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Aluminum Antimony
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NameFolk NameEnergyPlanetElementPowersMagical Uses
ProjectiveMercuryAirMental abilities, travel and image magicIn magic small pieces of aluminum can be carried to stimulate mental abilities. Due to its modern associations with travel, aluminum is also utilized in spells involving trips to distant lands. Aluminum foil can be a tool of image magic. Place a large sheet of foil on your stone altar. Light candles of the color that suits your magical need. With your magical need in mind, form the foil into the proper shape. Let the shape fuel your visualization; send energy into and through it to bring your need into manifestation. When finished, smooth out the foil and douse it with water. Dry, flatten and use the same foil every day. Repeat until you are successful.
N/AProjectiveSunFireProtectionWear a small piece of antimony to guard against negative vibrations. This white metal can also be worn or carried for protection. Bits added to combinations of protective stones strengthens their powers.
Boji Stones
N/AProjectiveMarsFirePower, Protection, Healing, Balancing EnergiesBoji Stones are something of an enigma. Experts aren't sure just what they are - crystalline forms of iron? Pseudomorphs (wherein organic or mineral substances are replaced with, in this case, metal)? Whatever they are, Boji stones emit forceful, projective vibrations. They appear to be useful for balancing the body's energies, with the resultant effects of calming, grounding and healing. They are certainly protective, in that they charge up our psychic defenses. As for their other uses, maybe they will be discovered with use.
N/AProjectiveSunFireHealing, Money, ProtectionBrass has long been used as a magical substitute for gold. While it doesn't possess all of gold's attributes, brass is used in money-attracting rituals. For example, at sunrise, empower eight small brass bells and eight green candles with your need for money. Do this in direct sunlight if possible. Place the candles (in holders) in a roughly square shape (two on each side). Ring each of the bells over a candle and visualize.
N/AReceptiveVenusWaterEnergy Direction, Healing, Luck, Love, Protection, MoneyCopper, a reddish orange metal, has long been linked with the divine. During ancient Mesopotamian times it was attributed to the Queen of Heaven as well as to the goddesses associated with the planet Venus. These include Ishtar, Astarte and perhaps Inanna, the Sumarian predecessor to the first two deities mentioned above. It has also been sacred to the Sun in Babylon as well as to the early inhabitants of the Pacific Northwest (U.S.).
Electrum is a general term describing a mixture, or alloy, of metals. Gold, silver and platinum are often found, in some combination or other, in electrum used in magic. Naturally occurring electrum is rare and was once highly desired for use in magic. Today, even though electrum is produced through artificial means, this doesn't lessen its energies. Contemporary magical practitioners skilled in metalcraft make their own electrum for specific purposes. For example, a Wiccan dedicated to the old Goddess and God of nature might wear a ring or pendant of silver and gold electrum. This would be symbolic of the two primal deities.
N/AProjectiveSunFirePower, Healing, Protection, Wisdom, Money, Success, Male Sexual DysfunctionGold, perhaps the most magically potent of all metals, is utilized in magic to lend its energy to rituals. Worn during magic, gold jewelry enhances the magician's ability to rouse and send forth power. Wearing gold in your everyday life increases your personal power, thus promoting courage, confidence and will power.
N/AProjectiveMarsFireprotection, defensive magic, strength, healing, grounding, return of stolen goodsIron is a pure projective power, active, seeking, blinding, confusing, guarding. For heavy protection, place small pieces of iron in each room of the house or bury at the four corners or your property. In earlier times, iron fences were sometimes used to halt the flow of negativity into the home. During protective or defensive magic, wear an iron ring engraved with the symbol of Mars. Or, obtain a three inch thick white candle and eight old iron nails. Warm the nails by a fire (or in a red candle's flame), then thrust each into the white candle in a random pattern. Light the nail-studded candle and visualize yourself as guarded, protected, secure.
N/AReceptiveSaturnEarthLead is a heavy metal which causes death when it's absorbed by the body. The ancient Romans discovered this by using lead dishes and cooking utensils. Lead is worn and used in protective spells and also plays a part in defensive magic. It can be placed near the entrance of the house to prevent negativity from gaining access.
MagnetReceptiveWaterpower, healing, attraction, friendship, love, fidelity, male sexual dysfunction, will, protection, business, money, games of chanceThe lodestone is considered by some to be a potent gambling talisman and strengthen spells.
QuicksilverProjective & ReceptiveMercuryWater, Earth & AirPools of mercury were once held in the hand and used as vehicles for scrying. Also used for this purpose were clear glass spheres, filled with mercury and tightly corked, then placed upside down on a stand. A gambling talisman popular to this day, consists of a hollowed nutmeg filled with mercury and sealed.
Aerolith & AeroliteProjectiveNone Assoc. with the UniverseFireprotection, astral projectionMeteorites are unearthly things, literally. They possess the powers of intergalactic flight, of movement, of speed, and of the energy unhindered by gravity. Use them in rituals of protection. Place one on the altar near white candles; or carry in the hand. They are also called upon to promote astral projection. A small meteorite or fragment of one is placed beneath the pillow during attempts at conscious astral projection.
Fool's Gold, Pyrites, Iron PyriteProjectiveMarsFiremoney, divination, luckMagical/Ritual Lore: Pyrite was used by ancient Mexicans in fashioning polished mirrors, which may have been used to divine the future. Pieces of this strange mineral were also placed in American Indian shamans' medicine bundles, perhaps to lend extra energy. In ancient China this stone was used to guard against crocodile attacks, a problem which, fortunately, most of seem to avoid without the stone. Magical Uses:Popularly known as fool's gold, pyrite is often found associated with real gold. So who, exactly, is the fool? Because of the yellowish shimmer and shining nature of this "stone", it is used to draw wealth and money. Set five pieces of pyrite on your altar. Surround them with five green candles. Light the candles and visualize money coming your way, fulfilling your monetary needs. Pyrite is also carried to bring money and luck. A flat, shimmering surface of pyrite can be used as a magic mirror to awaken psychic impulses. Carried, it is a luck bringer.
N/AReceptiveMoonWaterinvocation, love, psychism, drams, peace, protection, travel, moneySilver jewelry or empowered stones, such as emeralds, pearls, jade, or lapis lazuli, mounted in silver rings are worn to attract love.
N/AProjectiveMarsFireprotection, anti-nightmare, healingAt one time steel was thought to offer protection against fairies, who could apparently be mischievous. Steel is a relatively modern metal and has no great history in magic. However, some uses have been discovered and preserved. For example, small pieces of steel are carried to guard against negativity. A steel ring is also worn as a protective amulet. American Folk Magic: A steel ring worn faithfully on the hand prevents rheumatism. This, like many of these minor rituals, is rather difficult to prove. Or disprove for that matter. Our body can do amazing things for itself if our mind will allow it. If you open your mind to the endless possibilities anything can happen.
N/AProjectiveJupiterAirdivination, luck, moneyTin, the metal of Jupiter, is used in divination similar to that discussed about lead. Tin is also carried as a good-luck piece, and the metal may be shaped into money attracting talismans such as minutely carved, tiny images of dollar bills.
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