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All entries were found in The Wiccan Book of Days by Gerina Dunwich
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11-01 Piominia, All Saint's Day, Day of the Dead Cailleach's Reignand End of , season, Rituals for spiritual strength, Honor dead loved ones and Celtic Crone-Goddess
11-02 All Soul's Day Set small offerings of cakes out
11-03 1st Witch's death and Final day of Isai Dame Kyteler died Rebirth of Osiris
11-04 Lord of Death Day Mischievous things happen
11-05 Devil's Boulder Celebrates Dragon Mother
11-06 Tiamat's Birth Tiamat and Apsu gave birth to the god's world
11-07 Night of Hecate and Makahiki Fertility festivals and Lono is worshipped
11-08 Hettsui No Kami Shinto is worshipped
11-09 Wish-magick Secret wishes are made and sent down the river in boats made of banana peels and lotus leaves
11-10 Old November Eve and final days of Isia Goddess Nicnevin and Osiris
11-11 Lunantshees, Day of Heros and Vinalia Faerie Sidhe, Norse mythos and Bacchus
11-12 Epulum Jovis in Capitola Jupiter, Minerva and Juno are honored
11-13 13 days after Halloween Day of darkness when that day falls on a Friday all born on that day will possess the evil eye
11-14 Feast of the Musicians and Children's Goddess Music, Befana, Mayauel and Surabhi are celebrated
11-15 Feronia and Shichi-Go-San Ferona and good health
11-16 Festival of Lights Lakshmi and Hindu New Year
11-17 Festival of Death Paper clothing and money labeled with names of the dead are sacrificed as offerings
11-18 Day of Ardvi Ardvi (Mother of the Stars) is worshipped
11-19 Warlock Day The first stranger you meet on this day that is all dressed in black is a warlock
11-20 Pleiades Cluster of staars enters Taurus and Lono is celebrated
11-21 Kukulcan Festival Chango, Damballah, Quetzalcoatl and Tammuz are worshipped
11-22 Sun enters Sagittarius Sagittarius are optimistic and enthusiastic more than normal
11-23 Saint Clement's Day and Shinjosai Festival Saint Clement, Konohana-Hime and Amatersu are worshipped
11-24 Tori-No-Ichi and light and birth Celebrates good fortune, light and birth
11-25 Windmill Blessing Day Windmill spirits are noticed
11-26 Manhood rituals and goddess of light and fire Manhood initiation and festivals and celebration of light and fire
11-27 Gujeswari and Pavrati-Devi Gujeswari, Sarasvati, Lakshmi and Parvati are worshipped
11-28 Sophia Day Wisdom and inner truth
11-29 Vampires rise up and Feast of Hathor Vampires rise from the dead in search of human blood and Ptah is worshipped
11-30 Love divination Rituals of love are performed
12-01 Cromniomancy Divination of onion sprouts
12-02 Bodh Gaya and Hari Kugo World's oldest and most sacred tree is honored in Tibet and Japan's woman's crafts are celebrated
12-03 Bona Dea Day, Cybele and Rhea Vestal virgins have secret rituals to honor The Good Goddess and Cybele and Rhea are honored
12-04 Minerva, Yoruban and Chango Day Minerva, Yoruban and Chango are honored
12-05 Poseidea and 1st Feast of Saint Lucia Poseidon and Lucia are honored
12-06 Dion Fortune Day Dion Fortune was born
12-07 Haloia of Demeter Demeter looks for Persephone
12-08 Amaterasu and Festival of Neith Amaterasu and Earth-Goddess of the Delta are honored
12-09 Fiesta of the Mother of Health Tonantzin is honored
12-10 December Moon Rites are performed for the souls of the animals that were hunted in the last year
12-11 Day of Bruma Snow Queen, Arianrhod worshiped and Yuki Onne are honored
12-12 Zoroastrian fire festival of Sada and Our Lady of Guadalupe Victories over good verses evil, Coatlque, Tonantzin and the Black Madonna are celebrated
12-13 Saint Lucia's Day Fire and life-giving light is celebrated
12-14 Nostradamus Born Nostradamus was born
12-15 Halcyon Days and Navidades Fable bird that nested at the sea and calmed the winter solstice and the Yule Child
12-16 Posadas, Wisdom goddesses and Soyal ceremonies Yule Child, Athena, Kista, Maat, Minerva, Shekinah, Sophia and Spider Woman and Hawk Maiden are honored
12-17 Saturnalia Saturn is honored
