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Click for the Site Index The Origin of the Kitchen Witch A kitchen witch, sometimes called a cottage witch or a "Scandinavian" kitchen witch doll, is a poppet or homemade doll resembling a stereotypical witch or crone displayed in residential kitchens as a means to provide good luck and ward off bad spirits. History There is some debate over the exact country in which the kitchen witch originated, some claiming Norway and others Germany, but consensus points to it stemming from older European customs. The poppet is supposed to depict a "good" witch who inspires productivity and safety in a kitchen, but also counteracts any ill-will directed to the home. It is considered good luck to give a kitchen witch to a friend or family member. So that those unfamiliar with the kitchen witch can understand its meaning, sometimes a note will be hung around the witch's neck stating something similar to: "The Legendary Secret of Goof-Proof Cooking: The Famous Kitchen Witch For centuries, Norwegians have hung this good witch in their kitchen. They believe she has the power to keep roasts from burning, pots from boiling over, and sauces from spilling." In England- Although largely unknown in modern England, the Kitchen Witch may have been known in England in Tudor times. The will of a John Crudgington, of Newton, Worfield, Shropshire, dated 1599, includes amongst his household possessions "one witche in the kytchyn". Click for the Site Index Rules of a Witch's Kitchen Before you chop veggies, offer thanks. Cut mindfully, gratefully. Do all preparations in a loving spirit. Energize food with good thoughts. Feast gratefully. Give and share what you can spare. Home and hearth are sacred. Invoke blessings of Goddess on all food. Join hands with friends often. Keep a mortar and pestle for protection. Love goes into every dish. Mindfully gather ingredients. No wasting, recycle, compost, feed animals. Open your senses, enjoy your surroundings. Play as well as work. Quench thirst, thinking of clear, clean rivers. Resolve to be grateful and waste not. Smell fragrance and anticipate flavors. Thank the universe and Goddess for health. Use utensils carefully, then clean up. Value time spent with loved ones. When possible, grow and harvest your food. Xtra salt will prevent hunger. Yearly rituals and feasts build traditions. Zestful living in every area is our goal. Every Kitchen Witch should have a lunar calender or chart that shows the phases of the moon and its position in the wheel of the zodiac. A rope of Garlic, Pentagrams, potted herbs and Sun catchers (or those quartz crystals to hang in the window) will offer protection and magickal energies to your kitchen. Keep an Aloe Vera plant in the kitchen, it's juice offer instant cooling and healing to injuries... It is also said an Aloe plant in your house protects from injuries. An Amethyst placed on or near the stove keeps negative energies from entering the pot while you cook. For better tasting food: Place a quartz crystal on or near the stove while cooking. Grow a pot of basil herb in your kitchen to keep the area safe from evil forces and negative spirits. A well-stocked witch's kitchen should not only contain herbs, but also essential oils, a mortar & pestle, candles of various colors, different types of incense, an up to date lunar calendar, & a cauldron for brewing potions. smudge your kitchen with a sage bundle if you sense negativity. anoint utensils & appliances with essential oils to bless & charge them with powerful vibrations. Always stir food in a clockwise direction, & be sure to invite the goddess & her consort into your new magickal workplace. Click for the Site Index Kitchen Witch Altars Creating a kitchen altar honors the goddess and provides a focal point for magic, cooking and sacred living in kitchen witchery. Kitchen witches spend much of their time in the kitchen, combining magic and cooking to create sacred food, spells and herbal remedies. The kitchen is therefore an ideal place to set up an altar, both for kitchen magic and honoring the goddess of hearth and home. Depending on the size of the kitchen, an altar can be anything from the corner of a shelf, to a dedicated table. The ideal spot for a focal point also needs to be practical and safe. A witch does not want an altar where spillages or accidents can occur, but at the same time needs it to be within easy reach and view. Most kitchen witches will work with several goddesses, but also have a dedicated goddess of hearth and home. The kitchen altar should recognize the chosen goddess, perhaps with a figurine or picture, or with a selection of items that represent them, such as symbolic charms, certain foods, or candles and ribbons in associated colors. There are many sources offering statues and artwork to buy, but crafty witches might like to make their own representation of the goddess, by sculpting her from salt dough or polymer clay. Once baked, the clay statue can be painted and embellished accordingly. Other ideas include making corn dolls or wheat sheaves and wreaths, to represent the goddesses of grain and harvest. Click for the Site Index Magical Items for the Kitchen Altar Special utensils and tools, such as bowls and spoons (try carving or painting symbols onto wooden spoons for extra magical utensils) A miniature cauldron Representations of the witch’s personality Candles Crystals and shells. Stones that are particularly useful in the kitchen include clusters of clear or smoky quartz to combat radiation given off by electrical appliances, citrine in the eating area to aid digestion, and rose quartz or amethyst to promote harmony. Rose quartz also brings blessings to food preparation and inspires extra creativity when cooking Figurines or other representations of other harvest and hearth goddesses, the ancestors, house faeries and the spirits of place Family photos or mementos to promote the kitchen as the centre of the family home Bottles, either decorative or filled with magical ingredients Click for the Site Index Offerings for the Kitchen Altar In addition to the above, the altar should also house items in the form of offerings, which change according to the days, seasons, festivals and magical intents. Perishable items will need to be changed regularly to avoid going stale. Ideas include: Food offerings, such as grain, rice and herbs Bundles of dried herbs Incense Natural items such as feathers, acorns and stones from the garden or outings Salt Fruit and vegetables harvested from the garden Milk, honey or mead for the house faeries Click for the Site Index Creating Seasonal Altars As the seasons change, so too does the focus of the kitchen witch’s altar. The items upon the altar should reflect the changing wheel of the year accordingly. Use seasonal food for offerings, such as winter root vegetables or summer fruits At harvest time, make corn dolls or use wheat and grain as decoration Decorative items can be seasonal too – such as beach shells in summer, snowflake shapes in winter, leaves in autumn or blossom sprigs in spring Use appropriate offerings to celebrate the festivals of the year, such as pieces of Lammas bread The kitchen witch’s altar provides a focus for intent. It gives thanks to the goddess in the form of offerings, serves as a sacred workspace for working ritual magic, and offers a place of quiet contemplation in the kitchen witch’s sacred haven. Kitchen Witchery The kitchen is an important place for every witch it is the heart of every home. Not only that a good witch will often spend much of his or her free time experimenting with food and potions. A witch’s kitchen will never make the cover of home and gardens but that being said a witch’s kitchen is a friendly space somewhere something is always going on. You will often find herbs hanging, home baked bread or biscuits and a kettle that is always on the boil. But in this modern age with modern kitchens and fast-pasted life kitchen witchery is a dieing art to some extent. People don’t have the time to experiment most recipes come from books; most potions have been handed down. Now it not a bad idea to use other people recipes whether that is for a meal, potion, spells or medicine when you start out but if you rely on others information you’ll never gain any new knowledge. The fun part about kitchen witchery is the experimentation “the science behind the witchcraft” why does this work this way and not that? Throughout the history of man it is our experimentation that has cause us to develop and advance. As witches we are metaphysical scientists we work with elements and energies some of witch science can explain other it just learning about and some that science will never truly understand. If we want to advance in our magickal skills we must learn to experiment rather that repeat those experiments that have already proved to work. Like scientist the kitchen witch will have some knowledge’s of their ingredince they know that if you X to Y the you get A as a witch you should look new ideas and develop your own. A kitchen witch will take a basic recipe add a twist of this and a dash of that and create something new out of this experimentation something will develop for example a witch takes a basic biscuit mix and adds some extra fibre and fennel seeds and makes a nice biscuit and give some to a friend whose a little blotted and they work wonders and the friend ask for recipe a cure for friends blotted belly comes from adding that personal touch. I know it a very basic example but kitchen witchery does not have to be complicated and it level of experimentation will depend on your confidence in trying new things. Of course a witch can get it wrong but you can learn just enough from getting it wrong. For a witch the kitchen is not only a place when magick is preformed but also a meeting place for social chitchat a place for pets to sleep or eat a place filled with machinery and electromagnetic fields so where ideally magick should not be preformed. So why does or at least do you treat a kitchen as a magickal place? For myself I see the kitchen more as a temple a constant place of the gods. The kitchen and related area has so many gods and goddess you can dedicate your kitchen. Here is a list. Click for the Site Index Goddesses Associated with Hearth and Home Brighid (Celtic) Chantico (Aztec) Dugnai (Slavic) Hestia (Greek) Vesta (Roman) Click for the Site Index Goddesses Associated with Grain and Harvest Ashnan (Babylonian) Ceres (Roman) Chicomecoatz (Aztec) Corn Mother Demeter (Greek) Pirua (Peruvian) Click for the Site Index Goddesses Associated with Fire Agnayi (Hindu) Brighid (Celtic) Ida (Hindu) Kamui-Fuchi (Japanese) Li (Chinese) Pele (Hawaiian) Sekhmet (Egyptian) Saule (Slavic) Click for the Site Index Goddesses Associated with Kitchens, Cooking, Food & Domesticity Annapurna (Hindu) Baba