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What Is Meditation? There are many types of meditation. The one definition that fits almost all types is..."Consciously directing your attention to alter your state of consciousness." There's no limit to the things you can direct your attention toward... symbols, sounds, colors, breath, uplifting thoughts, spiritual realms, etc. Meditation is simply about attention... where you direct it, and how it alters your consciousness. What is the purpose of meditation? Traditionally meditation was (and still is) used for spiritual growth...i.e. becoming more conscious; unfolding our inner Light, Love, & Wisdom; becoming more aware of the guiding Presence in our lives; accelerating our journey home to our True Self... our Spirit. More recently, meditation has become a valuable tool for finding a peaceful oasis of relaxation and stress relief in a demanding, fast-paced world. Other uses include: Healing Emotional cleansing & balancing Deepening concentration & insight Manifesting change Developing intuition Unlocking creativity Exploring higher realities Finding inner guidance General Guidelines for Meditation Put your expectations aside, and don't worry about doing it right. There are infinite possibilities and no fixed criterion for determining right meditation. There are, however, a few things to avoid. They are... Trying to force something to happen. Over-analyzing the meditation. Trying to make your mind blank or chase thoughts away. Putting too much emphasis on doing it right. It's not necessary - or advisable - to meditate on a completely empty stomach. If you're hungry, have a little something to eat before meditating. Find a quiet, comfortable place to meditate. You can sit in a comfortable chair, on the bed, on the floor... anywhere that's comfortable. It's not necessary to sit cross-legged. Your legs can be in any position that is comfortable. Eliminate as much noise and as many potential distractions as possible. Don't worry about those things that you can not control. When you sit to meditate, sit comfortably, with your spine reasonably straight. This allows the spiritual energy to flow freely up the spine, which is an important aspect of meditation. Leaning against a chair back, a wall, headboard, etc. is perfectly all right. If, for physical reasons, you can't sit up, lay flat on your back. Place your hands in any position that is comfortable. If it does not go against your beliefs, call on a "higher source" for assistance in your meditation. Any form is all right. This can be quite helpful, but is not absolutely necessary. Some Misconceptions About Meditation Misconception #1. Meditation is turning off your thoughts or making your mind a blank. Not True ... Inner quietness is experienced in meditation, but not by willfully turning off thoughts. Quieting the mind results naturally from: the effectiveness of the method used... and an uplifting spiritual energy that is beyond our own efforts. Misconception #2. Meditation is difficult and requires great concentration. Not True ...Meditation can be easily learned and practiced. Meditation is only difficult if we become too concerned with doing it correctly or incorrectly. Although staying focused in meditation does become easier with time and practice, it is definitely not a requirement for beginning to meditate. Thinking that we should be good at focusing when first starting out, is essentially putting the cart before the horse. Misconception #3. Meditation is not successful unless we see interesting things in our mind. Not True...Although some meditations are specifically for visualizing, many are not. In those meditations, seeing things may be entertaining, but is not essential. Even visualization does not necessarily require seeing. Some people sense or feel things inwardly, and that's all right. White Light Visualization Visualize pure white light coursing freely like a liquid down through each of the seven main spiritual chakra centers. First visualize your spiritual chakra centers as being a hollow infrastructure, notice warmth and bright glow as each one fills up with liquid white light. As each chakra is completely filled with white light move on to the next chakra. As the liquid white light courses into each chakra use your awakening perception to inhale breath into that chakra. As you perform this visualization the chakra center will become warm and in due time hot. Visualize the white light coursing like a liquid through the crown chakra. Visualize white light coursing like a liquid through the third eye. Visualize white light coursing like a liquid through the throat chakra. Visualize white light coursing like a liquid through the heart chakra. Visualize white light coursing like a liquid through the solar plexus chakra. Visualize white light coursing like a liquid through the spleen chakra the sexual center Visualize white light coursing like a liquid through the root chakra. Note: Most people haven't done this before, so take time to practice this feel and become intuitively aware of the vibration. The white light has a smooth languid sensation as it courses freely through each chakra. By now all your chakra centers are full and they should all be blended into each other, with an influx of white light. The Crystal Cave Meditation Sit/lie comfortably. Music or tapes of nature sounds are immensely helpful in this one. Close your eyes. Slow your breathing. Imagine yourself walking down a woodland path. There are deer, squirrels, rabbits and other wildlife scampering in the underbrush. You can hear birds singing. As you walk, the path becomes progressively steeper. You climb, but the uphill walk does not tire you. As you come to the crest of the hill, you see the opening to a cave in the side of a mountain, only a few feet away. Your totem animal, or an animal you identify with, should be waiting there. Walk into the cave. At first the walls will be black or grey. Then you see a sparkle, and the walls are covered with garnets, giving off a scarlet glow. Walk through the hall of garnets, absorbing their light. Slowly, the garnets will give way to carnelian, glowing softly orange. Walk through the carnelians, absorbing their light. Slowly, the carnelian gives way to topaz, shining with a sunshiny yellow. Walk through the topaz, absorbing its light. The topaz will give way to emerald. Walk through the emerald, absorbing its light. The emeralds will give way to turquoise. Walk through the turquoise, absorbing its light. The turquoise gives way to walls of sapphires. Walk through the sapphires, absorbing their light. The sapphires will finally give way to amethyst. Walk through the amethyst, absorbing its light. The Glade Find a quiet place to meditate. Next assume a comfortable position, whether this be sitting or standing. Ground yourself by visualizing your feet extending deep within the ground beneath you. Feel your legs stretch down within the womb of Mother Earth. Next stretch your arms up to Father Sky. Feel your arms extending endlessly towards the sky above. Feel the connection as you stretch your arms to the waiting grasp of Father Sun above. Now draw your energy to your navel and feel it as the energy encloses your body like a golden orb of protection. When you are ready, push this energy out through your arms and legs. Feel the sense of well being this creates and absorb this feeling into your memories. Now relax and withdraw into your Third-Eye Chakra. Visualize yourself walking along a hidden path through an ancient and silent forest. As you walk alone amongst the towering trees, you feel a deep sense of old wisdom and experiences past, filling the air around you. Stop and meditate on this and then open up your mind and allow this experience to become one with your inner thoughts. Take notice of the Crow up above you who is circling and cawing and thus announcing your presence. The Crow is the bird of mystical happenings. You acknowledge that you are a witch and that you have responsibilities to your world. You know that you can connect with energy and that this energy can be manifested into action. You have dedicated yourself as a Stewart of Mother Earth. You seek out the mysteries and the answers to life. You are a spiritual walker. And as such you have a responsibility for your spiritual growth. All of these thoughts you project to the Crow. Allow this feeling of responsibility to fill your soul. Take a few moments and meditate on what these responsibilities mean to you personally. As you move on, you suddenly notice a small, circular Glade just up ahead. As you near the Glade, you see that it is completely covered with wild flowers. Standing at the edge of the Glade you can see butterflies flitting from one colorful flower to another. For a moment you become one of the butterflies. Feel the ecstasy of freedom as you spread your delicate wings and gleefully fly through the air. Landing on one flower and than another as you seek out the sweet drink of nectar that is awaiting you. Feel this feeling of freedom as it fills your spirit. Soak in this feeling completely before entering the Glade. As you enter the Glade you walk to the very center, there you find a small mound of dirt covered with grass. You stand atop this mound and look around at the trees that are gathered about you. You become aware of the presence of the woodland spirits moving about in the surrounding woods. Feel their intense energy and profound feelings of love. They see you as witch, guardian and caretaker of the forest. Become one with their spiritual vibrations of love as they form a sacred circle around you and the Glade. Allow these warm, intense feelings of love to overwhelm you with their power. And absorb as much of this power as you can, into your awaiting heart. For in your heart it shall always be a part of you. A constant reminder, that we are connected with all life. Next notice the gentle wind passing by as it caresses your face with gentle wisps of air. Become one with the wind and feel yourself bouncing along as you tickle the leaves of the trees. Feel the freedom of body and spirit as you wend your way here and there. Carefree and full of life, you are one with Spirit. For as Wind, you have no form but that of the silent energy that chooses its own invisible path. Allow this feeling to become one with you. Feel the determined, yet gentle, compromising way that Wind achieves its goals. Embrace this lesson as your own. Return to the Glade and take notice of the multi-hued flowers. Feel their strong sense of community. Notice that the Glade is blessed with flowers of all different shapes and colors of flowers. As you take in the pleasant aroma of the flowers, you suddenly realize that it is this mixture of colors, shapes and so forth that make the Glade so beautiful. Deep in your heart you know that all are brothers and sisters in this realm. And that it is this mixture that creates such beauty. Meditate on the values of community for a few moments and allow these thoughts to become one with your mind. And finally you become aware of the warm rays of energy showering down upon you from Father Sun above. You feel yourself smile, secure in his presence. You find yourself doing a small dance in honor of your Father and Mother. When you are done dancing you stretch your arms to the sky and give homage for the many gifts that were given this journey. You reach down and touch Mother Earth, giving back some of the love that She so freely casts about. You smile and dance yet some more, filled with feelings of joy and gratitude. You stop and take a moment to reflect on the values of joy and gratitude within your life. And you meditate on how these values may enhance your life. It is now time to leave the Glade. And so you walk back to the edge where you entered and looking around one last time, you notice that a part of your essence has remained in the Glade. Deep down within your spirit, you know that there will always be a connection between you and the lessons of the Glade. Start walking down the path through the forest and slowly return to the present. Reclaim Your Right To Heal The ancient healers knew that the body is more than what is seen. They respected the wholeness of the body, emotions, mind, and spirit, saw the Goddess within all Being, and treated their patients with respect and caring. Healing was a three way agreement between healer, Goddess and the person being healed, and healing was an active choice. Such partnerships and participation are missing in today's modern medicine, along with the concepts of wholeness and respect. Anyone can heal, and anyone can choose well-being. By learning and using the ancient skills of healing, many diseases of the body, emotions, mind, and spirit are preventable, or are easily transformed before they become matters for the allopathic medicine. The skills of the ancient healers are available, powerful and very much alive right now. Throat Chakra Meditation Lie down and allow yourself to relax . Being able to talk to your fellow man is not enough. True expression comes when you can communicate with all of nature. Her plants and her animals as well. Today we will visualize that we are on a boat in the middle of the ocean. I want you to allow yourself to feel the motions of the boat rocking back and forth. The sun is warm and it cleanses your body and makes you feel energized and relaxed. Immerse yourself in this experience. High in the sky there are seagulls drifting and floating over the sky. They squawk to one another as they pass by each other. Listen to what they say. Open up your throat chakra and allow yourself to communicate with nature. All around us are dolphins and whales swimming and playing about in the water. As you lay on the boat, open yourself to their language. Allow yourself to connect to these wonderful beings. Feel yourself