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Fire Blessing Say: I will kindle this fire under the eyes of the Tuatha De Danann under the eyes of Brigit daughter of the Dagda, under the eyes of Aedh the bright one. Without fear, jealousy or malice of any kind to anyone under the sun, but with the light of the Goddess to protect me. Goddess of the sun, kindle within me a fire of generosity and love to all: To my friends, my kindred, my foes and kindle within me a fire of bravery, eloquence and generosity of truth, strength and wealth, of beauty, charm and grace, so that I may inspire with my words. May this fire be blessed in the eyes of the Ancient but ever-present Gods. Fire Spell Add to a red candle power in your name and then call forth the elements of the Earth. Invoke the element of fire Say Aloud: Fire, I appeal to your heat, To help me in this magical feat, Bring me what I ask, As will be seen, as can be! Sit in front of the candle flame to see her dance for a while. Say Aloud 3 times: Allow the flow of passion in me, and above all, Allow me to completely fill its tides, inside and everywhere. Enthusiasm and new Fellowship force for whatever comes my way, And make me eagerly seize every new day. Allow the candle to burn completely. Disposal In Fire Although it could be argued that the ritual burning of candles and incense powders constitutes laying a trick in fire, for all practical purposes fires are only used to deploy the items in a spell when something flammable and small, like a name-paper or photograph, is burned up rapidly. Because such spells are quite often intended to harm the victim whose name or picture is being burned, in these cases the fire is used not as a location for deployment, like earth or running water, but as a symbolic form of torture, similar to sticking a doll-baby with pins and needles. Singing a picture, a little bit at a time, is considered a strong method to "light a fire" under a person to get them to obey your commands. Fire can be used to dispose of the remains of spells, but generally speaking, because fire is seen as completely terminating the object that is burned, disposal by fire is not performed on remnant materials you may have laid down yourself, whether for good or for ill, either on your own behalf or as work for a client -- unless you are well and truly finished with that piece of work. Rather, fire -- especially an open-air bonfire -- is considered a sovereign vehicle for disposal of the dangerous remains of an enemy trick that someone else has laid down for you or for a client. A suspicious gift that might have been fixed to harm you or a letter that you suspect was dressed with coercive powders are prime candidates for disposal by fire. Root workers who are helping a client take off a jinx or break up crossed conditions often dig around the victim's doorstep, porch, fireplace chimney, or house corners until they find a bottle or box spell -- and this item becomes a prime candidate for disposal in a fire. If it explodes as it burns, that is seen as a highly satisfactory sign that the jinx was successfully removed and sent back to its maker. Disposing of a petition paper in fire after burning a candle is an old traditional practice and may have entered African American hoodoo through contact with Chinese folk magic, where it is an essential ritual act. Not everyone does it the same way, but in my youth, the most popular method was to burn the paper in the candle flame right before it went out. However, as conjure practices have evolved, this method has not always been seen as practical, due to changes in the types of candles that people employ in their work. In the old days, most folks used free-standing candles in their spell-casting rites. If you are burning a free-standing offertory, jumbo, or figural candle, then setting the petition paper alight at the end is a great conclusion to the ritual. All it requires is having a brass dish on the alter in which to drop the burning paper, lest you scorch your fingers. The ashes from the petition paper can be mixed with sachet powder and used to further the intention of the spell, according to the many ways in which powders are customarily employed. However, during the late 1970s, glass-encased candles were introduced into rootwork practices. Their long burning times and relative safety when left unattended made them quite popular and to some extent they have replaced the old-style free-standing candles once so common in our work. This change in candle usage has also brought about a change in the disposal of the petition paper after the candle is done. if you are burning a glass-encased vigil light or a religious novena candle and wish to perform a divination on the candle glass after the candle is finished, either via ceromancy (wax reading) or capnomancy (smoke reading), then burning your petition paper inside the candle glass will definitely smoke the glass up and change the signs you would have seen if you had left the glass alone. Because a clear, clean candle glass portends success, it would seem counter-productive to smoke up a clear glass at the end of the rite, by tossing the petition paper into it and setting it alight. Thus it would behoove you to invest in a small brash dish to catch the ashes from your burning petition paper, and not to drop the smoking paper into the glass. Finally, regardless of the kind of candles you set on your altar, you may not want to dispose of the petition paper in fire, and you should not feel bound to do so. There are cases in which you might find it a good