Yaga (Slavic) Brighid (Celtic) Cerridwen (Celtic) Fornax (Roman) Freya (Norse) Frigg (Norse) Hehsui-no-kami (Japanese) Huixtocihuatl (Aztec goddess of salt) Ivenopae (Indonesian goddess of rice) Mama Occlo (Inca) Okitsu-hime (Japanese) Pomona (Roman goddess of orchards and fruit) Click for the Site Index Other related Goddess Athena (Greek goddess of weaving) Gaia (Mother Earth) Lakshmi (Hindu goddess of plenty) Nehallennia (Norse goddess of abundance) Ops (Roman goddess of earth) Sarasvati (Hindu goddess of creativity) Vasudhara (Hindu goddess of abundance) Click for the Site Index Kitchen Gods Agni (hindu) Bes (Egyptian god of household protection) Hyang kehen (Indonesian god of hearth fire) Oki-Tsu-Hiko-no-Kami (Japanese child of the Harvest God) Oki-Tsi-Hime-no-Kami (Japanese child of the Harvest God) Tsao Wang (Japanese god of hearth and kitchen) Sanpo Kojin (Japanese god of hearth and kitchen) Zao Jun (Chinese kitchen god) Click for the Site Index To create your temple you need to show honour to the God(s) and or Goddess(s) unlike a circle you don’t call the deity in to being you create the space to honour them place offerings on a fixed altar pay respects to the goddess and or god for the chores you do, request their assistance in the chores. Every thing that you do to the home is done to clear the flow to the temple. Click for the Site Index The kitchen will become the true heart of the home and the deities it will be come the fountain of inspiration and magicks. Things that you should have in your kitchen- Small altar, a simple one, could just be a shelf. Pictures and statues that invoke the image of you deity Herbs and flowers sacred to the deity Small offering bowl Broom Choose colours to honour the deity this can include plates walls etc. Each time you enter the kitchen you should acknowledge the deity each time you work in the kitchen or clean the house invoke the deity and ask them for assistance and inspiration. If you are new to kitchen witchery it make take some time for things to settle in to routine but once you do you will have a powerful magickal working area that will allow free flowing magick and inspiration as well as a healing area where you can replenish your energies in divine work. A Kitchen Witch's List Of Planetary Correspondences Many people use planetary influences in their spellwork and Kitchen Witches need be no different. Simply choose your ingredients according to their influential planets. You may also want to choose the timing for your magical meal based on planetary days and hours. I am only including the 7 "classical" planets here because Neptune, Pluto and Uranus are problematic. They do not have many associations and those they have are rather loose. Further, none of them have anything the other 7 don't. Click for the Site Index Jupiter Jupiter foods are nutritious and satisfying leaving one sedate and happy. These foods enhance magical intentions focused on politics and law as well as faith and religion. Jupiter supports healing of the liver and digestive system as well as alcoholism and other additions and eating disorders. These foods help increase optimism and opportunity. Jupiter foods can also be used to help neutralize Saturn influences. Jupiter's day is Thursday. Some Jupiter foods include: Allspice, Licorice, Mulled Cider, Dandelion Wine, Buckwheat Click for the Site Index Mars If you are a victim of a love spell, a Mars meal might help loosen the bind. (Mars neutralizes Venus) Mars is also useful for increasing strength and courage. Its energy is very male. In healing, Mars foods are used to increase the sex drive, to purify and strengthen the blood and to reduce inflammation. Mars foods are often spicy hot and/or red in color or come from prickly plants. Mars's day is Tuesday. Some Mars foods include: Mustard, Dandelion Punch, Extra Hot Chocolate, Asparagus, Carrot Cake Click for the Site Index Mercury Mercury foods have a zing and a sharp scent. Plants have leaves that are finely divided. Mercury rules over communication and travel. Prepare a Mercury meal to share with someone you are having trouble communicating with or to get ready for a long trip. Also for communicating over distances, astral travel and communicating with the dead. Mercury foods are suitable offerings to Gods of communication and travel and Underworld deities and find a place at the table during festivals honoring the dead. Mercury's day is Wednesday. Some Mercury foods include: Licorice, Almonds, Oregano, Anise Click for the Site Index The Moon Moon foods are juicy, cooling, soothing and lightly fragrant. These foods are useful for astral travel, dream work, clairvoyance and exploring emotions and the subconscious. They are also useful for treating illnesses related to hormone imbalances, "feminine" issues, and the lymphatic system. Moon foods are also appropriate offerings to Moon deities and may be served at lunar observations. The moon's element is water and her day is Monday. Some Moon foods include: Anise, Lentils, Banana, Click for the Site Index Saturn Saturn energy is useful for breaking hexes and also for breaking bad habits, increasing self-discipline and accepting rules and boundaries. Saturn's day is Saturday. Some Saturn foods include: Cheese, Beets, Beet Greens The Sun The sun is associated with the element of fire. Sun foods are warming and relaxing or are made from plants that resemble the sun in shape and color. The sun's energy is male in nature and provides prosperity and protection. Use Sun foods for protection, job-seeking, money drawing and other prosperity magic. Sun foods are also appropriate offerings for Sun deities and should be served at festivals in celebration of the sun! The Sun's day is … Sunday. Some Sun foods include: Dandelion Wine, Extra Hot Chocolate, Spiced Milk and Honey, Springtime Quiche, Corn Click for the Site Index Venus Venus foods have a rich, strong fragrance and are delightful to the senses. These foods find their place on our tables when working to increase love and romance in relationships and also fertility. Remember that Venus comes from the same root as Vino, wine, and include a fine glass at your table. Venus energy can also be used to neutralize the energy of one who would attack you (Venus neutralizes Mars). Venus's day is Friday. Some Venus foods include: Oregano, Banana, Tomato, Avocado, Extra Hot Chocolate Click for the Site Index Kitchen Blessing To bless your kitchen, wash three stems of basil and tie them together to form a small "wand." Facing east, hold the basil in your power hand and gently shake it as you move clockwise around your kitchen. As you do so.. Say: Bless the pantry and every pot. Bless the oven which cooks my food and keeps it hot. Bless each appliance, cupboard, and drawer. Bless this kitchen, forever more! Hang the basil to dry, and use it as needed in recipes to bless your food also. After the basil has been used, you can repeat this spell if you wish. Click for the Site Index Kitchen Witchery Supply List For Magic assortment of herbs selection of stones and crystals container of salt small material pouches ties or ribbon mortar and pestle jars and labels wooden matches candles parchment and pen mixing utensils cauldron or favorite pot incense and essential oils your journal or shadows Click for the Site Index For Cooking assortment of culinary herbs favorite wooden utensils recipe books and journals favored pots and pans salt - for cleansing candle near the stove hearth goddess representation Click for the Site Index Pests Ants ~ Use cinnamon oil, not the powdered spice, to paint a thin line around all possible ant entrances. Your kitchen will smell wonderful and ants will not cross the line. Mice ~ To keep mice out of your home, plant Marigolds all the way around your property. Mice detest the smell. Flies and Moths ~ If you need moth repellents for your linens and woolens, avoid toxic commercial mothballs made of naphthalene. Natural essential oils such as lavender, lemongrass, Canadian red cedar, or rosemary can just as effectively repel moths and other insects. You can make a sachet by placing several drops of essential oil on a cotton ball. Wrap and tie this in a small handkerchief or square of cotton. Hang this cloth in storage areas or add it to your chest of linens. Refresh as often as necessary. You can put this sachet in your bureau drawers to keep your clothes freshly scented. Lavender and rose are classic scents. For children's sleepwear, Roman chamomile is especially fragrant and relaxing. Flies and moths dislike Lavender oil. Sprinkle it on the outside of your window frames. Click for the Site Index Gnats and Mosquitos ~ Plant mints around doorways and windows: ie; catnip, basil, pineapple mint and so on any mint will do, peppermint, spearmint, etc. Citronella is used to dispel mosquitoes and other picnic pests. Drop a few drops of Citronella oil on the melted wax of a candle or place a few drops on the Bar-B-Q hot coals. Click for the Site Index Laundry and Clothes Instead of using toxic and irritating softening sheets in your dryer, place a washcloth dampened with 10 drops of lavender, lemon, melaleuca, bergamot, or another essential oils. While the oils will not reduce static cling, they will impart a distinctive fragrance to your clothes. Laundry ~ A pot of basil herb grown in your kitchen keeps the area safe from evil forces and negative spirits. Candles keep their shape better and longer when chilled thoroughly in the refrigerator. Essential oils may be used to enhance the cleanliness and fragrance of your laundry. As unpleasant as it seems, dust mites live in your bedding, feeding from the dead skin cells you constantly shed. Recent research has shown that eucalyptus oil kills dust mites. To achieve effective dust mite control, add 25 drops of eucalyptus to each washing machine load, or approximately 1/2 oz to a bottle of liquid detergent. You may also add several drops of essential oils to the rinse cycle, such as fir, spruce, juniper, lavender, cedarwood, wintergreen/birch, or rosewood. Because clothing, like everything else, has a frequency, consider moving toward natural fabrics instead of synthetics. Cotton, linen, silk, and wool possess energy frequencies harmonious to the human body. Always, spray your fabrics with the powerful scent of therapeutic-grade essential oils. You want to breathe in nature, not synthetics - and not synthetic oils either! Click for the Site Index Kitchen Witch Superstions by Intent
Alertness The fragrance of Caraway is refreshing to the conscious mind. Sniff to enhance alertness and to strengthen the memory. To smooth an ongoing relationship, smell and visualize the two of you working out your problems and communicating. Alertness and Memory Rosemary promotes alertness and stimulates memory. Inhale occasionally during long car trips and while reading or studying.