become immersed into the water and become one with the whales and the dolphins. Communicate on their level. Feel your whole body release all of its tension. Take in a deep cleansing breath. Feel the air enter into your lungs. Release the air out of your lungs and feel your whole body become relaxed. Feel the tension leave your body, draining away and floating off into the universe. For a moment, become aware of your surroundings. Stop your mind from thinking and allow yourself to just become aware. Listen to the noises. Feel the energy that is flowing through this place. Listen to the music. Relax your whole body and feel yourself enter into the music. Bring your awareness to your heart. Listen to your heart beating. Hear it's rhythm. Breathe in time with your heartbeat. Bring your awareness to your breath. Count from one to ten as you inhale and exhale. Bring your awareness to your throat chakra. Feel the energy that comes from this center. Allow yourself to see into your throat chakra as if you are seeing into a spiral of energy spinning around and around. Breathe in deep and focus all your attention to your throat. Allow any thoughts or visions to enter into your mind. Go with them and allow them to pass through your mind and out to the universe. Feel yourself going deeper and deeper into a relaxed state. Visualize that you are entering into the spiral of energy that is your throat chakra. Allow yourself to merge into the spiral as if you are entering into the ocean. Go deeper and deeper into your energy center. Breathing deeply, allow yourself to just exist there. No thoughts, no feelings, just exist. Visualize that you see a great vibrant mass of blue energy coming at you like a fireball. Feel it hit you with a great amount of force, exploding and surrounding your whole body with energy. Allow yourself to feel the heat that comes from this fireball. Feel it surround you, making you feel alive and empowered with energy. Visualize that the energy is traveling up your feet and into your lower back and stomach and traveling up to your heart and up further into your throat and lungs. Feel the warmth that enters into you. Feel the energy travel into your throat and become aware of any sensations that you feel. Feel the energy reconnect with your throat chakra and feel the warmth that occurs when it enters into your throat. Visualize this energy revitalizing your depleted energy. Feel it open up your sense of communication, expression and honesty. For a moment allow any sensations to emerge good or bad. Visualize that this energy is clearing and cleansing your chakra. Allow the energy to remove all that is stopping you from feeling happy, well and balanced. Visualize seeing yourself exiting from your throat chakra. Slowly bring yourself back and become aware of your breath. Now bring yourself back and become aware of your heartbeat. Bring yourself back and allow yourself to become aware of the music. Slowly allow yourself to rise and become aware of your surroundings. Slowly wiggle your toes, then your legs, then your shoulders, your hands and slowly open your eyes. Visualization 101 Not everyone is practiced at the important art of visualization in the mind's eye. When visualizing something, the aim is to get to the point where you can easily 'see' things (with your third eye) on what I call "the screen of your mind". Everyone does this all the time but just not consciously. I teach beginning students to do the following: Obtain a washed and dried orange or other piece of whole fresh fruit, preferably one you are not adverse to or allergic to handling or eating, and hold it in your hands in front of you. A watermelon may not be practical here! If an orange isn’t handy, any reasonably sized whole fresh fruit will do. Take a close look at the object. Notice its color and shape. Does the skin appear smooth or does it look like it has texture to it? Take at least several seconds or longer to do this. Now close your eyes and see how long you can hold the visual of the object in your mind’s eye. Repeat this exercise as often as you like over a period of several days until you are able to hold the visual of the object in your mind for at least 10 seconds or longer. This is easy and safe to do and with practice you will be able to hold the visual for longer and longer periods of time. You can also try this exercise with other objects. For example, have you ever seen a balloon that is inside of another balloon? Try visualizing in your mind’s eye a large balloon that has a smaller, red heart-shaped balloon inside of it. My suggestion is to relax and have fun with this exercise over the next few days or weeks. Try to ‘see’ various single objects and then later sets of objects that you are familiar with in your mind’s eye such as a bar of soap, your car, your bed, the kitchen sink, a pet, your shoes or even a favorite pendant or ring. Eventually, you can take it a step further and do this with an entire room, such as the kitchen. The important thing to eventually accomplish in this exercise is the clear visualization of the object in your mind’s eye. Most people visualize things in the mind’s eye every day usually without thinking about it. The difference here is we’re doing the visualizing on purpose for a specific reason. You can take this exercise a few steps further by substituting your sense of touch, smell and taste for the visual sense. The mind is a very powerful tool and you may be able to actually ‘feel’, ‘smell’, ‘hear’ or even ‘taste’ what the object feels, smells, sounds or tastes like in your mind. These things take practice so don’t worry if you can’t do it right away. 4 Visualization Exercises Exercise One: Sit or lie comfortably with your eyes shut. Relax you body. Breathe deeply and still your mind. Pictures will continue to pop into your head. Choose one of these and stick with it. Let no images intrude other than the one you've chosen. Keep all thoughts revolving around the image. Retain this picture for as long as you can, then let it go and end the exercise. When you can retain one picture for more than a few minutes, move onto the next step. Exercise Two: Decide upon an image to hold and retain it within your mind. You might wish to have it physically present and study it first, memorizing each detail-the way shadows play on it, its textures, colors, perhaps even a scent. You might choose a small three-dimensional shape, such as a pyramid, or something more complex such as an image of Aphrodite rising from the sea or a ripe apple. After studying it thoroughly, close your eyes and see the object before them-just as if your eyes were open. Don't look at the object again with your physical eyes but with your magical imagination-with your powers of visualization. When you can hold this image perfectly for five minutes, move on. Exercise Three: This is more difficult, and is truly magical in nature. Visualize something, anything, but preferably something you've never seen before. For instance, let's use a vegetable from Jupiter. It's purple, square, a foot across, covered with quarter-inch green hairs and half-inch yellow dots.v This is just an example. Of course. Now close your eyes and see--really see this vegetable in your mind. It's never existed. You're creating it with your visualization, your magical imagination. Make the vegetable real. Turn it over in your mind so that you can see it from all angles. Then let it vanish. When you can hold any such self-created image for about five minutes or so, continue on to the next exercise. Exercise Four: This is the most difficult. Hold a self-created image (such as the Jupiterian vegetable) in your mind with your eyes open. Work at keeping it visible, real, a palpable thing. Stare at a wall, look at the sky, or gaze at a busy street, but see the vegetable there. Make it so real you can touch it. Try having it rest on a table or sitting on the grass beneath a tree. Note: If we're to use visualization to create changes in this world, not in the shadowy realm that exists behind our eyelids, we must practice such techniques with our eyes open. The true test of visualization lies in our ability to make the visualized object (or structure) real and a part of our world. When you've perfected this exercise, you're well on your way. Crystal Aura Repair Even with the best protections in place, guarding you against magical and psychic attack, your aura will at time be weakened and damaged. Whenever you are sick, fatigued or weak you should always consider checking and repairing your aura. If you are particularly well attuned to the psychic world, you may be able to sense the chinks in your armor yourself and be able to heal your own aura—most people will find it easier to work this magic on another person. Be sure to only have someone that you trust work on your aura—a person that secretly wishes to harm you could exploit whatever weaknesses they find. You Will Need: Quartz crystal—make sure that the crystal is not in a metal setting. The stone should be loose. Note: amethyst, and rose quartz are both varieties of quartz that may be especially helpful depending on the types of attacks you have been facing. Procedure: Begin your spellwork by purifying your space. You will be exposing the weakest spots in your spiritual armor, so it is critical that you are in a spiritually and physicaly safe space. Consider starting with a purification spell like the sage purification spell. Hold the crystal with both hands, and have the person who's aura is being repaired lie down so that their head is pointing northeast. Holding the crystal just above the skin, carefully pass the stone over their body until you notice that the stone sticks and resists moving. The sensation will be very subtle, and if you are distracted or moving too quickly you will pass over the smaller gaps. When you find one of these spots, hold the crystal in place and allow energy from the crystal to flow into the gap. When the gap has been filled, you will feel the crystal start to move again. Keep going until you have filled all the gaps in the person's aura. Balance the Elements Within Yourself Timing: Full moon You Will Need: 1 white candle 1 blue candle 1 red candle 1 yellow candle 1 green candle Procedure: Cast a circle. Place all 5 candles in front of you, and light them one by one and say the following as one is lit. Green Candle: Say: Elements of Earth, I call you near, Balance within me, For unbalance I fear. Yellow Candle: Say: Elements of Air, I call you near, Balance within me, For unbalance I fear. Red Candle: Say: Elements of Fire, I call you near, Balance within me, For unbalance I fear. Blue Candle: Say: Elements of Water, I call you near, Balance within me, For unbalance I fear. White Candle: Say: Elements of Spirit, I call you near, Balance within me, For unbalance I fear. Sit in front of the 5 candles and put your arms around yourself as if you were giving yourself a hug. Visualize a white light sweeping from your hands and into your body, balancing everything within you, the good and the bad (be honest). Say 3 times: Five Elements I've called, Within me they brawled. Balance once more, Spirit fix these four. Remove your arms from around yourself, and meditate in front of the candles, 5 minutes at least. Think to yourself of all your positive and negative qualities. Be completely honest with yourself, no matter how much you rather NOT think of your negative qualities. During this meditation accept yourself completely, the good, the bad, and even the ugly. Balance cannot be attained when within yourself there is unbalance of yourself, when you do not accept your negative qualities you end up accepting more of your positive qualities. Think of it like having good on one side of the scale, and bad on the other, and you pushing your finger on the good side to make it win 11">Balance the Elements Within Yourself weight. Let these two equal out, because without one, there is no other. So unless you plan on completely cancelling out your good and bad qualities, this spell is a keeper! Let the candles burn themselves out or use a candle snuffer to put them out, release the quarters and close the circle. Water Meditation Spell You Will Need: drinking water open glass container Water sounds (stream or waterfall recommended) Procedure: To start, listen to the sound of the water. Next, look at the water source or at the water in your container. Pause to consider how vital water is to our existence. Think of all the ways we use it and how life would be without it. Be grateful for water. Touch it, and then take a drink. Engage all your senses in experiencing water. The element of water represents emotions and feelings. Try to get in touch with this aspect of yourself, and consider all the aspects of water? Rain, lakes, springs, streams, and oceans, and its association with the womb. Do this for at least ten or fifteen minutes. Say: Ripples on the pond, Sacred spring and well, The current and the tide, Watch it flow and swell. Water of the Earth, Water from above, Waters of the world, Fill us with your love. Elemental Meditation I wrote the meditation scripts featured below and have used them many times with wonderful results. Feel free to use them if you wish, for whatever situation seems best to you, whether it’s a working or just pure meditation. They are not long, but work best when read slowly with enough time between lines for the subconscious to do its job. Fire Meditation (Light a candle or a bonfire, whichever works best for you) Breathe in. Breathe deeply of the hot energy of life. See the life in the flames, and the dance. Nothing else exists but the fire in front of you. Breathe in. Close your eyes, and know that the fire is not just outside of you, but burning within your soul as well. Feel the flickering dance of heat and feverish delight burning there. Feed it. You