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HerbZodiacPlanetsElementsM/FHealing QualitiesMagical Herbs Acacia:Mars/SunAirMasculine
Acorn:Sun African Violet:VenusWaterFemininehome protection spirituality
Agapanthus:MarsaphrodisiacFertility, love Agrimony:CancerAirMasculineProtection, psychic sleep, smudge and uncrossing
Agrimony:CancerJupiterAirMasculineCraft dye, EmotionsCraft dye, healing, protection, psychic, sleep, smudge and uncrossing Alder:MarsFire/WaterCrafts, Weatheracceptance, emotions, faerie and wind
Alfalfa:MarsVenusFireMasculineDetermination, energy, healing, luck, money, purgative, tonic, uplifting and virility Alknet:Venus
All-Heal:Mars Allspice:AriesMarsFireMasculineTooth aches, stimulates the gastro-intestinal tract, encourage the appetite or aid in digestion, increases circulation to the skin, treating acne and cold limbs, arthritis and sore muscles.
Almond:AquariusMercury/VenusAirMasculineAddiction, adoption, fertility, food, love, luck and money Aloe:CancerVenus/MarsWaterFeminineBeauty, healing, home, love, misfortune, protection
Alyssum:MercuryAirAnger, balance, calm, faerie, glamour, hexes, misdirection, peace and protection Amaranth:FireHeartbreak, immortality, invisibility and protection
Ambnrosa:Venus American Alder:Venus
American Styrax:Venus Angel's Trumpet:Venus
Angelica: Sun/VenusFireMasculineBanishing, clairvoyance, exorcism, gambling, hexes, home, luck, property and protection Ansie: Sagittarius/GeminiJupiter/MercuryAirMasculineRid FliesBanishing, exorcism, lust, meditation, nightmares, protection, sleep and spirits
Apple: TaurusVenusCoughs and congestion Afterlife, beauty, fertility, fidelity, harvest immortality, love, marriage and wisdom Apple/Crabapple:Venus
Apricot:Venus Arnica:FireMasculineBruises, fertility, fire, freya, harvest, protection,n sprains, storms, strains, and weather
Artichoke:Venus Asafoetida:Mars
Asarabacca:Mars Ash:JupiterFireFeminine Dreams, energy, luck, prophecy, protection and wands
Ashwagandha:Mars Asparagus:Jupiter/Mars/VenusFireMasculinefertility fire jupiter lust mars potency stamina zeus
Aster: Jupiter/MarsFireFertility, lust and potency Astragalus: Alzheimer's disease, Chemotherapy, Common Cold, Immune system, Sore Throat, FatigueEnergy healing and immunity
AvensJupiter Baby's Breath:Venus
Balm: Barberry Bark:Jupiter
Barberry Root:Jupiter Barberry:Mars
Barley Stem:Jupiter Basil: MarsFireMasculineThroat infection, Influenza, Diabetes
Bay Laurel: LeoSunFireMasculineRid Flies, Rid Moth Balls, Rid Fleas, Memory, Easing Muscles, Anti-bacterialBanishing curses, dreams, exorcism, fidelity, ghosts, healing, poltergeist, protection, psychic, smudge, wishes Bay Leaves:SunFireMasculine
Bay Rum: Memory, Easing Muscles, Anti-bacterial Bay: anti-virusProtection, Meditation, Energy, Purification
Bayberry:JupiterFireFeminineLuck, money and prosperity Beans:Venus
Beet:Jupiter Bell Pepper:Jupiter
Belldonna:Mars Benzoin: Increase Stamina, Anti-bacterial, Delays cream and oil form spoilingEnergy, Mental Stimulation