Baby Teething Pain Use 1 drop of Chamomile oil on a washcloth wrapped ice cube to relieve teething pain in children. Banishing Osha Root can be used in charms and spells to protect against negative and/or evil spirits. This plant was revered by all Native American healers for it's powerful healing abilities. Used to treat respiratory and rheumatic complaints. Incredible butterscotch and celery scent permeates the room with magick. Smudge your kitchen with a sage bundle if you sense negativity. Salt water left out in the center of a room all night will absorb negativity. Wash it away with flowing water the next morning. If you are on a septic tank, either pour the water into the woods or into a body of running water. Braids of garlic, onions, or peppers make a lovely decoration for your kitchen and also ward off negativity. To keep away ghosts, negativity, unwanted guests and the evil eye - plant Lilies in your garden. To ward off evil spirits; on Halloween, hollow out Turnips and place candles inside. Put the lit turnips in windows or carry as you trick or treat! Mix Flax seeds with red pepper, put the mixture in a box and place it somewhere in your house.
Bread It is considered unlucky in certain countries to wash a bread-knife on a Sunday, cut both ends of a loaf of bread, leave a knife stuck in the loaf, or take the last slice of bread. Accidentally dropping a slice of bread with the buttered side down is also said to be a bad omen; however, it is a good sign if the dropped bread lands with the buttered side up. If you and another person reach for the same slice of bread at the same time, an unexpected visitor will soon appear. Business Success Burn Benzoin with cinnamon for business success.
Cooling Bath 6-8 drops of Eucalyptus oil in the bath cools the body in summer and protects in winter. Copper Polish 1 drop of Lemon essential oil on a soft cloth will polish copper with a gentle buffing.
Courage Inhale Ginger before magickal rituals of any kind while you visualize the scent stimulating your physical body, to excite muscular contraction which will produce bioelectrical energy. Inhale Ginger and visualize to promote courage, confidence, aggression (needed for self-survival), purification and success on all levels. Because of its vibrant scent - it is best not to inhale before you go to bed, that is unless you plan on being up most of the night. Rub your hands on Columbine or carry it with you to induce courage and daring. Cuts Apply true Lavender oil and Tea Tree oil directly to cuts, scrapes or scratches. 1 or 2 drops will promote healing.
Damaged Hair Mash a ripe banana with a few drops of almond oil and massage into hair. Leave it for about 15 minutes. Rinse with soda water and then shampoo and condition. Depression With proper visualization, Take a whiff from the bottle, or place a few drops of Orange oil on a cotton ball or in a diffuser for self-purification, for transforming depression into peace- even happiness- and to produce an increase in energy for both physical and magickal tasks. *NOTE* Too much orange oil can cause an overwhelming desire to sleep. Inhale straight Lemon Balm from the vial, or place a few drops on a cotton ball to help relieve depression and calm raging emotions.
Dish Washing Soap To add fragrance or to improve the antiseptic action of your liquid soap, add several drops of essential oils such as lavender, Melaleuca alternifolia, fir, spruce, pine, lemon, bergamot, and orange. Dish Water A few drops of your favorite oil or blend in the rinse water of your hand washables makes for pleasant results.
Engagement If you are engaged or wish to get married, according to an old belief once common in England, you should take care to never sit on a kitchen table, for this will break the engagement and also prevent you from ever being wed. Fever To bring fever down, sponge the body with cool water to which 1 drop each of Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Lavender oils have been added.
Flu Symptoms When the flu is going around add a few drops of Thyme to your diffuser or simmer in a pan on the stove. Forks, Spoons and Knives Fork ~ If a fork accidentally falls onto the floor, a woman will soon knock on your door; a spoon indicates the arrival of a gentleman. (In some parts of the world, the fork means a man, and the spoon a woman.) Unexpected or unwelcome visitors are also presaged by the dropping of a knife that sticks in the ground and by cracks that form on the shells of eggs boiling in a pot of water.
Good News It is believed by many to be an omen of good news when baked apples burst while in the oven, or when the salt and sugar are accidentally mixed up. Hair Growth Place 1 or 2 drops of Rosemary on your hair brush before brushing to promote growth and thickness.
Headaches 1 drop Peppermint oil diluted in 1 teaspoon vegetable oil rubbed on the back of the neck helps to relieve headaches Home Protection Bells or wind chimes hung from the doors guard against intruders and stagnant energy. Hang them where the air currents can ring them. They will set up movement in the air and clear the psychic energy of your home. For your home, place a few drops of Vetivert oil in a diffuser or potpourri pot and visualize. This scent is great for the manifestation of increased money in your life. Simply visualize this needed change as you inhale this rich scent. Use it to anoint candles, money or charms for the same outcome. Hang the root in houses and/or gardens to protect the occupants against the ill effects of bad weather- especially helpful with hurricanes and tornadoes. Wherever a Palm grows, it protects the area from bad weather, and a leaf of the palm kept near the entrance keeps evil and strange creatures from entering. The Blackberry leaves, vines and berries, if grown, protect the home and all the inhabitants.
Kitchen When cooking any type of food, add magick to your cooking by drawing an invisible pentagram inside your pots and pans with you finger, a wooden spoon or another utensil. This guards the pan and the food, ensuring its wholesomeness. Legal Matters Celandine aids in escaping unwarranted imprisonment and entrapments of every kind. Wear the herb next to the skin. Need to solve a crime? If it's been committed in the past year - bury a piece of leather in a bed of Lilies and your clues shall arrive.
Longevity Smell the scent of Rosemary while you visualize a long, healthy life. When you need to clear your conscious mind- inhale the scent. Place a few drops on a cotton ball and keep it next to you when you are studying and have to memorize the material- sniff often. When you need to recall, smell the oil again and the information will make itself available. A child passed through the branches of a Maple tree will have a long life. Lost Items If you've lost something, burn Stillengia and follow the smoke to its hidden place. Sesame has the power to discover hidden treasure's, reveal secret passages and open locked doors. Hence the infamous magical command, "Open Sesame!"
Love With visualization, use in love rituals, either by inhaling or by anointing candles with Jasmine to enhance a current relationship or to draw one to you. Simply inhale the soothing scent of Jasmine to lift your spirits, remove depression, still nerves and silence worries. The uses for Jasmine far outweigh the heavy price tag for pure essential oil. A Lily can be an cure-all for a love spell. Simply wear or carry a fresh lily. This breaks love spells which have been cast involving a specific person. Carry of buds of Balm Of Gilead in an orange cloth/sachet to attract a new love and/or mend a broken heart. You can also seep them in wine to make a simple love infusion - share the charged wine with the one you love. To see a glimpse of your future love. Wear a piece of Goldenrod before you lie down to sleep. When you awake you will have a vision of them. Worn, Elecampane attracts love; you can sew some of the leaves or flowers in a pink cloth - or you can make a sachet. Use Pear wood for magickal wands. Dance beneath a pear tree on your birthday to invite love into your life. If you have a lover or admirer who will not leave you alone- place a plate of Turnips in front of them. They'll finally get the hint. Grind Columbine seeds down to use as a love perfume- rub on your hands and body to attract love. Eat Parsley to promote fertility and lust. If you are already in love, don't cut Parsley as you'll cut your love as well. If you are recovering from a broken heart- carry the blossoms around in a sachet to help your heart mend. Use Violet with Lavender to make a powerful love sachet. Indian Paint Brush is a powerful love-attracting herb. Add to lavender, rose petals and orris root for a super-charged love sachet. Take via a flower essence for a creative push- you can also burn the herb as an incense for the same effect. Rub the root of Trillium on your body to attract love. Aphrodisiacs: Love philters and aphrodisiacs should always be prepared during the waxing of the moon. Luck Place dried pineapple into a yellow or orange sachet and add to your path to attract good luck and fortune to you. If no dried pineapple is available - add the juice to your bath. The branches are used as magical wands for spiritual healing, learning, good luck and fortune. If Goldenrod springs up suddenly near the door of your home, unexpected good fortune will soon shine upon the family. Place several sprigs of Parsley into your bath to stop misfortune.
