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Katydid's Enchanted Kingdom Home Page The GreenMan's Meadow ~ Unknown Deep in the forests and glens of old, our ancestors caught glimpses of the GreenMan. They had an understanding of his wild and unbridle life force. Men had a connection to the cycles and seasons and the Goddess. With the coming of the monotheistic religion his influence and sacred role became diminished in the daily life of the people and he was seen less and less. When the GreenMan disappeared from the lives of the people something very valuable was lost. Men and women alike were weakened by his disappearance. Understanding of and respect for the male role in the cycle of Nature was an important element of many Goddess worshipping religions. An essential positive influence on young men was lost. Knowing the GreenMan had kept them in harmony with the wisdom and power of the Goddess. Once it was lost, women's status declined and men forgot who they were and what place they and their brothers held in the cosmic dance of life. Pan energy is an aspect of the GreenMan, and a valuable one, but it is not the only natural force represented in the GreenMan. There are also many less hedonistic characteristics that constitute GreenMan energy. It is in the balance of these complex energies that men attain the most freedom, compassion and wisdom. In our own culture men have been controlled by the acceptance of Pan energy to the exclusion of all other masculine energies. This left men with the illusion that they were free, when in fact they were anything but free. A total focus on Pan energy has isolated men and greatly limited the acceptable modes of expression for their masculinity and their psyche. Pan is an essential aspect of masculine energy, but it is not the only one. The many GreenMan images carved into the cathedral walls and alcoves of the Middle Ages are a testament to the powerful position occupied by the GreenMan among the stone masons and common folk. Devotion to the "Old Gods" lasted well into the monotheist era. The many Sheela-Na-Gigs and GreenMan images carved so long ago still can be seen throughout Europe gracing the exteriors of the conquering religion's houses of worship. Stone Masons of the dark ages and the middle ages held true to their Pagan roots, even as they built cathedrals to the new momotheistic Christian religion that had invaded Europe and overwhelmed the indigenous religions of the people. Along with the popularity of all things Celtic, we are experiencing a resurgence of interest in the GreenMan, his traditions, rituals, myths and lore. This renewed interest promises to help restore some of the sacred balance that has been missing in contemporary western culture. The return of the GreenMan offers men a wholistic way of integrating all that they are and seeing in themselves a vital role in the creation and protection of the life force in all things. The return of the GreenMan brings new hope and understanding of the true strength of balanced masculine energy. For too long, men have been isolated from that part of themselves that honors the Sacred Mother, the divine in Nature, and the divinity that is an integral part of men's true nature. In the coming years, many men, those strong enough to accept their full natures, will continue to explore and integrate the insights they gain from the GreenMan's energy. This will spawn a whole new generation of male authors, artists and visionaries who understand balanced and life affirming maleness that honors the Goddess and the GreenMan. It is this new understanding that will move humanity forward in positive and healing ways. Katydid's Enchanted Kingdom Home Page Witch's Garder ~ Unknown The witch's garter also known as a "witch's belt" (as is her girdle, just to increase confusion) has associations with shamanic rites, fairy magic, and erotic power. Sometimes the garter also denotes rank in a coven. (1) Ancient garters were created from shed snakeskin to tap into that creature's magic power and psychic ability. (2) Place crystals atop a snakeskin and allow it to charge overnight in the moonlight. (3) Wear it on your left thigh. Katydid's Enchanted Kingdom Home Page The Grail Quest ~ by Jarrien Wolf Beltaine To discover the grail you first need to find yourself, hopefully this page will cast some light upon your journey. You will not find the grail here but perhaps I can assist you on your travels, now that you have entered this well. Over the centuries the Grail has become something of a changeling taking on many forms from the cup, the chalice, the platter or dish, the cauldron of the ancient Celts and the horn of plenty to name a few. Today the popular vision of the Grail is of the cup or chalice said to hold the blood of Christ caught while he bled upon the cross by Joseph of Arimathea. Joseph accompanied the Grail to the Isle of Angels (Britain) and upon reaching Glastonbury he placed his staff into the ground. From this grew the first thorn tree, said to represent the crown Christ was forced to wear during his crucifixion. There is a strong connection between the Grail of Jesus Christ and the Arthurian Quest, but beyond them both silently lies a far older legend, one which I shall try to touch upon here. Within Celtic lore waiting to be discovered are the triads, read on and all will be explained. There are numerous examples of the triads within the legends. For instance we have the three Grail knights Galahad, Bors de Ganis and Perceval, who all succeeded in crossing the Grail bridge, a test of purity in itself. There are also the three concealments of Britain which involve Bran's head, the Dragons of Dinas Emrys and the bones of Vortimer the blessed; each hold their own secrets and offer wisdom, understanding and knowledge once unraveled. Another