Bergamot Mint: Money Bergamot: VenusAnti-depression, anti-virus, Destroys bacteria, Urinary tract infection, Mouth infection, Menstrual CycleRelaxation, Good Dreams
Betony:Jupiter/MarsFireMasculineNightmares, protection, sleep and spirits Bilbery: Atherosclerosis, Bruising, Cataracts, Linament, Indigestion, Appetite, Throat infection, Influenza
Bindweed:SaturnWaterBinding, connections and handfasting Birch: VenusEczema, Arthritis, Increase blood flow, Varicose veins, Circulation, Diabetes, Muscular degenerationProtection, beginnings, children, exorcism, faeries, fertility, journey, lightening, love, purification, rebirth, renewal, warding and weddings
Birthwort:Venus Bishop's Weed:Venus
Bistort:SaturnFeminineAsperge, conception, exorcism, fertility, ghosts, money, psychic, smudge and styptic Bitter Aloe:Jupiter
Bitter Mellon:Venus Black Cherry:Mars
Black Gum:Mars Black Pepper: Increase Stamina, Easing Muscles, Anti-bacterial, anti-virus, Colds, Influenza, Sore joints, Wound healing, Menstrual Cycle, Stomach acid
Black Tea: Mental Clarity Black Walnut:Jupiter
Blackberry:Venus Bladderwrack:Jupiter
Blessed Thistle: JupiterFireMasculineIndigestion, Heartburn, Poor Appetite, Psorasis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Linament Blood Root:Jupiter
Blue cohosh root Jupiter Blue cohosh:Mars
Blue Vervain:Venus Bluebell:Saturn
BorageJupiter Boswellia: Burtis, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Oily Skin, Damaged hair, Eczema
Bramble Leaf:VenusWaterFeminineProtection, Goddess Bridgit, Wealth Brazil Nut:Jupiter
Broccoli:Venus Broomrape:Mars
Brugmansia:Venus Brush Box:Venus
Bryony:Mars Buchu Leaf:Jupiter
BuckbrushMars/Venus Bugleweed:Venus
Bull Bay:Jupiter Burdock: VenusWaterFeminineAcne, Psoriasis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Diarrhea, Eczema, Gingivitis, Depression
Butcher's Broom Root:Jupiter/MarsAtherosclerosis, Chronic venous insufficiency, Hemorroids, Anti-depressant Butterbur:Mars
Buttercup:Sun Cabbage:Venus
CacaoVenusWaterFeminineAphrodisiac, Depression Cacti:Mars
Calamus:Mars Calendula: SunEczema, Gastritis, Minor Burns, Insomnia, Varicose veins
Camellia:MoonWaterFeminineRiches, luxuries, expression of gratitudeAttracts spirits during a sťance Camphor: Rid Ants, Rid Fleas, Rid Moth Balls
Caper:Mars Caraway: MercuryAirMasculineAnti-fungalProtection against spirits that mean to do you harm
Cardamom: Mars/VenusAnti-depression: Anti-depression, Increase Stamina, Anti-bacterial, anti-virus, Menstrual Cycle, Menopausal hot flashes, Anti-depressant, Strep throatMental Stimulation, Love Cardoon:Mars
Carnation: Love, Magic, Energy Carob: MarsFireMasculineDiarrhea, Heartburn, Indigestion, Colds, Bronchitis, Athelte's foot, chocolate substituteProtection, prosperity, rids poltergeists
Carrot Seed: JupiterAnti-aging, Skin, Hair, Menstrual cycle, Unrinary Tract infection, Water retension Cascara sagrada bark Constipation, Insominia, Indigestion, Liver, Pregnancy
Cashew:Venus Cassava:Mars
Cassia: Spirituality Cat's Claw: Immune system, Diabetic neurology, Influenza, Sore throat
