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Katydid's Random Madness Home Page Amulets Abracadabra Amulet ~ Protection Abraxas Amulet ~ Protection Agate ~ Protects a rider from falling and a horse from stumbling. All-Seeing Eye ~ Protection Amethyst ~ Love Anchor ~ Protection, You are center of my life Angelica Root ~ Protection Ankh ~ Eternal life Arrowhead ~ Protection against enemies, theft, bad luck, hexes, jealousy, evil spirits, and all negative forces. Bear ~ Helps a woman during childbirth and increase physical strength and help invoke the powers of the lunar Goddess Diana. Bell ~ Ward off the evil eye and hostile spirits. Billiken ~ Good luck Bluestone And Laundry Bluing ~ Protection Buckle Of Isis ~ Protection Buddha ~ Good luck and wealth Bull ~ To increase fertility in women and virility in men and good luck the astrological sign of Taurus. Cat ~ Represents prophecy, luck, protections, and the granting of secret wishes. Cat's Eye Shell ~ Protection Chai ~ Life and longevity Copper ~ Balance Cord Charms Intended To Decay ~ Protection Corno (Italian Horn) Charm ~ Protection Crescent & Hand Amulet ~ Protection Cross ~ Faithfulness Cross ~ Life and divine protection, protects against all forces of evil, and may cure illness. Crucifix Knife Key Ring ~ Protection Cylinder Seal ~ Authenticating business agreements. Devil's Shoestring Roots ~ Protection Dolphin ~ Protection against accidents when traveling by ship. Double heart ~ I desire love Dove ~ Peace to your home or workplace, protects the wearer against death, fire, and lightning love and fertility. Dragon ~ Love, happiness, and fertility, balance. Eye of God ~ Counteracts the evil eye, protects people, homes, and fields. Eye of Horus ~ Acquire strength, vitality, and protection against the evil eye Eye of Ra ~ Longevity and strength. Eye-In-Hand Amulet ~ Protection Eyes-All-Over Amulet ~ Protection Fairy ~ Magickal powers, enhance all enchantments, attract fairy-folk and put your spirit in harmony with Mother Nature. Fish ~ Fertility and virility, prosperity, protection from people who hate you or have evil intentions. Astrological sign of Pisces, the fish is an especially powerful good luck amulet. Four Leaf Clover ~ Good luck amulet, fame, wealth, love, and health Fox ~ Prosperity, development of shapeshifting powers. Frog ~ Friendship or reconcile enemies, fertility and virility Garlic ~ Healing Garnet ~ Balance, Sexuality Garnet ~ balance, increase sexual energy Goat ~ Fertility, Capricorn people's Good Luck Coins ~ Protection Hamsa Hand Amulet ~ Protection Heart ~ Love, devotion, may prevent heart disease. Hexagram ~ Protection Horn Of Plenty ~ Prosperity Horseshoe ~ Good Luck Horseshoe Key Ring ~ Protection John The Conqueror ~ Protection Jupiter ~ Honor, Riches Magic Triangle ~ Banishing evil spirits Mano Cornuto Amulet ~ Protection Mano Fico Amulet ~ Protection Mars ~ Courage, Persistence, Recklessness Mojo Hand Or Conjure Bag ~ Protection Ojo De Venado Amulet ~ Protection Pentagram ~ Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, Protection, Power Powerful Hand Of God ~ Protection Pyramid ~ Improve work habits, increase or re-energize your psychic powers. Rabbit Foot ~ Protection Ram ~ Fertility in women and good luck to astrological sign of Aries. Rattlesnake ~ Protection Ruby ~ Blissful Marriage Saturn ~ Dignity, industry, trustworthiness, and success in business Scarab ~ Legal matters Silver Dimes (and Other Silver) ~ Protection Single heart ~ My love belongs to you along Skull ~ Protection St Christopher ~ Protection Thai Penis Amulets (palad Khik) ~ Protection Turquoise ~ Offers both horse & rider general protection. Unicorn ~ Symbol of chastity, fertility and protection Venus ~ Grants love and appreciation of beauty. Vulva Amulets ~ Protection Wishbone ~ Good luck and makes wishes and dreams come true. Katydid's Random Madness Home Page Amulets An amulet is different to a talisman, as an amulet is charged to repel anything that is negative, whether this be actual, or otherworldly. Witches generally will always wear an amulet and a talisman when spell casting, and usually have particular statues and items in, and outside their home, charged with a protective energy. All witches carry an amulet with them when traveling as this prevents them from losing anything, or being bothered by people they do not wish to talk to. It is a good practice to anoint your amulet with essential oils to further empower and intensify the protective energy. To charge it, first anoint with essence, then hold and concentrate on protection and you will very likely feel the amulet pulsing. If you are using a statue as an amulet, anoint is with essential oil and place your hand on it as you charge it with the energy of protection, visualize a golden light around you and your home. Any material may be used to make an amulet and a silver container with essential oil inside is a favorite of mine. You can make an amulet from wood, stone, crystals