are not on fire; you are fire. You are not burning up; you burn, and your fuel is the limitless energy of the universe. Know that you cannot contain it, because this fire burns through all creation, bringing passion and light to all life. Breathe in. Let your fiery soul dance in a consuming whirlwind of divine flame. Feel the boundless energy and joy that burning brings. Laugh and burn, and share the fire with everything and everyone else. It is a part of you, and you are a part of it. Spin through the timeless ether in the ecstasy of eternal combustion… Breathe in. Let your soul fire die down a little, no longer the wild inferno, but a comfortable blaze, warming and soothing. Breathe in. Let it burn a little lower, still dancing; for fire always dances, but now it is a candle again, and sways and flickers with the drafts of time. Breathe in, and open your eyes again to see the flame in front of you, and smile because the fire still burns in your soul… Earth Meditation (Find a stone that feels right and fits well in your palm) Close your eyes. Take a slow, deep breath, and let it out. Relax. Let your muscles all go limp so that you are only supported by your bones. Enjoy this feeling. Feel the weight of the stone in your hand, its shape, its size, and its texture. Now forget all of these. Understand the stone. It is ancient, and it is the framework of the Earth. Earth does not hear. Earth does not see. Earth does not feel. Earth is not bothered by the petty scurrying of creatures that run around on its surface. Let it communicate to you of serenity, and solidity, and strength, and the wisdom of age, and perseverance. Know that you are of the Earth. You have within you the strength of granite, and the serenity of an oak, and the ancient power of life. You hold the primeval vastness of creation within you. The cycle of birth and death and rebirth is cradled in your psyche, the violent force of a volcano, and the soft innocence of a fresh flower blooming. Earth effortlessly serves it’s perfect purpose in the dance of the universe. Understand your place in the universe, and realize the magnitude of potential you have within you to create. Rest in the knowledge that you can perfectly fill your place in the Cosmos… Now take a slow, deep breath, and let it out. Feel the Earth beneath your feet, supporting you in everything you do. Feel all of creation around you. Feel the Earth holding you to her breast. Open your eyes like the petals of a flower in the morning dew… Air Meditation (Sit somewhere outside so you can feel the wind on your face) Close your eyes. Pull the sweet Air deep into your lungs. Breathe in the life of the Wind. Feel the Air caress your skin. Take another breath and begin to rise. Feel the weightlessness of your spirit as it ascends and entwines itself in the Wind. Leave your body relaxed on the ground, and send your mind and your spirit upwards. The Air dances and flows around your spirit, bringing refreshment and enlightenment. Cast off the weight of the physical world, and join your spirit as it dances with the Air. Send out your thoughts through the sky, unencumbered by your body, totally free to go where you want them to. Let your mind taste the colors as it floats through the Air. Spread wings of light and soar over everything else, leaving the burden of consciousness heavy on the ground. Ride the wafting updrafts, circling higher and higher, closer and closer to divine enlightenment. Let your imagination leap through the clouds and embrace the eternal blue, and feel the freedom of the Air. Float here in the ever-expanding sky… Now take a deep breath, pulling in the power of the Wind, feeling it swirling around you. Breathe it back out and send forth your will into the universe. Take hold of that power, drawing it in and making it a part of you, there to use whenever you need it. Slowly float back down, feeling solidity and substance in your body beneath you. Feel the weight of the physical world again as you begin to regain consciousness, but bring with you the drifting freedom and enlightenment of the Wind. Take a deep breath, and feel your body around you, the physical manifestation of your spirit and your soul. Take a deep breath and open your eyes again, and remember your flight… Water Meditation (Gaze into a bowl of water, or immerse yourself in a bath, a pool, or a pond) Gaze into the Water. Look through the water, not to the bottom, but into the element itself. Feel its cool refreshing flow around you. Let it soak in to your body, mingling with the Water that is already there. Take a deep breath, and plunge your soul in to the water. Let the surface close above you, so that you are completely engulfed in pure liquid blue. Feel the gentle healing eddies swirl around and through you, easing the tension in your mind and body and spirit. Feel the currents pulling you back and forth, like the pulse of the planet, rocking you gently to and fro. Continue to breathe in this bliss as your pain and stress are dissolved and washed away from you. Feel the cleansing of your entire being. Now catch a current that flows by you, swirl in to it and become the Water, coursing out to join the ocean of the universe. Join with other flowing souls, until you are all a rushing river, racing towards the sea. Leap over rocks and sand, splashing and eroding and playing in fluid joy. Dive off the edge of time, cascading down into the infinite ocean of cosmic life. Feel the ebb and surge of creation as your waves crash and spray and foam… Now wash back up in to your body. Soak in through your skin, all the way in to your soul. Feel the purity and refreshment like a cool drink on a hot day. Saturate your self with the healing essence of Water. Feel it coursing through your body, from your feet, up your legs, into your chest and your arms, and up in to your head. Open your eyes, and feel the healing calm still running throughout your body. Herbal Meditation Spell You Will Need: bay leaves cinnamon cedar sagebrush 1 green candle 1 yellow candle Procedure: Combine bay leaves, cinnamon, cedar, and sagebrush, and meditate with them, asking for their blessings and giving thanks for their energies. Light one green and one yellow candle, then hold your hands out over the herbs. Visualize your home and land filled with the healing energy of the Sun. See this merge with Earth energy, creating a bubble that surrounds your home and family. Send this visualization into the herbs through your hands. Say: Sacred herbs of Earth and Sun, Bring health and light to every one. Bless our travels and our hearth, Honored plants of Sun and Earth. Bury the mixture at the entrance to your land or at your front and back doors of your home. Shielding Meditation for the Strongly Empathic Incense: Sage The psychic shield this meditation creates will allow you, when it is activated, to filter out strong emotions that can be disorienting or even draining. To start, sit or lie comfortably, and calm your breathing. Feel your body coming to rest. Now, take an extra-deep breath and begin building a mental shield around yourself. Feel layer upon layer building up, wrapping itself around you in a warm protective coating. Feel the shield becoming translucent, even porous. Let it become a part of you, and then visualize yourself reaching out a hand to touch the shield, seeing a static pulse appear under your fingers. Know that when any strong emotions come toward you they will be "vaporized" in a similar pulse. Let the shield damp itself down, remaining dormant until needed. To activate at any time, visualize the shield "powering up" around you like a force field brought back to life. Solstice Meditation and Visualization Winter Solstice is an excellent time to undergo a vision quest to find your magickal name, a totem animal, a mantra, or other empowering insights. This meditation is meant to accent that quest by opening your awareness to the power within and without all things. Begin in a standing position. Center yourself and breathe deeply. Slowly take off your mundane clothes., likewise removing the “World” with each. Wrap a blanket around yourself for warmth, but remain naked for the meditation. You need no trappings to discover personal power. Sit and close your eyes. Let any remaining tension drain away. Begin listening to the sound of silence. Smell the aromas of oak and herb. Feel the latent energy of everything around you and the magick you’ve placed there. Know it is your own. Listen to your breath and your heartbeat. Sense the pulse and be within as the same energy without. Listen closely; does it whisper a message to you? Does it whisper a name? Do you hear the cry of an animal? Do you hear words that fill you with energy? Linger in this place between Earth and stars until you receive a message. Then return to normal levels of awareness, and write the experience in your journal. Meditation to meet your Spirit Guide Relax sit comfortably breathing in love and peace, and out negativity { like attracts like so be positive}when you are full relaxed visualize your higher self leaving your body, you are going to a new level of consciousness entering a different astral plane 1 light 1 dark 1 light 1 dark and so on as you are drawn higher on the astral level, you will sense the atmosphere around you becoming thinner and more removed from the earth plane, do not be afraid you are well protected. As you reach the end of the dark and light planes you see upahead a circle of pure blue light enter in to it you are now poised at the center of the 2 worlds all around you is all that ever was and all that ever will be. You will start to sense different things 1 way it is Hot ~ summer another Cold ~ winter, Good ~ bad, Light ~ dark, Life ~ death, Spirit ~ matter, Goddess ~ God, Birth ~ Re ~ birth, Anger ~ Love, Fear ~ Strength, Hope ~ Courage. Open your third eye and really feel smell taste touch see where you realyy are look close really see. With out thinking walk to your chosen direction now what you are felling is polarity 1 can not exist with out the other you are safe you Can noy say in this light you are here as a visitor just to meet your guide { you time on the earth plane is not over you all have much work left to do } You may now speak your name if your guide is here they will make them selves known to you, some guides find this easier then others what you sense at first may not be clear, your may see, hear, taste, smell or touch, you may even be shown something, do not rush this process. The experience you are having is based on vibrations, you may be surprised to see your guide is animal. You are on the astral plane home of your Spirit Guide respect them and they will respect you back, they are not here to interfere with our lives but if they feel we are on the wrong path they can and do intervene. When you feel ready ask your guide if they have a name ? and if there is anything you should no at this time for your higher good , listen to what they tell you carefully. If you have loved ones in spirit you may ask how they are . Remember your Guide will tier very quickly when they wish to leave you MUST let them ask if you may contact them again? Even if you have unanswered questions let them leave, safe in the knowledge you will hear from them again , remember to thank them and send on their way with love and light. Come back the way you went and when ready open your eyes. Meeting Your Guides Step 1 Enter into a relaxed meditative state. Quiet your mind and let all thoughts and emotions simply pass through you. Make this a regular practice and use it as well to begin any attempts at spirit-guide communication. Step 2 Use all of your senses, once in an altered state of consciousness, to pick up on the presence of anything out of the ordinary. You don't necessarily see the evidence. You may smell, feel or hear it as well. Open your mind to all sorts of possibilities to allow an authentic experience to manifest. A guide does not have to be the stereotypical Native American or ancient sage. When you come out of your trance, write everything down in a journal reserved for this purpose. Step 3 Avail all recorded guided meditations expressly created for meeting and communicating with spirit guides. With a little assistance, you may be able to maintain more focus on this effort to connect with your spirit friends as well as get new ideas for questions that you wish to ask them. Step 4 Keep a dream journal to record everything you remember upon waking. After analyzing what you wrote down, you may be surprised to see that a guide was making an effort to reach you in your sleep state. Guides do not always present themselves in human form. Even animals or objects which show an intent to help are manifestations of a spirit making itself known to you. Step 5 Learn a technique such as automatic writing if you wish to more fully explore the matter. Just remember to take the necessary precautions to protect yourself from possible psychic attacks. Do not be so quick to believe all the information you receive. Guidance given proves itself practical if it is helpful, uplifting and useful over time. Step 6 End each session always with an expression of gratitude. Return to waking consciousness by engaging in a mundane activity such as cleaning or working out to remind yourself that balance between the physical and the spiritual is important in the life of a human. Basic Lesson in Meditation Stages Back to a lesson on basic meditation -- what to do and what's likely to happen when you start on the pure road of true spiritual practice. All the meditation methods of the world involve learning to let go of your thoughts so that you can cultivate a state "empty" of mental scattering, and free of "rather invisible undercurrent" scenarios of mental interpretation and clinging. Thoughts are always flying around in your mind, and you're always