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Magickal Powders Magickal Powders have been a part of folk magic right back from the days of antiquity. They consist of ground herbs which are sprinkled around the ritual area, or your place of meditation, to enhance the potency of your work as they release their powers. Here are just a few examples of how the powders can be used. Sprinkle them is a circle around you, beginning and ending in the East -- and moving clockwise. Sit within the circle and absorb the energies generated within. Those of you who work with Crystals, Stones, Tarot cards, Runes, etc , can add power to your ritual by sprinkling an appropriate powder around the crystal (or other magical aid) as it rests on your place of working. This will increase the power raised. Sprinkle your powder around burning candles to boost their energies. Scatter a ritually appropriate powder over the Altar before spells. Sprinkle the powders on your altar in a specific shape to use as points of concentration for your visualization... For Example, heart for Love, Circle for psychism and protection. Let your imagination be your teacher. Magic Wishing Powder You Will Need: The Great Outdoors (This could be your back yard, a park, or forest) Anything else you feel you need to personalize your wish. You will need to craft the wishing powder ahead of time. 2 parts sage 1 part sandalwood 1 part tonka beans Procedure: Grind, mix, and empower. If you're feeling adventurous, customize your wishing powder to the wish you'll be making. (Example: Crushed rose petals for bringing love into your life). Find a spot to make our wishes from. Take a handful of the wishing powder and begin concentrating on your wishes. (Please do not put yourself in danger to make a wish. A wish is just as powerful whether it's made standing on a rock on the side of a steep hill or standing in a field). Put your energy and wish into the powder you are holding. When it feels like you can no longer hold the energy, let it fly. As the powder settles to the ground, visualize your wishes joining with the Earth, gaining power and strength. As always, remember the Rule of Three when making your wish. After putting the energy out there, it's impossible to call it back. Remember the old saying, "Be careful what you wish for, you may get it." If you are worried about where to get Tonka Beans (as needed for the above wishing spell). You can do an easy search for them through any search engine to find them. Vanilla Beans/pods are a Substitute Exorcism Powder You Will Need: 3 parts basil 2 parts frankincense 2 parts rosemary 1 part yarrow 1 part rue Procedure: Sprinkle throughout the house, or any area needing a strong purification and protection. Love Powder Purpose: Attracting love You Will Need: 3 parts yarrow 3 parts lavender 2 parts rose petals 1 part orris root 1 part ginger Procedure: Sprinkle in an appropriate place Laying Down Tricks with Conjure Powder The practice of laying out protective, destructive, or talismanic designs with sachet powders or salt or saltpeter to accompany invocations or prayers is particularly favoured by root workers who follow the Kabbalist-inspired practice of ceremonial magic. Working powders in patterns differs from sprinkling because the powder-pattern itself is what's important, not that someone will step in or across the powder. Conjures who perform candle spells and rituals often lay out and appropriate sachet powder on their altar in a design such as a star or cross and place their candles at the vertices of the design. In the down-home folk-magic tradition, laying down tricks with powders is much simpler than among Kabbalist-inspired practitioners. The powders are usually put down in four inconspicuous little piles in the corners of a room, with a fifth small pile in the center, under the rug, in what is called the "quincunx" or five-spot pattern. If the powders are for love-drawing or marital fidelity, the fifth pile will be placed under the bed instead of at the center of the room. If one is working enemy tricks, four piles of a do-wrong sachet like Graveyard Dirt or Crossing Powder can be placed at the four outside corners of the victim's home, but usually anyone who works such tricks will want to sprinkle the powders for a foot-track magic job too, not just put them into a pattern. In a pinch, loose powdered incense can be used to lay out diagrams and designs after the manner of sachet powders. Cross-marks, crosses in circles, and "wavy snake lines" intended to hurt an enemy can be drawn with destructive or get-away type powders on a sidewalk or street. They are places in the foot path where the victim will walk and activated by spitting into them while cursing the name of the one for whom they are laid. This is a form of "poisoning through the feet or foot-track magic. Innocent people who walk over such marks often ask whether they can be affected by such tricks. The answer is complicated: some folks say that such a mark only affects the one for whom it was "called," but most people never walk across such a mess if they see one, because "you never know who it was called for, and you just might get crossed or hurt through your feet anyway." Dressing Altar Candles with Powders In some families the dedication to sachet powders is such that all candles are "double-dressed," first with oil, then with a sachet powder. In my experience, the practice of double-dressing candles is more commonly found among women than among men, for what it's worth. Blowing Sachet Powders In Afro-Caribbean folk magic, powders are sometimes blown to the four quarters of the compass to rid an area of evil spirits. This has become especially popular in America with the good luck and good energy powders like. You may also blow powders toward a person, either present or absent. This practice is found among Spiritual Church members more than other root workers, in my experience. If the person being blown toward is not present, blow in the direction you believe them to be located, or toward their home, if you know where it is. Blessing and Peaceful Home. You just put a little bit of powder in the palm of your hand and blow to the East, South, West, and then North, saying your prayer or good wish while you do so. This is said by many to bring a pleasant fragrance to the room and settle out any bad conditions. Remember to harm none! Click for the Site Index