries, strawberries, wine, green salads.
Plants/Herbs/Flowers Almond tree/shrub, ash, broom, cinquefoil, clover, Dittany of Crete, elder, foxglove, frankincense, honeysuckle, rowan, sorrel, hawthorn, ivy, lily of the valley, marigold, meadowsweet, mint, mugwort, thyme, woodruff may be burned; angelica, bluebells, daisy, hawthorn, ivy, lilac, primrose, and rose may be decorations, st. johnís wort, yarrow, basically all flowers.
Holiday Litha
A.K.A. Summer Solstice, Litha, Alban Hefin, Sun Blessing, Gathering Day, Feill-Sheathain, Whit Sunday, Whitsuntide, Vestalia, Thing-tide, St. Johnís Day
Date June (21-23)
Symbols/Decor/Tools Summer flowers, images of the sun, statues of earth goddesses, faeries, earth gods, sun wheels, seashells, yellow, red or orange candles', blades, daisy chains, stone circles
Animals Bee, butterfly, robins, snakes, wrens
Stones Topaz, agate, alexandrite, flourite, moonstone, pearl, emerald, jade, lapis lazuli, diamond, tigerís eye
Incense Heliotrope, saffron, orange, frankincense & myrrh, wisteria, cinnamon, mint, rose, lemon, lavender, sandalwood, pine
Colors Blue, green, gold, yellow, white and red
Deities Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Venus, Aphrodite, Yemaya, Astarte, Freya, Hathor, Ishtar, all Goddesses of love, passion, beauty and the Sea, and Pregnant, lusty Goddesses, Green Forest Mother; Great One of the Stars, Goddess of the Wells, Father Sun/Sky, Oak King, Holly King, Arthur, Gods at peak power and strength, sun, fire and fertility gods. Apollo, Baal, Baldur, El, Hadad, Helios, Hephaestus, Jupiter, Lugh, Osiris, Prometheus, Ra, Sol, Zeus
Meaning/Purpose Rededication to the Lord and Lady, beginning of the harvest, honoring the Sun God, honoring the pregnant Godddess, Crowning of the Sun God, death of the Oak King, assumption of the Holly King, end the ordeal of the Green Man
Ritual/Magick Healing, love magick, protection, purification, energy, faery
Customs Picnics, leave out food for faeries, jumping bonfires, gathering herbs
Food/Drink Citrus, curries, peppers, onions, strawberries, summer squashes, tomatoes, honey, green salads, roasted or grilled pork, blueberries, any sun-shaped, round foods (bread, tortillas, pizzas, etc.)
Plants/Herbs/Flowers Cinquefoil, fennel, lavender, thyme, oak, hemp, St. Johnís wort, dill, marjoram, rue, rosemary, fern, sage, pine, garlic, anise, mugwort, chamomile, rose, wild rose, oak blossoms, lily, elder, mistletoe, larkspur, nettle, wisteria, vervain (verbena), heartsease, wormwood, heather, yarrow
Threshold Noon
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Holiday Lammas
A.K.A. Lunasa, Lughnasaad, Lughnasa, First Harvest, August Eve, Feast of Cardenas, Feast of Bread, Tailltean Games, Teltain Cornucopia, Ceresalia, Harvest Home, Thingtide, Lammas, Laa Luanys, Elembious, Festival of Green Corn (Native American)
Date 08-01
Symbols/Decor/Tools Fruitfulness, reaping, prosperity, reverence, purification, transformation, change, The Bread of Life, The Chalice of Plenty , The Ever-flowing Cup , the Groaning Board (Table of Plenty), The Bread of Life, The Chalice of Plenty , The Ever-flowing Cup , the Groaning Board (Table of Plenty), Corn dolls, dried indian corn ears, sunflowers, wheat stalks, cornucopias, red, yellow flowers, sheaves of grain (wheat, barley, oats), first fruits/vegetables of garden labor, spear, cauldron, sickle, scythe, threshing tools, sacred loaf of bread, harvested herbs, bonfires, bilberries, God figures made of bread or cookie dough, phallic symbols