subtly clinging to them without knowing it. They are like a cloud of mosquitoes that have chi energies attached to them that interfere with the true human that actually functions with clear awareness. Get rid of that incessant clinging, get rid of all sorts of layers of invisible "false" thought that screen you from your original nature, and at the minimum you'll attain a mental scenario of peace called "samadhi." At the best -- if you clear away everything including the notions of being an ego -- you can achieve seamless union with the "Ultimate Ego" that we call God or the original nature. That's the formless original nature beyond being and non-being, existence and non-existence. The way to that achievement is through consciousness rather than prayer and ceremonies because that original foundation has the function of awareness, and you can use that function to get closest to its essence. Naturally, that doesn't mean THINKING because thinking is just another function of that essence and screens you from its clear nature. Because chi and consciousness are linked, clinging to your thoughts creates a barrier of chi energy that interferes with the natural chi circulation of your body. Let go of your thoughts and that natural chi energy circulation will reassert itself. When children are young and don't have too many thoughts, that's often why they are psychic. However, past the age of puberty when they become more mentally complicated and their sexual desires arise, and those powers usually disappear because like everyone else they start clinging. Experience an accident that affects your chi and chi channels when you are older, and sometimes those psychic abilities reassert themselves. When your natural chi circulation starts to reassert itself because you let go of your thoughts (you don't BLOCK them but let go of them), it will clear your chi channels, your chakras will open, gong-fu happens, superpowers are achieved and ultimately, if you train correctly in letting go you can attain samadhi. You must cultivate samadhi correctly to create a foundation for the spiritual path, and then with wisdom you might be able to "see the Tao," or as Islam puts it, "to see God's face." A thousand, ten-thousand, a hundred-thousand different meditation methods are available to help you quiet your thoughts and cultivate your vital energies. Many books go into those methods, but what really happens as you start to make progress on the spiritual path? Here's what you can expect, if you meditate correctly. First, your mind will start to become clearer. Initially it becomes clearer without you noticing it, then one day you notice it, and then with further progress you actually think you are retrogressing. Why, with progress, will you think you are retrogressing? Because you're finally unleashing your vital energies which travel up to your brain and create all sorts of random thoughts and secondly, you finally start to notice all those thoughts for the first time with REAL clarity. With real clarity you see them -- which is something you never did before -- and seeing all these thoughts you think you're actually retrogressing. It happens to everyone, but you really aren't backsliding. Actually it's like a glass of muddy water that is settling. When the water is all stirred up and muddy, you cannot see any individual dust particles. However, when the mud starts settling you can start to see the individual particles of dirt and dust for the first time -- and that's the stage of progress. You see, your awareness is becoming detached from thoughts, so now you can finally see them. That's why most meditation methods teach you "neti neti" ("not this, not this" so don't cling), to "let go, let go" and to act like a third person observer. It's all a matter of training you to break your habit of clinging, and to stop clinging especially to the body consciousness. Two barriers are especially troublesome at the early stages of the path -- sexual desire and the habit of clinging to the body/ego thinking it to be the real you. Let go of both and you'll find that your consciousness is non-local. Okay, now your vital energies are being unleashed because of proper "emptiness generating meditation" -- what else can you expect? Usually, now it will become easy to get irritated or angry because your unleashed kundalini life force vital energies are now always "below the surface" shaking at the vital chi energies you cling to that are involved with your habits and personality. They're trying to go upwards and are hitting all these other obstructions. Because that entire suit of chi you're clinging to (wearing) is unstable, it's very easy to set it off and become angry or irritated, especially now that your mind is clearer and you can see everything. Usually there's liver energies involved in this, but to go into with depth is a complicated discussion. What else? At the early stages of progress, it's easy for those ascending vital energies to ignite all sorts of latent infections in the body, especially when they reach the skull, because your vital energies are now penetrating every nook, cranny and pocket in the body and that's where latent infections hide. That's why the qi-gong crowd is crazy thinking they can guide their chi with their thoughts to become enlightened, for your chi will go everywhere and knows where it must go and what it must do. There's no way for you to know how and where to guide it. Usually the chi has problems passing through the back of the head. Go look up any picture of the cerebral spinal fluid channels in the skull and you'll see problems at the back of the head. When the chi impinges upon this area, some people will see things because it hits the nerves in the visual cortex. If it starts passing through the tiny channels in the ear, some people will hear voices. Most of these things are nothing true, just psychological reactions. There are all sorts of other phenomena that happen on the spiritual path, which is why you need a good teacher or master to help you. "Tao and Longevity," by Nan Huai-Chin, is the best book I've ever found for describing these phenomena and their remedies. It's better than any Hindu yoga book despite its translation from Chinese into English. Okay, now what? If you can learn to keep those energies active, by not losing them through sexual activities, they'll open up all your chi energy channels and you may be able to attain samadhi. From samadhi you should try to cultivate deeper samadhi, and from that attain the Tao. To tell you what that entails takes more than a 5-minute email. For understanding those higher stages of the path, you need to see a book like "Measuring Meditation" which we have on the site. That in short is a brief synopsis of some highlights of the path. So what meditation methods are best? It depends on the individual. I personally like people to learn mantra, following the breath, the skeleton method, the fire visualization technique and cessation-contemplation practice. I want them to use a method they love and one they hate, because it's the ones we hate that usually produce the most progress. Rarely do I find people I can teach visualization methods safely, or other advanced techniques, because most people cling to the meditation methods or don't understand their real purpose. To understand how to REALLY meditate correctly requires wisdom, which is why so few people succeed at the Tao despite intelligence or worldly success and achievement. Anyway, those methods are just tools to help you quiet your thoughts so that one day you can realize a bit of emptiness, and REALIZE how to practice correctly. Without being able to "see the Tao" and realize how to practice, all the work you do is in vain. If you ARE lucky to have a spiritual experience, a real spiritual experience is to realize some stage of emptiness so you know how to practice to let go of thoughts. You want to achieve a state the Zen school describes as "10,000 miles of clear sky." That's what we're all ultimately after though we phrase it in different ways. Some people think the ultimate stage is heaven, but after your merit is used up in a heavenly state, back you down you come again through reincarnation, incarnating when and where karma pulls you until you learn how to control the process through the Tao. Anyway, there are levels to the stage of self-realization or enlightenment as well, which is why there are differences, degrees and ranks among spiritual masters. It all depends upon your efforts at practice. That's the rule: method + time + effort + discipline = result. Fire Meditation 2 Procedure: Face south. Ground and center. Be conscious of the electric spark within each nerve as pulses jump from synapse to synapse. Be aware of the combustion within each cell, as food burns to release energy. Let your own fire become one with candle flame, bonfire, hearth fire, lightning, starlight, and sunlight, one with the bright spirit of the Goddess. Say: Hail, Tana, Goddess of Fire! Absorbing Fire Procedure: Sit comfortably then ground and center. Imagine yourself in the center of a sphere of fire; there is nothing else but you and the fire that surrounds you. Inhale, imagining that this fire is drawn into your body with each breath. Imagine that you are hollow and the fire fills you, until all of your body is filled with fire. Using a strand of beads, keep count of how many breaths it takes for you to be completely filled with fire. You may have a sensation of growing warmer. While you are inhaling an element, imagine the desired characteristic that corresponds to it. Fix this characteristic in your mind, by either chanting it or holding a mental image of you having this characteristic. The fire element is full of enthusiasm, flashes of insight, passion, intuitiveness, sensuality, and quickness. Fire can also be quick to flare up and be overwhelming. Once you have completed this stage, visualize yourself, inside and out, glowing red. Hold fire within you for a moment and see if this element has anything to impart to you. Exhale upon the object, glowing with it. With each act of exhaling, count with the beads until you have exhaled as many times as you inhaled. Let the energy of fire leave you and return to the sphere. Thank fire for sharing itself with you, and then let the sphere of fire vanish. Ground thoroughly. Absorbing Water Procedure: Using the same method as above, imagine a sphere of water surrounding you. As you inhale, imagine the sensation of coldness filling you. Become heavy but fluid, feeling the weight of movement. While inhaling water, fix a quality of that element in your mind. Water is all about emotions, relationships, knowing when a cycle is ending, and healing. When you are filled with the element, see yourself glowing blue. Hold water inside of you for a moment and see if this element has anything to impart to you. When ready, breathe out and exhale as many times as you inhaled. Allow the water to return to the sphere. Thank water for sharing itself with you, then let the sphere of water vanish. Ground thoroughly. Absorbing Earth This exercise begins like the others, but imagine a sphere of earth or rock around you. This time there should be a sensation of weight, feel loose soil pouring in like sand in an hourglass. There shouldn’t be any temperature change. While inhaling earth, fix a quality of this element in your mind. Earth is slow, strong, wealth, patience, family, and organized. When you are filled with earth, see yourself glowing with a green light. Hold earth inside of you for a moment and see if it has any information to impart to you. When you are ready, exhale for the same number of times you inhaled and see the earth emptying out of you. Visualize the earth returning to the sphere. Thank earth for sharing itself with you, then let the sphere of earth vanish. Ground thoroughly. Earth Meditation 2 Procedure: Face North. Ground and center. Feel your bones, your skeleton, the solidity of your body. Be aware of your flesh, of all that can be touched and felt. Feel the pull of gravity, your own weight, your attraction to the earth that is the body of the Goddess. You are a natural feature, a moving mountain. Merge with all that comes from the earth: grass, trees, grains, fruits, flowers, beasts, metals, and precious stones. Return to dust, to compost, to mud. Say: Hail, Belili, Mother of Mountains! Earthing Power Meditation Also called grounding, earthing power is one of the basic techniques of magic. Power must be earth ever time it is raised. Otherwise, the force we feel as vitalizing energy degenerates into nervous tension and irritability. Procedure: Sink to the ground and relax. Place your palms flat on the ground, or lie flat. Let the power sink through you into the earth. (Even is you are meeting in a penthouse fifteen floors above the earth, visualize the energy flowing down to the actual ground.) Relax, and let the force flow through you. Let it flow deep into the earth where it will be cleansed and renewed. Relax and let yourself drift peacefully. Absorbing Air Procedure: This is done the same as with Fire except you will see a sphere of clouds around you. Inhale air and see yourself as expanding with the Air, again keep count of how many breaths it takes to fill yourself with this element. You will have the sensation of growing lighter. While inhaling, fix a quality of air into your mind. Air is for quick thoughts, intelligence, flexibility, communication, and new beginnings. When you are filled with air, see yourself glowing white. Hold air inside you for a moment and see if it has any impressions to impart to you. When you are ready, breath out and using the beads, exhale as many times as you inhaled. Allow the air inside you to return to the sphere. Thank air for sharing itself with you, then let the sphere of air vanish. Ground thoroughly. Air