12-18 Diev, Rebirth of the Sun Diev and Saturn are honored
12-19 Opalia, Sabine and Pongol Abundance, Sabine and Sankrant are honored
12-20 Uri Geller Uri Geller was born
12-21 Winter Solstice, Yule and Midwinter, Horned God Celebrates the first day of winter
12-22 Sun enters Capricorn Capricorns tend to be more ambitious and practical than normal
12-23 Laurentina and Chaomos Celebrated to recover from the darkness and Balomain is honored
12-24 Christmas Eve Departed loved ones return home each year
12-25 Christmas Day, Dies Natalis Invicti Solis, Lutzelfrau, Perchta Birthday of the Invincible Sun are honored
12-26 Yuletide, Junkanoo Frau Sonne, Igaehindvo, Star Faery, Sunne and Yemaya Yule begins, Junkanoo Frau Sonne, Igaehindvo, Star Faery, Sunne and Yemaya
12-27 Gerina Dunwich and Freya Gerina Dunwich was born and Freya is celebrated
12-28 Peace and Spiritual Renewal Offerings are made for gods and paper horse with temple members names are burned in hopes those name's spirits will take them to heaven
12-29 Jewish Hanukkah and the day of the Nymphs Start of the festival of lights and Andromeda, Ariadne and Artemis are honored
12-30 Rasputin Day Rasputin was assassinated
12-31 New Year's Eve Start of the Gregorian New Year
01-01 Goddess Bertha, Morrigan, Parce and Janus Out with the old bad habits
01-02 Ianna and Isis Earth reaches the point on its orbit closest to the sun.
01-03 Deer Dances and Dionysus Native Americans do fertility dances. Greek Pagans celebrate Lenaia for wine and fertility.
01-04 Sacrifice to the Seven Stars Performed at midnight for good fortune and divine blessings.
01-05 12th Night and Wassail Eve (end of Christmastide) Nile possess special magical powers.
01-06 Day of the Triple Goddess Circle Sanctuary of Mount Horeb was the first legally recognized as a Wiccan Church which was the first for Pagans.
01-07 Epiphany Cake Day Customary day for an Epiphany Cake was made with a coin in it. The first to have a pice with a coin was crowned king or queen for the day.
01-08 Babo and Freya Midwife's Day, Justica's Day and love and fertility
01-09 Old Dorthy Clutterbuck She was born in Bengal she was a High Priestess who initiated Gerald B. Gardner into the craft
01-10 Feast of Dreams Native American New Year. In Scotland they sweep away evil with their brooms.
01-11 Ward Off Witches, Carmentalia, Juturna In Scotland at sunset a barrel of tar would be placed on the top of a pole, set ion fire and afer that, charred pieces would be used for protection. In ancient Rome, Carmenta goddess of child birth was celebrated. Juturna is the goddess of pools and still waters.
01-12 Makara-Sankranti Hindus celebrate with saffron, songs of joy and ritual baths in rivers
01-13 St. Silvester's Day and Feast of Brewing In Switzerland, evil spirits are driven away by clanging bells. Ancient druids celebrated Brews
01-14 Human Be-In, Pongal and Surya Psychedelic pow-wow was in San Fransisco in 1967. In Southern India they celebrate Rice Harvest and Surya
01-15 Feast of the Ass and Vesta In Rome they celebrate the ass that saved Vesta
01-16 Devil's Dance Tibetan New Years
01-17 The Evil Age began Kali was born
01-18 Zao-Jun Zao-Jun is honored with ruce cakes and is the end of the Chinese New Year
01-19 Thorrablottar and Thor Husband's Day is celebrated and Thor was honored
01-20 Sun enters Aquarius In 2060 the age of Aquarius begins
01-21 Saint Agnes Day and sacred to Yngona Perfect for love spells and Danish celebrates Yngona
01-22 Festivals of the Muses Egyptians celebrate muses
01-23 Day of Hathor Pagans celebrate Hathor
01-24 Alacitas Ekeko is celebrated
01-25 Tet Vietnamese Lunar New Year
01-26 Chinese New Year Every year on the second new moon after the winter solstice marks the Chinese New Year
01-27 Day of Ishtar Assyrian/Babylonian ceremonies take place
01-28 Up-Hell-Aa Marks the end of Yuletide in Shetland Islands
01-29 Emanuel Swedeborg Parade of the Unicorns Emanuel Swedeborg was born and in Vietnam Unicorns are worshiped
01-30 Feriae Sementiva Feast of Spring is Celebrated