Catnip: Mars Catnip: Libra/PiscesVenus/Jupiter/MarsWaterFeminineCough, Inflamation, Gingivitis, Immune system, InfluenzaCourage, Love, Happiness, animal magick and pet healing, happiness and relaxation
Catsfoot:Venus Cayenne Pepper:MarsFireMasculineBurtis, Sinus conjestion, Lung congestion, Osteoarthritis, Chemotherapy, Chronic fatigue, Common coldRemoval of Hexes, used in
Cedar:SunFireMasculineJoint pain, circulation, cures nightmaresHealing, purification, money, protection, love spark of the spirit Cedarwood: Rid Flies, Rid Moth Balls, Bug Repellent, Oily Skin and Hair, Respiratory infection, Canker sores, Bladder pain, Sore muscles, Lung infection, Sinus infection, Influenza
Chamomile: JupiterFireMasculineRelaxation, Dry Skin, Rid Fleas, Slower Brain Waves, Reducing Anxiety, Anti-depression, Good Dreams, Swelling Reduction, insomnia, Blocked ear duct, Eczyema, Colic, Weight loss, Adrenal glands, Motivation, Oily skin, Damaged HairMarriage proposal, Luck in gambling, Money, Meditation Chaparral Jupiter
Cherry:Venus Chervil Jupiter
Chestnut:Jupiter Chicaweed:Mars
Chicken weed: MarsBites, Mind flow, High Cholesterol, Hypertriglycerdemia, Diarrhea, Eczema Chicory:Jupiter
Chinese borage Jupiter Chinese cornbind Root:Jupiter
Chinese ginseng:Jupiter Chinese magnolia vine Fruit:Jupiter
Chinese red pine:Jupiter Chinese tulip tree:Jupiter
Chives:Mars Cinnamon: AriesSunFireMasculineMental Stimulation, Anti-depression, Increase Stamina, Easing Muscles, Anti-bacterial, anti-virus, Blood Flow, Infections, Libido, Dry hair, Acne, Skin infection, Circulation, Diabetes, Muscular degeneration, Immune system, Sore throatLove, Meditation, Money, Energy, Spirituality, Success, Psychic Powers,Lust, Protection, Love and Male aphrodisiac
Cinquefoil:Jupiter/Venus Citron:Sun
Citronella: Bug Repellent, Rid Fleas, Good Dreams, Colds, Estrogen, Hypertension, Hypertriglycerdemia, Immune system Clary Sage: Oily Skin and Hair, Reducing Anxiety, Anti-depression, Good Dreams, Nervous tension, Menopausal hot flashes, Menstrual cramps, Colds, Cough, Reoccuring ear infection
Clove bud: Menstrual Cycle, Chemotherapy, Water retension, Arthritic pain, Memory, Insomnia, Digestive system, Sex, Athlete's footAttract a mate Clove: AriesJupiter/SunFireMasculineRid Flies, Rid Fleas, Mental Stimulation, Memory, Anti-depression, Increase Stamina, Easing Muscles, Anti-bacterial, anti-virusBanish evil, Friendship, Lust, Attract a mate
Clover:Venus Coconut:Jupiter/Venus
Collard:Venus Coltsfoot:Venus
Columbine:Venus Com Salad:Mars
Comfrey:Jupiter/Saturn Common thyme:Jupiter
Coneflower:Mars Copal: Banishing
Coriander: MarsAnti-fungalLove Corn Kernel:Jupiter
Costmary:Jupiter Couch Grass:Jupiter
Cow Parsnip:Mars Cowslip:Venus
Crampbark:Jupiter Cranberry: Urinary tract infection, Sore throat, Migraines, Anti-depresssant, Good circulation, Increase Stamina
Crocus:Mercury Cucumber: Jupiter/VenusBeauty
Cumin: ScorpioMarsFireMasculineAnti-fungal Curly Dock:Jupiter
Cypress: Virgo/CapricornMarsSkin and Hair, Mental Stimulation, Anti-depression, Good Circulation, Increase Stamina Daisy:Sun/VenusPassion