or clay, it may be any shape and you can inscribe it with magical signs. A pentacle is also quite powerful to use as an amulet, as is a black obsidian necklace. Anything you do magically is a personal and unique act, no two witches practice magic in the same way and as long as you are working from love you can approach magic in a way that suits you. Whatever you decide to do, or use, be guided by your inner voice, if something feels wrong, it is most likely wrong, and if it feels right go with that instinct. Katydid's Random Madness Home Page The Ankh Symbol of eternal life. The gods are often seen holding an ankh to someone's lips this is considered to be an offering of "The Breath of Life". The breath you will need in the afterlife Go to top Katydid's Random Madness Home Page The Pentacle or Pentagram The Pentacle or Pentagram: Is a standard symbol for witches. The four bottom points represent the four elements: (Earth, Air, Fire and Water) and the fifth point represents the Divine Spirit-All that Is. A pentagram is drawn at the beginning of a ritual to set a witches protection and positive power. If you do not have a physical pentagram, you can draw on in the air by using your index finger or athame. Many people will draw the pentagram differently either starting at the top point or the point to the left hand side, but the MOST important thing when drawing a pentagram is to make sure it is drawn in one complete motion and never stopped. Go to top Katydid's Random Madness Home Page Making The Personal Pentacle Note: When making your pentacle there is one thing you need to keep in mind. All magickal tools are extensions of yourself. There are text out there that tell you step by step how to make one. These are only guidelines. You need something that you feel comfortable using in workings. The Pentacle is a representation of the Universe as a whole, omne in parvo (Latin for "all in small"). First you need to make a symbol that, to you, represents the everything in the universe. This includes prom night, Ethiopia, and airplanes from Aleister Crowley's Book "There is, therefore, nothing movable or immovable under the whole firmament of heaven which is not included in this pantacle, though it be but 'eight inches in diameter, and in thickness half an inch.' Fire is not matter at all; water is a combination of elements; air almost entirely a mixture of elements; earth contains all both in admixture and in combination. So must it be with this Pantacle, the symbol of earth." To help with the symbol make a list of everything in the universe. After you have completed this list, look at everything, and combine them into smaller groups. Ex: trees, grass, and dirt, would all go into the same grouping of earth. After you have minimized your list as much as you feel is possible find a symbol for each thing left on your list. You can use traditional symbols, or even make up your own. Next you need to decide what material you want to use. Traditionally natural materials were used. However, there are so many wonderful man made materials out there for building today, that personally I don't see any problem using them. Again, do what feels comfortable for you. The diameter of your pentacle should be between 6 and 8 inches. Once you have your symbols, material and size you want to use, you need to lay out the design of your pentacle. You can keep it simple, or embellish it a bit. Make sure you incorporate all the symbols that you designed earlier. When you have drawn out your design, go ahead and get your materials together and construct it. Below is one of the first instructions on how to build a pentacle. Go to top Katydid's Random Madness Home Page Liber A The Pentacle Take pure wax, or a plate of gold, silver-gilt or Electrum Magicum. The diameter shall be eight inches, and the thickness half an inch. Let the Neophyte by his understanding and ingenium devise a symbol to represent the Universe. Let his Zelator approve thereof. Let the Neophyte engrave the same upon his plate, with his own hand and weapon. Let it when finished be consecrated as he hath skill to perform, and kept wrapped in silk of emerald green. Go to top Katydid's Random Madness Home Page Dragon's Charm Spell On wings of thunder, honor bound, Search me out, I drum the sound. Twist and turn in the night, Dragon come, my guiding light. Protector, guardian, friend not foe, Come to me, see my sigil glow. Strong and true, this friendship charm, I beacon thee, protect me from harm. Around and about my magick swirls, Come to me, your wings unfurled. Welcome o guardian of (person's name) Repeat until you have a dream of new wealth and prosperity coming your way. Go to top Katydid's Random Madness Home Page Pendulum Magic A pendulum is a small weight attached to a length of chain or thread. When someone holds it by the thread and asks a question, the weight moves and provides the answer. In the last few days I have witnessed two good examples of this. Pendulum