01-31 Sarasvati Katmandu Valley of Nepal celebrates Sarasvati the goddess of education
02-01 Brigit and Lesser Eleusinian Mysteries Yellow flowers are made for sacred wells to celebrate Brigit and Ceres, Demeter, Persephone and Proserpine are honored
02-02 Candlemas Sabbat (Imbolc) Coming of Spring
02-03 Blessing of the Throats Saint Blaise is recognized
02-04 Setsu-bun Evil demons of winter are exorcised
02-05 The Great Conjunction and the Feast of Ia In 1962 The Great Conjunction of the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn aligned in the sign of Aquarius and The Sacred Maiden of Paganism is celebrated
02-06 Winter Snow Festival and Aphrodite Water spirits are honored and Aphrodite is honored
02-07 Li Chum New life is honored
02-08 Star Festival Stars that influence the fate of mankind are recognized
02-09 Narvik Sun Pageant Goddess who rules over the Sun is honored
02-10 Beginning of the fishing season and goddess Anaitiss In Nigeria fishing seasons begins and Anaitis is honored
02-11 Our Lady of Lourdes A pilgrimiage takes place in France to bathe in the waters in hopes to cure their illnesses and disabilities
02-12 Cotton Mather was born Cotton Mather is remembered
02-13 Parentalia In Rome people remember the deceased
02-14 Saint Valentine's Day and Juno-Lupa Dedicated to all lovers best time for all love magick and the she-wolf is remembered
02-15 Lupercalia, god Faunus and Pan Feast of the Wolf celebrates the god Lupercus, Faunus and Pan are honored
02-16 Tibet New Year's Festival Devil's Dance is performed
02-17 Kali was born The world entered into Kali Yuga (the Evil Age)
02-18 Spenta Aramaiti Spandrarmat is honored in Persia
02-19 Sun enter Pisces and Minerva Pisces is a water sign and Minerva was born
02-20 Psychical Research was Founded This research was founded in 1882 for supernatural phenomena and paranormal
02-21 All Souls Day In Rome All Souls Day is celebrated to mark the end of Parentalia
02-22 Sybil Leek Sybil Leek the author was born
02-23 Terminalia Last festival of the ancient Roman year Terminus is honored
02-24 Shiva The Hindu god of destruction and renewal is honored
02-25 Carnival Pre-Lenten celebration of Christians
02-26 Pentagram Night Reaffirming of your dedication to the craft
02-27 Rudolf Steiner was born He was a psychic and spiritual philosopher
02-28 Sabbatu Ceres, Demeter, Gaia, Mauri and Zamyaz are all honored
03-01 1888 Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn founded and Temple of Vesta and Granny March's Day Aleister Crowley was a member and the Vestal Virgins celebrated the new year in Rome and Granny March are all celebrated
03-02 Mother March Mother March is recognized in parts of Europe
03-03 Sacred to Triple Goddess Strongest day for magick the Triple Goddess and Moon deities are honored
03-04 Feast of Rhiannon and in 1968 Church of All World was founded Rhiannon is celebrated
03-05 Navigum Isis is honored
03-06 1795 Count Alessandro Died He died in prison
03-07 1890 William Butler Yates initiation He was initiated into Isis-Urania Temple of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
03-08 Mother Earth Day Earth as a Mother Goddess birthday
03-09 Butter Lamp Festival Celebrated by Tibet Monks
03-10 1909 Gerard Croiset Gerard Croiset was born
03-11 1314 Jacques de Molay died He was burned at the stake and was the last Grand Master of the Order of the Knights Templar
03-12 1873 Edward White born Edward White was born
03-13 Burgsonndeg Pagans welcome Spring and rebirth of the sun
03-14 Ghanian New Year and Egyptian Ua Zit Ghanian New Year and Egyptian goddess Ua Zit
03-15 Festival if Attis and Cybele In Rome Atis and Cybele are honored
03-16 1946 J.Z. Knight and Holi J.Z. Knight was born and in India Death of Holika are celebrated
03-17 1893 Eileen J. Garrett Eileen J. Garrett was born
03-18 1877 Edgar Cayce and Sheela-na-gig Edgar Cayce was born and Pagans celebrate Sheela-na-gig
03-19 Akitu, Urban Dionysia and Athena Babylonian celebrate the new year, Dionysus and godess Athena are celebrated
