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Correspondences For Justice Law Elements: Earth, Air Planets: Jupiter, Sun, Mercury,Saturn,Mars Best times: Thursday- for success, securing justice, Sunday- for freedom, Saturday- to bind a criminal, to limit someones freedom or bring them to justice, for protection, Tuesday: for strength in conflict Colors: (candles , cord etc.) deep blue, royal purple red, black Number: 4 or 8 Incense: cedar, cypress, frankincense, pine, sandalwood Plants and Herbs: garlic( for protection, herbs of the appropriate planetary powers), high john the conqueror root, st. johns wort (for invincibility), nettles or vines ( for binding), buckthorn, hickory, marigold, love-apple, apricot, almond, barley, basil, brazil nut, chamomile, cherry, chestnut, cinnamon, clove, clover, coriander, daffodil, daisy, gardenia, ginger, hibiscus, jasmine, juniper, lavender, lemon, marjoram, meadowsweet, mistletoe, orange, plum, poppy, raspberry, rose, rosemary, senna, strawberry, thyme, valerian, vanilla, violet, willow, and yarrow Gods and Goddesses: Aradia (to protect the poor, and witches of course), Athena (for mercy), Maat, Nemesis ( to bring justice to an offender), Themis, The Dagdah, Jupiter, Osiris, Thoth, Zeus. Bring to Justice Spell Timing: This spell is to be performed before going to court. You Will Need: 2 brown candles court document Procedure: Place the document next to you. Now place a brown candle in front of you, and the other brown candle in front of the document. Now close your eyes. Imagine the person who is suing you. Imagine them lying to the court. Open your eyes and stare into the brown candle in front of you. Say: With lies and dishonesty, With justice and help. The lies prepared today, They shall soon not yelp. Not a word of a lie, Not a word of excuse. Make this truth inside them, Now let it loose. Now close your eyes again. Imagine the document being torn apart by the judge's hand, and the judge says, ''Case closed.'' It can be any judge; but more preferably the one that will be in court. Now open your eyes and stare at the OTHER brown candle in front of the document. Say: Justice and judges, Acceptance and pleads. Make me now in the lead, Now make the judge at ease. My case is the truth, Nothing else to be. Now help me out here, judge, Mote it be. Candle Justice Spell You Will Need: tarot cards needed: Justice, The World, and nine of cups 1 gray candle 1 orange candle 1 indigo candle 1 purple candle 1 black candle 1 gold candle Procedure: Say: I move outside the limits of time to work my spell The dragons help me weave the universal energy The things that now exist become what I desire The tides of Magick answer unto me. Tarot cards needed: Justice, The World, and nine of cups Candles needed: gray, orange, indigo, purple, black, and gold. Arrange the cards IN ORDER, left to right: Justice, The World, and then 9 of cups. Arrange the candles below the cards IN THIS ORDER: gray, orange, indigo, purple, black, and gold. Light the candles and after clearing your mind. Say: Gray mists to hide what I must do. Orange light to change my luck and give me power. Indigo strength to stop gossip and lies. Purple power to break bad luck and drive away evil. Great black walls to protect me from my enemies. Sun-gold beams to give me fortune and success. I stand surrounded by these powerful lights. I ask the dragon's help to succeed in my case. Concentrate a few moments on the cards and your objective. After this you must say the closing chant. Say: My thanks to the dragons, great and small, who came to answer my call, We wove the Magick, wild and free, And as I will, so shall it be. Place the candles in a safe place so they will not catch anything on fire, such as a sink or even in the bath tub, and allow them to burn themselves out. Candle Spell For Justice Or Help In Legal Matters You Will Need: 1 small or medium sized mirror Procedure: You might want to burn some herbs or incense associated with justice while doing this spell. Also a simple yet incredibly powerful protection spell is done with a small or medium sized mirror you can hold in your hands. While holding the mirror facing outwards in other words not showing your reflection but turned to reflect out, turn in a counter clockwise circle to banish. Say: Circle of reflection, Circle of protection, May the sender of all harm, Feel the power of this charm. This does not send any negative energy at the sender hence eliminating the cause and effect portion of negativity adding to negativity but it reflects back anything being directed at you. So it bounces off you instead of affecting you. Circle three times full round chanting this or until you feel it is complete, then make a closing statement such as: So Be It Court Case Victory When you find yourself facing a court case, or are being judged and your fate is in the hands of others, you can use this spell to tip the scales in your favor. This spell won't pervert justiceóbut it will help make sure that those that are sitting in judgement see your side clearly. Ideally you should perform this step the day that you find out that you are going to be going to court, and repeat it on the actual court date. You Will Need: 1 purple candle hazlenut oil poppy seeds Procedure: Hold the candle in both hands and charge it with your intent. Tell the candle that you want it to help you and share your side of the story with it. Imagine that you have the chance to sit down with the judge and tell him or her everything that you would want them to know so that they could judge in your favor. Dress the candle with hazlenut oil, and then roll it in poppy seeds. Place the