Experiences Fluffball, a pet rabbit, got out of her cage and disappeared. The owners searched the immediate neighborhood with no success and were starting to panic. I suggested that they use a pendulum. They were skeptical, but they had reached the stage where they were prepared to try anything. I showed the lady of the house how to hold the pendulum. She held a pen and moved this over a map of the immediate area while holding the pendulum in her other hand. The pendulum began swinging strongly to and fro when her pen indicated a street almost a mile away. “She can’t have gone that far"? the woman said. However, the family immediately went to the street that the pendulum indicated and found Fluffball contentedly sampling her way through someone’s front garden. The second experience involved friends who were at a dinner we attended. The wife is allergic to msg (mono-sodium glutamate), and has been hospitalized on a number of occasions after accidentally eating it. Consequently, when she is away from home, she always uses a pendulum to test her food before eating it. I was curious to see what she would do on this occasion, as it was a buffet meal served to about 200 guests. She selected the food that appealed to her and returned to her seat. She then took her pendulum out and held it under the table while holding her free hand over the plate of food. She silently asked the pendulum if the food she had selected was free of msg. When the pendulum gave a positive answer, she ate it. If the pendulum had given a negative response, she would have gone through the items she selected, one by one, to determine the foods she could not eat and would then have gone back to the buffet line. Too Simple? Finding a lost pet and determining whether or not food is safe to eat are two excellent examples of what the humble pendulum can do. Although most people know of the pendulum, few people use it regularly to enhance their lives. Part of the reason for this is that it seems too easy. I have met countless people who used a pendulum once or twice and then put it away to experiment with things that appeared more exciting. Many years ago, I met a man who had used a pendulum to help him decide on a suitable career. Although he had followed the pendulum’s advice, and was happy with his choice of career, he had never used it again. When I asked him why, he muttered that the pendulum seemed too simple, and he would probably have chosen the same field anyway. Of course, even though a pendulum is simple to use, it still takes practice to become good at it. You can buy pendulums at any new age store, but any weight suspended on cord or chain will act as an impromptu pendulum. Choose something that weighs at least three ounces and attach it to four to six inches of cord. Hold the cord between the thumb and first finger of your right hand, if you are right-handed. (Use your left, if you are left-handed. ) Rest your elbow on a table and allow the pendulum to swing freely an inch or so above the surface of the table. Stop the movement of the weight with your free hand. Then ask the pendulum to move in a direction that means “yes." The pendulum may start moving immediately, or it might take a while to indicate a positive response. When it starts, it will either move from side to side, backwards and forwards, or rotate in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. Yes or No Once the pendulum has indicated “yes," stop it again, and then ask it to indicate “no." Follow this by asking for “I don’t know"' and “I don’t want to answer" responses. Now you can ask the pendulum questions that can be answered with these four movements. Start by asking the pendulum questions that you already know the answers to. You might ask it if you are male. Ask if you live at your current address. After checking your pendulum in this way, you can proceed to ask questions that you do not know the answers to. Start by asking questions that you can check later on. The correct answers that your pendulum provides will give you confidence as you continue to experiment. There is no limit to the types of questions you can ask once you become proficient with the pendulum. Go to top Katydid's Random Madness Home Page Pendulum Magic for Beginners: Power to Achieve All Goals Create Pendulum Magic and Miracles It’s hard to believe something as simple as a weight on a string can work magic. A pendulum is an effective tool, yet small enough to carry around and use anytime to plumb the depths of your subconscious and beyond. In Pendulum Magic for Beginners, Richard Webster shows you how to use a pendulum for magic, self-improvement, and psychic development. You’ll also learn about Huna, the little-known methods practiced by the Hawaiian Kahunas to create magic and miracles. Go to top Katydid's Random Madness Home Page The Amulet of the Heart The heart was not only the seat of the power of life, but also the source of both good and evil thoughts; and it sometimes