Meditation 2 Procedure: Ground and Center Expand the cells of the body, becoming more and more diffuse. Feel yourself floating in the atmosphere, light as thistledown. Borne along in the currents of air. Ride the wind. Become the wind, blowing where it wills. Look at yourself, invisible, molecules blown by the wind. Hear the voices of the wind. What do they say? Call to the Sylphs. Ask them what they do. Where there is air, there is the King of the Sylphs, Paralda. Ask the Sylphs to help you see him. Speak with him. See Nature breathe, every plant, every creature. Note their relationship. The air flows everywhere. The Breath of Life. Each takes what it needs and returns the residues. Listen to a songbird. Hear the vibrant note go forth, borne upon the wind. Listen to the tempest, shrieking in the branches, wailing through the rocks, sobbing in the power lines. Whirl with the cyclone, one with it. Exult with it, spiraling, spiraling into the center, where all is still. Only your heartbeat is heard and the breath in your nostrils. The Sylphs tend you too. Love them, feel them one with you as the power of Life flows through your blood, restoring and cleansing in the changeless rhythm of Change. Come back slowly Take time to open your eyes. Air Meditation 3 Procedure: Face East. Ground and center. Breathe deep, and be conscious of the air as it flows in and out of your lungs. Feel is as the breath of the Goddess, and take in the life force, the inspiration, or the Universe. Let your own breath merge with the winds, the clouds, the great currents that sweep over land and ocean with the turning of the earth. Say: Hail, Arida, Bright Lady of the Air! Definition of Mantra Meditation The word mantra is said to come from a root meaning "that which protects the mind". In Buddhist meditation, many things can be used as objects of concentration -- as "mind protectors". The breath is used in anapanasati (mindfulness of breathing), the sensations of walking are used in walking meditation, the emotions are used as a focus in metta bhavana (development of loving kindness), and visual images are used in visualization. Mantras are sounds -- words or phrases --that are used as an object of concentration. The sounds may be chanted out loud, or may be heard internally. Mantras can be associated with particular historical or archetypal figures, or may have no such associations. For example, there are mantras associated with the historical Buddha (Om muni muni maha muni Shakyamuni svaha), and the mythical figure Avalokiteshvara (Om mani padme hum). The Prajnaparamita mantra (Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha) is associated not with an enlightened figure, but with a body of texts known as the Perfection of Wisdom (Prajnaparamita) sutras. The mantra Om shanti shanti shanti (Om peace peace peace) is not, as far as I'm aware, associated with any figure, and the Pali phrase Sabbe Satta Sukhi Hontu (May All Beings Be Happy) is chanted as a mantra, again without being associated with any particular figure. Circle Round Abundance You Will Need: 1 green candle mint Procedure: Light a green candle and sprinkle some mint around the base of it. (This can be mint leaves, mint essential oil, or even a handful of peppermints.) Sit quietly and comfortably. Close your eyes. Relax. See yourself as the energy of prosperity. Be the energy of prosperity. Imagine that you are in the center of a radiating circle of prosperity. Say: Circle, circle, round, round Round, round, circle, round. Do this for however long is comfortable. Open your eyes, remind yourself that you are the energy of prosperity. Put out the candle or allow it to burn down. Mari Full Moon Meditation Procedure: Ground and center, and visualize a round full Moon. She is the Mother, the power of fruition and of all aspects of creativity. She nourishes what the New Moon has begun. See her open arms, her full breasts, her womb burgeoning with life. Feel your own power to nurture, to give, to make manifest what is possible. She is the sexual woman; her pleasure in union is the moving force that sustains all life. Feel the power in your own pleasure, in orgasm. Her color is the red of blood, which is life. Call her name "Mari!" and feel your own ability to love. Golden Meditation Procedure: Sit comfortably with your feet firmly on the ground. Ground, center, and release. Close your eyes and begin to take deep, slow breaths in through your nose and release the breath through your mouth. As you inhale, draw in love, peace, comfort, and contentment. As you exhale release anger, pain, anxiety, and any other negative emotions. With each breath you become more relaxed and more at peace. There is an energy point at the top of your head; this is your crown chakra. Allow this to open like a flower blooming, or a ball of light swirling into being. Now visualize a breathtaking beam of light descending toward you. Draw in that light and see the crown chakra begin to pulse and come to life, it is a spinning and glittering ball of light. Hum the Sanskrit word for Deity, “OM” and allow the ball of light to form at the top of your head. Continue to do this until you feel that this chakra is open and the energy is flowing. Draw some of that light from your crown chakra to a point between your eyes, this is the brow chakra. See it open like a blooming flower or a spinning wheel of light and turn purple, the color of amethysts. Hum the “OM” and allow the ball of light to form, see it pulse and glow with life. Continue until you feel that this chakra is open and the energy is flowing. Draw some of that light from your brow chakra down to your throat, this is the throat chakra. See it open like a blooming flower or a spinning wheel of light and turn cobalt blue, the color of lapis. Hum the “OM” and allow the ball of light to form, see it pulse and glow with life. Continue until you feel that this chakra is open and the energy is flowing. Draw some of that light from your throat chakra down to your heart, this is the heart chakra. See it open like a blooming flower or a spinning wheel of light and turn green, the color of emeralds. Hum the “OM” and allow the ball of light to form, see it pulse and glow with life. Continue until you feel that this chakra is open and the energy is flowing. Draw some of that light from your heart chakra down to just below your rib cage, this is the solar chakra. See it open like a blooming flower or a spinning wheel of light and turn yellow, the color of the rising sun. Hum the “OM” and allow the ball of light to form, see it pulse and glow with life. Continue until you feel that this chakra is open and the energy is flowing. Draw some of that light from your solar plexus down to your stomach, this is the sacral chakra. See it open like a blooming flower or a spinning wheel of light and turn orange, the color of the setting sun. Hum the “OM” and allow the ball of light to form, see it pulse and glow with life. Continue until you feel that this chakra is open and the energy is flowing. Draw some of that light from your belly chakra down to the end of your spine, this is the root chakra. See it open like a blooming flower or a spinning wheel of light and turn red, the color of blood. Hum the “OM” and allow the ball of light to form, see it pulse and glow with life. Continue until you feel that this chakra is open and the energy is flowing. Now allow the energy from your chakras to flow throughout your body, down to the ends of your fingers and the tips of your toes. Allow it to feed each blood cell, each organ, veins, tissues, bones, every part of you. Fill yourself with the energy. When you are totally full, open the chakra points in the soles of your feet and allow the energy to flow through you and down into the earth. To open them see white flowers or wheels of light spin open in the center of each foot. Continue to draw energy into your body through your crown chakra. Now watch as the white light begins to turn a golden color. It becomes like a golden river of light that flows down to you. Allow it to cover your entire body, it feels warm and comfortable. Pull it into your crown chakra and let it flow into your body. As it passes each chakra, it changes it to a glowing golden light. Fill yourself with the golden light, let it nourish you. Let it flow out of your feet and into the earth. Continue to allow the golden light flow into the earth, see it fill the planet and cast a golden aura around it. When you are ready close the chakra points in your feet, see the wheels of light spiral to a close or the flower reverse back to a bud. Do this for each chakra starting at the root at the base of your spine, then the sacral in your stomach, the solar chakra in the solar plexus beneath your ribs. Allow your heart chakra to close, the throat, the brown and finally the crown. When they are all closed release the golden light; remember it is always there when you need it. Relax as long as necessary and don’t forget to completely ground yourself. Ground Shielding Procedure: Cast your Circle as usual. Then place a grounding shield WITHIN your Circle, like the membrane just inside the eggshell. Invoke Grandmother Earth into the Circle, and ask Her to take the energy to be released there, cleanse it, and recycle it to wherever it is most needed. Do not tell Her where. Let the healee do whatever cathartic procedure seems appropriate. Sometimes simply yelling and screaming will do it. But, in this context, even destroying a recognizable image of the person who has done the harm is safe and OK. When the healee has finished releasing the poison s/he will feel drained and empty. Then invoke the Maiden Earth, to fill the newly created space with fragrant, green energy that will welcome and nurture new and beautiful growth in the healee. Thank everybody. Specifically let the grounding shield itself melt into the ground. Close the Circle as usual. On further reflection, maybe #7 should be moved to between #4 and #5, you know like fully dispose of the bad stuff before bringing in the good stuff. Anyhow, this solves a problem that's been worrying me for a long time about finding release for feelings it's not right to release into magic. Grounding, Centering & Shielding Grounding connects your energy with the world around you so that you are more focused. It allows you to become a more effective channel for energy you raise during spells or rituals. Grounding will also help keep you from getting mentally scattered, flighty or uneasy. Grounding will also carry away excess energies after spells and rituals are over. Without this, excess energies can create issues for you, including hyperactivity and/or severe headaches. Centering balances your mind, body, and spirit or emotional state. Unlike Grounding, which prevents internal distractions, Centering prevents you from being distracted by outside forces. While Grounding and Shielding are both relatively simple acts of visualization, Centering requires a little more work and thought. Centering requires that you know who you are, devoid of outside influence. If you define yourself by your family, you job, your house, or your possessions, you cannot be fully centered. Make sure you take some time to meditate and consider who and what you are, what you believe, and what is truly important in your world. Do this at least once a week for the best results. Shielding creates an energy barrier which protects you from the negativity and unwanted energy of others. Your shields will keep others from being too readily able to "read" you. Additionally, they will prevent anyone from doing anything with your personal energy without your knowledge and permission. You will erect these shields with the power of your mind. Healing Meditation Procedure: Sit in a comfortable position. Start to imagine that your body is slowly filling with light, starting from the feet and slowly moving upwards. As the light is moving up your body ----- feel that this light is relaxing the muscles and your mind. Now imagine that any areas of disease or pain in your body is surrounded by a dark shadow which represents the unhealthy area. I feel the light moving upwards until my entire body is filled with light and every muscle of my body is feeling relaxed. Now feel that your body of light is radiating the light out from your eyes, the light is shining as if a torch is shinning out from your eyes. Now feel that you are directing the light towards any area of the body that is giving you pain or discomfort, represented as a shadow on your body. Feel that you are sending extra light to this area that is in pain or discomfort. Imagine that the diseased or painful areas have dark shadows surrounding it. Now feel that you are shinning a loving healing light to the diseased or painful areas so that the darkness is removed. I radiate my shining light to my body and fill my bodies with this warm healing light. I now radiate this healing light to the world. I begin to feel that this healing light is returning me to health and vitality. Perfect health is available to me now. Listen for the Bells According to myth Celtic Shamans used sacred branches hung with silver bells to open doors between the material and spirit worlds. Procedure: Close your eyes and imagine hearing the music of the silver bells Approaching the sound you see a gateway formed by two blossoming trees. Passing through, you fin yourself in another world. Ahead of you the guardian of the gateway is tending a cauldron over a fire. The guardian fills a chalice with liquid from the cauldron and hands it to you. The spicy drink replenishes your strength. The guardian tells you to return whenever you need to, reminding you to listen for the silver bells. You pass back through the gateway and open your eyes. You feel full of life and energy. Maiden Meditation Procedure: Sit in a comfortable position with your