is of course the Goddess in her triple aspect as Maiden, Mother and Crone and also perhaps the most famous or infamous triad of them all depending on which way you look upon it, Arthur, Guinevere and Lancelot. The list of examples is endless - you could also included the Father, Son and Holy Ghost or Mind, Body and Spirit...Faith, Hope and Charity etc. So what can the triad stratagems tell us. Well to start with they can be anything from Deity, people, places, events or objects which join together to aid the memory and learning. Within Celtic lore at times a common denominator is that they tend to end in tragedy. Instead of looking upon the tales as simple stories we must look beyond and discover the mistakes which caused the downfall or heartache, and relate this to ourselves. Another common factor is they all kept secrets from another person involved within the triad. As only the pure in heart can discover the Grail the holding of secrets points to a lack of trust in either another or oneself. Truth is one which the Grail demands hence lack of trust either through our own actions or those of others becomes a negative, which in time may fester and breed until consciously or not you cause harm to another. This in turn will cause you to retreat further from the quest or path. Truth or honesty (honour) today seem to have become a burden for many, instead of becoming a source of enlightenment. I would suggest to you this is because of the search for recognition of status (sometimes caused by a deep insecurity) and the search for financial gain (material wealth). This has caused some to become confused as to the true path and Grail quest. As the Grail resides within the realm of Spirit it will not entertain those who seek it for their own gain; it can only be given to others to share and heal and can never be owned by only one. If we take the figure of Galahad who many state brought the grail to the wounded King Arthur (although I feel an affinity towards Perceval for this task) Galahad learned from the mistakes of his father Lancelot who betrayed both his wife Elaine and his King in failing to overcome his desire for Guinevere. Often those who appear the strongest are in reality (at times) the weaker emotionally. Because Galahad experienced the suffering caused by the actions of Lancelot he swore an oath that he would forgo all earthly pleasures. Only by experience may we learn wisdom. Many often confuse knowledge with wisdom, knowledge can easily be achieved through study but this alone does not make you wise. As Galahad held no mortal desires he achieved the seat 'Siege Perilous'. It is for this very reason I feel Perceval was the knight who brought the Grail to Arthur. Perceval seems a far more human figure and achieved the Grail after his second attempt. Raised by his mother in the woods and educated in the ways of chivalry and conduct. He is seen as the fool who eventually becomes the wise man (or the Hermit within the Tarot deck). Only after he experienced the love of a maiden did he return to successfully secure the Grail. Katydid's Enchanted Kingdom Home Page Perceval is also associated with the Christian figure of Perlesvaus who achieves the position of Grail King. It is not until later and the growth of Christianity that he was replaced as the main Grail Knight by Galahad, who was seen as more virtuous and in keeping with the Christian archetype. Perhaps originally it was Perceval not Galahad who claimed the seat 'Siege Perilous' at Arthur's round table. So what was the Siege Perilous? At Merlin's request around Arthur's table one chair remained empty - this was reserved for the purest knight in the land. Only he who remained untainted and who served a higher purpose could fill this position. This was the place held for the knight who would succeed in securing the Grail for King Arthur. The Quest for the Grail has revealed many a tale of enlightenment. After the death of Joseph of Arimathea his disciples constructed Castle Corbenic to house the sacred vessel. Again arguments and jealousy festered within the castle community which resulted in King Mordrain being struck blind by the light radiating from the Grail, as he sought to use it for his own means. The earliest account of the Grail is not one of a cup or chalice but a cauldron involving Arthur and his knights, as they set sail towards the land of Annwn to recover the Hallows. There they discovered a glass castle revolving upon an isle. At the center of the castle lay the object of their quest, the cauldron of inspiration and prophecy tended to by nine pure maidens. The mention of the castle constructed from glass represents how fragile we are compared to the divine and how careful we must be not to cause harm to ourselves and others during our search. Holding an insular or selfish approach to life in general and stating your way is right while others are wrong will only lead back to the realm of Annwn, which can be a dark and foreboding place. Out of Arthur's quest for the cauldron and Hallows only the king and six others returned from Annwn. Throughout history from the early quests for the cauldron, the Arthurian quest for the Grail, the Crusades of the Templar knights for the True Cross, the magical stone etc. right up to present day, people still seek the healing powers of the Grail. Numerous dictators throughout history (who shall not be mentioned in this sacred space) are said to have sought the hallowed vessel, naturally they failed. Another prime example that the Grail cannot be used for self gain and included here exactly for that purpose. So where lies the Grail today? Unfortunately I cannot answer this and if I knew should I tell? However this much I can tell you. To search for the Grail you must first encounter the wastelands, which in this case represent