typified the conscience. It was guarded after death with special care, and was mummified separately, and then, with the lungs, was preserved in a jar which was placed under the protection of the god Tuamutef. Its preservation was considered to be of such importance that a text 1 was introduced into the Book of the Dead at an early period, with the view of providing the deceased with a heart in the place of that which had been removed in the process of mummification. The text reads: May my heart be with me in the House of Hearts! May my breast 2 be with me in the House of Hearts! May my heart be with me, and may it rest there, or I shall not eat of the cakes of Osiris on the eastern side of the Lake of Flowers, neither shall I have a boat wherein to go down the Nile, nor another wherein to go up, nor shall I be able to sail down the Nile with thee. May my mouth [be given] to me that I may speak therewith, and my two legs to walk therewith, and my two hands and arms to overthrow my foe. May the doors of heaven be opened unto me; may Seb, the prince of the gods, open wide his two jaws unto me; may he open my two eyes which are blindfolded; may he cause me to stretch apart my two legs which are bound together; and may Anpu (Anubis) make my thighs to be firm so that I may stand upon them. May the goddess Sekhet make me to rise so that I may ascend into heaven, and may that which I command in the House of the Ka of Ptah be done. I shall understand with my heart, I shall gain the mastery over my heart, I shall gain the mastery over my two hands, I shall gain the mastery over my legs, I shall have the power to do whatsoever my ka (i.e., double) pleaseth. My soul shall not be fettered to my body at the gates of the underworld, but I shall enter in and come forth in peace." When the deceased had uttered these words, it was believed that he would at once obtain the powers which he wished to possess in the next world; and when he had gained the mastery over his heart, the heart, the double, and the soul had the power to go where they wished and to do what they pleased. The mention of the god Ptah and of his consort Sekhet indicates that the Chapter was the work of the priests of Memphis, and that the ideas embodied in it are of great antiquity. According to the Papyrus of Nekhtu-Amen, the amulet of the heart, which is referred to in the above Chapter, was to be made of lapis-lazuli, and there is no doubt that this stone was believed to possess certain qualities which were beneficial to those who wore it. It will also be remembered that, according to one tradition, 1 the text of the LXIVth Chapter of the Book of the Dead was found written in letters of lapis-lazuli in the reign of Hesep-ti, king of Egypt about B.C. 4300, and the way in which the fact is mentioned in the Rubric to the Chapter proves that special importance was attached to it. Nefer-uben-f, a priest, guarding his heart against the destroyer of hearts. But although a heart might be given to a man by means of the above Chapter, it was necessary for the deceased to take the greatest care that it was not carried off from him by a monster, who was part man and part beast, and who went about seeking for hearts to carry away. To prevent such a calamity no less than seven Chapters of the Book of the Dead (Nos. XXVII., XXVIII., XXIX., XXIXA, XXX., XXXA, and XXXB) were written. The XXVIIth Chapter was connected with a heart amulet made of a white, semi-transparent stone. Reads: "Hail, ye who carry away hearts! Hail, ye who steal hearts, and who make the heart of a man to go through its transformations according to its deeds, let not what he hath done harm him before you! Homage to you, O ye lords of eternity, ye possessors of ever lastingness, take ye not this heart of Osiris 1 into your grasp, and cause ye not words of evil to spring up against it; for it is the heart of Osiris, and it belongeth unto him of many names, 2 the mighty one whose words are his limbs, and who sendeth forth his heart to dwell in his body. The heart of Osiris is triumphant, and it is made new before the gods: he hath gained power over it, and he hath not been judged according to what he hath done. He hath gotten power over his own members. His heart obeyeth him, he is the lord thereof, it is in his body, and it shall never fall away therefrom. I, Osiris, victorious in peace, and triumphant in the beautiful Amenta and on the mountain of eternity, bid thee [O heart] to be obedient unto me in the underworld." Another Chapter (XXIXB) was connected with a heart amulet made of carnelian, of which so many examples may be found in large museums; the text reads: "I am the Bennu, 1 the soul of Ra, and the guide of the gods who are in the underworld. Their divine souls came forth upon earth to do the will of their doubles, let therefore the soul of the Osiris come forth to do the will of his double." The Bennu was also the soul of Osiris, and thus the amulet brought with it the protection of both Osiris