idea to save the petition paper for further use rather than to dispose of it. Depending on the kind of spell work you are performing, you may wish to wear the petition paper in your shoe, carry it in your wallet, hide it over a door-frame, set it loose in running water, or save it for a continuation of the candle rite at a future date. The latter is especially the case if the petition has taken the form of a packet rather than a mere paper and contains personal concerns or herbs that would be difficult to replace if it were burned. The Fire Witch The Fire Witch is strong and courageous and extremely sociable.She always has a confident aura around her no matter what the situation.The Fire Witch is very seductive,passionate,bold and daring and sometimes pushes things to the absolute limits.She has a flair for decorating,she loves antiques and metal objects,warm rich colors within the home. The Fire Witch magically specializes in bonding with divinity,regeneration,energy, truth, manifesting, sex magick, banishing,purification,destruction,negative magick, defensive magick. She can call and banish spirits quite easy, but she never does wantonly,as she has great respect for the other planes of existence. Many shrine and altars of the fire witch are guarded by an eternal flame. The Fire Witch understands that her every movement is an honor to divine forces. She works by a honest moral code of what is right and wrong and always follows her gut instinct. The Fire Witch can be loving one minute and passionate and fierce the next, just like the flames in a fire. Fire Spell 1 Casting fire spells is one of the most common ways of harnessing the elements, usually with candles. Fire is a powerful element that represents all kinds of passion, energy, ego, willpower, creativity, strength and even anger. Though you can cast spells specifically for these things, fire is usually introduced to bring more energy to your purpose, even if that purpose is not fire-related on its own. Make sense? You Will Need: altar tools like an athame or candles stones such as carnelian, garnet, bloodstone oils and herbs like cedar, cinnamon, basil and rosemary As I mentioned, most fire spells include candles as a way of using the element. You can also burn things, though this isn't always practical. Having a fire-proof cauldron can help if you want to use more fire. As I mentioned, most fire spells include candles as a way of using the element. You can also burn things, though this isn't always practical. Having a fire-proof cauldron can help if you want to use more fire. Joyful Candle Spell Use the power of fire to bring a little more joy into your life. You Will Need: 3 orange candles marjoram and rosemary cedar oil Procedure: Anoint the candles with cedar oil, and light them. Sprinkle some of the herbs around the bases of the candles and focus on the flames. Feel the heat of the fire fill up your soul. Say: Happiness and joy come into my life Away with anger, stress and strife I am happy, I am free No more negativity Pass your hands through the warmth of the flames (preferably without burning yourself). Leave the candles to burn down on their own. Everyday Fire It is around us every day. We see it, touch it; we are sometimes burned by it. It is the warmth of a comfortable place to sit, and the roaring blaze that devastates an entire village. It burns within every beat of our heart. Fire. Fire is Change Fire is around us everywhere. The energy of Fire is often quite obvious, but sometimes can be tricky to spot. Do you have a special piece of jewelry? Most times we look at an object and see its earthy solid form, what it looks like today. But the metals in your jewelry took their present shape by being forged at temperatures higher than we might imagine. And as long as they retain that shape, they retain the impact of Fire. Fire is energy. Energy has the power to change things. In fact, the symbol for Fire (a triangle pointed upwards) is a Greek symbol called Delta – which means change. Think how the energy of events in your own life have “forged” you, changed your life and shaped you into what you are today. Fire is Light Much of the work and play we do is aided by Fire. Reading uses Fire, since it requires light, usually either Sunlight or electrical light — both very Fiery indeed. Next time you read something, give a special “thank you” to the light energy which carried its joy off the page to the gleam in your eye. Take note that whatever change in the world caused by reading – every classroom, every election booth, every love-letter – comes to us via the light of Fire. Fire is the Sun What else depends on light? Photosynthesis: the act of turning Sunlight into food. Plants do this everyday. All our food, our incense, our herbal medicines, our wooden homes, all contain the Sunlight stored away over the years by plants. Feel it? Recognize the Sun’s stored flame next time you hold an object made of wood. When wood burns it actually releases this solar energy into a fiery glow. Feel the warmth of the sun next time you enjoy a camp fire, fireplace, or simple votive candle. There is something very primal within Fire. From cave-times to today, people huddling around an open flame regard it as something special. Without question, people notice how Earth’s agricultural breadbasket nourishes us. But what nourishes the Earth with enough energy to create such delights? The sun! Mother Earth contains the solid materials, the building-blocks ready to construct this bounty. But Sunlight provides the energy to ignite life, turning the fields green and