Lunar Calendar A witch's kitchen should never be without a lunar calendar or chart showing the phases of the Moon and its movement through the wheel of the zodiac. Money Inhale the scent of Lemon Balm while visualizing yourself allowing money back into your life. Inhale the scent as you visualize money being drawn to you. See, feel, and hear what having the money can do for you and release those thoughts into the Universe. Put Honeysuckle flowers around green candles to attract money. Anoint High John The Conqueror root with some mint oil and tie up in a green or purple bag to attract needed money. Leave a jar of Sesame Seeds open to draw cash into the house. Replace the seeds every month. Place a few Flax seeds in your pocket, wallet or purse to attract money. You can also put flax seeds and some coins in a jar - place on an altar or area of importance. Repeat each day to bring in money. Place money next to a Briony root and as long as that money stays near the root - money will increase. Use Maple leaves in love spells and money rituals. Add the dried peel or flesh to money sachets, spells, incense or oils to draw financial satisfaction to you. A spot of Flax seeds in your shoes will fend off poverty. Money will soon come your way if any of the following things should occur: bubbles appear in a cup of coffee, you accidentally knock over a sugar bowl, rice forms a ring around the edge of a pot, or tea leaves float to the top of the cup. Slip some Orange Bergamot leaves into your wallet or purse to attract money. Rub fresh leaves onto money before spending it to ensure its return. Use Blackberry leaves in wealth spells. To bring money to the household- add a few Fenugreek seeds into the mop water before you mop the floor. To keep money coming into the home, half fill a small jar with Fenugreek and leave the jar open- adding a few seeds every couple of days until the jar is full. When it's full, dump out the jar and return the herb to the Earth. Begin again by adding the Fenugreek to the jar. Carry around Trillium in your pocket, attached to your purse or in a orange sachet to attract money and luck.
Mood Enhancer Inhale Sandalwood before a religious ritual and/or meditation to create the proper mood. With proper visualization, the scent of Sandalwood can be used to stimulate sexual activity. In cases of emotional or mental sexual dysfunction, this aroma can effect a cure. To speed healing, add a few drops of Sandalwood to your bath water and visualize its aroma and energies doing their work. Overindulgence Essential oils of Juniper, Cedarwood, Grapefruit, Lavender, Carrot, Fennel, Rosemary and Lemon help soften the effects of a hangover. Make your own blend of these oils and use a total of 6-8 drops in a bath.
Peaceful Home Put a few drops of Rose in a diffuser to spread loving energy throughout your home. The scent will calm domestic problems and instill peace and happiness. Inhaling the scent is helpful to the psychological impotence in men and may increase sperm count. Inhale the scent and visualize its energies leading you into a mutually satisfying emotional relationship. Sprinkle Purslane around your home to spread happiness throughout. Scatter Masterwort about to make spirits appear. Bury a Dandelion in the NW corner of a house to bring favorable winds. Perfume Essential oils or blends make wonderful perfumes. Create your own personal essence; Add 25 drops to 1 oz of perfume alcohol and allow to age two weeks before using.
Personal Purification Use Lemon Balm's crisp and clean scent during a weekly personal purification ritual. Inhale Juniper and visualize to detoxify the body and for internal purification. The scent can also be used for helping you to eat correctly, exercise and think positive. Place Juniper in a diffuser, to purify your home and to protect it from negativity. For individual protection- inhale Juniper and visualize its energies guarding you from danger and negativity. Physical Energy Inhale Lemon to activate the body and dispel sluggishness. Smell first thing when you awaken as an aromatic substitute for a cup of coffee. Inhale to maintain health as an add on to conventional medical treatment. Visualize its energies strengthening your body as well as your mind. For an illness- feel the fragrance fighting off the infection. For a wound- visualize the scent encouraging cell growth and the resultant healing. Drop a few drops into a diffuser to fill your home with vibrant and pure energy. Molasses is super high in Iron and potassium. Tastes terrible but once a week, put a tablespoon in a half a glass of milk (or soy milk), and drink it down. It will keep you feeling fine and energized and won't upset your stomach like regular Iron pills do. Doing this is great when your pregnant, getting older, or just run down. Sniff Black Pepper for when you need to sharpen your mental faculties and energize the body. It is also beneficial when you need to stay awake- especially when driving.
Physical Health Pine is a wonderful aroma that can speed the healing of your physical body. Inhale in conjunction with treatment or place a few drops in the sickroom. For purification, especially during the winter months, inhale the scent of Pine and enjoy. Better yet, grab some pine needles- crush them, and enjoy the fresh and vibrant scent. This oil also speeds healing when used with visualization and of course, proper medical treatment. Smell the scent at least once a day while you visualize your body in a healthy, healed and whole state. Physical Health: Inhale the fresh, healthful-like scent of Eucalyptus to maintain or regain your health. Add a few drops of Eucalyptus to a diffuser or potpourri simmer to purify and heal a room or house of negative psychic energy, particularly when people have been engaged in emotional, physical or mental abuse. You can also smell the crushed fresh leaves or fresh seed pods of Eucalyptus to induce health and to speed the healing process. A vase of leaves is helpful in a sickroom. Pine is a wonderful aroma that can speed the healing of your physical body. Inhale in conjunction with treatment or place a few drops in the sickroom. For purification, especially during the winter months, inhale the scent of Pine and enjoy. Better yet, grab some pine needles- crush them, and enjoy the fresh and vibrant scent. Inhale the scent as you visualize money being drawn to you. See, feel, and hear what having the money can do for you and release those thoughts into the Universe. Wear Masterwort to gain physical strength- especially good for laborers and athletes. Inhale the fresh, healthful-like scent of Eucalyptus to maintain or regain your health. Add a few drops of Eucalyptus to a diffuser or potpourri simmer to purify and heal a room or house of negative psychic energy, particularly when people have been engaged in emotional, physical or mental abuse. You can also smell the crushed fresh leaves or fresh seed pods of Eucalyptus to induce health and to speed the healing process. A vase of leaves is helpful in a sickroom. Prosperity Alfalfa can be used in spells involving prosperity, money and to ward off hunger. Carry the dried seed-pod of a Poppy as a prosperity amulet.
Protection Inhale the aroma of Vetivert while visualizing a protective field sealing you from negative energies. For your home, place a few drops of Vetivert oil in a diffuser or potpourri pot and visualize. This scent is great for the manifestation of increased money in your life. Simply visualize this needed change as you inhale this rich scent. Use it to anoint candles, money or charms for the same outcome. Grow Angelica in the garden for protection. Fill a jar with Cactus spines, rusty nails, old tacks, pins, and needles. Add rue and rosemary leaves to fill the jar, seal tightly, and then bury under your doorstep as a powerful protective device. Place two drops of oil onto a cotton ball. Strongly visualize a psychic force surrounding you so powerful (like a mini tornado), that it knocks away all incoming negative energy. Merge and solidify this scent and visualization into your conscious mind for 15 to 30 seconds. Repeat once a day for a week. When danger threatens- recall the scent and the visualization. You can carry Balm Of Gilead for protection and for healing purposes. Carry Elecampane for protection. Tuck some Parsley into your clothes for protection. Place on a plate with food to protect against contamination. Mix Flax seeds with mustard seeds and place next to your bed for protection while you sleep. Wherever Cyclamen is grown, no evil spells, hexes or negativity can take hold. Carry Knotweed to strengthen and protect the eyes. Psychic Awareness For psychic awareness, put a few drops of Bay Leaf Oil on a cotton ball. Sit comfortably in a chair or on the ground. Relax your body and push the busyness from your mind. Inhale the scent. Visualize your conscious mind letting go of your psychic mind. Allow the odor to engulf your mind and body. Once you've made a connection between the two halves of your mind, discover what you need to know. Burn the Stillengia root to develop your psychic powers. Especially helpful before you use divination. Smolder the herb on charcoal for the sharpening of psychic powers- especially when scrying.
Purification Inhale Juniper and visualize to detoxify the body and for internal purification. The scent can also be used for helping you to eat correctly, exercise and think positive. Place Juniper in a diffuser, to purify your home and to protect it from negativity. Relationships With visualization, use in love rituals, either by inhaling or by anointing candles with Jasmine to enhance a current relationship or to draw one to you. Simply inhale the soothing scent of Jasmine to lift your spirits, remove depression, still nerves and silence worries. To induce sexual desire in both yourself and/or your partner, inhale the aroma of Jasmine with visualization to stimulate the mental, emotional and physical responses needed to have a fulfilling sexual experience. The uses for Jasmine far outweigh the heavy price tag for pure essential oil. Inhale Palmarosa oil during love-attracting spells while you visualize the outcome you desire. Make sure you focus your intent and remember to bring no harm to none.