and Ra. But of all the Chapters which related to the heart, the most popular among the Egyptians was that which is commonly known as XXXB, and its importance from a religious point of view cannot be overstated. The antiquity of the Chapter is undoubted, for according to the Papyrus of Nu, 2 a document of the early part of the XVIIIth dynasty, it dates from the time of Hesep-ti, king of Egypt about B.C. 4300, and it seems that it formed a pendant or supplement to the LXIVth Chapter, which professed to give the substance of all the "Chapters of Coming Forth by Day" in a single Chapter. In the rubric to the longer version of the Chapter, given in the same papyrus, 3 Chapter XXXB is connected with Herut, the son of Khufu (Cheops), a man famed for wisdom, and it is there ordered that the words of it be recited over a hard, green stone scarab, which shall be laid in the breast of the deceased where the heart would ordinarily be; this amulet would then perform for him the "opening of the mouth," 1 for the words of the Chapter would be indeed "words of power." From reciting the words of the Chapter over a scarab to engraving them upon it was but a step, and this step was taken as early as the IVth dynasty. The text is as follows: "My heart, my mother; my heart, my mother! My heart whereby I came into being! May naught stand up to oppose me at [my] judgment; may there be no opposition to me in the presence of the sovereign princes; may there be no parting of thee from me in the presence of him that keepeth the Balance! Thou art my double (ka), the dweller in my body, the god Khnemu who knitteth and strengtheneth my limbs. Mayest thou come forth into the place of happiness whither we go. May the Shenit, who form the conditions of the lives of men, not make my name to stink. Let it be satisfactory unto us, and let the listening be satisfactory unto us, and let there be joy of heart unto us at the weighing of words. Let not that which is false be uttered against me before the great god, the lord of Amentet. Verily how great shalt thou be when thou risest in triumph." It was this Chapter which the deceased recited when he was in the Judgment Hall of Osiris, whilst his heart was being weighed in the Balance against the feather symbolic of right and truth. From certain papyri it seems as if the above words should, properly, be said by the deceased when he is being weighed against his own heart, a conception which is quite different from that of the judgment of the heart before the gods. The scribe Nebsent being weighed in a balance against his heart in the presence of Osiris. Go to top Katydid's Random Madness Home Page The Amulet of the Buckle This amulet represents the buckle of the girdle of Isis, and is usually made of carnelian, red jasper, red glass, and of other substances of a red colour; it is sometimes made of gold, and of substances covered with gold. It is always associated with the CLVIth Chapter of the Book of the Dead, which is frequently inscribed upon it. Reads: "The blood of Isis, and the strength of Isis, and the words of power of Isis shall be mighty to act as powers to protect this great and divine being, and to guard him from him that would do unto him anything that he holdeth in abomination." But before the buckle was attached to the neck of the deceased, where the rubric ordered it to be placed, it had to be dipped in water in which ankham flowers had been steeped; and when the words of the Chapter of the Buckle given above had been recited over it, the amulet brought to the deceased the protection of the blood of Isis, and of her words of power. It will be remembered that she raised the dead body of Osiris by means of her words of power, and there is a legend to the effect that she smote the Sun-god Ra with severe sickness by the magical power which she possessed. Another object of the buckle was to give the deceased access to every place in the underworld, and to enable him to have "one hand towards heaven, and one hand towards earth." Go to top Katydid's Random Madness Home Page The Amulet of the Tet This amulet probably represents the tree trunk in which the goddess Isis concealed the dead body of her husband, and the four cross-bars indicate the four cardinal points; it became a symbol of the highest religious importance to the Egyptians, and the setting up of the Tet at Busiris, which symbolized the reconstituting of the body of Osiris, was one of the most solemn of all the ceremonies performed in connexion with the worship of Osiris. The Tet represents neither the mason's table nor a Nilometer, as some have thought, It is always associated with the CLVth Chapter of the Book of the Dead. Reads: "Rise up thou, O Osiris! Thou hast thy backbone, O Still-Heart! Thou hast the fastenings of thy neck and back, O Still-Heart! Place thou thyself upon The mummy of Ani the scribe, lying on a bier, attended by Isis, Nephthys, Anubis, the four children of Horus, the ushabti figure, his soul, the