growing. Sunlight also charges people with a special glow. Try soaking up the Sun on a hot summer day. Store it within you. Whether you feel it or not, the Sun’s energy changes you a bit, like the way a glow-in-the-dark watch shines after you hold it up to the light. Feel the Sun’s flame within you. Is there a special part of your body that reacts to the Sun more than others? Maybe after hours of soaking up its energy, you have Sun-hair, Sun-skin, Sun-eyes? Do more intense things happen to you after you’ve been in the sun? Do people treat you different? Perhaps they sense a little bit more radiance within you. Fire is Magic We often recognize the magic of water and herbs when brewing our magical teas, but the heat in our hot steamy cup also contains Fire. Next time you seek healing energies from a cup of hot tea, direct the Fire energy within its heat to work for you as well. Ask it to speed your recovery. You might find working with all the elements within your cup works better than any single one alone. Your home is well-charged with Fire. I often look to my heater’s pilot light as a perpetual candle flame that always stay lit. A home is rarely without Flame. Its lights, its electrical devices all breathe Fire’s life throughout your house, transforming it from a cold dark place into a warm happy home. People often find special magic within color. Fire burns with a variety of colors. Copper burns green; silicon (like sand or glass) burns yellow. If you like working with Fire, and color, try creating a Flame that matches the color of your desires. But be ecologically aware – whatever you burn ends up in the air and the ground where its ashes remain. Try to keep it simple. People work with Fire in many ways. Ever notice someone trying to start a difficult car? They make facial expressions, utter words of encouragement; they even do some rather interesting rocking motions – anything to crank electricity from the car’s battery to the starter and into the engine! Gotta light? Ever notice the way someone acts when they light a cigarette for someone else, someone they desire? Its like they communicate right through the flame as it is passed from one person to another. Passing the Flame Try passing a flame from one place to another, like lighting a candle or incense stick from somewhere special on your altar. I like to pass flames from one candle to another, thinking about how one candle gains the gift of life from another. If you use a candle in magic, when might you want to light its flame from the Goddess candle on your altar? The God candle? Or perhaps the candle of a particular direction? Is there a particular source of flame that might work best for your intent? If you own a car, what type of special work might you do with the flame from your car’s dashboard lighter? From your kitchen stove? What fires await within that matchbook you took as a memento of a special place? For some fun, try lighting a Fire with a magnifying glass, starting your flame with nothing but the light of the Sun! Fire is Divination Fire can be used for a variety of divination techniques. We’ve all heard of scrying into tea leaves, but what about scrying into the ashes left behind by a small fire, perhaps in your trusty cauldron, or maybe in that same heat-resistant mug you use for tea. Instead of pouring water on your fragrant leaves, light them aflame! Try burning special woods or herbs, parchment, photos, old pay stubs, the daily news. What might work best to answer your particular question? Besides looking at the ashes, did you notice anything unusual about the flame? Did it peak in any particular direction before going out? What does that direction mean to you? For a new experience, take a blank piece of paper and wave it over a candle flame, close enough to leave black soot marks, but not close enough to ignite. Interpret these sooty shapes and designs the same way you would a cloud in the sky. Do you see a pair of lips? Perhaps a bunny rabbit? What do these shapes and symbols mean to you? (“Faerie Realm,” Ted Andrews, Llewellen Publications.) Fire is Alive Each flame is a unique life form, a unique spirit unlike any other. It has life and breath, it is born, consumes, grows, then flickers out, leaving behind an empty shell. Ashes to ashes. Are we any different? Try sensing the spirit in the flames you encounter. What makes “this” candle just a little bit different than the other? Try communicating with the engine spark that moves you from one place to another. Acknowledge the energy that warms your bath, rings your phone, gives you a tan or just keeps your heart going one beat to the next. Try whispering softly to even the bathroom nightlight. Some of these flames might just answer you back! To Change the Color of Flame For Candles: add the chemicals to the wax, or soak the wicks in a solution of the chemicals using the following recipe. You Will Need: To Add to a Fire... 3 level spoons 1 paper cup water small chips of wood tweezers newspaper Procedure: To Add to a Fire: Put three level spoons of the chemical into a paper cup. Fill 1/2 full with water and stir. Soak several small chips of wood in this solution overnight. The next day, remove the chips with tweezers and lay on newspaper to dry. They can now be added to the lames to produce bright colors. To Change to a Color: Green flame: Borax or Boric acid, copper nitrates or barium nitrates Orange flame: calcium chloride Red flame: stronium nitrate Yellow flame: Sodium Chorate or Potassium Nitrate Purple flame: Lithium Chlorate Remember to harm none!!!! Katydid's Site Index