Relaxation Take a Lavender bath once a week to induce health maintenance- add nine drops to your bath water while you visualize good health. Lavender is associated with spiritual love as its power seems to lie in that it can reprogram our conscious mind on the way we think about love via our chakras. Inhaling this scent with proper visualization lets you send out signals to others on your need for love. Inhale to induce peace and put depression at bay. It also calms stormy or uncontrolled emotions by centering and controlling our conscious mind with a shot of reality. Rub on the temples to rid yourself of a headache. The oil of Bergamot soothes frazzled nerves and over stressed bodies. Sniff a Lemon! Researchers have found that a property in lemons called linalool will reduce the activity of stress genes. Rid Negativity Wear Bay Laurel as an amulet to ward of negativity and evil. Inhale Neroli while you visualize the scent burning away negative thought patterns, harmful habits and other misuses of your energy and mind. Beans can be used to charm away the evil in a person. In Ancient Rome, they were given to people at funerals to help bless the dead. Beans are carried to ward off negative energy and evil. Used in rattles to scare off spirits, very potent when ridding evil spirits that have taken a living form hostage. To cure warts, rub dried beans on them while saying, "As this bean decays, So wart, fall away." Inhale Juniper and visualize its energies guarding you from danger and negativity.
Sexual Appetite Inhale the luxurious scent of Cardamom to increase your sexual appetite. For love- inhale and visualize yourself in a mutually beneficial relationship. It's important to create this image in your conscious mind to allow cardamom to stir your unique energies. After you inhale- put the thoughts aside to allow your charged power to go out and do its work. Let cardamom's spicy scent clear your conscious mind to new heights in unexpected ways. Inhale Neroli while you visualize your physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and psychic connection with the person you will be intimate with. Not an aphrodisiac, but calms the conscious mind and smooths the path to mutual satisfaction. Burn Lavender flowers to attract the opposite sex. Wear the flower of Gardenia to attract love, new friends and lovers. Dry and crush its petals, mix with ground orris root and light dust your body to attract the opposite sex. Add a half-handful of Dill seeds to your bath water to attract the opposite sex to you. Use in sachets, sprinkle under the bed to promote conception and raise sexual passion. With proper visualization, the scent of Sandalwood can be used to stimulate sexual activity. Eat a Pear to induce sexual arousal or add dried pear to a red sachet to attract a love partner. Eat or carry Dates or pieces of Palm leaves for an increase in fertility. The pits are carried for men who wish to regain sexual potency. Drink pineapple juice to help with impotence and/or to keep your lusting loins from getting you in trouble. Shoes Shoes can be freshened by either dropping a few drops of Geranium essential oil directly into the shoes or by placing a cotton ball dabbed with a few drops of Lemon oil into the shoes. Athlete's foot? Tea Tree works great!
Sleep At night, take a few deep whiffs of Chamomile to induce sleep. During the day, smell this herb to promote peace and to remove the effects of stress and tension. For meditation- if you have trouble slipping into the proper state, smell Chamomile to reduce tension and facilitate meditation. Inhale Bergmont, the scent to produce a restful, relaxing sleep. Lay Purslane on the bed before you fall asleep to prevent nightmares from invading your rest. Place 1 or 2 drops of sleep enhancing oils such as Chamomile, Lavender or Neroli on your pillow before retiring for restful sleep. Spiritual Love The flowers of Jasmine attract spiritual love.
Spirituality This wonderful woody scent is excellent to promote spirituality. Inhale the soothing aroma of Cedar before any religious rituals to strengthen your connection with the Divine. You may also inhale Cedar to bring yourself into balance. Smell the fragrance and visualize yourself as centered, calm and in control of your life. Inhale Frankincense to achieve a heightened sense of awareness of the spiritual realms or to deepen any religious experience. The aroma also helps to reduce stress and tension by pointing out that our lives revolve on many realms- not just the physical. The scent also calms the physical form and awaken the higher conscious. Use before meditation. **NOTE** Placing undiluted Frankincense directly on your skin can cause irritation. Thinking About You If your apron comes untied by itself and falls off while you are working in the kitchen, this is generally seen as a sign that someone is thinking about you. Some say that it means your sweetheart is having romantic thoughts about you at that moment.
Toothache Clove does wonders to tooth aches. You can find toothpaste with tea tree oil and clove oil. If you can find the old fashioned candy Clove Gum rock- you can pack and place the gum easily on the tooth, or you can use straight clove oil. Just be sure to cut it with olive oil or vegetable oil or it will burn. Transitions Inhale the oil of Cypress to find strength and comfort through transitions of all kinds - especially through the loss of friends, loved ones or the endings of relationships. Place a few drops on the bedding of your dog to "banish" the fleas. *NOTE* never add the undiluted oil directly to their skin.
Travel Carry Comfrey while your traveling to ensure your safety. Put some in your luggage to make sure it arrives at your destination. Trouble Trouble is indicted by the accidental omission of spices from a recipe or by the spilling of salt. Be prepared for an argument with someone if you should happen to spill pepper on the kitchen table or floor. (According to occult tradition, these bad omens can be remedied by simply adding the spices, and by tossing a pinch of salt or pepper over your left shoulder, respectively.) It is also said that if two persons stir the same boiling pot or sit together on a table, they will soon find themselves involved in a quarrel.
Vaccuum Put a few drops of your favorite essential oil on a cotton ball and place it in your vacuum cleaner bag. Lemon and Pine are nice. Rose Geranium helps with pet odors. Warts 1 drop of Lemon essential oil applied directly to a wart is an effective means of elimination. Apply the essential oil daily until the wart is gone.
Weakness Place a few drops of Geranium oil on a cotton ball and inhale when you are weak and most likely to get ill. As you inhale the aroma, visualize peace spreading through your body as it dissolves depression and uplifts your world weary soul. To help gain control over your own life and/or to guard your home against outside negativity- place a few drops of Geranium Oil in a diffuser to allow the scent to spread throughout your home. Windows Vinegar leaves windows shining. But nobody said your house needs to smell sour like vinegar. House Cleaning In a spray bottle mix: 1 cup White Vinegar 10-15 drops of Lemon oil Water. Mix vinegar and water and essential oil in a spray bottle. Shake well before each use.
Kitchen Witch Herbs and Use Acacia wood carried is a protective amulet. Acorns can be used in charms or spells for good luck, protection, wisdom, and personal power. Sacred to Druids and can be used at the tip of wands. African Violet can be used as a protection amulet and to promote spirituality in the home. It is burned as a traditional herbal incense of the Spring Equinox Sabbat. Alfalfa used in spells involving prosperity, money and to ward off hunger. All Purpose Flour sifted is used for attracting money. d> Allspice, also known as Jamaica Pepper, are the dried berries of the Pimenta dioica plant found in the Antilles and Central America. It has a sweet, smoky scent and is reminiscent of the combination of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg together. The English dubbed this spice “Allspice” as they were reminded of these three flavors as well. Allspice is used as a ingredient in spiritual products for Good Luck, Fast Luck and Money. You can anoint a red candle for “luck in a hurry” with Fast Luck Oil, a yellow candle for success with Crowning Glory or Crown of Success Oil or a green candle anointed with Money Drawing Oil and roll these candles (if free standing) in ground Allspice or you can place a good pinch of it in the top of your glass vigil candles for extra power to your candle spell. It is alleged that Allspice brings good luck to business owners and gamblers as well. Allspice is a key ingredient in mojo bags created t o carry for money luck. One way to bring customers to your place of business is to create a floor wash daily with a spoonful each of ground allspice, ground cinnamon and sugar with a cup of Epsom Salts in warm water and mop your floors from the front door to the back, then taking the rest of the water and tossing it out the front door onto the walkway or sidewalk to draw in customers. Aloe Vera is a popular houseplant. Many use Aloe Vera for protection against evil influences and prevents household accidents. It can be hung in the home as a charm to attract luck and protection for those who live there. It can also be grown in pots and placed around the home to provide protection from accidents within the home. Amaranth flowers worn as a crown speeds healing. To make sure you are never struck by a bullet, pull a Amaranth plant (roots included) from the ground on Friday during the Full Moon. Leave an offering to the plant (corn meal, brandy, crystal, etc..) and then fold it all (roots included) in a piece of white cloth. Wear this cloth against your breast. Burn dried Amaranth flowers to call the dead and/or carry to cure yourself of a broken heart. Amber can be used for protection from harm and success. Helps to clear the mind and bring prosperity. Burn as an incense to transform the ambient negative energy to positive energy. Angelica is one of the traditional ritual herbs of the Candlemas and Beltane Sabbats. Angelica is both a culinary and medicinal herb. Sprinkle around the house to ward off evil. Added to the bath, it removes curses or spells that may have been cast against you. Apricot eaten may obtain a sweet temperament or use the juice in love spells and potions. Add the leaves and flowers to love sachets or carry the pits to attract love. Apples are sometimes considered the food of the gods. Apples play an important role in many