Damiana:Jupiter/Venus Dandelion Leaf: Jupiter/MarsAirMasculineWater retension, FibromyalgiaClairvoyance
Dature:Venus Daylily:Sun
Desert Four O'clock:Venus Devil's Claw Root:Jupiter/Mars
Dianthus:Venus Dill: MercuryFireMasculineMoney, Irrestitibility
Dock:Jupiter Dogbane:Jupiter
Dong quai Root:Jupiter Dragon Tree:Mars
Dragon's Blood: Banishing Dragonhead Flower:Mars
Dropwort:Venus Dulse:Jupiter
Dyer's Broom:Jupiter Dyer's Chamomile Jupiter
Echinacea: JupiterEar problems, Chicken pox, Yeast infection Elder:Venus
Eleuthero: Diabetes, Rejuvinates skin, Influenza, Sore throat, Relaxation, Sweating, Oily skin and hair, Gingivitis, Grieving Enchanter's Nightshade:Saturn
Eucalyptus:CancerMoonAirFeminineRid Flies, Rid Cockroaches, Bug Repellent, Rid Fleas, Oily Skin and Hair, Good Circulation, Anti-bacterial, anti-virus,, Harpies blisters, Laryngitisa, Immune system European mistletoe leaf:Jupiter
European nettles leaf:Jupiter Eye Bright:Jupiter
Fennel Seed: Jupiter/MercuryFireMasculineBruises, Acne, NursingPurification Fenugreek Seed:Jupiter
Feverfew:Jupiter Field horsetail Jupiter/Mars
Fig:Jupiter Filbert:Jupiter/Venus
Fir: Reducing Anxiety Flax Lily:Mars
Foxglove:Saturn Frankincense: Relaxation, Anti-aging, Good Dreams, Anti-bacterial, Lung congestion, Hypertriglycerdemia, Reproductive organs, Menstrual FlowMeditation, Energy
Garden Sorrel:Venus Gardenia:Pisces
Gardinia: Peace Garlic: Jupiter/MarsFireMasculineAnti-bacterial, anti-virus, Dry hair
Gentian:Mars Geranimum:Venus
Geranium: Relaxation, Anti-aging, Lice,, Bug Repellent, Reducing Anxiety, Good Dreams, Good Circulation, Anti-bacterial, Swelling Reduction, anti-virus, Hyper tension, Nausea, Vomiting, Scarring, Diabetes, Spastic cough, Sinuses, Ringworm, Lice Ginger: ScorpioJupiter/MarsFireMental Stimulation, Good Circulation, Increase Stamina, Easing Muscles, Artherosclerosis, Anti-depression, Rheumatoid arthritis, Intermittent claudicating, Reoccuring ear infection, Stretch marksMagic, Lust, Passion, Money, Energy, speed things up
Ginkoba Biloba: Motion sickness, Urinary tract infection, Male impotency, Multiple sclerosis, Raynaid's phenomenon Gobo Root:Jupiter/Mars/Venus
Goldenrod:Venus Goldenseal Root:Jupiter
GoldenSeal: Conjestive heart failure, Atherosclerosis, Skin Ulcers, Muscular degeneration, Canker Sores Gooseberry:Venus
Gooseberry:Venus Gorse:Mars
Gotu kola Leaf:Jupiter Gout Kola: Ear infection, Scars, Varicose veins
Grains of Paradise: Lust Grape Stem:Jupiter
Grapefruit:Jupiter Great Blue Lobelia:Venus
Green Tea: Cancer Risk Reduction Grey Sage:Jupiter
Groundsel:Venus Guanique:Mars
Gypsophila:Venus Hart's Tongue:Jupiter
Hawthorn:MarsMasculine Hawthorne Fruit:Jupiter
Hawthorne: Angina pectoris, Burns, Scleroderma, Varicose veins, Wound healing Hazel:Mercury
Heartsease:Venus Heather: MercuryProtection
Helen's Flower:Jupiter Helichrysm: Oily Skin and Hair, Dry Skin, Anti-aging, Swelling Reduction, Anti-bacterial, Conjestive heart failure, Wound healing, Varicose veins, Immune system, Fever, Muscle pain, Arthritis, Liver problems, Asthma