candle in a holder and then let it burn itself out. As it burns visualize the smoke carrying your story to the judge, jury and any other parties that will play a role in deciding your fate. If the candle burns itself out before it has burned to the bottom keep the stub and carry it with you whenever you are in court. Court Case Spells If you are suffering and tired and the case or any legal matter that you are going through is not ending then you may go for this very strong spells. Perform the spells outside You Will Need: one of the following powdered herbs according to what you will wish for: Bay, also known as bay laurel (for success and prestige wishes) Rosemary (for promotion and advanced wishes) Cinnamon (for power wishes) Vervain (Vebena) (for general wishes) Cardamom (for love wishes) Peppermint (for prosperity wishes) Procedure: Hold the herb you have chosen and visualize in fine detail. Hold the herb up to your mouth and breathe upon it trying to force the wish through your breath onto the herb. Turn facing North Say: King Boreas of the north wind, by the powers of earth, I call you to carry my wish to the northern quarter, And by the powers of the gnomes, I ask that you bring me success. Blow a quarter of the powdered herb from your palm in the direction of North. Turn to the East. Say: King Eureus of the East Wind, by the power of air, I call you to carry my wish to the Eastern quarter, And by the powers of sylphs, I ask that you bring me success. Blow a quarter of the powdered herb to the east. Turn to the South. Say: King Notus of the south wind, by the powers of fire, I call you to carry my wish to the southern quarter, and by the powers of Salamanders, I ask that you bring me success. Blow a quarter to the south. Turn to the west. Say: King Zephyrus of the west wind, By the powers of water, I call you to carry my wish to the western quarter and by the powers of undines, I ask that you bring me success. Blow the final quarter to the of herb to the west. Leave the area without looking back, safe in the knowledge that the powers of the universe have taken over your wish. If you have any questions about the above written spells email me and all your queries will be answered. Court Chant Say: Coyote, trickster, magick man, Remove the scales from Themisí hand! Cloak me in enchanted mistó With my endeavor please assist. Teach me tricks, confuse my foes, And assist my mind to cure my woes. Send to me your magick fast; Let my plans come true at last, My winning day in court should be A chance to laugh most gleefully! Day In Court Magic Wash Timing: Three days before your scheduled court appearance, make this wash. You Will Need: 1 bottle 1 large piece of High John the Conqueror root 1 one pint of fresh water 1/4 oz jalop powder 3/4 oz of snake head 1 tsp. of blessed salt Put the bottle in a consecrated dark place. On the morning of the court date, pour this mixture out of your front door where you must walk through it when you leave the house on your way to court. Carry a large piece of High John the Conqueror root in your pocket to the courtroom. To one pint of fresh water add 1/4 oz jalop powder, 3/4 oz of snake head and 1 tsp. of blessed salt. Friendly Judge Spell Timing: Thursday on a Full Moon You Will Need: 1 pink candle and holder oil skunk cabbage sunflower seeds bay leaves basil Procedure: When the Full Moon hangs in the air on a Thursday, anoint a pink candle with oil and roll it in a mixture of skunk cabbage, sunflower seeds, bay leaves, and basil. Set the Candle in a holder under which you have placed all relevant documents. Focus on the flame. Say: You who are the law's handmaiden, who with many decisions is laden; will now look upon my face, and by sympathetic to my case! Let the candle burn out naturally. Fix a mojo with any left over wax, the same herbal combination and some of your personal concerns. Justice Spell The color orange represents business and fairness. You Will Need: 1 orange candle Procedure: Sit in a quiet place. Ground and Center. Light an orange candle. Concentrate on the facts of the case (issue) try to see the situation as an outsider. Take a deep breath and play out in your mind different scenarios that may happen while in front of the judge (board). Keep the scenario's realistic. Picture yourself as calm and factual as possible. Once you are satisfied that you have played through all of the options then focus back on the candle. Request (from whomever you believe in) that they open the eyes of the participants to see through the emotion of the situation and see the facts. Run through any new scenarios that come to mind. Then extinguish the candle. The key here is to see the situation from all angles. If you only see your own point of view than you may be more vulnerable to surprise questions. Court Case Spell You Will Need: 1 incense burner for air 1 chalice with salt for water 1 cauldron for water and athame for fire 1 black altar candle in the middle patchouli incense olive oil 1 candle holder 1 picture with chant written on it. (pictures of your ex, spouse, someone or something pertaining to or involved in the case. 1 brown candle 1 black candle 1 pink candle Use the patchouli incense throughout this spell unless you have access to herbs. If so, then use the following incense mixture: Red Clover Blossoms trifloium pratense - financial arrangements, success and good luck. Black Cohosh Root cimicifuga racemose - courage. Coltsfoot Leaf tussilago farfara - peace and tranquility. Dragon's Blood daemonorops draco - increase spells power. Dulse Leaf Flowers rhodymenia plamatta - harmony. Glangal Root (Lo John the Conqueror) alpinia galanga - hex-breaking. Garlic Power allium sativum - protection. Marigold calendula officinalis - legal matters & protection. Mugwort artemisia vulgaris - protection & healing. Pennyroyal mentha pulegium - business deals. Sagebrush (White Sage) artemisia - transforming energy. Sea Salt sodium chloride - protection & drive away enemies. Black Salt sodium chloride - repel negativity & protection from enemies. Slippery Elm Bark ulmus fulva - gentleness. St. John's Wort (Amber) hypericum perforatum - overcome opposition, strength & protection. Sweetgrass hierochloe odorata - invites in good energies & spirits. Holy Thistle (Blessed Thistle) centaurea benedicta - hex-breaking. Thymye Leaf thymus vulgaris - courage. Tobacco (Winston Cigarettes) nicotiana - clarity. Witch Grass agropyron repens - happiness & exorcism. Wormwood artemisia absinthium - psychic powers, protection & calling spirits. Yarrow Flowers achillea millefolium - courage, psychic powers & exorcism. Procedure: Whatever type of ritual you use to connect to the Universe such as meditation. Circle Casting to each element that creates a protective barrier during your spellcasting raising black energy. This is where you will raise the energy to accomplish this spell. Rub oil from the base of each candle towards the top while humming and visualizing your reason for doing this spell in the following order. Brown Candle for legal matters & justice. Black Candle for protection, hex-breaking, strength & exorcism. Pink Candle for gentleness, patience & calmness. Say: Great Goddess and the Powers from the Beginning I call upon the presence and assistance of the following herbs. Read each herb's name and magickal properties you intend to use. Say: I call upon (herb) for their properties of (intent for the herb) to banish all injustice against me in the court room for my (enter name of court case) case on court date. Banish all negative energy, spirits and people from the court room and me, your name, for my (enter name of court case) case on court date. Banish all nervousness, rudeness and hysterics from the court room on my (enter name of court case) court case on court date. Transform the negativity into positive protective energy that treats all participants with fairness, calmness and respect. So Mote It Be! Continue humming and visualizing for about five minutes. See what you want to happen in your third eye or mind. Place each candle, Brown - Black - Pink into the holder and light it. Using your athame direct your spell's energy into the candles. Chant your chant for as long as you can while visualizing your purpose. When you cannot chant and visualize any longer, put the candle out and repeat the spell the following night (or day). But never go beyond the 24 hour period. After you see the first glimpse of the results of your spell that night or day, let the candles burn all the way out and burn the chant in the flames of the candles. Closing your circle and releasing the energy into the void. Take the athame and point it up. Visualize the black light shooting up into space. Say: So Mote It Be. Thank all the Great Goddess, the Powers from the Beginning and all the other energies for their presence. Spell For Freezing Out A Witness Or Legal Opponent Timing: 30 days prior to a waning moon Purpose: If someone is working against you in a legal matter and you know her name, you can try a freezing spell. You Will Need: paper pencil or India ink vodka (optional) Procedure: Write her name on a piece of paper (parchment is good) in pencil or India ink (preferably). Fold the paper in half, then in half again until you can't fold it any more. As you do this, imagine her influence freezing / stopping, that she cannot do anything until the thaw. Then put some liquid (vodka works well I've found) on the paper and put it into a corner of your freezer. Leave it there for 30 days. Start this on the waning moon. It should stop her from influencing people or things about your business. It freezes her out. Spell For Justice Timing: First view the Sun Say: May Nemesis stalk those who dare To slander me and cause me care All that they attempt to cause me pain Rebound on them and be in vain Let the hurt they cause to me and mine Be bound round them like ivy's vine And when they lay them down to sleep May nightmares stalk and waking weep Until the day their conscience bids They tell the truth to for all to hear And leave my reputation clear All this I ask in justices' name And wish on them the very same. Win At Law Spell Timing: Midnight before any court appearance. You Will Need: papers associated with your legal battle 1 candle Procedure: Place papers associated with your legal battle on your altar. Place a candle to the right of them. At exactly midnight light the candle. As the candle burns brightly, study the flame closely. When it is burning brightly, clearly and steadily, stare into the flame. Place your writing hand on the papers and visualize the result that is wanted. Say: Rash of Mithra, hear me! My cause is right and true. Influence the powers that judge. I ask this boon of you. Walk 3 circles to the right, sit down again, lay your hand on the papers and stare into the flame. The flame will be moving. When the flame steadies again... Say: Rash of mithra, I thank thee floor thy aid against...(Name Opponents). Extinguish the candle and turn on the lights, pour the wax that has melted onto a piece of plain paper, and fold the paper in half. When it has cooled, place it under your pillow for the night. In the morning write Rash Of Mithra on it and keep it with you during the day. After the case is settled, destroy it. Remember to harm none!!!! Katydid's Site Index