feet flat on the floor and your hands in your lap. Close your eyes and visualize a white light coming into position over the top of your head. See it coming down over you until you are completely surrounded by the light. Breathe it in with slow, even breaths. Feel your body relaxing, beginning with your toes and working up to your jaw and head muscles. It may take more time to relax the muscles of the shoulders, neck, and head than the rest of the body. Now see yourself standing beside a well. The stone walls of the well are moss-covered and worn. Take all the problems in your life that are bothering you (that includes people) and drop them into the well. Then turn and walk away down a little path that leads through a grove of trees. In a short time you come to a very high cliff at the end of the path. Set into the wall is an iron-bound oak door. The door is narrow and tall with a peak at the top. A huge brass ring hands near one edge of the door. You pull on the ring, and the door slowly comes open. Inside is a wide tunnel winding away into the darkness, its curved rood illuminated for a space by two torches which hand in iron holders on either side of the door. As you step inside and take down one of the torches, the door slowly closes behind you. Although the tunnel ahead is dark, the light of the torch clearly illuminates your way. You are protected. You set off down the tunnel, thinking of the Maiden. The tunnel begins to gently curve, first one way, then the other. There are smaller side tunnels but you feel no desire to explore them. You realize that you have at last entered the true labyrinth. In the distance you hear the wild barking of dogs. You remind yourself that you are completely protected and have nothing to fear. Ahead of you are faint reflections of light, the sound of voices and footsteps. You go on, holding your torch high. The sound of barking comes closer. Around a bend of the labyrinth comes a group of white-clad men and women, torches in their hands. Leading them is a tall, muscular woman dressed in a short white robe. Her hair is tied back, and at Her shoulder hang a bow and quiver of arrows. Hunting boots are on Her shapely feet. On Her right wrist an owl perches, its large, dark eyes peering at you. A pack of lean hounds jump around you, licking your hands and barking. The Maiden stops before you. You gaze into Her eyes, taking in their color and the color of Her hair, Her skin. She beckons to you, then turns and leads Her followers back down the tunnel, deeper still into the labyrinth. One of the companions links arms with you and urges you forward. Together you follow the Maiden. Soon the twisting tunnel widens into a circular room. In the center a spring bubbles up in a fountain set inside a wide, shallow bowl in the floor. A series of benches are placed along the curving walls. You and the group of companions all set your torches in holders in the walls. As you do this, you notice that the smooth, white walls are covered with bright murals and elaborate carvings. You walk slowly around the circular room, looking at the murals of forests and animals, dancing people, and ritual scenes. The scenes and designs seem to touch something deep within you, as if you should understand a deeper mystical meaning behind them. Soon one of the companions touches your arm and smiles. The companion points toward the Maiden who stands beside the central bowl of water. When you stand before Her, the Maiden smiles gently and asks if you have questions. The two of you talk for a time. She tells you that some of the answers will come later in dreams and in other ways. Finally, She points to the spring and asks if you are prepared for initiation. If so, you slide quickly out of your clothes and step into the shallow basin. The Maiden picks up a pitcher and dips up the water. Slowly She pours pitcher after pitcher of sparkling water over you as She and Her companions sing and chant. When She is finished, She blesses you and with a kiss on the forehead. You feel your third eye begin to pulse and become active. After you are again dressed, the companions and the Maiden lead you quickly back up the twisting tunnel. The journey back is much shorter than the journey inward. As you approach the door, the group dashes back down the tunnel laughing and calling farewells. You replace your torch in its holder, push against the door, and find yourself outside. You take three deep, slow breaths and find yourself again in your chair in your present life surroundings. Sit quietly for a few moments to absorb what you experienced. If you like, make notes of your journey. Be aware for the next few weeks, for messages and answers to questions may come from very unlikely places and people. Look at everything logically, though. Never take extreme answers at face value. Spirit never demands extreme or unethical action. Meditation of Knowing You Will Need: 1 black candle 1 black mirror incense 1 drum or gourd rattle. Procedure: Light a black candle in its holder Say: This candle glows to light the path into darkness. Place the candle in front of the mirror and light an incense that appeals to you as a night scent. Place it in front of the candle. Drum or shake a gourd rattle against the palm of your hand. Say: I seek the name of one who bids me ill; Whose heart toward me is malice filled. No chastisement do I make, But free myself for my own sake. Chant until you are looking beyond the image in the mirror. Let the candlelight and incense work to help words come into your mind that describe the feelings that person causes in yourself (there could be quite a few). Now look into the person with your mind's eye and let words come that describe the person. Images of the person may now start to come into focus in the mirror. Each image will have some characteristic that is the same, and this is the point of recognition of what defines that person in relation to yourself. Find the words that match your feelings with the dominant characteristic of the person; try several combinations until you have a name that defines the person and focuses on your awareness of that person. Now you know, or ken, who the person is, and you can feel the peace and serenity of that knowledge; that person will no longer be able to raise emotional distress in you because you know that person's name. To clear the mirror, life the incense before the mirror and blow air across the burner so the smoke is blown into the mirror. Say: The image is seen, the name is known, No more do I need this view in my home. Swirl the smoke of incense tonight, Banish the image of (descriptive name) from my sight! Snuff the black candle and cover the mirror with a black cloth. Emotional Expression and Self Healing Procedure: Visualize that you are alone, walking through a flowered filled mountain meadow on a warm summer day. Soft gray rain clouds drift across the deep blue sky above you. A gentle breeze is pushing the rain clouds to where you are. Suddenly the drops start falling slowly from the sky. You can see them as they splash against the rocks and hear them as they bounce off the petals of the wildflowers all around you. You lean your head back and open your mouth and feel the drops of rain splash against your tongue and your forehead. The light drops of rain splashing off your body, make you burst out with laughter and joy. The warm rain picks up in strength, and then on impulse you decide to go skyclad. As you dance around in the summer rain, you sense that all of nature is dancing with you to the steady tempo of the falling rain. You dance in celebration of life and the joys of being connected to the nature of your Self. You dance to express positive health, and delight with life. The rain softens and then comes to a stop altogether. The sun starts to peek out from behind a huge white cloud and the sky is starting to turn blue again. As the sun starts to peek out, you begin to dance again to celebrate the many hued rainbow that has formed across the sky. You stop to rest and reflect upon the many hues and colors of the beautiful rainbow that stretches out before you. As you reflect, you realize that your Self is composed of many different hues and moods, much like the rainbow. That all of these various hues and moods are necessary to form the single reflection of the Self. That like the many colors that it takes to form a rainbow, it takes many different aspects to form the Self. You become one and at peace with yourself as you rest among the wildflowers. The sun is now shining fully in a deep blue sky. It is time to return slowly. Feel the glow of emotional and spiritual health. Open to Love Meditation Procedure: Imagine yourself as a flower bud, head bowed, petals tightly furled. Gradually you become pleasantly aware of a warm tingle as the morning sun strikes the base of your petals. You lift your head and loosen your petals a little. As the sunlight gets warmer, you feel encouraged to open further until your exquisite petals, delicate hues and intoxicating scent are revealed in all their glory. In the same way, allow the warmth of your partner’s love to open your heart, allowing its full beauty to be revealed. Past Lives Meditation Be seated either before the altar where this is done as part of a ritual (dark moon esbat) or at a table that can be used for this meditation. You Will Need: 1 black candle (votive, pillar, or stick) 1 candle holder 1 black mirror Procedure: Light a black candle (votive, pillar, or stick) in its holder, using the center altar candle. Say: This candle glows to light the path into Darkness. Place the candle in front of the propped-up black mirror (you may want to drum or shake a gourd rattle against the palm of your hand is you chant). Say: I call upon the Dark and the Past; the Ancient of Days in the Realm of Repast. Unleash to my sight the paths I have roamed; and show me the forms of lives I have known. Look past the candle into the mirror to gaze into your own eyes. Continue to shake the gourd and chant the rhyme, without really listening to it or paying attention to the motion; focus on the mirror and watch as the face changes into those of past lives. Do not be surprised to see faces of the opposite sex or even of beings not guessed at or known. The soul's journey encompasses the Universe, and where one has resided may be other than Earth. In some cases you may even see a progression of lives into other life forms of Earth. Not all lives need be considered from the past, as some may be yet to come, or are on other planes; the location of the past depends upon one's location on the spiral at any give moment. When done, if still shaking the gourd, stop. Say: The memories of past and future are shown; the faces of me in Time are now knows. Blessings I give to the Veiled One of Night; for through this mask am I given the Sight. Cover the mirror with a black cloth and snuff the candle. Proceed with the Esbat ritual or take some refreshment and move back into a normal routine. Pentacle Meditation The Five Stages of Life: Procedure: Ground and center. Hold your pentacle in both hands. Breathe deep, and feel the power of earth, of the body. The pentacle is your own body, four limbs and head. It is the five senses, both inner and outer. Be in touch with your own power to see, to hear, to smell, to taste, to touch. The pentacle is the four elements plus the fifth - the essence. And it is the five stages of life, each an aspect of the Goddess: 1. Birth: the beginning, the time of coming into being 2. Initiation: adolescence, the time of individuation 3. Love: the time of union with another, of full adulthood, sexuality, responsibility 4. Repose: the time of advancing age, of reflection, integration, wisdom 5. Death: the time of ending, or letting go, of moving on toward rebirth. Look at your pentacle, or draw one on a sheet of paper. Label the five stations, going clockwise around the points, and experience each stage in turn, as it occurs interlocking lines and reflect on their meanings. Love is linked to Birth and Death. Death is linked to Love and Initiation. In the Goidelic tree alphabet, each of the five stages was symbolized by a tree, whose name began with one of the five vowels: A: Birth - ailm, silver fur O: Initiation - onn, gorse or furze U: Love - ura, heather E: Repose - eadha, the aspen I: Death - idho, the yew Chant the sounds of the vowels and feel the power of each stage in turn. Touch your pentacle to your body, and let the life force of your own flesh flow into it. Power Meditation You should begin by considering your own body, particularly your breathing. This is not difficult, merely finding yourself acomfortable chair in which you can sit without falling asleep. You should try to find a place where you will not be disturbed. Not because disturbances are dangerous, but because you may find yourself enjoying the relaxed state so much that being brought suddenly out of it by an offending family member may cause you to lose your temper. Once you have found your spot, sit quietly for about 10 minutes at a time. That is how you start. Just by sitting and doing nothing, and while sitting try to notice how your body reacts. Notice that twitch you have? Feel your lungs filling with air, rising and falling, pushing out our rib cage and letting it fall back in. As you sit, notice all of these things. Your body has certain places that are naturally tense. You will hear things you normally ignore. That is not really so strange. Everyone experiences it when they are falling asleep at night (i.e.. the creaking of the house). Pay very close attention to all of these things and you will discover something interesting. The more you listen to your own body, the less you are bothered by the thoughts of the day. This is because your conscious mind can only handle one piece of data at a time. If you are studying intently, you