Animals Griffins, roosters, calves, centaurs, phoenix
Stones Aventurine, citrine, peridot, sardonyx, Cat's-eye, golden topaz, obsidian, moss agate, rhodochrosite, clear quartz, marble, slate, granite, lodestone, Carnelian
Incense Wood aloes, rose, rose hips, rosemary, chamomile, eucalyptus, safflower, corn, passionflower, frankincense, sandalwood
Colors Golden Yellow, Orange, Green, and Light Brown
Deities The Mother, Dana, Tailltiu, Demeter, Ceres, the Barley Mother, Seelu, Corn Mother, Isis, Luna, other agricultural Goddesses, the waxing Goddess, Johnny Barleycorn, Lugh, Lleu, Dagon, Tammuz/ Dummuzi, Dionysus, plus all sacrificial Gods who willingly shed blood/give their life that their people/lands may prosper, all vegetation Gods & Tanus, Taranis, Tina, the waning God
Meaning/Purpose Lughís wedding to Mother Earth, Birth of Lugh; Death of Lugh, Celtic Grain Festival, Honoring the parent Deities, first harvest festival, first fruits grains & drink to the Goddess in appreciation of Her bounty, offering loaves of sacred bread in the form of the God.
Ritual/Magick Connectedness, career, health, and financial gain, abundance, grounding and sun meditations
Customs Games, the traditional riding of poles/staves, country fairs, breaking bread with friends, making corn dollys, harvesting herbs for charms/rituals, Lughnasadh fire with sacred wood & dried herbs, feasting, competitions, lammas towers (fire-building team competitions), spear tossing, gathering flowers for crowns, fencing/swordplay, games of skill, martial sports, chariot races, hand-fastings, trial marriages, dancing round a corn mother (doll)
Food/Drink Homemade breads, barley cakes, nuts, crab apples, rice, lamb, elderberry wine, ale,cider, beer, meadowsweet tea , Grains, Berry Foods and any locally ripe produce
Plants/Herbs/Flowers Grapes, Heather, Blackberries, Sloe, Crab Apples, Pears. goldenrod, peony, nasturtium, clover blossom, yarrow, heliotrope, boneset, vervain, Queen Anne's lace, myrtle, rose, sunflower, poppy, milkweed, Irish moss, mushroom, wheat, corn, rye, oat, barley, rice, garlic, onion, basil, mint, aloe, acacia, meadowsweet, apple leaf, raspberry leaf, strawberry leaf, bilberry leaf, blueberry leaf, mugwort, hops, holly, comfrey, marigold, grape vine, ivy, hazelnut, blackthorn, elder, bee pollen
Element Fire
Threshold Noon
Holiday Mabon
A.K.A. Michaelmas, Second Harvest Festival, Witchesí Thanksgiving, Harvest Home, Feast of Avalon, Wine Harvest, Festival of Dionysus, Cornucopia, Equinozio di Autunno, Chung Chiu, Night of the Hunter, Alban Elfed ďThe Light of the Water", Winter Finding
Date Sept (21-23)
Symbols/Decor/Tools Garlands, corn, apples, pine cones, gourds, wheat, dried leaves and horns of plenty (cornucopias), Indian corn, red fruits, grains, colorful, fallen leaves, acorns, cypress cones, oak sprigs, pomegranate, statue/or figure to represent the Mother Goddess, Mabon wreath, vine, grapes, burial cairns, marigolds, harvested crops, rattles, sun wheel, all harvest symbols
Animals Dogs, Wolves, Stag, Birds of Prey (especially the Blackbird, Owl, and Eagle), Salmon, Goat, Gnomes, Sphinx, Minotaurs, Cyclops, Andamans, Gulons
Stones Amethyst, carnelian, lapis lazuli, sapphire, yellow agate and yellow topaz
Incense Aloes Wood, Cinnamon, Cloves, Benzoin, Jasmine, Frankincense, Myrrh, and Sage
