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To Create Sacred Space And A Permanent Altar Altar Blessing Altar Devotion, Casting the Circle Your Altar How To Make A Wiccan Shoe box Altar To Create Sacred Space And A Permanent Altar You Will Need: 2 white altar candles censer incense figurine/image (optional) white candle Preparation: Clean/Sweep Area Dress Candles Ritual Bath Meditation Procedure: Light left Altar Candle Light right Altar Candle Light incense Light white candle. Rise up with it in your hand. Turn to your right and, with candle in hand, walk the perimeter of the space you wish to make sacred, investing that path with energy. Say: By the light, which cuts thru darkness By the fire, which burns within By my will, which stirs the elements Let nothing harmful in As you reach the the altar, set the candle down in the appropriate place. Say: So mote it be! While within the circle of your sacred space, do whatever work you have need to do (if setting up permanent altar, bless the items that you have chosen for it, setting them in those places that are appropriate). When it is time to leave, lift up the white candle, turn to your left and, with candle in hand, walk the perimeter of your sacred space, taking back the energy you had laid down before. Say: By my will, which called the elements By the fire, which burned so bright By the light, which lit the darkness I will leave you for tonight. Extinguish the white candle and set it down on the altar. Extinguish the right Altar candle. Extinguish the left Altar candle. Face the altar one last time. Say: So mote it be! Altar Blessing Say: From the Mystic light To fertile foundations On the shores of the waters Out of hopes and dreams On the wings of wine Of light and inspiration With the inner flame kindled Divine spark and gleam Back to light For manifestation swiftly fulfilled Moves the unseen By the moon The stars and the sun By the Gods The Godesses and the Ancient Ones Blessed be this Altar And all here on Good for all And harming none Go to Top Go to Main Page Altar Devotion, Casting the Circle As you walk around the circle three times, imagine a green, soothing mist trailing from your fingers, enveloping you and enclosing your magic circle. Say: I conjure the magic circle I am safe within the Goddess' womb A sacred place, a world apart Where enchantment births and magic starts With Air and Fire, Water and Earth I circle round the Mother's girth This circle is sealed. Your Altar Placement Based on Direction The path of witchcraft you choose to follow often dictates the design, arrangement, colors, and countless other things about the altar. There are several things you have to consider when you start planning a rite or ceremony. The direction the tools and you are going to be facing during the proceedings is the first thing you have to be deal with when preparing for rituals, rites, and spell work. Most agree that the altar is the center of the sacred circle, the middle of the sacred space, and that is where most witches prefer it to be for access. Also the energy of the circle is the strongest in the center, and magickal work is more powerful from this position. When the candles and cauldron and other magickal tools are brought out, they are placed in specific places upon this surface so their power can be centered as well. Picking the direction you will be facing during the majority of the ritual is determined when you lay these tools outs. Symbols and tools of the Goddess are placed upon the left side of the sacred place and those of the God are placed on the right. Figuring out which direction you will be facing is crucial to setting the tools out properly. The most traditional direction to face is North. A great number face their altars this way because North represents power and is the direction associated with the Earth. Some Trads choose to face the East to show respect to the Goddess and the God, because the Moon and the Sun rise in this direction. The intent of the ritual may also come into play when choosing the direction of choice. It is possible to face any direction and cast, but respect to the deities and tradition often dictates the choice. How To Make A Wiccan Shoe box Altar You do not need a large space or big tables to create an altar. Altars are about paying tribute to a loved one or creating a sacred space for practicing Wicca or other religions and can therefore be made as big or small as desired so long as they contain meaning for you. Shoe boxes are often used in the creation of smaller altars. Cover a shoebox, inside and out, in natural fibers, such as linen, silk or cotton. Attach the fabrics to the shoebox with a stapler, glue or tape.Place the shoebox in a private area where it will not be disturbed. Turn the shoebox on its side lengthwise. Place a statue of the Wiccan Goddess in the middle of the box; get a Goddess statue from an online Wicca supply store if you do not already own one. Set up your tools for magick in and around the altar, such as a pentacle symbol, chalice, wand and athame. Athames are a type of knife not used for cutting but rather for invoking power for spells. Fashion a wand out of twigs or other materials or purchase one from an online Wicca supply store. Pentacles and chalices may also be ordered from online stores. Place candles around the altar, which are commonly used in Wiccan spells, as well as any other items sacred to your practice.
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