yourself and inner self. This perhaps is one of the hardest challenge laid down by the Grail guardians, Manannan and Pryderi. Within each of us lies the source of the Grail residing next to the divine child Mabon. To discover them we need to remain true both to ourselves and to others. To overcome our desires for material wealth and stature while learning to channel our emotions, yet never denying them, no small task in itself. Guidance towards these goals is recorded in the wisdom of the Celtic triads, the Grail stories and within Celtic lore. Their magic reveals an ability to blend all three within the self. Once this has been achieved, sometimes taking many lifetimes, only then may we begin our search for the Grail, but first the wasteland needs to be crossed. Now that I have taken you this far along your journey and perhaps prepared some of the ground along your path, I must bid you farewell. Take care during your travels as many venture down the path of the inflated ego rather than the spirit, failing to recognize the differences between the two. Again we need to balance the spirit and the ego with a third, that third entity being yourself. Perhaps now you are that little bit closer to starting your quest for the Grail. Bear in mind the responsibility you hold towards yourself and others; remember if you seek the Grail, seek it not for self gain and I wish you well on your travels. Katydid's Enchanted Kingdom Home Page Something To Think About ~ Unknown Beauty: First on the Goddess's list of virtues is beauty. This is consistent with Wiccan philosophy in general, with its emphasis on celebration of love and pleasure, and the other appealing qualities of Nature. Beauty is the province of the Love Goddesses such as Aphrodite, Oshun, Venus and Hathor. What pleases the sense, pleases the Goddess. She invites us to dress as well as we can afford, to adorn ourselves and our homes in a way that appeals to us. However, we must also remember not to pursue our ideal of beauty to a degree that causes us, or other people, harm; so the impulse to tan until we have skin cancer, malnourish ourselves into an unhealthy body type, "beautify" in ways that require the torture or death of animals, to be cruel to others who do not meet our own standard of beauty, does not fall within the scope of the Goddess's virtues. The Goddess embraces the beautiful aesthetic and calls us to reawaken to its healing powers. She exalts in beautiful music that stirs the emotions, in rich colors and textures that call out to be touched, in shapes that flow pleasingly from one to the next. She is present in the elaborate Japanese garden. She tends the dandelion that emerges victorious between the cracks of the pavement.. We also need to remember to honor the beauty of destruction. While creation is beautiful, without destruction to temper it, it runs wild and makes everything into a cosmic junkpile. To make a garden beautiful, we plow up and make a shambles of the soil so that our seeds have a place to grow. So in life, in order to cultivate inner beauty, we must be willing to be torn open to make a place for the seed, to neglect even things theoretically of value-that class we keep meaning to take, that unpursued fantasy of becoming a rock star-in our pursuit of the greater good we have chosen. Strength: The balance of beauty is strength. Like beauty, strength has a physical virtue, because the Wiccan faith embraces the physical as an aspect of the Divine. We make our bodies as healthy and whole as we can, since this improves our strength. We study the use of herbs, eat organic food, sometimes become vegetarians. Yet we frequently neglect the more obvious practices, like eating less and getting regular exercise. Strength is in the buck as he charges through the wood, in the lioness as she pulls down the antelope, in the mother bear as she charges the hunter threatening her cubs. Physical strength is the power to survive, and to pass on the best chance for one's offspring to survive. It is the cardinal virtue of the Horned God, and of the Lady of the Beasts. Strength also implies the ability to stand firm in the face of opposition. By pushing through resistance, by moving through adversity by force of will, we gain strength. Power: Wiccans easily embrace the word "power" when we imagine that it means magickal force. Yet there are other meanings for "power," and these we seem to find more intimidating. Many of us wish for a world in which all people are created and treated as equal, and in which our decisions can be made by consensus. But in our society, inequity of power is the norm, and "equality," even in our circles, often an illusion. ("Once they know you can cook," my friend Karen says, "it's always your job to bring the food.") it is a natural human desire to want recognition for good work.. In celebrating and using our unique gifts, we come into our personal power. Power sometimes manifests in the ability to lead othersA good leader, someone who is able to move decisively on behalf of a group, and to inspire the group to fulfill its goals, is a wonderful asset. Compassion: Compassion is the ability to feel for others and is the natural balance of the virtue of power. Compassion moves forward and embraces others, regardless of difference; it looks out not only for "its own kind," but for all beings, simply because they are. In the Boddhisatva Vow of Compassion, for example, a soul that has attained enlightenment chooses to remain within the cycle (viewed in that tradition as the ultimate sacrifice) in order to light the way for others to follow. Yet we should not become so consumed with the needs of others that we forget to nurture ourselves. If we become so fixated on others that we take no time to replenish ourselves, we burn out-and again the world is