TET, etc. thy base, I put water beneath thee, and I bring unto thee a Tet of gold that thou mayest rejoice therein." Like the buckle, the Tet had to be dipped in the water in which ankham flowers had been steeped, and laid upon the neck of the deceased, to whom it gave the power to reconstitute the body and to become a perfect KHU (i.e., spirit) in the underworld. On coffins the right hand of the deceased grasps the buckle, and the left the Tet; both are made of wood, notwithstanding the fact that the rubric to the Chapter of the Te orders the Tet to be made of gold. Go to top Katydid's Random Madness Home Page The Amulet Of The Vulture This amulet was intended to cause the power of Isis as the "divine mother" to be a protection for the deceased, and was made of gold in the form of a vulture hovering in the air with outstretched wings and holding in each talon the symbol of "life" and was placed on the neck on the day of the funeral. With this amulet the CLVIIth Chapter of the Book of the Dead was associated, and it was ordered by the rubric to it to be recited over it. Reads: "Isis cometh and hovereth over the city, and she goeth about seeking the secret habitations of Horus as he emergeth from his papyrus swamps, and she raiseth up his shoulder which is in evil case. He is made one of the company in the divine boat, and the sovereignty of the whole world is decreed for him. He hath warred mightily, and he maketh his deeds to be remembered; he hath made the fear of him to exist and awe of him to have its being. His mother the mighty lady, protecteth him, and she hath transferred her power unto him." The first allusion is to the care which Isis shewed for Horus when she was bringing him up in the papyrus swamps, and the second to his combat with Set, whom he vanquished through the might of Isis. Go to top Katydid's Random Madness Home Page The Amulet Of The Collar Of Gold This amulet was intended to give the deceased power to free himself from his swathings; it is ordered by the rubric to the CLVIIIth Chapter of the Book of the Dead to be placed on his neck on the day of the funeral, and to be made of gold. The text of the Chapter reads: "O my father, my brother, my mother Isis, I am unswathed, and I see. I am one of those who are unswathed and who see the god Seb." This amulet is very rare, and appears to have been the expression of beliefs which grew up in the period of the XXVIth dynasty, about B.C. 550. Go to top Katydid's Random Madness Home Page The Amulet Of The Papyrus Sceptre This amulet was intended to give the deceased vigour and renewal of youth; it was made of mother-of-emerald, or of light green or blue porcelain, and, when the words of the CLIXth Chapter of the Book of the Dead had been recited over it, it was placed on his neck on the day of the funeral. In the XXVIth dynasty and later it seems as if the amulet represented the power of Isis, who derived it from her father, the husband of Renenet, the goddess of abundant harvests and food. At an earlier period, judging from the text of the CLXth Chapter, the amulet is put by the god Thoth into the hands of the deceased, who says, "It is in sound state, and I am in sound state; it is not injured, and I am not injured; it is not worn away, and I am not worn away." Go to top Katydid's Random Madness Home Page The Amulet Of The Soul This amulet was made of gold inlaid with precious stones in the form of a human-headed hawk, and, when the words of the LXXXIXth Chapter of the Book of the Dead had been recited over it, it was directed by the rubric to the Chapter to be placed upon the breast of the deceased. The object of the amulet is apparent from the text in which the deceased is made to say, "Hail, thou god Anniu! Hail, thou god Pehrer, who dwellest in thy hall! Grant thou that my soul may come unto me from wheresoever it may be. If it would tarry, then let my soul be brought unto me from wheresoever it may be... Let me have possession of my soul and of my spirit, and let me be true of voice with them wheresoever they may be... Hail, ye gods, who tow along the boat of the lord of millions of years, who bring it above the underworld, and who make it to travel over Nut, who make souls to enter into their spiritual bodies,... grant that the soul of the Osiris 1 "may come forth before the gods, and that it may be true of voice with you in the east of the sky, and follow unto the place where it was yesterday, and enjoy twofold peace in Amentet. May it look upon its natural body, may it rest upon its spiritual body, and may its body neither perish nor suffer corruption for ever!" Thus the amulet of the soul was intended to enable the soul both to unite with the mummified body, and to be with its spirit (khu) and spiritual body at will. Go to top Katydid's Random Madness Home Page Sections Katydid's BOS Index Katydid's Class On The Basics Katydid's Festival Index Katydid's Graphic Section Katydid's Personal Section Katydid's Spells Katydid's Zodiac Signs