03-20 Spring Harvest Festival, Fortuna, Morrigan, the Norns, Three Fates, Lakshmi, Pavati and Sarasvati Egyptian Spring Harvest, Fortuna, Morrigan, the Norns, Three Fates, Lakshmi, Pavati and Sarasvati are all honored
03-21 Sun Enters Aries Sun Enters Aries
03-22 Spring, Vernal, or Equinox Also known as Festival of Trees, Alban Eilir,Ostara and Rite of Eostre Green Goddess and Lord of the Greenwood are honored
03-23 Dance of Salii and Marzenna Gods Saturn and Mars are recognized and in Poland Pagan Festival of Spring occurs
03-24 Day of Blood Time for deep mourning
03-25 Hilaria Festival of Joy
03-26 Solitude Day It's a day for being alone and deep prayers and meditation
03-27 Liberalia and Guari Liber Pater was born and in India Guari is honored
03-28 Eka Dasa Rudra and Kwan Yin Restore balance between good and evil and in Tiawan Kwan Yin is celebrated
03-29 Festival of Ishtar and Nature balance Ishtar is recognized and nature is balanced and warding off of evil
03-30 Iranian New Year and Union of God and Goddess Iranian New Year and the union of God and Goddess
03-31 1848 Fox Sisters 1st seance and Feast of Luna Fox Sisters have communication with spirit and goddess Luna are recognized
04-01 April Fool's Day Friends perform practical jokes on each other
04-02 Custom of Carrying Death Away Pagan celebration in Germany
04-03 13th day of the New Year and goddess Persephone Irans celebrate this day by sending sprouted seeds down a river and goddess Persephone returns from the underworld
04-04 Megalesia Goddess Cybele is celebrated in Rome
04-05 Festival of Kuan Yin Chinese goddess is honored
04-06 Children's festival in France French celebrate this day by putting a pine boat down the river with a candle in it to symbolize safe waters
04-07 Blajini in Rumania The kindly ones are recognized
04-08 1994 in Gainsville, FL Pagans celebrated Mother Goddess Pagans held a parade in Mother Goddess's honor
04-09 Feast of A-Ma, Amazon goddesses and Hocktide Festival Goddess A-Ma is honored in Portuguese, Amazon goddesses and triuph of the Saxon she-warriors are all recognized
04-10 Sun Dance Day Ireland people watch the sun dance in shimmering bowl of water
04-11 Goddess Diana and goddess Anabit Goddess Diana celebrated in Rome and in Armenia goddess Anabit are celebrated
04-12 Cerealia and Chu-Si-Niu Romans celebrate goddess Ceres and in Taiwan goddess Chu-Si-Niu is celebrated as well
04-13 Festival of water Taiwan Buddhists recognize the wonders of water
04-14 the 14th day of April Unlucky day for travels especially by ship because that's when the Titanic sank
04-15 Goddess Tellus and Kanamara Romans celebrate goddess Tellus and Japanese honor Festival of the Iron Phallus
04-16 1946 Pagan author Margot Adler was born and Hiketeria Margot Adler was born in 1946 in Little Rock Arkansas and god Apollo is recognized
04-17 Machendrana In Japan the Chariot Festival of the Rain God is held
04-18 Rama-Navami Both Hindu god Rma and goddess Sita are honored
04-19 1842 Lord Byron died He was also known as George Gordon
04-20 Sun Enters Taurus Taurus is an Earth sign ruled by Venus
04-21 Palilia Birthday of Rome and goddess of Pales are celebrated
04-22 Earth Day Mother Earth is honored
04-23 1934 Shirley McLaine was born, in 1976 the 1st national all women conference was held, Vinalia, and Jupiter Shirley McLaine's birthday, All women conference held in Boston, Festival of Wine and god Jupiter all happens
04-24 St. Mark's Day The spirit of all men, women and children that are destine to pass in the next year can be seen
04-25 1989 Patricia Hutchins was granted religious leave 1st Wiccan in military history to observe the religious rights for the 8 Sabbats
04-26 New Year's Eve In the African republic of Sierra Leone is celebrated
04-27 Tyi Wara In Africa the mythical half man half animal is honored
04-28 Floralia Goddess Flora is recognized
04-29 Pagan Tree Day Plant a tree to honor your favorite god or goddess
04-30 Walpurgisnacht In Germany this begins at sunrise and ends on sunrise of May Day
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