impoverished, because we have nothing left to give. Honor: Honor appears in balance with humility; therefore, we must take honor to mean, in part, respect for ourselves. To honor someone means to pay respect to them and pay respect to the Goddess through our rituals. Living by a code of honor is also a source of power, as it trains the will and enforces a connection to the ethics by which we believe we should live. We must remember, through our lesson of compassion, that other cultures and religions have different codes of honor, and react to members of those systems accordingly. Appropriate behavior varies widely from one locale to the next. Humility: Humility allows us to look at our shortcomings. We must do this with compassion toward ourselves as well we are cautioned against believing or hoping that we can be perfect, or wishing that we could be. A popular idea is the thought that we all create our own reality. The concept correctly applied can be helpful in creating positive changes in our lives. Unfortunately, this easily crosses into a "blame the victim" mentality. It tempts us to turn a complacent eye to the suffering of others, with the justification that they must have "asked for it" on a karmic level. This mindset flies against the virtue of humility, and once it takes hold, it also erodes compassion. For an attendant of the Goddess, the point of gaining power is to use it to serve the highest good through compassion. It is humility that allows us to keep this balance. By the same token, it allows us to pick ourselves up and keep going when we have our inevitable bad moods, selfish moments-knowing, in the balance of honor and humility, that everyone has down times, and that we can get back up again and keep trying. Mirth: Mirth balances all the virtues and their opposites: it can help create beauty where there is ugliness, give courage to those who feel powerless, and deflate power and honor when they become too heavy with their own importance. Cultural structures, whether secular or religious, tend to fear chaos. When we divide our world into dualities, we often assign "evil" to chaos and "good" to order. However, Pagan religions traditionally acknowledge that the forces of chaos are also the source of creation often honoring this paradox by assigning the Trickster a special day or season during which He is celebrated with a temporary reversal of the culture's normal rules. Of course, no gift is without its potential for misuse, and so, mirth misapplied can become cruel rather than cleansing. Practice of the other virtues, particularly humility and compassion, can help keep this side of mirth in balance. Reverence: Reverence must be part of any sincere religious system. Reverence encompasses respect, which makes it the balance of mirth. Humans have an innate need to hold something as larger, greater, dearer than our limited self. For Pagans this "something" often begins as Nature, which we come to understand in turn as a reflection of the Divine. For others it may be a particular ideal, such as liberty or peace or their homeland or people or a concept like "the advancement of science." Reverence not only gives us a feeling of connection to a greater whole, which is one of the main sources of fulfillment in life but it also inspires us. The dark side of reverence is zealotry. We come to believe that the end justifies the means. The practice of humility and compassion, as well as mirth, can help to safeguard against this extreme. Katydid's Enchanted Kingdom Home Page The Earth Witch ~ by Lady Gabriele Earth Witches resemble kitchen witches or green witches.They grounded within there home and family. Earth Witches are very nurturing. No matter if the earth witch does her gardening,cooking or cleaning,she always brings magick into her life. The Earth Witch accepts everything she does as a reflection of the cycle of nature. She becomes one with the Earth. She loves to grow her own garden with magickal herbs and vegetables and loves to work and touch the earth. The Earth Witch blesses her seeds before planting them into her sacred space. After the young seedlings emerge,she ones again will bless them and the earth before she transplant her magickal plans. The Earth Witch watches very closely over her magickal garden and ones the garden is ready for harvest, she ones again bless her plants and gives thanks to the earth. The Earth Witch is also very attuned with the wildlife and can communicate with the animals. She always plans a little extra in her magickal garden, for those little bunny rabbits who sneak into her magickal garden. The Earth Witch also knows her herbs in magick or cooking and she usually decorates her sacred space accordingly to each season. Katydid's Enchanted Kingdom Home Page Earth Stones : Brown jasper - for grounding Coal - money drawing,absorbs negativity,removes psychic blocks Emerald - increases psychic powers,attract money and love,banish negativity, healing Green agate - happy life Green calcite - prosperity Green jasper - healing,increase empathy Green tourmaline - increase business and to stimulate creativity Jet - transformation,absorbs negativity,protection,increase psychic powers Malachite - increases magickal powers,protection,attracts love and peace Moss agate - gardeners stone,magickal safeguard for the garden,healing, happiness and riches Peridot - protection,healing,prosperity,calming Salt - cleansing,protection,grounding Turquoise - protection,increase courage and attracts money,love,friendship and luck,healing Earth Herbs : Alfalfa,Barley,Beet,Buckwheat,Corn,Cotton,Cypress,Fern,Honesty,Honeysuckle, Horehound,Horsetail,Knotweed,Loosestrife,Mugwort,Oats,Patchouli,Potato, Primrose,Quince,Rhubarb,Rye,Sagebrush,Tulip,Turnip,Vervain,Vetivert,Wheat, Wood sorrel Earth Gods and Goddesses : Flora,Fauna,Demeter,The Dagda,Corn Woman,The Green Man Katydid's Enchanted Kingdom Home Page What is a Vortex ~ Unknown We do not have a clue. To date, Vortex Hunters does not have any definitive proof that vortexes exist at all. But, that is why we started this web site. This is what we have found out so far: Some vortexes, or vortices, like a few locations in Sedona, Arizona, are reported to promote a sense a well-being to those that are in tune with its energies. This type of vortex is called an energy vortex. Other types of vortex claims include: Paranormal portals that act as doorways to the afterlife-- or other dimensions Vortexes at the convergence of ley lines Sites of ancient rituals like Stonehenge, Machu Picchu, Chichen Itza Vortexes associated with crop circles Centers of UFO/USO activity The Proper Use Of Magical Intent ~ by Michael ‘Blackthorn’ Furie Magical intent is one of the most important facets of working magic. For the magic to be ideal in its success the intent must not only be properly focused and projected but also, it must fit the actual goal of the spell. For example, if you cast a protection spell designed only for spiritual or psychic protection, you may still be vulnerable to physical attack. If the intent of a spell is not complete or proper in its scope, the effects of the spell will be diminished or diverted. To demonstrate, I will give some examples and some corrective measures for the main goals of most magical practitioners. Let’s start with love magic. Love: Before performing a love spell you should be able to define, as precisely as possible, the type of person you wish to attract. You should also evaluate whether or not you are ready for a long-term relationship or if your true goal is merely sexual fulfillment. In the case of sexual fulfillment, I would suggest that you modify whatever love spell you are using to only include positive sexual attraction and take out any references to lasting partnerships or lifetime commitments. You should also be wary of using magic to fall in love if you only want to be in love ‘just to be in love.’ Any magic done that will involve the lives and free wills of other people should only be done with a proper level of maturity. In addition, it is highly inadvisable to ever cast a love spell on a specific person. This is an outright attempt at overpowering the free will of an innocent human being and would result in ‘unsavory’ consequences. In order to cast a spell on another living being, they either have to subconsciously allow it to affect them or you have to channel enough energy to overpower their subconscious shielding (which every being has) and force them into compliance. A spell of that magnitude is harder to cast than you might think when using positive energy and the more energy you send out the greater the eventual return. If you send out an enormous amount of energy essentially designed to break the free will of another, when that energy returns to you, well…don’t expect the relationship (or anything else) to go according to your wishes for a long time. You will then become someone whose will gets continually overpowered. Also, ‘relationships’ created in such a compulsory manner usually don’t last long since the target’s subconscious mind is aware of what you did and so, resentment and conflict will eventually bubble to the surface and destroy the relationship. The proper intent for a love spell would be to focus on the type of partner that you wish to attract into your life with the desire that it be for your mutual good and with free will. This type of love spell if properly cast, is guaranteed to be free of harsh side effects. Money: Money is an interesting thing. It is in fact, artificial. The concept of money is one of agreed upon value; everyone agrees that a certain coin or piece of paper is worth a given amount and…poof! It is. Truly understanding that money is more of a perception or concept as opposed to being the most powerful factor in existence is the key in using magic to bring money. Don’t get me wrong, having money is important! But not for its inherent value, for it has none. Money is important only because of the security that it can bring and the only reason it has this power is because we agree that it does. Now, I’m not saying that if we personally stop believing that money has value in our lives our need for it will stop. I’m not even suggesting that. I’m also not saying that money is a bad concept; merely that it is in fact, a concept. Prior to the use of money, the barter system was used to trade goods and services. This system is of course, quite cumbersome and would be totally unworkable in today’s society. I realize that we basically have no choice whether or not to agree on the value of money. Society decided that ages ago but, it’s not really money that we crave; we crave safety, health, comfort and security. This is why there are money spells in magic. We must work within the modern system in order to achieve the life security that nowadays, only money can provide. When working with spiritual forces to acquire a mundane, physical thing (which is a large chunk of what magic is used to do), it is important to focus on what the exact desired goal is rather than thinking in general terms. Specifically, when using magic to bring money, focus on why you need this money; what it will be used for, instead of just trying to ‘draw in money energy’ or something like that. We must focus on the truth behind things and not just a thin veneer or a means to an end. Focusing on the money itself is akin to over-analyzing the process of how magic will manifest a goal, which, as previously stated, then hinders that process. The true worth of money is what should be focused on and that can only be done by focusing on what it will be used to