Heliotrope:LeoSunFirefight fatigue, cleanses the blood and lymphatic systems and fights viral infections and sooths scratchy throats from overuse of the voiceHelp with Grieving Hellebore:Saturn
Herb Robert:Venus Hickory:Venus
Holly:Saturn Hollyhock:Venus
Holy Basil: Anti-virus Honeysuckle:Taurus/CancerMercury/Venuscoughs, asthma and other respiratory complaints, diuretic and laxative Love, luck and wealth and to protect your garden from negative influences
Hops:Jupiter/Sun Horse Chestnut: Maturing skin, Sinus conjestion, Chronic cough, Bronchitis
Horseradish: Mars Horseradish: Sprains, Water retension
Horsetail: Indigestion, Reduce anxiety, Muscle cramping Houseleek:Jupiter
Hyacinth:Mars Hyssop: JupiterFireMasculineAnti-virus
Iiawarra Flame:Jupiter Indian Chocolate:Jupiter
Indigo:Saturn Iris:Pisces
Irish Moss:Jupiter Japanese Knotweed:Mars
Jasmine: PiscesVenusAnti-depression, Mental StimulationLove, Meditation Jerusalem Artichoke:Venus
Jimsonweed:Venus Juniper Berries: JupiterFireMasculineReducing Anxiety, Anti-depression, Easing Muscles, Anti-bacterial, Anti-virus
Juniper:Sagittarius Kidneywort:Venus
Kola Nut:Mars Kurrajong:Jupiter
Lacebark:Jupiter Lady's Bedstraw:Venus
Lady's Mantle:Venus Ladyslipper Root:Jupiter
Lamb's Ear:Jupiter Lamb's Tongue:Jupiter
Lamium:Mars Lavender: Gemini/Aquarius/VirgoMercuryAirRelaxation, Dry Skin, Lice, Rid Fleas, Anti-aging, Slower Brain Waves, Anti-depression, Good Dreams, Swelling Reduction, Easing Muscles, Anti-bacterial, anti-virusLove, Peace, Honesty
Lemon Balm: Insomnia Lemon Eucalypus: Anti-fungal
Lemon Verbana: Anti-depressionEnergy Lemon: CancerMoonWaterRid Fleas, Oily Skin and Hair, Memory, Slower Brain Waves, Anti-depression, Anti-bacterial, Anti-virus, Muscle tensionMental Clarity, Purification, turn away harmful spells or the evil eye
Lemongrass: Oily Skin and Hair, Anti-depression, Anti-bacterial Lesser Celandine:Venus
Licorice: JupiterIndigestion, Migraines, Harpies simplex Lily of the Valley:Gemini
Linden:Jupiter Lion's Ear:Jupiter
Lobelia:Jupiter Lotus: Love, Spirituality, Energy
Luberosa: Love Lungwort:Jupiter
Ma Huang:Jupiter Maca:Mars
Madder Root:Mars Madwoman's Milk:Mars
Magic Mushroom:Mercury Magnolia:Jupiter
Maitake: Diarrhea Maize:Sun
Majoram: LibraSlower Brain Waves, Reducing Anxiety, Swelling Reduction, Easing Muscles, Anti-bacterial, anti-virus, Insomnia, High blood pressure, Bruises, Inflammation Mandarin: Good Dreams
Mandrake:Mercury/Saturn Mangolia: Love
Maple Tree:Jupiter Marigold:PiscesSunrepel some insects and animals and chemicals and helps heal fungal and bacterial infections of the skin
Marsh Mallow Root:Jupiter Marsh: Woundwort:Jupiter
Masterwort:Mars Mastic: Magic
Meadow Sweetgum: Peace Melissa: Slower Brain Waves, Reducing Anxiety, Anti-depression, Good Dreams, Anti-virus, Crohn's disease, Coughing, Reoccurring ear infection, Sensitive skin, Brain waves
Milk Thistle:Jupiter Milkweed:Cancer
Mint:Jupiter Mistletoe:Mars/Sun
Monkshood:Saturn Moss:Virgo
Mugwart: VenusFeminineSleep Mugwort:Mars/Venus