mythologies and are tied to fertility gods. It is also considered the food of the dead and is burned at Samhain in honor of those who will be reborn in the spring. It is traditional to leave two apples in the woods when you are finished hunting as an offering to the Horned God. Apple wood is also used in the making of wands to be used when doing rituals dealing with the underworld. It is also considered a sacred tree by the Druids. Apple cider can be substituted for spells/rituals that require blood or wine. Argimony is used in protection spells. It can also be used to reverse spells sent against you. It can also be used in 'sleep' sachets that you place under your pillow to allow you a restful nights sleep. Arnica is an excellent herb that is used in salves for the healing of bruises and sprains. It can be applied to where there is pain and/or inflammation of the skin. Avocados are so effective on under-eye puffiness, lust and happy home. Bamboo carved with your wish and buried in the ground in a secluded place. Or, carve a symbol of protection, like a pentagram, on a length of bamboo and plant it in the ground to protect your home. Grown near the house, bamboo gives it and its residents good fortune. Also, bamboo is placed over the door because, since its wood never changes color, it is lucky. Basil brings wealth to those who carry it in their pockets. Basil given as a gift brings good luck to a new home. It is one of the traditional ritual herbs of the Candlemas Sabbat. Bay Leaf placed in the corner of each room in the house to protect all that dwell there. Carry bay leaf or use in a protection charm to protect yourself against magickal attack. Bay Laurel corresponds with the Sun, and the element of Fire. Bay Laurel can be used for psychic awareness and purification Beech stick carved in it your wish and bury it. If it is in your highest good for this wish to come true - it will. One wish per Beech stick. Carry Beech wood or leaves to help you increase your creativity. Benzoin Gum is an herb of purification, burned in incense to sanctify an area. The scent is also used to attract business when combined with basil, peony or cinnamon. Benzoin awakens the conscious mind as well. Burn to purify, protect, for prosperity, for astral projection or to increase mental powers. Bergamot used in spells and charms involving money, prosperity, protection, stopping outside interference, and promoting restful sleep. Bistort is for fertility and to improve upon your psychic powers or to help in divination, burn this herb with frankincense. Make an infusion and sprinkle about a place to drive out poltergeists. Blackberry corresponds to the planet of Venus, the element of Water, and the Deity associated with this herb is Bridget. Use Blackberry for healing, money, protection. Bake blackberry pies at Lammas. Use leaves and berries in spells of wealth. Dry fruit and powder it for use in magickal healing potions. Weave pentagrams from the brambles to hang in the home for protection. Blackberry is a powerful herb of protection, and used in invocations to the goddess Brigit, who presides over healing, poetry, sacred wells, and smithcraft. If twined into a wreath with rowan and ivy, will keep away evil spirits. A bramble patch is a favorite hiding place for faerie folk, use to invoke and attract faerie spirits. Black Pepper is used in spells and charms that banish negativity and protection from evil. Also used in exorcism. Blessed Thistle is used for purification, hex-breaking, protection from evil- removes unwanted influences, particularly of malevolent intent. Strew to cleanse buildings or rooms, beneficial in healing spells. Strengthens liver function, combat hepatitis, aids memory purifies the blood stream. This herb is good for migraine, nausea, and gallstones. Blueberries placed underneath your doormats to keep unwanted people and energy from your property and/or from entering your home. Make and consume blueberry pies or tarts when you feel you are under a psychic attack. This gets the protection power inside of your body and increases the herb's effectiveness. Briony root and as long as that money stays near the root - money will increase. Hang the root in houses and/or gardens to protect the occupants against the ill effects of bad weather- especially helpful with hurricanes and tornadoes. Bromeliad in or around the home to attract money and luxury items. Since the plants also provide protection, Bromeliad are a great choice for house plants. Buckthorn are the planet Saturn and the element of Water. Buckthorn can be used for protection, exorcism, wishes, and legal matters. Buckwheat flour sprinkled helps to form magick circles on the floor around you while performing magick. Burdock used in protection incenses and for healing, especially the feet. Carry as a protection sachet or burn for purification of a room. Rinse with a root decoction for ridding oneself of a gloomy feeling about yourself or others. Bryony root set on a piece of money to watch your riches grow. Cactus can be used for protection, banishing and chastity. Cactus spines are used in witches bottles for protection. Best to place in all directions of the home (north, south, east, and west) to ensure full protection. Carry or bury to release their protective powers. Camellia brings riches and luxury, expresses gratitude. Place fresh blossoms in water on altar during ritual to attract money and prosperity. Used in traditional Chinese medicine for treating skin conditions. Camphor is a Feminine herb, it corresponds to the Moon and the element of Water. Use this herb for chastity, health, and divination. A bag of camphor hung around the neck keeps flus and colds away. Use in divinatory incenses. Carnation is a Masculine herb, corresponds with the planet Sun and the element of Fire. Use this herb for protection, strength, and healing. Use in all-purpose protection spells. Gives strength and energy to the sick. Place fresh carnation on the altar during healing spells and add dried flowers to healing sachets and incenses. Catnip is an herb sacred to Bast. Effective when used in rituals involving cats or cat deities. It can be used with other herbs in love spells and charms. If grown near the home it will attract positive spirits. It can be used in charms to bring good luck. Caraway seeds are used to encourage fidelity and are often placed in sachets/talismans/charms to attract a mate. When baked into cookies, bread, or cakes they are lust-inducing. Carry to strengthen memory. Cedar balances, encourages and creates spirituality. Cedar is well known for it's fragrance. An incense including cedar is ideal in the consecration of a magickal wand. The incense can also be used in Wiccanings and baby blessings. As a protected tree in magickal cultures, to harm a cedar is to invoke misfortune. The spirits of the cedar are said to be both powerful and persistent. Cedar boxes are ideal for storing amethyst and sapphire stones. Hung in the home, it will protect against lightning. A cedar stick carved into three prongs and set in the ground prongs up will protect the home against all evil. Juniper can be used in place of cedar. Cedar is water and decay resistant, and repels insects and moths (hence it's historical use for coffins). Cedar chips used in rituals or burnt attracts money, and is also used in purification and healing. It is a symbol of power and longevity. Cedar can also be added to love sachets and can be burned to induce psychic powers. Celandine aids in escaping unwarranted imprisonment and entrapments of every kind. Wear the herb next to the skin. Chamomile is used to attract money. A hand wash of an infusion is sometimes used by gamblers to ensure winnings. Chamomile is used in sleep and meditation incenses, and the infusion is also added to the bath to attract love. Chamomile is also a purificatory and protective herb. When sprinkled around the property, chamomile removes curses and spells cast against you. Cherry wood is used to stimulate or attract love. To find a new love tie a strand of your hair to a blossoming Cherry tree or place the hair in a red sachet along with cherry pits or blossoms, lavender and rose petals. Discover how many years you will live by running around a tree full of ripe cherries, then shaking it as hard as you can. Count the number of cherries that fall from the tree and presto - you have your life span. Cherry juice can be used as a substitute for blood when blood is called for in old spell formulas. Chicory can be carried to remove any obstacle that may fall into your path. Anoint your body with chicory juice and you will obtain favors from important people. Carry chicory to promote frugal living. Chrysanthemum is used for protection. Grow in the garden for protection of the home. White is the best color of flower for this, but any color will do. Cinnamon burned as an incense to raise your spiritual vibrations, aid in healing, draw money to you, stimulate your psychic powers and produce protective vibrations. Use in your favorite recipe to attract the same results. You can also make sachets or infusions for these same purposes. Cloves burned as an incense to attract prosperity, drive away hostile and negative forces, produce spiritual vibrations and purify your area. You may also burn cloves as an incense to stop others from gossiping about you. Wear or carry cloves to attract the opposite sex and to bring comfort to the bereaved. Comfrey carried while your traveling to ensure your safety. Put some in your luggage to make sure it arrives at your destination. Copal added to love and purification incense, sachets and spells. Burn Copal with Rosemary to call a lover or burn with Frankincense to send a lover away. A piece of Copal can be used to represent the heart in poppets. Place Copal in the four corners of a room to purify it, especially after an illness or a negative influence has occupied the room. Coriander seeds powered and added to warm wine to make an effective lust potion. Cotton on an aching tooth to stop the pain. Soak Cotton balls in vinegar and place on the windowsills to keep evil at bay. Plant or scatter cotton in the yard to keep ghosts away. Sprinkle some pepper onto a piece of Cotton and sew it into a sachet. Wear the sachet to bring back a lost love. For good luck - place a piece of Cotton in the sugar bowl - luck will soon follow. You can also throw a piece of cotton of your right shoulder at dawn -- luck will come before the day is over. Cumin is burned with frankincense for protection and scattered on the floor, sometimes with salt, to drive out evil. It is also worn by brides to