obtain. So, if you need money to purchase a new car, focus on the need for the car. You may also focus on the specific amount of money needed to purchase the car, if desired. Do not however, only focus on the money! That cannot be overstated. Money magic is about growth, security, and abundance and not money for money’s sake. Magic, in general works best if there is genuine need (as opposed to selfish want) . If you need money for something, cast the spell for that something. If you merely want $150, 000 dollars for the fun of it well, you can try for it but trust me, it will be a LOT harder to achieve. Katydid's Enchanted Kingdom Home Page Healing: When working healing magic for one’s self or others, it is necessary to visualize the person in a relaxed, healthy state as opposed to seeing them ‘becoming healed’ or ‘growing in strength’ or something along those lines. Surround them with healing energy and state that the injury or illness shall no longer exist. In your mind’ eye, ‘see’ the person healthy and with no illness. Visualize only the outcome; not even one speck of the process of healing. Otherwise, there will be delays, or mixed results due to confusing signals being projected by you. Any healing magic must be done with a true sense of compassion and love infused with it. This maximizes its effectiveness since magic done without proper feeling is only marginally successful at best. Protection: As noted earlier, the type of protection magic worked is an integral of its success. If you feel that someone is trying to work negative magic against you (however, that is a rare occurrence) or that a dark spiritual entity has become attached to you in some way (an even rarer occurrence) , or that you spend time around an energy vampire (a surprisingly frequent occurrence) , then you should work magic for psychic protection. If on the other hand, if you are worried about physical danger, then work magic for physical protection. Now, if you are under immediate physical threat or danger, then you should first take all necessary mundane precautions like locking doors, calling police, going to a safe public place etc. Most people work protective magic as a precautionary measure to avoid any such threats and I would recommend doing so. I personally feel that it is a good idea when using protection magic to aim for a combination of both types of protection; both psychic and physical, to make sure you are truly secure. A good dual protective measure is the witch bottle. When working protection magic, you should be filled with a sense of safety and serenity (no fear!) and infuse this serenity into the spell. If you are filled with fear, you will only infuse that fear into the spell and it will offer no protection; it will only increase the fear. You must project how you want to feel with the end result for effective protection. Binding: This is in an area known as gray magic. Binding can be used for positive ends but does involve the overpowering of the free will. Because of this, unless skillfully done (and even then) , there could be serious repercussions to the spellcaster. Many modern practitioners never use this type of magic and prefer to not even discuss such things but, given the fact that we live in an unpredictable, sometimes harsh world, I feel that it is best to be fully armed and knowledgeable with the use of defensive magic. The key here is defensive. Bindings should not be done merely to control another person for some type of ego boost or a cheap thrill. They should only be done to stop a dangerous person or situation from continuing on in its destructive ways. Additionally, it is possible (but, difficult) to bind oneself to help curb negative tendencies or bad habits. The proper intent for a binding is to visualize the person bound and unable to escape then, give them a specific set of commands to follow according to need. You should feel fully in control without malice or fear. Feel as though you are overwhelming the person into giving in to your demands (think angry nagging as opposed to kidnapping and threatening) . Bindings do require lots of energy to be effective and if the person’s subconscious mind is strong enough to reject your spell, you will quickly suffer the consequences of rebound. This is why this type of magic should be rarely done and when done at all, should only be in times of true need. The reason for specific orders is twofold. First, it speeds the success of the spell by giving it clear focus and second, it helps eliminate rebound upon the spellcaster since the stated conditions do not apply to the one casting the spell. Let me give an example, if you need to bind a thief then, do a binding with the specific command that the person will no longer steal the possessions of others and since you are not a thief (at least I hope not…) there would be no rebound of binding your free will. That being said, there is always an energy return from every spell cast and this is unavoidable. This is one reason why it is inadvisable to dwell too often in the realms of gray or black magic. You don’t need all that negative energy returning to you and disrupting your life. Cursing: Ah, the most controversial magical topic of them all. Now, this does qualify as black magic and as such, should only be done under very severe circumstances. To work a curse first, you must be filled with angry, vengeful energy and second, be willing to project that energy on to someone else. This will definitely result in dark energy being returned to you so, you must make sure that you are willing to deal with the consequences and that there aren’t any other, less severe options (see binding, above) that could accomplish your goal. Katydid's Enchanted Kingdom Home Page A curse will cause misfortune to the target of the spell and will result in a