Mullein:Mercury/Mars/Saturn Mustard:Mars
Myrrh: ScorpioAnti-bacterial, anti-virus, Colds, Libido, Cracked and aged skin, Herpies blisters, Canker SoresMeditation Myrtle: VenusOily Skin and Hair, Anti-bacterial, Athlete's foot, Insomnia, Nicotine withdrawl
Neroli: Relaxation, Anti-aging, Slower Brain Waves, Good Dreams Nettles:Mars
Noble Fir:Jupiter Norway Spruce:Jupiter
Nutmeg:Jupiter Nutmeg: Leo/Virgo/AquariusJupiterFire/AirMasculineReducing Anxiety
Oak Tree:Jupiter Oak:Jupiter/Venus
Oakmisso: Money Oats:Jupiter
Oats: Muscle spasms, anxiety Olive:Jupiter/Mars/Venus
Onion:Mars Orange:Sun
Orange: Rid Ants, Rid Flies, Reducing Anxiety, Anti-depression, Hypertriglycerdemia, Athlete's foot, Insect stingsLove Oregano: Anti-bacterial, Anti-virus
Palmarosa: Oily Skin and HairLove Parsley:Mercury
Passionflower:Venus Patchouli: TaurusRid Moth Balls, Oily Skin and Hair, Sensuality, High blood pressure, Ringworm, Headache, Dandruff, PotpourriSensuality, Energy
Pau d'arco Bark::Jupiter Paud'arco: PlutoFireMasculineMenstrual Cycle
Pea:Venus Peacan Nut:Jupiter
Peach Bark:Jupiter Peach:Venus
Pear:Venus Pelargonium:Mercury
Pennyroyal: Jupiter/MarsFireMasculineLice, Bug Repellent, Rid Fleas Pepper:Mars
Peppermint Leaf:Jupiter Peppermint: Virgo/AquariusMercuryFireMasculineMental Stimulation, Rid Ants, Rid Cockroaches, Increase Stamina, Mental Clarity, Eczema, Sore joints, Harpies blisters, Scabies, Poison Ivy, Sinus congestion
Pepperwort:Mars Periwinkle:Venus
Persimmon:Venus Petigrain: Relaxation, Slower Brain Waves, Reducing Anxiety, Anti-depressionProtection
Pigweed:Mars Pine:Saturn/Sun
Pine: SunAirMasculineRid Ants, Increase Stamina, Anti-bacterial, Irritable bowel, High cholesterol, HypertriglycerdemiaMoney, Energy, Purification Pistachio:Venus
PlantagoVenus Plum:Venus
Pomegranate:Venus Poplar:Jupiter
Primrose: VenusLove Psylium:Jupiter
Psyllium: Sore muscles, Irritatble bowel, Psoriasis, Weight loss Pumpkin Seed:Jupiter
Pumpkin:Venus Quince:Venus
Radish:Mars Ragwort:Venus
Rasberry:Venus Red Cedar:Mars
Red Clover:Mars Red Raspberry: Menstrual Cycle, Hemorroids, Hypertriglycerdemia, Hypertyension
Red Silky:Jupiter Red-hot Poker:Mars
Reed:Mars Reishi: Pregnancy support, Menstrual Cycle, Cuts
Resurrection Lily:Mars Rose Geranium: Regenerates cellsProtection
Rose Hips:Jupiter Rose Petals: VenusWaterFeminineRelaxation, Anti-aging, Slower Brain Waves, Reducing Anxiety, Anti-depression, Good Dreams, Swelling Reduction, Anti-bacterial, Anti-virus, Hepatitis, Circulation, Sinus congestion, Burns, Impotency, BowelsLove, Gentleness
Rose:Venus Roselle Flower:Jupiter
Rosemary: SunFireMasculineLice, Anti-aging, Mental Stimulation, Anti-depression, Easing Muscles, Peace, Fidelity, Menstrual cramps, Rashes, Inflammation, Lung congestion, Dry skin, Canker soresFidelity Love Energy Rowan:Mars
Rue:Mars/Saturn Safflower Bloom:Jupiter/Mars
Saffron:Sun Sage Leaf:Jupiter