keep negativity away from the wedding. Give cumin to a lover to promote fidelity. Seep cumin seed into wine to make a lust potion. Cyclamen grown in the bedroom is for protection. Deer Tongue help attract men. Sprinkle on your bed for the same purpose. Wear Deers Tongue to aid psychic powers, or burn to increase the psychic energy in your immediate environment. Dill hung at the door, in a cradle for children, or in sachets is for protection. If you place Dill over a door, no one negative or jealous/envious can enter your home. Add to your bath or to your favorite lotion in order to make you irresistible. Dill stimulates lust of eaten or smelled. Use Dill's seeds in money spells. Dogwood leaves or the wood around inside or outside of your home for all over protection. To have a wish granted - place the sap of a Dogwood onto a piece of cloth or handkerchief on Midsummer Eve. Faithfully carry the cloth with you, and any wish you desire will be granted. Be careful what you wish for- be specific. Dragon's Blood is used to quiet a noisy house. Burn Dragon's Blood for love, protection, exorcism, and sexual potency. Use for Courage; Magical Power; Energy; Strength; Purification; Changes; Determination; Cleansing. A pinch of Dragon's blood added to other incenses increases their potency and power. May be dissolved in the bath for strong purification. Keep a piece under the bed to cure impotency. Carried for good luck. Widely used in love, protection and purification spells. Substitute for: DRAGON'S BLOOD-Equal parts Frankincense and Red Sandalwood. Dulse for lust in his or her drink. Sprinkle Dulse around your home to induce harmony. Going out to sea? Toss some Dulse in the water to appease the spirits of the sea. Need to talk to the spirits of the wind? Throw Dulse into the air from a high place and then speak you mind -- but remember to be still to listen to the response. Elecampane is worn to attract love. Sew up some of the Elecampane leaves or flowers with a rose quartz in pink cloth or place in a sachet. Carry for protection. Smoulder the herb as an incense to sharpen your psychic powers, especially when scrying. Eryngo is used for safety and luck during their adventures (especially over/in water), to facilitate peace, lust and all love spells & sachets. Fern grows in the shady areas of the garden and in the house. Throw fern on hot coals for an aura of protection. All ferns are extremely powerful protection. Figs grown in the home is protective and brings the occupants good luck. To charm the pants off of someone, give them a fig. As long as they keep the fig they will be spellbound by your presence. Write a question on a Fig leaf. If the leaf dries slowly, the answer is yes, or it is a good omen. If it dries quickly, the meaning is just the opposite. Frankincense is sacred to the Sun God Ra, frankincense is burned in rites of exorcism, purification, and protection. It is said to accelerate spiritual growth. Rosemary may be used as a substitute. Use for spirituality, exorcism, purification, luck and protection rites. (Resin) burn for protection, exorcism, spirituality, love, consecration, blessing, energy, strength, visions, healing, meditation, power and courage. Use to purify ritual spaces and invoke a spiritual frame of mind. Mix Frankincense with cumin and burn as a powerful protective incense useful for general working. Fumitory infused in a quart of spring water. Place the infusion into a spray bottle. Spritz around your home and on your shoes once a week to draw money to you quickly. Burn Fumitory to remove negative energy from your environment. Fumitory can also be burned to exorcise evil spirits. Gardenia flowers are worn to attract love, new friends and lovers. Dry and crush its petals, mix with ground orris root and light dust your body to attract the opposite sex. Garlic taken with you when you travel over water to prevent drowning. Gentian is used to attract love and break hexes. When used in an incense or in a sachet, Gentian provides a great deal of extra magical power. Ginger is used for better spell casting and attract money. Use the whole root or ground Ginger in any spell to ensure its success. Hawthorn leaves placed under a mattress or around the bedroom to enforce/maintain chastity or celibacy. Carried in a sachet during a fishing trip ensures a bountiful catch. Worn or carried, hawthorn promotes happiness in depressed, troubled or sad people. Hazelnuts hung in your home for good luck and/or present a string to a new bride to wish her good fortune. Eat the Hazelnuts for wisdom and to increase fertility. To protect yourself, your home or plants - take a Hazel twig and draw a circle in the dirt around whatever needs protected. Weave Hazel twigs into a crown. Place the crown on your head and make a good, solid wish. Your wish stands a chance of coming true! Hazel wood make great all-purpose magickal wands. Heather wards off rape and other violent crimes. White Heather is great to wear or carry to attract good luck. Outside, burn Heather together with fern to attract rain. Simply burning heather conjures ghosts. Hibiscus flowers (red) brewed into a strong tea and drink to induce lust into yourself or into a suitor. Place Hibiscus blossoms into love incense and sachets to attract and/or keep a love - or place them into a wreath at a marriage ceremony to insure that the couple will have a loving union. Drop a few Hibiscus flowers into a wooden bowl full of water and scry for future events. Horehound added with a few pinches is used in protective sachets and carry to guard against sorcery and lofty ideals. Scatter on the ground to use as an exorcism herb. Make an infusion of Horehound and drink to clear your mind and promote quick thinking and mental powers. Mix Horehound with ash leaves and place them in a bowl of water. Put with the ill so that the healing vibrations will help them recover. Horse Chestnut for attracting success to you in all things. Wrap a Horse Chestnut in a dollar bill, place in a sachet, and carry to attract money. Have a teenage girl who's too giddy? Drop one in her purse to control her giddiness. WARNING!! The Horse Chestnut is poisonous if eaten! Horseradish root sprinkled dried/grated or ground around your home, in all corners, on the steps outside, and on door sills to make evil & negative powers take a hike. This also works to diffuse any spells/curses that have been sent against you and/or your family. Holly is a par excellent protective herb, as it guards against lightning, poison and evil spirits. Plant Holly around the home to protect it and the inhabitants from mischievous spells. Infuse with water to sprinkle on newborn babies to protect them. Carry Holly to promote good luck, especially for men. It is also hung around the house for good luck at Yule. *Note - Holly is poisonous to animals. Honeysuckle flowers and green candles helps attract money or place them in a vase in the house for the same purpose. Lightly crush the fresh Honeysuckle flowers and then rub on your forehead to heighten psychic powers. Grow Honeysuckle outside near your home to attract good luck. Irish Moss carried in your pocket or place underneath rugs to increase luck and to ensure a steady flow of money comes your way. Carry while you are traveling for protection and safety. Use Irish Moss to stuff luck or money poppets. Jasmine flowers worn helps to attract spiritual love. Jobs Tears seeds are strung onto a necklace and placed around a child's neck to aid in teething, and are also worn by adults in the same manner for sore throats and colds. The seeds absorb the pain or illness. For wishing magick, make a wish holding seven seeds (also known as "tears") and throw them into running water. Another way is to count out seven seeds as you concentrate on your wish. Carry the seeds for a week, and your wish should come true. Juniper hung in your front and back doors to protect against evil forces and persons. Males carry the Juniper berries to increase potency. Carry or burn Juniper to help psychic powers, break hexes and curses and to drive off snakes. Kava-Kava root infused in a drink the tea to offer protection against evil and to invite in good luck. If you infuse the root and let it seep overnight in the refrigerator, you can drink the tea to enhance psychic powers and to induce visions. **NOTE Too much of the infusion can lead to kidney damage. Lavender flowers burned helps to attract the opposite sex. Lemon Balm for love, soak in wine for several hours, strain and share with a friend. Or, carry the herb with you to find love. Use this herb in spells to ensure success. Lemon juice is mixed with water and is used to wash amulets, jewelry and other magickal objects which have been obtained second-hand. This wash ensures that all negative vibrations are cleansed from the object. Keep one of the seeds from a lemon that you have consumed. Plant it in early spring, and nurture it in a warm place. When it grows, give it to a loved one, to keep your love fresh and true. Linden branches hung over your door is for household protection or grow the tree in your garden. Carry Linden bark to prevent intoxication. Use the leaves in love spells as well as for immortality. Carve a good luck charm from the wood and carry it with you to promote good fortune. Lotus burned as an incense and inhale the scent for it's protective powers. Use Lotus seeds and pods as an antidote to a love spell, by placing them in a sachet or by rolling a black candle in the herb and then lighting the candle. Wear or carry any part of the Lotus and you will be ensured good luck by the Gods. Mandrake is used as a substitute for Briony root when mandrake root is used in magical image spells. Magnolias near the bed to promote faithfulness. You can also scatter the fresh flowers under the bed - but make sure you remove them and place fresh flowers when they wilt & die. Plant Magnolias by the home to ensure fidelity from all who dwells within. Mallow is known to return a lost love. Put Mallow into a vase outside your front door or bedroom window. This will cause the lost love to think of you and after so many thoughts - they just may return. If you need to have effective protection around you - make an ointment with mallow. Steep the mallow leaves and stems in vegetable shortening and then strain. Rub this ointment into your skin to cast out evil as well as protect you against the harmful effects of black magick. Mint leaves rubbed on your head to relive a headache. Wear mint at the wrist assures that you will not be ill. To bring money/prosperity to you, place a few leaves in your wallet or purse and/or rub