Opening Realm I enter this realm in perfect love and perfect trust Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. I am the Bona Dea in human form. Please keep me safe from harm. Enlighten me with words of many as I call upon the power of 3 Blessed be. Namaste and mote it be. Closing Realm With this smoke I light I pray for faery sight. Let the winds be mild and the deities riled. Time to suck it all in. Harm none and never sin. This is my plea Blessed be. Namaste and so mote it be. This is my last smoke for now. Don't worry or frown. We'll do this again. No worries my friend. Keep it simple guys and gals. You are my very best pals. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust I leave in perfect trust Blessed be. Namaste and mote it be. Speed Up Time Winds of time bend to my will. No longer will you stand still. With this spell please quicken the pace. Around the clock you will race. Slow Down Time The winds of time slowly bend. Make this seem to never end. Slow this time to a stand still. Hear my plea, this is my will. Return Time to Normal Winds of time to my will bend. Bring this time to an end. Please return to your normal pace. No more stillness, no more race. Invocation of the Full Moon 28 days since I've seen you last. This cycle has been a blast. I've learned so much that I recall. Taking time for thanks is above them all. Lords and Ladies of the moon so bright guide us through the darkened night. Lords and Ladies of the midnight sky, let the stars shine bright in the heaven's light. Guide us through this full moon, please. Thank you Goddess Diana let the moon shine. Help us to unwind. Charge of the Stones Witch's power burning bright rocks, cards and blade charge the spell filled with might here and now the magic's made. Wave and tree, hedge and flame strength of the elements gather here to bless this work and charge it well, to complete the spell now far or near. Mystic Moon and Brilliant Sun, send your power here this way, Gracious Ladies, Mighty Goddess bless the charge that I lay. Powers that are, powers that be, gather around this spell I cast empower my working 3x3x3 send it forth and let it last. Every Fae Every fae, far and near please come give me an ear I want to see you flutter about, so I have no doubt. I believe in you. You know that's true. Bridget please hear my call. Send your fairies, one and all. Dance from tree to tree. They send my spirit flying free. Thanks Bridget for keeping them safe from harm. I know they are happy in your arms. Show me what you've got, old friend. Show me before the night's end. This is my plea, so mote it be. Binding Chant Please let my bind to these grounds. Tie me to those that are bound. Make this place home where I reside Your rules of this place I will abide. Bind and attach me please. This is my plea, so mote it be. Unbinding Chant Please let me leave these grounds Untie me from those who are bound. Let me leave this place from where I reside. Your rules of this place I will abide. Unbind me and detach me please. This is my plea, so mote it be. Click for the Site Index