life of misery for them. Unfortunately, to curse another is to curse oneself so, be prepared to be on the receiving end of misery as well. If the consequences of curses are so awful then, why do people use them? Well, they should only be used in times of greatest need. Dark energy travels quickly on this plane. Much more quickly than positive energy, this is the lure of cursing. It’s quick and effective magic. Many people become addicted to the sense of power that the use of such magic brings. This is ignorant and dangerous behavior. The only justifiable reason to cast a curse is if someone has greatly wrong you or a loved one with no remorse and intends to continue doing so (either to yourself or others) . In such a case, a curse could be used to force a realization of the person’s own actions into their mind, creating a kind of tortured empathy or fill their lives with such chaos and misery that they no longer have the time or even the strength to attempt to harm you or anyone else. You should be very specific in your goals for a curse so, much like in the case of binding, the possibilities of rebound are minimized. Again, even if the curse doesn’t rebound upon you, the dark energy will eventually return and you will face the consequences of your actions. To cast the curse, you must be filled with anger and rage and infuse this feeling into your spell. This can be exhausting, as it requires enormous energy for the proper results to be achieved. For the most part, it is advisable to leave the negative magic alone in order to avoid the harsh repercussions of its use. The positive magical path is always a safer and highly encouraged choice. With all of these skills, anyone should be able to fine tune their intent, cast successful spells and reap the rewards of living the magical life. Katydid's Enchanted Kingdom Home Page Folk Medicine ~ by Peggy S. Fisher As you walk down the aisles of your local drugstore seeing the array of brightly colored bottles and boxes whose contents are designed to treat an almost endless variety of ailments, could you ever imagine them as flowers once growing on a forest floor or as a bark cut from one of its trees? From the chemicals developed by nature have actually come 25 percent of all our medications. The history of the relationship between products from living plants and healing medications goes back to the very beginnings of medicine itself, from 3700 B.C. Egypt, followed by the Chinese and later the Greeks and Romans. In the early frontier days of West Virginia, the vast majority of settlers in our region were cut off from any kind of "formal" medical care and moreover, competent physicians long remained beyond the reach, both physically and financially, of a vast segment of the population. For residents deprived of these benefits, folk medicine derived from time-honored and age-old traditions was used. Even after new and better treatments became available, residents clung tenaciously to folk remedies handed down from generations long past. Many such remedies survived well into the twentieth century and even yet constitute a part of the home treatments practiced in remote areas of the mountains. In 1610 King James, King of England, enforced what was known as the "Great Settlement" or the "Kings Plantation." It was an attempt by King James to gain control of the Irish by putting a Protestant population into Ireland. To do this he confiscated the lands of the Earl of Ulster and bestowed them upon Scottish and English lords on the condition that they settle the territory with tenants from Scotland and England. While in Ulster, the Scots multiplied and after about roughly 150 years became dissatisfied with the English and began emigrating in large numbers to the English colonies in America, hence the term "Scotch-Irish." As a whole, these were superstitious people who held great value in weather signs and nature lore, remedies, omens and family customs. Most folk lore (including folk medicine) having been passed down from generation to generation were held accepted as fact. Even today, many health care professionals have difficulty treating rural West Virginians due to the old beliefs that occasionally conflict with modern medicine. Many plants provided the basic ingredients that were used in the preparation of medicines and remedies by the backwoodsman. There seemed to be a belief among the early settlers that the more distasteful or obnoxious a concoction was, the more effective it would be. Some of their remedies are still used today in patent medicines. Wild cherry bark for cough medicine is an example. The principle ailments of the early settler included a variety of stomach troubles. Inasmuch as the diet of the mountain people left much to be desired, a diet which included fatback and sowbelly along with many other greasy items, there is little wonder that they had any stomach at all! Katydid's Enchanted Kingdom Home Page Sassafras, catnip, horehound and pennyroyal were all brewed into teas and used to treat coughs and colds. The leaves and twigs of red cedar were boiled and inhaled for bronchitis. White and black willow leaves and bark were made into a tea to break up a fever which makes perfect sense today since we know that willow is very abundant in salicylic acid -- aspirin. Bloodroot, golden seal, wild ginger and the corm of the jack-in-the-pulpit were used in a variety of concoctios. The pitch from the white pine healed wounds and sores. Powdered bark of the hemlock was used to staunch the flow of blood from a cut. Tannin in the bark of the hemlock was good for burns. Cooked pine needles were used for toothache. Rhododendron oil was used for rheumatism. Whether these remedies were effective or not, is not recorded. Who dared to get sick, with all that faced them on the frontier. Blood