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Katydid's Advice Poetry Katydid's Angels and Fairies Poetry Katydid's Diety Poetry Katydid's Elements Poetry Katydid's Misc. Poetry Katydid's Pagan Poetry Katydid's Relationship Poetry 1">Angels Angels Angels I call - to break the fall. Heaven sent. Wings bent. Feathers of gold, stories told. Love without end. Amen. Every Angel I thank Goddess with all my heart - for the fact that I am smart. It takes every angel I've got - to make sure I don't get hot. It takes every angel above - to remind me how to love. It takes every angel I feel to give me the ability to heal It takes every angel to be true - to remind me of how much I love you. To All My Angels To all my angels in heaven and on earth, I pray I can reap the hearth, of all Goddess's work and so I can understand Her word. One Person's Heaven One person's heaven is another's hell. I'm just waiting to hear the bell saying the fight is done. Some say the glass is half full, others think half gone. Some have died and gone to hell, others legacy will live on. Heaven Heaven isn't far away - so they say. How far is it? Not far, just a little bit. When heaven opens its gate - Peter will judge your fate. When I get there I will get a hug- maybe even a little tug. I miss her very much. I miss her T.L.C. and such. She's in heaven watching over me. That was meant to be. When I close my eyes I feel her near, without pain or fear. When I close my eyes, I feel her close by. but I can't see her with the naked eye. Her spirit moves me. Glory Be. When I feel her spirit, I am not blue. I wish she was here to say hello. I wish we could just be together again. It's a spiritual family til the end. She watches my soul. Thank God almighty - she helps make me whole. Fairy Lights Fairy lights light up the nights. If the mood is just right, You will see them tonight. They light up headlights. They light up darkened streets. If you see one, it's a treat. Chocolates they like to eat. or anything that's sweet. So grab a seat. They need a home to lay their head like a little fairy house with a bed. They like leafy bits alive or dead. With all this said, Make sure u keep them fed. Next time you see headlights of a car, remember there are fairies looking from afar. Fairies have always raised the bar. Especially when you see a shooting star. a fairy house can be as simple as a jar. Tink The number one fairy is Tink. Don't you think? I love her green lil' dress. Her hair is never a mess. Her wings are absolutely beautiful. Her personality is simply wonderful. She hangs with Peter Pan. He's the man. I believe in faes. They brighten my day. Poetry Pages Katydid's Advice PoetryKatydid's Angels and Fairies PoetryKatydid's Diety PoetryKatydid's Elements PoetryKatydid's Misc. PoetryKatydid's Pagan PoetryKatydid's Relationship PoetryPersonal PagesKatydid's Affirmation PageDigiital Art by Katydid SilvermoonBed Time PrayersBroom SuperstitionsThe CosmosKatydid's DeclarationsKatydid's Gratitude PageKatydid's IncantationsLetters From BeyondKatydid's Music AppreciationKatydid's MeditationsKatydid's Poetry CornerKatydid's QuotesKatydid's Music Quotes