Colors Red, orange, yellow, deep gold, brown, russet, maroon, indigo, violet
Deities Mabon ap Modron, Sky Father, Wine Gods, Aging Gods, John Barleycorn , the Wicker-Man,the Corn Man, Thoth, Hermes, Hotei, Thor, Dionysus, Bacchus & all wine Deities, Modron, Bona Dea, Land Mother, Aging & Harvest Dieties, the Triple Goddess-Mother aspect, Persephone, Demeter/Ceres, Morgan, Snake Woman, Epona, Pamona, the Muses
Meaning/Purpose Second Harvest, the Mysteries, Equality and Balance
Ritual/Magick Protection, prosperity, security, and self-confidence. Also those of harmony and balance
Customs Making wine, gathering dried herbs, plants, seeds and seed pods, walking in the woods, scattering offerings in harvested fields, offering libations to trees, adorning burial sites with leaves, acorns, and pine cones to honor those who have passed over
Food/Drink Corn, beans, squash, nuts, apples and root vegetables, drink includes cider, wine, beer, cider
Plants/Herbs/Flowers Vines, Garlands (made of these various plants), Gourds, Pine Cones, ferns, Acorns, Wheat, grains, Dried Leaves, Corn, Pomegranate, Ivy, Hazel, Hops, Cedar, marigold, milkweed, thistle, Tobacco, autumn flowers, red poppies, hazelnuts, aloe's wood, asters, benzoin, cedar, chrysanthemums, cinnamon, cloves, frankincense, honeysuckle, jasmine, musk, myrrh, oak leaves, passionflower, pine, roses, sage, Solomon's seal
Element Water
Threshold Evening
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Holiday Samhain
A.K.A. Halloween
Date 10-31
Symbols/Decor/Tools Apples, autumn flowers, acorns, bat, black cat, bones, corn stalks, colored leaves, crows, death/dying, divination and the tools associated with it, ghosts, gourds, Indian corn, jack-o-lantern, nuts , oak leaves, pomegranates, pumpkins, scarecrows, scythes, waning moon, besom, cauldron, tarot, obsidian ball, pendulum, runes, oghams, ouija boards, bowl filled with black ink or water, magick mirror
Animals Stag, cat, bat, owl, jackal, elephant, ram, scorpion, heron, crow, robin, Pooka, goblin,medusa, beansidhe, harpies
Stones Black obsidian, jasper, carnelian, onyx, smoky quartz, jet, bloodstone
Incense/Oils Copal, sandalwood, mastic resin, benzoin, sweetgrass, wormwood, mugwort, sage, myrrh or patchouli
Colors Black, orange, red
Deities The Crone, Hecate, Cerridwen, Arianrhod, Caillech, Baba Yaga, Al-Ilat, Bast, Persephone, Hel, Kali, all Death & Otherworld Goddesses, Horned Hunter, Cernnunos, Osiris, Hades, Gwynn ap Nudd, Anubis, Coyote Brother, Loki, Dis, Arawn, acrificial/Dying/Aging Gods, Death and Otherworld Gods
Meaning/Purpose Death & transformation, Wiccan new year,wisdom of the Crone, end of summer, honoring, thinning of the veil between worlds, death of the year, time outside of time, night of the Wild Hunt, begin new projects, end old projects
Ritual/Magick Sex magick, release of bad habits, banishing, fairy magick, divination of any kind, candle magick, astral projection, past life work, dark moon mysteries, mirror spells (reflection), casting protection , inner work, propitiation, clearing obstacles, uncrossing, inspiration, workings of transition or culmination, manifesting transformation,creative visualization, contacting those who have departed this plane
