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Angels Abracadabra Amulet ~ Protection Abraxas Amulet ~ Protection Agate ~ Protects a rider from falling and a horse from stumbling. All-Seeing Eye ~ Protection Amethyst ~ Love Anchor ~ Protection, You are center of my life Angelica Root ~ Protection Ankh ~ Eternal life Arrowhead ~ Protection against enemies, theft, bad luck, hexes, jealousy, evil spirits, and all negative forces. Bear ~ Helps a woman during childbirth and increase physical strength and help invoke the powers of the lunar Goddess Diana. Bell ~ Ward off the evil eye and hostile spirits. Billiken ~ Good luck Bluestone And Laundry Bluing ~ Protection Buckle Of Isis ~ Protection Buddha ~ Good luck and wealth Bull ~ To increase fertility in women and virility in men and good luck the astrological sign of Taurus. Cat ~ Represents prophecy, luck, protections, and the granting of secret wishes. Cat's Eye Shell ~ Protection Chai ~ Life and longevity Copper ~ Balance Cord Charms Intended To Decay ~ Protection Corno (Italian Horn) Charm ~ Protection Crescent & Hand Amulet ~ Protection Cross ~ Faithfulness Cross ~ Life and divine protection, protects against all forces of evil, and may cure illness. Crucifix Knife Key Ring ~ Protection Cylinder Seal ~ Authenticating business agreements. Devil's Shoestring Roots ~ Protection Dolphin ~ Protection against accidents when traveling by ship. Double heart ~ I desire love Dove ~ Peace to your home or workplace, protects the wearer against death, fire, and lightning love and fertility. Dragon ~ Love, happiness, and fertility, balance. Eye of God ~ Counteracts the evil eye, protects people, homes, and fields. Eye of Horus ~ Acquire strength, vitality, and protection against the evil eye Eye of Ra ~ Longevity and strength. Eye-In-Hand Amulet ~ Protection Eyes-All-Over Amulet ~ Protection Fairy ~ Magickal powers, enhance all enchantments, attract fairy-folk and put your spirit in harmony with Mother Nature. Fish ~ Fertility and virility, prosperity, protection from people who hate you or have evil intentions. Astrological sign of Pisces, the fish is an especially powerful good luck amulet. Four Leaf Clover ~ Good luck amulet, fame, wealth, love, and health Fox ~ Prosperity, development of shapeshifting powers. Frog ~ Friendship or reconcile enemies, fertility and virility Garlic ~ Healing Garnet ~ Balance, Sexuality Garnet ~ balance, increase sexual energy Goat ~ Fertility, Capricorn people's Good Luck Coins ~ Protection Hamsa Hand Amulet ~ Protection Heart ~ Love, devotion, may prevent heart disease. Hexagram ~ Protection Horn Of Plenty ~ Prosperity Horseshoe ~ Good Luck Horseshoe Key Ring ~ Protection John The Conqueror ~ Protection Jupiter ~ Honor, Riches Magic Triangle ~ Banishing evil spirits Mano Cornuto Amulet ~ Protection Mano Fico Amulet ~ Protection Mars ~ Courage, Persistence, Recklessness Mojo Hand Or Conjure Bag ~ Protection Ojo De Venado Amulet ~ Protection Pentagram ~ Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, Protection, Power Powerful Hand Of God ~ Protection Pyramid ~ Improve work habits, increase or re-energize your psychic powers. Rabbit Foot ~ Protection Ram ~ Fertility in women and good luck to astrological sign of Aries. Rattlesnake ~ Protection Ruby ~ Blissful Marriage Saturn ~ Dignity, industry, trustworthiness, and success in business Scarab ~ Legal matters Silver Dimes (and Other Silver) ~ Protection Single heart ~ My love belongs to you along Skull ~ Protection St Christopher ~ Protection Thai Penis Amulets (palad Khik) ~ Protection Turquoise ~ Offers both horse & rider general protection. Unicorn ~ Symbol of chastity, fertility and protection Venus ~ Grants love and appreciation of beauty. Vulva Amulets ~ Protection Wishbone ~ Good luck and makes wishes and dreams come true.