are unaware of what is going on around you. The more you practice, the more effective your mind becomes at blocking out unwelcome stimuli. Protective Filter Meditation Procedure: Ground and center. Visualize yourself surrounded by a net of glowing white light. See it as a semi porous energy field. Any force that hits this barrier is transmuted into pure creative energy. Whatever anger or hostility is sent to you, it only feeds your own power. Take in that power; absorb it; glow with it. Maintain the filter around yourself as you go through the day. Relax with Incense Meditation In the brain the processing of smell is closely linked with memory retrieval, so that a smell can act as a powerful trigger for a memory and therefore a mood. This makes it possible to prime calm states of mind using certain scents – helpful when preparing for meditation. Perform this exercise for the first time when you are already feeling calm. Procedure: Sit comfortably, light some incense and close your eyes. As you breathe focus our awareness on the smell of the incense as it enters your nostrils during each inhalation. Visualize the smell as a beautiful light, flooding your body with liquid calm. Continue for at least five minutes. Perform this exercise at the start of your meditation practice if you are feeling agitated. Not only will it be calming in itself, but it will also trigger memories of the calm that you experienced the first time around. Releasing Fear Meditation If we allow them their way, our fears can exert a powerful influence over our thoughts, feelings and actions. Perform this meditation to loosen their grip. Procedure: Close your eyes and bring to mind one of your deepest fears – for example, the fear of being unlovable. Acknowledge the presence of your fear. Just be aware of its existence and observe how it feels without wallowing in it. Now imagine your fear embodied as a caged bird. Notice the appearance of the bird – its shape, the color of its feathers, the sound of its call, and its movements. Visualize opening the cage and setting the bird free, releasing it from your consciousness. As you watch the bird fly away, experience a wave of acceptance washing over you. Sense Your Body Procedure: Lie on your back with your arms by your sides, eyes closed. Focusing on your toes, tense your muscles for three seconds and then release. Begin to shift your awareness up your body, repeating this action with the main muscle groups of the legs, arms, abdomen, chest shoulders, neck and head. Now expand your awareness so that your attention encompasses the sensations of your whole body. Enjoy the sense of being fully present in and at one with your body. The Double Spiral Meditation Procedure: Ground and center. Visualize a double spiral. When you see it clearly, let it grow until you stand within it, and follow it inward, moving counterclockwise. It becomes a maze of high, clipped hedges, then a labyrinth of stone walls; its winding turns are the passageway to a hidden secret. As you move through the spiral, the world dissolves, form dissolves, until you are in the hidden heart where birth and death are one. The center of the spiral shines; it is the North Star, and the arms of the spiral are the Milky Way, a myriad of stars slowly revolving around the still center point. You are in Spiral Castle, at the back of the North Wind. Explore it in your imagination. See who you meet, what you learn. You are in the womb of the Goddess, floating free. Now feel yourself pushed and squeezed, moving out through the spiral, which is now the passage of rebirth. Move clockwise through the double spiral of your DNA. Now it becomes a whirlwind -fly with it. Let it become the twining tendril of a plant, a crystal, a shell or an orbiting electron. Time is a spiral, the cycles endlessly repeating, you are always moving. Know the spiral as the underlying form of all energy. As you emerge, let it return to its small, abstract, symbolic form. Thank it, and let it disappear. The Tree of Life Meditation This is one of the most important meditations, which is practiced individually, as well as in the group. In solitary practice, begin by sitting or standing erect, and breathing deeply and rhythmically. (Record and play this back to yourself or memorize it.) Procedure: As we (you) breathe, remember to sit erect, and as your spine straightens, feel the energy rising. Pause. Now imagine that your spine is the trunk of a tree and from its base roots extend deep into the earth into the center of the earth Herself. Pause. As you can draw up power from the earth, with each breath feel the energy rising like sap rising through a tree trunk. Feel the power rise up your spine. Feel yourself becoming more alive with each breath. From the crown of your head, you have branches that sweep up and back down to touch the earth. Feel the power burst from the crown of your head. Feel it sweep through the branches until it touches the earth again making a circle, a circuit and returning to its source. In a group: Breathe deeply, feel how all our branches intertwine and the power weaves through them and dances among them, like the wind, feel it moving Long pause. The Wheel of The Year Procedure: Make sure you are seated comfortably, and spend a few moments quietly, allowing your mind and body to relax. Now, close your eyes, and allow these images to build in your imagination: It is dark, and a chill wind is blowing. You are standing within a mighty forest, and can feel the ground hard and cold beneath your feet. You look up, and see the stars, but there is no Moon. Patiently, you wait. You hear a sound behind you, and turn and look over your shoulder. You realize that you are standing upon the edge of a clearing; at its center burns a fire, with an old man seated before it. He is wearing tattered animal skins, and has long ragged hair which blows about in the wind. On the far side of the clearing you see the mouth of a cave, and standing before it is the mighty figure of the Horned God. You turn back and look through the trees, looking towards the eastern horizon. For tonight is the longest night: the dark time before the Sun is reborn at the Winter Solstice, and you wait patiently for the first rays of the new born Sun. At last you see a faint glimmer of light upon the eastern horizon, and as the rays of the new born Sun rise in the morning sky, you hear the sound of a new born babe crying. You turn and look back across the clearing as an old woman walks out of the cave carrying a new born child in her arms. The Horned God reaches forwards and caresses the child's cheek, and then the old woman takes the child, and sits by the side of the old man at the camp fire. As the Sun continues to rise in the sky, you know that you have witnessed a very great mystery - the mystery of birth - the birth of the Sun, and of the Son. You leave the clearing, and walk back through the forest to your own cottage, where you warm yourself at the fire, for you are chilled through after your long vigil throughout the darkest night. Days pass, and although the ground is still hard and cold, and the nights long and dark, you are aware of a change in the season, and know that winter is drawing to its close. One night as you are about to go to bed, you hear a tinkling of bells from deep within the forest, and are strangely drawn towards their sound. As you make your way through the night, a waxing Moon lights your path, and at last you find yourself once more in the clearing. You look towards the cave, and see that a great red veil hangs across the mouth, and that the old Crone, and another woman stand before it. The other woman is younger than the Crone, but obviously not a youth, and you instinctively realize that this is the Crone's own daughter. As you stand and watch you realize that the bells are being shaken by the Crone, and that she and her daughter are softly singing an ancient song: a song which calls to the Virgin to awaken, and to come forth as the herald of winter's end, and spring's beginning. The two women reach up, and with a single movement, rend the veil, tearing it away, revealing the Virgin standing poised upon the threshold. She is purity and innocence: a young figure - blindfolded, dressed in white, and carrying in her hands a posy of bright yellow flowers, symbolic of the growing powers of the Sun. The Mother and Crone reach forward, and linking their hands behind the Virgin, they pull her out of the cave. They lead her towards the fire, and then the Mother speaks quietly to her. You see the Virgin nod. The Crone then seems to ask her a question, and although you cannot hear the answer, it seems she has spoken truly, for the Crone nods, and reaches up to remove the blindfold. The Virgin blinks her eyes, and stretches. She begins to dance slowly around the fire at the center of the clearing, full of the joy of her awakening, and in the knowledge of her power and potential as a woman. Self-contained, she dances the dance of life; of blood and waters flowing freely, no long frozen and still. You turn and leave the clearing, taking one last look at the Virgin dancing joyfully around the fire. As you walk back through the forest, you feel an answering power moving through the land, and you are aware that the Earth is beginning to come alive beneath your feet, and on the trees you see the yellow blooms which are the promise of spring, and the end of winter. Day by day the Sun now grows visibly stronger: the land has awakened from its sleep with the fire dance of the Virgin, and now the Sun itself approaches the magical time of the Equinox: the time when day and night are equal, but when light is in the ascendant. The day of the Equinox dawns bright and clear. The wind is fresh, and all around you are signs of spring. From deep within the forest you hear the sound of a horn, and deep within your innermost self you are aware of a stirring response to its call. You make your way quickly through the forest; as you approach the clearing, you realize that you are not alone, for all the creatures of the forest are gathered upon the edge of the clearing. They too have answered the summons of the horn. At the center of the clearing stands a naked young man, his skin shining with reflected sunlight. He is blindfold: before him stands the old man, and behind him, the mighty figure of the Horned God. It was he who blew the horn. The old man dances around the youth - slowly, a shambling kind of dance - shaking a rattle and chanting softly. He stops. The Horned God whispers to the youth, who nods his head in reply. The old man then asks the youth a question, and after listening to the reply, nods, and reaches up and removes the blindfold. The youth blinks, and stretches. The Horned God hands him the horn. He puts this to his lips, and a single blast echoes through the forest. With a laugh the youth leaps away into the forest, followed by all the birds and animals, for he is Lord of the Forest. You feel a stirring in your own blood, and before you realize what has happened, you find yourself chasing the figure of the youth on his mad dash through the forest. It is a wild and carefree dance, and you feel the answering echo from the trees, and from the Earth, as they are warmed by the growing Sun. The Land and the Youth both awaken to their fertile potential. As you run through the trees, out of the corner of your eye you see a flicker of white; you turn, and there hidden in the trees you see the Virgin, watching and waiting. She is looking curiously at the Lord of the Forest, intrigued by his strength and drawn by his beauty. He sees her watching, but on this day, he is too full with the joy of being in control of his own creative power to cease his headlong chase through the forest. Gradually you tire, and at last you find yourself walking back through the forest to your own cottage, where you find rest. All through the growing spring the Virgin and the Young Lord watch each other through the forest. Each aware of the other, but both self-fulfilled with their own potential and power. But the Sun keeps getting stronger, and at last we come to that moment where the Young Lord and the Virgin realize that they have a greater destiny to fulfill, and driven by their natural desires, and the signs of the burgeoning world all around them, they seek each other out, and in celebration of the great mystery of the Land Marriage, they join as one. It is the height of spring, and the signs of fertility are all around. As you make your own way towards the clearing, you feel the warm Sun upon your face, and feel the life in the Earth beneath your feet. In the center of the clearing stands a great tree trunk, crowned with a garland of spring flowers, with many red and white ribbons fluttering in the breeze. From far and wide people have traveled to the clearing, for today is the day of celebrating the growing Sun, and the fertile Earth. Men and women take hold of the ribbons, and enact their own celebration of Life as they dance the pattern of the sacred spiral of creation around the tree. You hold your ribbon firmly, and watch the spiral form as you dance the ancient steps that have been danced since first Man and Woman were joined as one. You hear cheering and shouts of laughter, and there, walking through the crowd hand in hand come the Young Lord and his wife - Virgin no longer. Together they have celebrated the sacred mystery in accordance with the Old Laws: for they have joined in love, and so have become the King and Queen of the Land. And the weeks pass, and the Sun grows ever stronger in the sky, and the King grows in strength and majesty. The Queen begins to show signs of her pregnancy, the mirror of the crops and fruits that the Land begins to produce, for the Queen represents the Land, and is at one with it. At last the day arrives when the Sun reaches its most