Customs Foreseeing future, honoring/consulting ancestors, releasing the old, power, understanding death and rebirth, entering the underworld, divination, dance of the dead, fire calling, past life recall, ancestor altar, costumes, divination, carving jack-o-lanterns, spirit plate, the Feast of the Dead, feasting, paying debts, fairs, drying winter herbs, masks, bonfires, apple games, tricks, washing clothes
Food/Drink Apples, apple dishes, cider, meat (traditionally this is the meat harvest) especially pork, mulled cider with spices, nuts-representing resurrection and rebirth, nuts, pomegranates, potatoes, pumpkins, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, roasted pumpkin seeds, roasted pumpkin seeds, squash
Plants/Herbs/Flowers Almond, apple leaf , autumn joy sedum, bay leaf, calendula, Cinnamon, Cloves cosmos, garlic, ginger , hazelnut, hemlock cones, mandrake root, marigold, mums, mugwort (to aid in divination), mullein seeds, nettle, passionflower, pine needles, pumpkin seeds, rosemary (for remembrance of our ancestors), rue, sage, sunflower petals and seeds, tarragon, wild ginseng, wormwood
Element Water
Threshold Midnight
Webpage Samhain
Holiday Yule
A.K.A. Christmas
Date Dec (21-23)
Symbols/Decor/Tools Pine cones, juniper berries, bay leaves, oranges, cinnamon, holly, birch branches, cranberries, winter berries, walnuts, ivy, cedar, rosemary, apples, nutmegs and lemons, bayberry candles, evergreens, holly, mistletoe, poinsettia, lights, gifts, yule log, yule tree, spinning wheels, wreaths, bells, mother & child images
Animals Yule goat, reindeer stag, squirrels, yule cat, Sacred White Buffalo, Kallikantzaroi (ugly chaos monsters, trolls, phoenix, yule elf, jule gnome, squirrels, wren/robin
Stones Bloodstone, cat's eye, crystal quartz, garnet, ruby, topaz: love, wealth, healing and protection
Incense Bayberry, cedar, ginger, cinnamon, pine, rosemary, frankincense, myrrh, nutmeg, wintergreen, saffron
Colors Gold, silver, red, green, white
Deities Great Mother, Befana (strega), Holda, Isis, Triple Goddess, Mary, Tonazin, Lucina, St. Lucy, Bona Dea, Mother Earth, Eve, Ops, the Snow Queen, Hertha, Frey, Sun Child, Saturn, Cronos, Horus/Ra, Jesus, Mithras, Balder, Santa Claus/Odin, Holly King, Sol Invicta, Janus, Marduk, Old Man Winter
Meaning/Purpose Honor, rebirth, transformation, light out of darkness, creative inspiration, the mysteries, new life, regeneration, inner renewal, reflection/introspection, Dynamics/Meaning, Death of the Holly (winter) King; reign of the Oak (summer) King), begin the ordeal of the Green Man, death & rebirth of the Sun God; night of greatest lunar imbalance; sunís rebirth; shortest day of year, Honor the Triple Goddess, welcome the Sun Child
Ritual/Magick Personal renewal, world peace, honoring family & friends, Festival of light, meditation
Customs Lights, gift-exchanging, singing, feasting, resolutions, new fires kindled, strengthening family & friend bonds, generosity, yule log, hanging mistletoe, apple wassailing, burning candles, Yule tree decorating, kissing under mistletoe, need fire at dawn vigil; bell ringing/sleigh-bells; father yule
Food/Drink Nuts, apple, pear, caraway cakes soaked with cider, pork, orange, hibiscus or ginger tea, roasted turkey, nuts, fruitcake, dried fruit, cookies, eggnog, mulled wine
Plants/Herbs/Flowers Blessed thistle, evergreen, moss, oak, sage, bay, bayberry, cedar, pine, frankincense, ginger, holly, ivy, juniper, mistletoe, myrrh, pinecones, rosemary, chamomile, cinnamon, valarion, yarrow
Element Earth
Threshold Dawn
Webpage Yule
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