Sage: Aries/SagittariusJupiterAirMasculineMental Stimulation, Rid Cockroaches, Rid Moth Balls, Oily Skin and Hair, Memory, Increase Stamina, Anti-bacterial, anti-virusProtection, Cleasing Sandalwood: Relaxation, Bug Repellent, Slower Brain Waves, Good Dreams, Anti-bacterial, Spirituality, Heal the heart, Rheumatic pain, Hepatitis, Liver, Acne, White blood cells, Reproductive organsSpirituality Heal the Heart Meditation
Sanicle:Venus Sarsapanilla:Jupiter/Mars
Sarsparilla:Mars Sassafras:Venus
Saucer Magnolia:Jupiter Savory: Anti-bacterial
Scarlet Sage:Jupiter Schisandra: Brain waves, Gastritis, Stress
Scullcap:Jupiter Scurvy Grass:Jupiter
Sea Holly:Venus Selfheal:Venus
Sesame:Venus Shagbark Hickory Seed:Jupiter
Shepherd's Purse: Menstrual Cycle Siberian Bugloss:Jupiter
Siclepod:Venus Silverweed:Venus
Slippery Elm Bark:Jupiter Slippery Elm: Fatigue, Influenza, Cold
Smooth Hydrangea Root:Jupiter Soapwort:Venus
Solandra:Mars Solomon's Seal:Saturn
SorrelVenus Southernwood:Mercury
Spanish Bayonet Root:Jupiter Spearamint: Rid Mice
Spider Flower:Venus Spotted Dog:Jupiter
Spruce: Rid Ants Stevia Leaf:Jupiter
Strawberry:Venus Sumac:Venus
Sunflower:Sun Sweet Breath of Spring:Venus
Sweet Gum:Jupiter Sweet Pea: LibraAirLove, loyalty and affection
Sweetgum:Venus Sycamore:Venus
Tangerine: Good DreamsMagic Tansy:Venus
Tarragon:Mars Tea Tree: Lice, Anti-bacterial, anti-virus, Crohn's disease, Indigestion, Sore muscles, Harpies blisters, Candia, Urinary tract infection
Tea:Mars Terebinth:Jupiter
Thistle:Mars Thyme: TaurusVenus/MarsWaterFeminineanti-virus, Viral infection, White blood cellsCourage
Toadflax:Mars Toloache:Venus
Tomatillo:Mars Tomato:Venus
Tonka Bean:Jupiter Tonka:Venus
Tonka: Money Tuberose: Lust
Tulip Poplar:Jupiter Tulip Tree:Jupiter
Tulip: Healing a rift Tumeric:Mars
Turmeric: Antiseptic, Menstrual Cycle Unicorn Root:Jupiter
Valerian,Jupiter Valerian: VenusWaterFeminineSlower Brain Waves, Sleep, Rheumatoid arthritis, Oily hair, White blood cells
Vanilla: VenusWaterFeminineLove, Magic Venus Flytrap:Venus
Venus Looking Glass:Venus Verbena:Venus
Verbena: Energy Verivane:Venus
Verivert: Money Vervain: Capricorn/GeminiVenusWaterFeminineMoney, Purification, Rids negative energy
Vetivert: Anti-bacterial, Anxiety, Menstrual Cycle, Over heating, Muscle pain, Sprains Violet:Venus
Violet: Peace Visnaga:Venus
Vitex: Dry hair Vitiver: LoveLove
Walnut:Jupiter/Sun Waratah:Jupiter
West Indian Lemongrass:Jupiter Wheat:Sun
White Oak Bark:Jupiter White Sage Root:Jupiter
White Samphire:Jupiter White Willow Bark:Jupiter
White Willow:Venus White Willow: MoonWaterFeminineMenorrhagia, Muscle pain, Muscle spasms
Wild Ginger:Mars Wild Tobacco:Mars
Wild Yam: Menstrual Cycle, Rheumatoid arthritis, Wound healing Wisteria: Spirituality, Meditation
Witch Hazel: SaturnMenopause, Rheumatoid arthritis, Salt water Witch's Butter:Venus
Wolfsbane:Saturn Woodbine:Venus
Wormwood: Jupiter/MarsRid Mice Woundwort:Jupiter
Yarrow: Jupiter/VenusWaterFeminineLove, Beauty Yellow Gentian Root:Jupiter
Yew:Saturn Ylang ylang: Relatation, Anti-depression, Seduction, Vericose veinsSeduction, Love
Yohimbe:Mars Yucca: Osteoarthritis
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