powerful time: the Midsummer Solstice. The King and Queen are at their peak too, reflected in the majesty of the King, and the growing life in the womb of the Queen. To mark this day, the King and Queen host a great celebration in the forest clearing: a feast to mark the Solstice day, and their own creative powers which have brought many good things to the Land. All day the feast and games continue, with the King and Queen bestowing their blessings upon everyone. At long last the Sun begins to sink slowly towards the west; as it falls you hear a disturbance upon the edge of the clearing. You see people running, and hear their screams. And then into the clearing stalks a dark figure, his black cloak swirling around him, wearing a helmet which obscures his face from view - shadow of darkness in the forest. He strides towards the King, and in a loud clear voice, challenges him for the right to rule the kingdom, and for the Queen as his consort. The King must protect what he has striven so hard to create, and must protect his wife and unborn child. He accepts the challenge, and a great battle ensues as the Sun slowly sinks in the west. The challenger lays the King's thigh open with a sweep of his sword, but is unbalanced, and despite his wound, the King manages to throw the challenger to the ground and disarm him. The challenger begs for mercy, but the King fears this dark and threatening figure, and so ignoring his cries for mercy, he plunges his sword deep into the challenger's heart. And so in order to protect, the King destroys, and a shadow of darkness is cast upon the Land. The challenger's blood soaks into the Earth, and the Sun finally sinks beyond the western horizon. You make your way back to your cottage, as the King is carried away to have his wound attended to. The next day the Sun rises as before, and seems as strong as it ever was, but you have seen and felt the shadow of the dark, and now sense a change in the Land. Instead of growing, things are ripening; the heat of the summer Sun brings the crops and fruit to ripeness, but the growth is now over. And just as the Land gives forth its fruits, so now does the Queen give birth to her son. The wheat is harvested; the barley made into ale; and a great feast is held to give thanks for all the good things of the Earth, and for the safe birth of the King and Queen's son. But in giving birth, the Queen is no longer simply a wife; she becomes the Mother. She knows that her son is the hope for the Land, for the King's wound, taken at the Midsummer battle, is a wasting wound, and will not heal. He grows weaker by the day, a reflection of the waning powers of the Sun. The Queen knows this, and as her son grows, she trains him in the ways of sovereignty. The King sees only that his son grows stronger, as he grows weaker. He watches the Sun wane day by day as summer slips towards the time of the Equinox, when once again day and night are equal; but this time, the dark is in the ascendant. At last the night of the Equinox arrives. The King feels drawn towards the clearing in the forest, and under a waning Moon, he makes his way along the track. He remembers his initiation at the Spring Equinox; his love for the Virgin, and their joyful celebration of the Land Marriage at Beltane; he remembers how proud he was of his creative powers at the Midsummer Solstice, and with a pang of sadness, he remembers how he had to face the dark challenger who threatened his Kingdom and his Queen. And finally, he remembers the birth of his son - a joy now turned to sorrow, as the King finds himself once more in the clearing, where waiting at the center is his son, armed with a spear. Out of the corner of his eye, the King sees a movement in the shadows, and remembers how he first saw his beloved wife, when she was newly awakened, a young Virgin, and he was the Lord of the Forest. Now his wife hides in the shadows - she wears a black cloak, and covers her face with its hood. The King and his son face each other, and then without a word being spoken, the King draws his sword and they begin to fight. Sword against spear, a mighty battle rages in the clearing. The powers of light and dark are equal, but the powers of darkness are now in the ascendant, and as the night grows on, the King begins to tire. The wasting wound he suffered at the Summer Solstice has never healed, and his powers - like those of the Sun - are waning. There is a brief pause in the fight: the King and his son look deep into each others eyes. There flashes between them recognition of the mystery that light and dark are equal: that they are not fighting each other, but that each is fighting himself. For the light and the dark are one and the same, as are the King and his son, and with this realization, the King joyfully lifts his guard, and is impaled upon the spear as he drives his sword deep into his son's heart. Together they fall dead to the ground, and their blood pours out upon the Earth. At the edge of the clearing the Queen watches, and as she sees her husband/son die, she sends a great wail echoing through the forest. There, standing in the cave mouth is the Lord of Death and Resurrection, but she cannot see him. For her husband/son/lover has now become the Lord of the Otherworld, and she is still of this world. The waning Moon watches as she tears her hair, and as one possessed, runs through the forest in an agony of grief. For she too saw the mystery, and now she understands that the light and dark are but the same. She knows that her husband/lover/son has passed beyond the veil, and that her creative time is passed. For the Queen is now a Witch: the ancient Hag Crone who knows the mysteries of life and death and has walked the path of initiation. In making her journey she has truly found the gods, and knows that behind the wheel of the seasons there is an ancient power. By walking the wheel she has joined with the mystery. She has been a Virgin, a Wife, the Queen, the Mother and the Crone. She has walked the way of the seasons. She has seen the spring, the summer, autumn and winter, and she understands that an ancient truth lies hidden within it all. At last the time of the dark Moon arrives, when the Sun's powers are low, and the veil between the worlds is thin. Standing alone in the forest she makes her way to the clearing. She stands alone for she is feared by those who have yet to walk the wheel. For now she must perform the supreme act of magic. She kindles the ancient Samhain fire, with woods of all the sacred trees. One for each season, one for each way, one for the night and one for the day, one for her lover and one for her son, one for the serpent and one for her song. As she raises her arms in invocation a great storm gathers. With a final act of understanding she opens the veil between herself and the gods. She opens the veil of the Otherworld and calls back the spirits of the dead. For she knows now to fulfill the mystery she must join with the Lord of the Otherworld; they must love and join as one. The storm breaks: lightning and thunder tear and crack at the ancient night as the trees creak and bend in the wind. For the wild hunt is now upon us as the spirits of the dead are led from the Otherworld by the Horned God. Chaos now reigns in the world for the Mystery is upon us. But to join with this mystery the Crone must embrace the Lord of Flame, the Lord of Death and Resurrection, and go with him back into the Otherworld. To join with him she must become the Goddess. So of her own free will, she dies the death of true initiation and enters into the cave, and passes with the Horned Lord back into the depths of the Otherworld. There they join in love as one: the supreme moment of the true Great Rite in which all the mysteries of the male and female; all the mysteries of the light and dark are married together as one. For love has always been the key. It is love that conquers our fear and shows the way to union. For true love is true death, as the individual sense of self is transcended by a vision of the One. As the gods fulfill the mystery of love, the seed of new life is planted deep within the womb of the Great Mother. And the land sleeps, for the dark time is upon us once again, and the God and Goddess lay in each others arms, deep within the Land, hidden from sight. The Sun quickly wanes day by day, the nights growing longer, the days shorter. Winter grips the land as a cold wind blows through the forest. The darkness seems complete, but those of the Wicca are wise and weep not for they know that the Sun will be reborn through the love of the God and Goddess. Life will not fail - the Sun will return again. And at last the night of the Midwinter Solstice arrives: the longest night of the year, but we know now it is only the darkness that comes before the dawn. As you stand upon the edge of the forest, you see the first signs of the new born Sun rising upon the eastern horizon, and hear the sound of a new born babe. But this time, you walk away from the clearing towards the rising Sun, and as you leave the forest, you turn and see that it is no more than a shadow behind you. Before you is a world which you know well; it is the world in which you live, and now it is time to return. The Otherworld is real, and you may return at any time, for the mysteries of the gods are there for all to understand, if you have but eyes to see. You continue to walk into the everyday world, and become aware of the sounds around you, and of the place in which you sit. Spend a few moments quietly re-attuning yourself to your normal state, and then open your eyes and stretch. (End of Guided Visualization) If you want to make any notes do, but please remember that the Wheel of the Year is an emotional experience, not an academic exercise! And finally, always have something to eat and drink after any activity which uses an altered state of consciousness. This is the most effective and efficient way to "ground," and is vital if participants are traveling home after the working. Wand Meditation Procedure: Ground and center. Hold your wand in your strongest hand. Breathe deeply, and feel the power of Fire, of energy. Be aware of yourself as a channel of energy. You can change spirit into matter, idea to reality, concept into form. Feel your own power to create, to do, to be an agent of change. Be in touch with your will, your power to do what you must, to set a goal and work toward it. Let your will flow into your wand. Anu Waning Moon Meditation Procedure: Ground and center. Visualize a waning crescent, curving to the left, surrounded by a black sky. She is the Old Woman, the Crone who has passed menopause, the power of ending, of death. All things must end to fulfill their beginnings. The grain that was planted must be cut down. The blank page must be destroyed, for the work to be written. Life feeds on death - death leads on to life, and in that knowledge lies wisdom. The Crone is the Wise Woman, infinitely old. Feel your own age, the wisdom of evolution stored in every cell of your body. Know your own power to end, to lose as well as gain, to destroy what is stagnant and decayed. See the Crone cloaked in black under the waning moon. Say: Anu! Feel her power in your own death. Tiamat Water Meditation Procedure: Face West. Ground and center. Feel the blood flowing through the rivers of your veins, the liquid tides within each cell of your body. You are fluid, one drop congealed out of the primal ocean that is the womb of the Great Mother. Find the calm pools of tranquility within you, the rivers of feeling, the tides of power. Sink deep into the well of the inner mind, below consciousness. Say: Hail, Tiamat, Serpent of the Watery Abyss! How to Meet Spirit Guides Do you believe in benevolent forces that exist for the purpose of guiding you through the challenges of the human experience? If so, you can learn how to come into contact and communicate with them to better understand your life and reason for being. Difficulty: Moderately Challenging You Will Need: Journal to record your experiences Guided meditations for meeting spirit guides Dream journal

Preparing for Contact: Step 1 Develop a strong sense of discernment. Learning how to be detached enables you to see things as they really are, so any communication comes clearly to you. If you are either new to all this or know yourself to be flighty, you may have to spend some time grounding yourself through spiritual and focusing exercises, of which yoga is one. Step 2 Take time to get to know yourself. Doing this ensures that you possess a solid awareness of your traits and tendencies, both positive and negative. This also prevents any future possibility of you projecting or transferring any disowned aspects of yourself onto messages you think you receive from disembodied entities. Step 3 Ask yourself what your purpose is for communicating with your spirit guides. Be honest. If your intent is on growth, with no proclivity towards harming anyone or anything, you are more likely to be successful in this venture. On the other hand, if your desire includes malicious intent, such as revenge or perhaps spying on others, you will either not get any response from your spirit guides, be warned by them or will attract negative energy which harms you primarily before anyone else. Remember, like attracts like.
Cup Water Meditation Procedure: Ground and center. Hold your cup cradled in both hands. Breathe deep, and feel the power of Water, of feeling and emotion. Be in touch with the flow of your own emotions: love, anger, sorrow, joy. The cup is the symbol of nurturing, the overflowing breast of the Goddess that nourishes all life. Be aware of how you are nurtured, of how you nurture others. The power to feel is the power to be human, to be real, to be whole. Let the strength of your emotions flood the cup. Remember harm none!!! Click for the Site Index