letting was popular during these frontier days. Dr. Joseph Doddridge, author of Notes of the Settlement and Indian Wars was a great proponent. Dr. Doddridge observed that the danger was not in using the lances too freely but in using it too sparingly in which the patient might be left with a spitting of blood (such as in might be brought about by some pulmonary disturbances) or even consumption. Many cough syrups were built around Virginia snakeroot. Pioneers also put great faith in dried Indian turnip mixed with honey, but they knew that unless the Indian turnip had been scraped from the top downward the mixture would have no effect. Poultices were also very highly regarded and depending on what ailed you -- there were different poultices to cure you. Mustard plasters or poultices were used to "break congestion." Apparently there was a fine line of time to leaving it on. You left it on until the skin turned pink but did not blister. Yarrow and jimson weed, two very common, summertime weeds in West Virginia, have been greatly touted as ingredients in poultices that are to be placed on wounds to draw out infection. The American experience is deeply rooted in the lore of Native Indians. Though there was not a large Indian population in West Virginia per se, there were those that were "transplanted" here for one reason or another. My mother, who was born and raised a Clay Countian, remembers an old woman who lived way up one of the hollows from her family's farm. Prudy White was a full-blooded Blackfoot Indian who "doctored" the people who lived nearby. My mother remembers a time when she was seven years old and was coming down with chickenpox. She had a terrible fever and was chilling though covered with many quilts and sitting in front of the stove. My grandmothers concern was that the chickenpox "had not come out." The fear was that if the pox didn't come out on the skin, they would go inside and could cause a child to die. My grandmother sent my grandfather after Old Prudy. My mother was scared to death of Old Prudy particularly since local legend had it she was a witch and could put a spell on you and make you die. My mother said that Prudy came in and took one look at her and walked back outside and into the woods. When she came back she had her apron full of roots and bark and berries that she told my grandmother to brew into a tea. My mom says it was the nastiest tasting stuff she'd ever tasted but, within 15 minutes the chickenpox began coming out" and within 1 hour she was covered head to toe with the little red spots. She ran the regular course for chickenpox and was soon on her feet again. She also recalls the time her father came down with double pneumonia. Prudy was once again summoned by the family but she came into the house, looked at my grandfather and told my grandmother to make him comfortable, there was nothing she could do. He died the next morning. When my mother was older, in high school, she said she had a small wart under her left thumbnail. She sent her sister to Prudy's house to ask her what to do since my mother was still rather afraid of her. Prudy told her to take a kernel of corn and rub on the wart. She then said to take the kernel of corn and wrap it up pretty like a gift and place it in the fork of a two roads at night during a full moon. My mother did everything Prudy had said and within 2 weeks, the wart was gone. The bad part was that Prudy had also said that whoever found the kernel of corn would get the wart. My mother went to school the day after her wart disappeared and to her dismay saw, sitting next to her, the meanest girl in the whole county with a small wart under her left thumbnail. I am a Home Health RN that makes visits to patients in their homes. The majority of my patients are elderly and have offered me a wide variety of cures. The blood of a black chicken rubbed on the affected area will cure the shingles. Black chickens are also good to bring out chickenpox particularly if you go out to the chicken coop after the sun goes down and let one fly over you. Tea made from hot water and corn silk will cure bed wetting in children. The root of rhubarb worn on a string around your neck will prevent stomach aches. Tie a big red onion to the bedpost and it keeps the ones in the bed from having colds. Boils are caused by impure blood, you should eat sorghum molasses, raisins and onions. A dirty sock worn around your neck when you go to bed will cure a sore throat. (My grandmother had a dog that had tonsillitis, and she did the above and the dog got well.) Don't let the moonlight shine on your face while your sleeping, it will cause you to go crazy. A buckeye carried in the pocket will cure rheumatism. Don't cut your hair in the dark of the moon or it may cause you to go bald. Tea made from sumac leaves is good for and can cure asthma and hay fever. An iron key pressed to the back of the neck will cure a nosebleed. To stop a toothache in your left jaw, tie a string around the little toe of your right foot. For the right jaw, reverse the directions. Katydid's Enchanted Kingdom Home Page A Shopkeeper Witch ~ Unknown The only known shopkeeper witch in Wales was Richard Evans of Llangurig, Powys who lived in the middle part of the nineteenth century. His shop was on the main street of Llangurig, and he owned several other buildings including The Queens Head Hotel. One advantage of being a witch was that he could catch and punish any shop lifters himself, so had hardly any trouble. Some shoplifters were as cunning and clever as the modern ones, and felt they could even fool a witch. They were in fact fooling themselves if they thought that Richard Evans would not detect a theft, and know who did it. One day in the summer of 1858 a woman came in.
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