where you keep your money. To rid a place of evil, sprinkle salt water with a mixture of fresh springs of mint, marjoram and rosemary. Keep mint in the home for protection. Mullein stuffed into a small pillow or place beneath your pillow to ward off nightmares. Safeguard against evil spirits and magick by hanging some over doors, in windows and carry in sachets. It is also used to banish demons and negativity. In Old English, Mullein is also known as graveyard dust. Wear Mullein to keep wild animals at bay while hiking in the wilderness. It promotes courage from within you. Place a few leaves in your shoe to ward off a cold. Mustard seeds carried in a red cloth helps prevent colds and to increase mental powers. When eaten, increases fertility in women. Sprinkle on the doorways for protective reasons and/or bury under your doorstep to keep all supernatural beings from your home. Nutmeg in your purse or pocket is for good luck. Sprinkle ground nutmeg onto green candles for money and prosperity. Onions placed beneath the pillow can produce prophetic dreams. If you are faced with making a decision, scratch your options on onions, one to each onion. Place them in the dark. The first one that sprouts answers you. Orange blossoms fresh or dried added to your bath to make you feel more attractive. When you eat an orange - think of a question that can be answered by yes/no. Count the number of seeds - if they are of an even number, the answer is no. If odd, yes. Add dried Orange peel to prosperity powder, incenses and mixtures. Oregon Grape root in a green sachet to draw money and financial security or a red sachet to gain popularity. Ground the root of Oregon Grape into a fine powder and burn as an incense for the same magickal prospects. Orchid Root is used for luck and/or success, to gain and/or maintain employment and to secure protection for what ills you, love, safe travel, money, sweet dreams. Oregano oil, extracted from Wild Oregano plants (Origanum Vulgare), may be used in humidifiers to ease sinus problems, to stave off colds and to promote a healthy immune system. Oregano oil has antimicrobial agents that have been shown to protect and preserve good health. Using it in a humidifier is the same as using other essential oils in humidifiers. Either cool or warm mist humidifiers will work well. The oil will help relieve minor sinus issues and the aroma will uplift your home's atmosphere. Orris Root has long been used to find and hold love. The whole orris root is carried, the powder added to sachets, sprinkled on sheets, clothing and the body, as well as around the house. Orris root powder is sometimes known as "Love Drawing Powder". Suspend a whole root from a small length of cord or yarn and with this pendulum find the answers to your questions. Peas (Shelled) to bring good fortune and profits in your business/career. Use dried peas in financial formulas/mixtures. If a unmarried woman finds a pea containing exactly nine peas, one should hang it over the door. The first eligible man to walk under the pod will be the future husband. Passion Flower placed in the house to calm problems and troubles, and to bring peace. Carry it to attract friends and gain popularity. Place it beneath your pillow to aid in sleep. Patchouli attracts men and woman - wear alone or with other love herbs. Normally used in oil form. Pear dried in love spells to bring a love to you or to strengthen a current love relationship. To induce sexual arousal, eat a Pear raw or make into a desert and then consume. The wood is great for powerful and effective magickal wands. Witches like to dance under Pear trees. Peppermint burned as incense for: exorcism, health, healing, lust, money and riches, changes, psychic awareness and purification. Smell to lead you to fall asleep. Place Peppermint beneath your pillow to get a glimpse into your future through your dreams. Rub Peppermint against furniture, walls and floorboards to cleanse them of evil and negativity. Petrified wood is carried or used in spells designed to extend the life span or, to increase the enjoyment of our lives. It is also carried as a protective amulet because of its hardness and strange appearance. It sets up barriers of energy which deflect negativity. Pine tree cones carried increases fertility and lifespan. Burn its needles to purify and cleanse a room or the whole house of negativity. Scatter on the floor to drive out evil. You may also burn the Pine needles to reverse and send back bad spells. Place a Pine branch over the front door of your house to ensure continual joy within. Poplar tree buds and leaves help attract money or burn/add to incense for the same results. Add to a lotion or ointment to aid in astral projection. Prickly Ash is used to attract a sexual love, to attract a heart-felt love and to invite love into your environment. Primrose planted in the garden to protect, especially the blue and red varieties. Purslane halts nightmares, draws love, luck, protection, happy home and to repel evil. Rhubarb root worn around your neck, on a string, to protect yourself against stomach pains. Serve Rhubarb pie to your mate to help maintain his or her fidelity. Rose is a Goddess herb belonging to Venus and the Water element. Rose is the accepted love scent. Rose buds are added to bath water to conjure a lover. Place some in a red cloth bag and pin it under your clothes. Rose hips worn as beads attract love. A tea of rosebuds drank before sleep induces prophetic dreams. Rose petal and hips are used in healing spells and mixtures. Rose petals sprinkled around the house calm personal stress and household upheavals. Roses planted in the garden attracts fairies. Burn as incense for: Healing, health, love, luck, creativity, balance, anointing, divination, clairvoyance, protection, psychic awareness, unconditional love, peace, harmony, and tranquility. Rue leaves placed on the forehead helps relieve headaches or wear around the neck for some extra oomph in recuperating from an illness and/or to ward off future health problems. Add Rue to your bath to break any hexes or curses that may have been cast against you. Hang rue above a door or rub the fresh leaves on the floor to send any negativity spells back to the sender. Mix a sprig of Rue with salt water and sprinkle throughout your house to clear the area of negativity. This plant grows best when stolen and its place in a garden not only beautifies it, but protects the area around it. Sage absorbs negativity and misfortune. It drives away disturbances and tensions, and lifts the spirits above the mundane cars of life. Burn it to consecrate a ritual space. Carry it as an herb of protection. Use it in the ritual bath and chalice. Tradition holds that those who eat sage become immortal in both wisdom and years. Sage is used in wish manifestations and to attract money. Smolder to promote healing and spirituality. Carry to promote wisdom. Use in spells for: Protection; Wisdom; Health; Money and Riches; Spirituality. Powerful clearing and cleansing, removes negative energy. Boil fresh White Sage to cleanse your home. It smells amazing- Make sure to open several windows/and or doors. After you can use the water to clean your floors, etc. Salt mixed with spring water and rue. Spray around your house to remove negativity. Burn Salt with frankincense and rue to remove negative entities from a person, place or thing. Sprinkle Salt in the four corners of a room or sprinkle around a house/property for protection. One of the most common topical treatments for minor muscle and skin pain is Epsom salt, which has been used for centuries as a home remedy. You can soak bruises in water mixed with this compound. You also may find some pain reduction from usage. Sea Squill hung over any window for home protection. To draw money, place a Sea Squill in a jar or box and add silver coins while imagining money coming to you. If you feel that you have been hexed, carry a Sea Squill with you and it will break the negative spell. Seaweed dried and put under the busiest portion of the house to draw luck and prosperity to you. Spearmint is used extensively in healing remedies, especially those that deal with lung diseases. Inhale the crisp scent of Spearmint to increase and sharpen your mental powers. Stuff a dream pillow or part of your mattress with Spearmint for protection while you sleep. Spikenard burned as an incense to instill a fine layer of peace in your home. Combine with Frankincense to ward off negativity as you attract peace. Wear Spikenard around the neck, hidden in pendant, or carry in a sachet to draw good luck to you and/or to ward off disease. Sprinkle Spikenard on the bed sheets, place in lover's underwear drawer so that they remain a faithful partner. Star Anise seeds burned as incense to increase your psychic powers or you can wear them as beads for the same purpose. Place on your altar or magickal work space in each of the four directions to give your area power. Carry Star Anise as a general luck-bringer and the seeds make great pendulums. Sunflower Seeds are used for fertility, wish making, sexual energy and stamina, guards against pests, Protect yourself against smallpox and brings good luck. Ti is used for keeping storms away, home's protective barrier. protection you as you sleep, relieves a headache and protection of their marriage. Tomato (red) on your fireplace mantle To bring prosperity into your home, place a large. Replace every three days. Eat the Tomato to inspire love. For household protection, place a Tomato on a window sill and evil cannot enter. Tomato plants in the garden also repel and protect against evil. To heal a broken heart, drink one wineglass of Tomato juice 3x a day for a month. Vanilla plant is used in love magick. Its beans are used as amulets to improve mental powers, and it's purple flowers are used in aphrodisiacs and passion sachets. Vanilla is used in oil form, but the whole bean is sometimes carried on ones body to make yourself attractive and ready for an evening of loving. Used by some for some get up and go. Violet used with Lavender to make a powerful love sachet. Wintergreen is utilized in healing spells, and when fresh sprigs are placed on the altar they call good spirits to witness and aid you magick. Wolfsbane is used to make a wash for ritual tools & space, a wash made from Aconite also known as Wolfsbane, can be used. **NOTE This herb is POISONOUS do not ingest. Woodruff is carried to attract money, prosperity, and victory to athletes. When placed in a leather sachet, it guards warriors or solders against harm. Remember to harm none!!!! Click for the Site Index